AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know I said that the battle would last three chapters, but now it appears to have expanded to four. As it is, this chapter is the second longest one I've written. I promise I will conclude the battle next chapter. Then I think I'll have a fluff chapter where Emma and Neal recall their first date for their parents before going into the aftermath of the battle. One more note, when I originally included Jafar in the story back in Chapter 32 it was before I learned he was going to be on Once Wonderland. I originally didn't watch the spin-off, but I finally decided to watch it and found that I loved it. As such, I've decided to modify the story a bit to make it match up somewhat with the Wonderland plot. (I only have to change two of three lines in Chapter 32 when Jafar introduces himself, and it doesn't affect the rest of the chapter at all.) That said on with the chapter.

Rumplestiltskin leaves his house in a hurry, looking around cautiously to make sure no one is watching him. He has no doubt it is only a matter of time before whoever launched this attack comes after him. Whether it's Regina or someone else is of no consequence, what matters is how many others they have at their command. It can't be too many or else they would have come after him already.

As he gets in the car, he wonders why he wasn't on the initial list of targets. Is it because they consider him harmless because he doesn't have magic in this world or is it that they still fear him and his powers? The second option makes more sense seeing as they are after Belle. They want her as insurance to control him. He can only hope that they consider David a lesser threat since he just got out of the hospital. There is no possible way he can stop all of them alone. Even with David's help, it will still be tricky. They have no idea at how many different places they've stashed their prisoners.

He arrives at David and Snow's house quickly since he isn't bothering to stick to the speed limit. For a second he finds himself hoping no one pulls him over, before remembering that the entire town's law enforcement personal are in mortal peril. He parks in David's driveway and bounds out of the car, heading for the house.

"Mr. Gold," Jim says. "What a pleasure to see you this evening."

"What are you doing here?" Gold asks both Jim and Kathryn.

"We're keeping watch for a bit to make sure no one disturbs David," Kathryn says. "He's had a steady stream of visitors today."

"I see," Mr. Gold says, glad for their presence. From their reactions, he surmises that they have not regained their true memories or else they would be more wary of him. Moreover, Frederick and Abigail are two of David's strongest allies, so there's no way they would be involved in trying to harm him or his wife.

Not stopping to talk to them, he hurries to the entrance of the house. He quickly picks the lock, ignoring Jim and Kathryn's protests.

"Stop!" Jim says.

"Be quiet," Gold whispers, drawing his gun. "David may be in danger."

"In danger from whom?" Jim asks, confused and worried at the sight of the gun.

Mr. Gold looks around and feels relief when there is no sign of a struggle. He quickly climbs the stairs and bursts into David's bedroom to find David in the process of getting into his pajamas.

David exclaims loudly at the sight of Rumplestiltskin bursting in with a drawn gun.

"You're okay," Rumplestiltskin says relief in his voice.

"What are you doing here?" David asks.

"Sorry, we tried to stop him," Kathryn says.

"You need to get dressed," Rumplestiltskin says, "and arm yourself with your gun and any other weapons you have. We're not safe here."

"I'm not leaving until you tell me what's going on," David says.

"I just got a call from Belle at the library," Rumplestiltskin says, continuing to look around the room, expecting an attack at any moment. "Armed gunmen tried to abduct her. She also said there were a few dozen people tied up and unconscious on the library floor."

"What!" David, Kathryn, and Jim exclaim in unison.

"She managed to avoid them and call me," Rumplestiltskin says. "She hid near them and overheard them talking. She heard them say they have the mayor, the sheriff, Mu...Michelle and Amelia. They've also lured my son and the entire fire department into some kind of trap at the mine."

David feels himself going cold as he hears this. "Who's behind this?" he asks.

"I don't know," Rumplestiltskin answers, "but we need to get to the library quickly."

"What about the mayor and the sheriff?" Kathryn asks.

"They may be among the prisoners at the library," Rumplestiltskin answers. "Belle didn't have time to check the identities of all of them and if they're not, the thugs there will probably know where they're being held. We can also force them to tell us who's behind all this, what sort of trap they set at the mine and anything else they know. But we need to hurry."

"What about Emma?" David asks, quickly pulling his clothes back on. "She was supposed to be having dinner with Neal tonight."

"I've already told you all I know," Rumplestiltskin says. "With any luck they haven't gone after her yet, but who knows."

David quickly grabs his gun from the nightstand drawer, realizing that he's never actually used it before and his cursed memories of using it are weak. He'd much rather have his sword or a bow and arrows, but he'll have to make do.

