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Recipe 4: Ganache Flake Cookies

Cathy appeared on the Citadel kitchen wearing an apron. "Hello, everyone. As you all know, I am the author of this fan fiction. Eowyn is busy on the moment. So, I'm the one who's cooking. Despite my age—which is a secret—I can cook better than that Shieldmaiden. I've never cooked Ganache Flake Cookies before. But there's always a first time of everything. Due to my lack-of-patience, I'll just skip to the point. Oh yeah, unlike Eowyn, my instructions of making this cookie is short yet understandable."

"The ingredients:

-100 g of butter

-100 g of sugar

-225 g of flour

-25 g of cocoa powder

-1 egg

-1 teaspoon of chocolate paste

-1/2 teaspoon of vanillin

-Egg whites

-300 g of cornflakes cereal, crushed."

"For the ganache:

-250 g of dark cooking chocolate, chopped into bits

-1 spoon of butter

-2 spoons of whipped cream."

"The instructions:

-Pour the butter, sugar, flour, cocoa powder, egg, chocolate paste, and vanillin all together into a large bowl. Mix with a pastry knife until the dough has hardened.

-Shape the dough as big as a golf ball, dip into egg whites.

-Sprinkle the cornflakes all over the balls. Make a hole on the center.

-Bake with the temperature on 160oC for 20 minutes.

-While waiting the cookies to cool, make the ganache by melting the dark cooking chocolate, butter, and whipped cream while stirring it. Put into the fridge for one hour. Mix until it was soft and fluffy.

-After the cookies were cool, put the ganache into the center of the cookie with the help of piping bag."

Cathy tasted one and she smiled. "Not bad, I should give these to the Fellowship."

Legolas with Merry and Pippin at his side—which is rare scenery—suddenly passed the Citadel kitchen. "Hey, hey, Legolas! Merry! Pippin! Come over here!" called Cathy. The three of them quickly walked to the author.

"Guys, I've just made these cookies and I really wanted to give it to you guys and the rest of Fellowship. Oh, and Faramir, Eomer, and Eowyn. The Shieldmaiden didn't have the chance to cook at this chapter," explained Cathy. Merry and Pippin's eyes sparkled when they saw the cookies, but Legolas was suddenly recalled his experience with Eowyn's pudding.

"No, no. I don't want to eat that," the Elf said while he shook his head. "Why not?" Cathy asked innocently.

"YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WHEN EOWYN COOKS THAT CARAMEL PUDDING AND FORCE ME TO EAT IT! YOU GAVE ME TRAUMA YOU KNOW, BY WRITING THIS FAN FICTION! MY TONGUE COULDN'T TASTE PROPERLY FOR A WHILE! YOU ONE HELL OF AN AUTHOR! *&%# &*(#!?%*(&%! " screamed Legolas with a string of cuss words. Hearing that, Cathy sniffed softly and tears began to appear on her eyes.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, don't cry…" muttered Legolas. Cathy just covered her face and started to cry silently. "Oh Valar, I can't believe that I've made a **-years old (author's age censored) teenager cried," the Elf sighed. Legolas hugged Cathy while whispering some Elven lament to calm her down and patted the back of her head. Merry and Pippin just watch the whole thing while each eating a cookie.

"Hey, Legolas, these cookies tasted great!" exclaimed Pippin. "You could say that again, Pip!" agreed Merry. "It does?" asked Legolas. "Of course, idiot. It's made by me and not by Eowyn. Anata wa baka... Baka, baka... Hontou ni baka... Baka no baka... Baka erufu…" whispered Cathy.

Legolas released his hug then grab one cookie. He tasted it and his eyes were widened. This is the most amazing cookie he tasted yet!

Cathy smiled in satisfaction seeing the Elf ate her cookie. And it's always been her dream of being hugged by Legolas. Those tears are just croc's tears.

Merry grabbed the cookies' plate and said, "I'm giving these to our friends." Merry skipped happily through the hallway. "Wait for me!" said Pippin while chasing Merry.

"Are you coming?" asked Legolas to Cathy. "Yeah, but there's something I need to do first," answered the author. "All right, then." The Elf of Mirkwood left the kitchen.

Cathy pulled something from the darkness. "I know you're there…"

It appeared to be Eomer. "…Eomer."

"Wow, what a terrific acting you performed earlier," Eomer said coldly. "What can I say? I am a part at the theatre club at my school," replied Cathy. "I can't believe it's a normal recipe," Eomer continued. The author just smiled.

"Okay, my beloved readers, please review! I really, really, really appreciate if you do. Until next chapter. Bye~." Cathy waved to the readers.

Translation of the italicized words that I whispered when I was hugged by Legolas earlier:

"You're an idiot… idiot, idiot… a total idiot… the most idiot of the idiots… idiot Elf…"

But of course, Legolas doesn't know that. If he does, I would've been shot by him.