"Let's go," David says.

"I'll come with you," Jim offers.

"You're a gym teacher, not a cop," Kathryn protests.

Actually, he's a knight, David thinks. However, since he doesn't have his real memories, he wonders how effective Jim might be in battle. Then he wonders how effective he and Rumplestiltskin will be. He's still recovering from his injuries and in this world, Rumplestiltskin walks with a limp.

"It doesn't matter," Jim says. "All the real law enforcement officers have already been sidelined. David was just released from the hospital and Mr. Gold has a limp," he adds echoing David's thoughts.

"He's right," David says, taking out a spare gun hidden under the bed and handing it to Jim, trying to suppress a wince when he bends over.

"If you're going, then I am too," Kathryn says.

Jim starts to protest, but David holds up a hand to silence him. "Fine," he answers, "but you stay in the car as back-up. If you don't hear from us within ten minutes of entering the library, you go find someone to help us."

"Okay," Kathryn agrees with a nod.

The four of them head out, David and Rumplestiltskin both concerned about the fates of their wives and children.

At that precise moment Neal and Graham are in the mine with Chris Early following behind them, searching for his lost son, who unknown to the lead pair isn't actually in the mine at all.

"Have you ever been in the mine before?" Neal asks Graham.

"Once," Graham says, "to rescue a wounded wolf cub who had wandered into it."

"Mortin!" Chris yells, playing the part of the concerned father. He has to keep this up until they reach the point where the bombs are located. Then, he'll take out the deputy and wildlife worker and rush out of the mine where he'll set off the secondary bomb that'll take out the rest of the town's rescue workers. "If anything happens to my son, I don't know what I'll do."

"I'm sure he'll be fine," Neal says. "You just have to keep the faith."

"What do you know?" Chris asks angrily, trying to keep up the act. "You're not a parent."

"Not yet," Neal says quietly, "but my girlfriend just found out she's pregnant."

"She is?" Graham asks. "Congratulations."

As Neal says this, a flicker of doubt about what he's doing comes over Chris. He's about to make many children orphans. He's never questioned Albert's plans before now, but he wonders if his wife will actually buy the story, he concocted.

"Yeah, congratulations," Chris says, pushing these doubts aside. He's come too far to back out now. He's done enough already to get life in prison, and even if he did decide to back out this very moment and tell the pair everything, his partner will kill him to prevent him from talking.

Chris is so absorbed in his thoughts he misses a step and nearly falls into a hole. However, Neal sees this and saves him just in time.

"Be careful," Neal says to him.

"Thanks," Chris says, feeling even guiltier about what he's doing.

"Mortin!" Graham yells again, and then checks his watch. "Check-in time again."

Neal checks in with the base station, and asks for an update. He learns that so far, no one has reported any problems, but there's also been no sign of Mortin Early.

"This is not a good sign," Graham says. "We should have found some trace of him by now."

"Let's look on the bright side," Neal says. "Maybe he wasn't injured that badly and is trying to find his own way out."

"That's not a good scenario either," Graham says. "This mine is dangerous and he could fall down another shaft like Chris almost did."

"Mortin!" Chris yells again as the trio resume their search.

The three continue searching in relative silence for the next half-an-hour, only talking to make their check-ins and calling out Mortin's name. Chris notices they are nearing the area where he's supposed to lead the deputy, and takes out a remote to activate a hidden tape recorder nearby.

"Mortin!" Chris yells again.

"Dad!" comes, the panicked voice of his son. "Help! I'm trapped!"

"Mortin!" Chris says, pretending to be glad to hear him. He tries to rush toward him, but Neal and Graham stop him, as he knew they would.

"Wait," Neal says. "He says he's trapped, so it might be dangerous. Let me radio our position in first and then Graham and I will attempt to assess the situation."

"Okay," Chris says, feigning worry. "Just hurry."

Neal quickly radios in, relaying that they found the boy and his location.

"Let's go," Neal says.

"Wait, let me hold onto the radio so your hands will be free," Chris says. "Then, I can radio in what you find."

"Good thinking," Neal says, handing Chris the radio.

He watches as the two of them rush into the alcove where the tape recorder is and then takes out the detonator for the dynamite. "I'm sorry," he says as he presses the button setting off the explosion that will seal the pair in.

After leaving Neal, Emma spends a few minutes trying to calm the hysterical kid down. He's very concerned about the fate of his friend and worried about what his parents will do to him once he gets home. Eventually though he calms down enough to tell Emma his name and his home address.

"So your name is Matt?" Emma asks as they start to walk back to his house. "That's a nice name."

"Thank you," Matt says nervously. "Are you sure my friend will be okay?"

"I'm sure," Emma says, hoping that she's not lying. She doesn't want to think about a child dying or what will happen to this kid if he does. "My boyfriend Neal will do everything he can to make sure he's okay."

This seems to ease some of the kid's fears. "What about my parents?" he asks. "Do you think they'll be mad?"

Emma pauses a minute to consider this. "They probably will be," she admits. "You're probably going to be grounded for a while."

"That's what I thought," Matt says with a sigh. "Do you think I'll go to prison for messing with the bird nests?"

"Probably not," Emma says. "I only met Graham once, but he seems like a nice guy. I think after tonight's scare he won't be pressing any charges, but you need to stop tormenting animals, and you especially need to obey warning signs."

Matt is silent for a minute, as though he wants to say something, but isn't sure what.

"What is it?" Emma asks.

"Have you known Neal long?" Matt asks.

"About eight months," Emma says, "although sometimes it seems longer. I honestly can't imagine my life without him anymore."

Matt is quiet for a minute, as he takes in her answer.

"You know we just found out we're going to have a child of our own," Emma says, "and we're planning on being married soon."

"You are?" Matt asks in surprise as they arrive at his house. "Listen Emma I need to tell you something."

"Matt?" a woman says, rushing out of the house. "Where have you been? You were supposed to be home for dinner hours ago. And I just got a phone call saying that you were playing in the woods and your friend fell into the mine."

Matt is silent as his mother continues her rant. "And who are you?" she says, turning to Emma. "Wait, you're Emma Swan, the mayor's secretary."

"That's right," Emma says.

"How'd you get caught up in this?" the woman asks.

"My boyfriend, Neal, and I were taking a walk when your son came looking for help," Emma explains. "Neal went to the mine to help with the rescue operation and asked that I take your son home."

"Thank you," the woman says. "My name is Martha, by the way."

"Nice to meet you Martha," Emma says.

"Did you want to stay for tea or something?" Matt asks.

"I'm sure Emma would rather go home," Martha says. "Besides, the two of us need to have a long chat about your behavior."

"Well, I'll leave you to handle the situation," Emma says. "Maybe we'll see each other again. It's a small town after all."

"Yeah," Matt says, watching Emma walk off sadly.

Martha ushers Matt inside and dials the phone. "Hello Albert?" she asks. "Emma just dropped Matt off. She's on her way home now. I'll expect the other half of my payment tomorrow morning." She pauses as she listens to the other half of the conservation. "Thank you. It was my pleasure." Then she hangs up.

"You did a fantastic job," Martha says. "Your acting was flawless."

"Yeah," Matt says miserably, "but I don't like lying. Emma seems like such a nice person. What's going to happen to her and her boyfriend?"

"Nothing you need to worry yourself about," Martha says, "because of what you did, we have money now, and soon I'll have an important new job. First thing tomorrow, we can go to the store and buy that new video game you want."

"Great," Matt says, though his heart isn't in it. "I'm tired. I'm going to bed now."

Matt heads upstairs to his room and Martha frowns. "That boy is too much like his father," she says. "He needs to learn that nice people don't get ahead in this world, you have to be ruthless and uncompromising to get what you want."

Fairy-Tale Land, Five Months Pre-Curse

"What did you need to talk to me about?" Aurora asks her master Shun-Zu.

"I have been attempting to gather information about the state of your kingdom to aid you when you return home," Shun-Zu says.

"What did you find out?" Aurora asks.

"I learned that Jafar found what he sought from your kingdom and left," Shun-Zu answers.

"What?" Aurora asks in surprise. "He was looking for something specific?"

"Yes," Shun-Zu says. "From what my sources were able to discover, he was seeking a rare item for a powerful spell he wants to cast."

"What was the object?" Aurora asks.

"And what is the spell he wants to cast?" Mulan adds.

"I do not know the answer to either of those questions," Shun-Zu replies. "The object was in a box, but my source indicated that it was buried deep underground and required hundreds of slaves to dig non-stop for five years to uncover it. They say the pit may reach the center of the very earth itself."

Mulan and Aurora are silent as they absorb this. They wonder what kind object could be so dangerous that someone felt it was necessary to bury it that deep.

"Do you know where Jafar is now?" Mulan asks.

"He left the realm entirely for place called Wonderland," Shun-Zu answers. "It is there he hopes to find the last object he needs to complete his spell."

"Should we go after him?" Aurora asks.

"Jafar is not your objective," Shun-Zu reminds her. "It is to free your kingdom. From what I've been able to learn, the only interest Jafar had in your kingdom was the object, which is now in his possession. Maleficent is now your primary enemy, but defeating her won't be easy."

"I understand," Aurora says.

"There is another, serious matter I must discuss with you," Shun-Zu says. "You have heard of Regina?"

"Yes," Aurora answers. "She's Maleficent's best friend and the evil queen who ruled over Snow White's kingdom before she was defeated."

"Well it appears she is now planning her revenge," Shun-Zu says. "She's preparing to cast a curse, the most horrible curse ever devised. One that will send all of her most hated enemies to another realm where they will be stripped of their memories while those that remain will be frozen in time."

"That's horrible," Mulan says. "We must stop her."

"We cannot," Shun-Zu replies. "The emperor's seer herself told me that this curse cannot be stopped and if we try our world will be destroyed completely."

"Then what can be done?" Aurora asks in concern.

"Nothing," Shun-Zu says. "The seer told me three things. The first is that a savior would come to break the curse and return those taken back to this world."

"So we're to help this savior?" Mulan asks.

"Yes, but not now," he answers. "The savior is the unborn child of Snow White and Prince James. According to the seer, Regina will enact the curse on the day he or she is born. Preparations are being made so the child and his or her mother can escape the curse and return when the child is grown."

"But that will take decades," Aurora protests.

"That is true, but no one under the curse will age," Shun-Zu says.

"How are we to help this child?" Mulan asks.

"That is the second thing the seer told me," he answers. "Aurora, you have already been effected by a weaker version of this curse."

"You mean the spell that Maleficent designed to wipe my memories at the end of each day?" Aurora asks. "I do recall her saying that she got the idea from a curse that was too powerful and dangerous to cast."

"Yes," Shun-Zu says. "The seer says that because of this, you will be able to break free of this curse yourself when the time is right."

"What do you mean when the time is right?" Aurora asks.

"When the savior comes to break the curse, she will face two great trials," Shun-Zu says. "During the first of these, her allies will come under attack. The seer has foreseen that you will be one of these allies and that enemies will threaten you with certain death. Only by breaking free of the curse, will you be able to help save her."

"How do I do this?" Aurora asks.

"When the curse strikes, you must concentrate on who you are and what you're fighting for," Shun-Zu says. "By focusing on the person you love the most you will be able to break the hold of this curse and save yourself."

"I understand," Aurora replies.

"And the last thing the seer told you?" Mulan asks.

"She said that if you do not kill Maleficent before this curse is cast, when it is broken she will be ten times more powerful and in a position to invade other kingdoms," Shun-Zu answers

"I understand," Aurora says.

"Now rest," Shun-Zu says. "Enjoy your last few days in this village. They will no doubt be the last peaceful days you will have for quite a while. Now I must depart. I have other business I must attend to."

Both Mulan and Aurora bow bidding their teacher farewell while also worrying about the new challenges that lie ahead.

Present Day

Aurora remembers who she really is with a start. At her yell, the man facing her steps back in surprise. She immediately recognizes these four jerks as the men who tried to rape her after she left Philip's kingdom back in their own world. Mulan killed one of them and sent the others to prison, but the curse must have freed them to continue their vile acts in this new world.

When she faced them before, she was a pampered princess with no fighting skills whatsoever. Now thanks to Mulan, she is an accomplished warrior. She uses the men's momentary distraction to her advantage, grabbing the nearest man's knife arm, twisting it with all her strength breaking it as she also takes his knife. The man screams out in pain as he falls to the ground, cradling his now useless arm.

"You'll pay for that bitch," one of the men yells, rushing toward her in a blind rage. Aurora sidesteps the man at the last second and stabs the knife directly into his heart. These men tried to rape her twice now and there is no telling how many other women they have assaulted. This time she will show them no mercy.

As the man falls to the ground dead, the other two men look at each other in disbelief. The two men draw their guns and aim them at her. She quickly picks up the dead man's knife and throws it at one of the men, lodging it directly in his heart just as Mulan taught her. Aurora then ducks as the second man starts shooting. Her training didn't cover guns since they don't exist in the other world, but fortunately the man is a lousy shot and she is able to dodge the bullets. As he pauses to reload, Aurora rushes him, knocking the gun out of his hands, and delivering a powerful roundhouse kick to his head knocking him out.

Aurora then runs over the man whose arm she broke and searches him for weapons. After she makes sure he is unarmed, she checks to make sure the two men she killed are dead and the third man is unconscious. The entire battle takes less than a minute.

"You bitch," the man with the broken arm says. "You'll pay for this."

She's heard that threat from him before, and it terrified her then, but now she is a highly trained warrior and finds his threats laughable. Mulan was right these men are nothing. They have to resort to cheap tricks to defeat their opponents because they aren't skilled enough to take them on a level playing field.

Still she knows to keep her guard up in case they have backup. She doubts it though. These men are too stupid to think they need more help to handle three 'helpless' women. She quickly retrieves the key and proceeds to unchain Mulan and Ruby who are staring at her in open-mouthed astonishment.

"How did you do that?" Michelle asks. "I thought you didn't know how to fight."

"You taught me," Aurora answers.

"I never taught you those things," Michelle answers.

Aurora sighs as she realizes that Michelle is still under the curse. "Yes you did," she says. "You just don't remember doing it."

"What do you mean?" Michelle asks.

"It's a long story," Aurora says, with a sigh wondering how she will explain the curse to Mulan or rather Michelle. She knows if someone told her the truth before tonight, she would have thought them insane. "And now's not the time for it. We need to question this man."

"You may think you've won, but you haven't," the man laughs. "As we speak my boss is killing your precious mayor, her new secretary, your new deputy, and the entire town's fire department. Soon the town will be his again and then we'll make you pay. We'll..."

Before he can continue, Michelle grabs his broken arm and twists it further causing the man to scream out in pain. "Now, I'm going to release your arm and if you make one more mention of rape or making us pay, I'm going to give you a matching set of broken legs to go with it," she says calmly. "Nod if you understand."

The man nods through his pain and Michelle releases him. "Now who is your boss?" she asks.

"Albert Spencer," he says, through clenched teeth, finally coming to terms with his predicament. "He's holding the mayor prisoner at Emma's apartment. He knows the mayor will never bend to his will no matter what he does to her, so he plans to use her safety to force her secretary to give him access to the town's accounts. He's also lured Neal and the fire department to the mine by pretending there's an injured child there."

"Anything else?" Ruby asks as she comes back from the locker area with her sheriff's uniform and Michelle's street clothes.

"He also has some people holding the other residents of Emma's apartment building at the library," the man says as the two women begin to get dressed. "One of the men got him a lot of dynamite and he plans on blowing up the entire building with Emma and the mayor in it. That's also how he plans on dealing with the people in the mine. He plans to bury them."

The three women are silent as they absorb this information. "Is that everything?" Michelle asks.

"Albert also has a man shadowing Mr. Gold's wife," he says. "He plans on kidnapping her to control Gold once he's taken control of the town again. At last report she was heading to the library and is almost certainly in their custody by now."

"Oh man," Ruby says. "I always knew Albert was slime, but this? I wouldn't have thought he'd go this far. Killing the mayor, kidnapping people, giving us over to be raped?"

"We need to split up," Aurora says. "We need to stop Albert."

"One of us will need to stay with these two," Michelle says.

"We can't," Aurora says. "There are three of us and we have three locations we need to get to before it's too late. We'll chain them up and come back for them later."

"But you're not trained for this," Michelle begins, before remembering how easily she took down the four thugs. She doesn't know how it happened, but Amelia has just proven she can take care of herself.

"Amelia's right," Ruby says. "Michelle you head for the mine and try to warn Neal and the fire department. Amelia you head to the library and try to rescue the hostages there. I'll head to Emma's apartment to save her and the mayor. Just be careful."

"We will," Aurora says. She turns to Mulan. "Mul...Michelle, I know you have a lot of questions for me and I promise I'll answer them for you once this battle is over. But what I tell you may be difficult to believe."

"I'll hold you to that," Michelle says. "But after seeing the ease with which you just handled those four men, I may not find whatever you have to tell me that difficult to accept."

While they talk, Ruby ties the two remaining men up and collects their weapons. "We need to go," she says, passing weapons to Michelle and Amelia.

"I love you," Michelle says.

"I love you, too," Aurora says, giving her girlfriend a passionate kiss. Even though she doesn't remember who she really is, she is still her Mulan. The two break apart with a small smile and then the three women rush out of the building, hoping they're not too late.

After making her call, Belle hangs up her phone and turns the power off. She doesn't want anyone calling her and giving away her location.

"Come on out, Isabella," one of the men calls from nearby. "We won't hurt you."

Belle seriously doubts that and stays hidden.

"Where is she?" another of the men says. "Did she escape somehow?"

"All the exits are sealed," the third man says. "But we need to find her. She's the key to controlling Gold."

"We need to split up," the leader says. "Each person should take a floor and keep searching it until we find her."

The men leave the area and Belle sighs with relief at the narrow escape she just had. These men want to keep her alive because they fear her husband. She wonders for whom they work. Has the weakening of the curse caused Regina or some other bad guy to regain their memories?

As she thinks this, a little boy comes running into the room and literally crashes into her.

"Stop right there," one of the men says, running into the room. The boy quickly gets up and continues to run. Belle also picks herself up, but it's too late the man chasing after the boy has seen her.

"Sam! Paul!" the man yells. "I found her!"

Belle acts quickly knocking down a nearby bookshelf and burying the man underneath a pile of books. She tries to retrieve the gun, but another man bursts into the room and fires a shot stopping her.

"Stop!" the last man tells the man who's shooting. "We need her alive!"

She takes this opportunity to run after the boy. She idly wonders where the kid came from before deciding that he must have been one of the prisoners the trio had tied up and that he must have gotten loose somehow.

She quickly ducks into her office and pushes a button, which reveals a hidden door. Inside is a very small bedroom. Rumple had it put in in case she ever decided she wanted to take naps during the day. The pair also used it sometimes to have sex at lunchtime. It's equipped with a special type of soundproofing so no one can hear her when she's inside, but she can still hear into the library.

"Where'd she go?" one of the men asks. "I could have sworn she ran in here."

"Enough of this hide and seek nonsense," the man she knocked the bookshelf on says. "I say we lure her out."

"How?" the second man asks.

"Albert said we can't kill Isabella," the leader says. "He didn't say anything about the other hostages. I say we start shooting them until Isabella decides to surrender herself. From what we know of her, she'll surrender immediately."

"I'm not sure we should do that," the second man says.

"Why not," the leader asks, "we're already killing the mayor, sheriff, deputy, most of the fire department, and those two lesbian friends of hers. What's one more? Isabella won't let innocent people die for her. And we can even recapture that damned kid by making his mother the second one we threaten."

"You have a point," the second man says. "Let's do it."

The three men leave her office. Once she is sure they're gone, Belle emerges from her hiding spot. "Please hurry, Rumple," she whispers.

After leaving Matt, Emma decides to head home and maybe read a little bit while she waits for Neal to come home with news on the boy trapped in the mine. She can only hope that he's okay she doesn't want to think about what his parents will do if he isn't.

As she continues to think about Mortin, she notices her apartment building is unusually quiet. She begins to wonder why that is when she enters her own apartment. She turns on the lights, heads to the living room and stops dead when she sees her mother tied to a chair with duct tape over her mouth. She quickly runs over to her and removes the duct tape.

"Mom, are you all right?" Emma asks in concern.

"Emma run," Snow says. "It's a trap."

"I wouldn't run if I were you," a voice says from behind her. Emma whips around to find a man with a gun standing in the doorway to the kitchen.

"Who are you?" Emma asks.

"Albert Spencer," the man says, "the former mayor."

"What do you want?" Emma asks.

"Simple," Albert answers. "I know all about the curse and that everyone in this town has false memories. I also know that you have the ability to break the curse on people and restore their true memories. I want my real memories back."

"I can't," Emma says. "I'm not supposed..." she trails off, not wanting to reveal more to this evil man.

"You're not supposed to use your magic because it might harm your unborn child?" Albert asks. "I know. I've had your apartment and Mary's house bugged since you arrived in this town, but you restored memories before and your child remained fine. And if you don't, you may just find yourself motherless again."

Albert aims his gun directly at Snow's head.

"Emma don't do it," Snow says.

Albert fires a shot off, missing Snow's head by only the tiniest of margins. "That was your only warning shot," he says. "Next time the bullet goes right into her brain."

Emma's fear goes off the charts. She can't lose either her mother or her child. She used her powers before and it didn't harm the child, so one more time shouldn't hurt. She reaches deep inside of her toward the place where she keeps her love and begins to glow.

"Emma don't," Snow pleads.

Emma can't stop now. She feels the unconditional love she has for her mother and releases it. However just as she does this someone runs into the apartment through the still open door. Before Emma can see who it is, she feels her power unleash, and then, she falls to the ground in exhaustion. The last thing she remembers before losing consciousness is her horrified mother screaming her name.