I was walking the ramp and to the ring for my match tonight for the Diva's title.

"And her opponent, from Yonkers, New York, weighing in at 150 pounds. Ember Lee!"

The match started, my heart was in my throat because this was my night. Right when I was going for the pin, the lights when out. I was lift onto my feet.

"No, no, no!" They lights came back and Kaitlyn was gone and so was my shot at the title. I looked up to see Dean Ambrose standing right in front of me with a menacing look on his face. I did my best to not show him any fear. I slowly started backing up and was stopped to what felt like a wall. I spun around to see Roman and Seth with their arms crossed. They soon surrounded me, blocking any chance for me to run. I kept thinking about a way to get myself out of this mess, and then the thought hit me. Take out the bigger man. I elbowed Roman in the face then kneed him.

I jumped over his hunched body, but one of them grabbed ahold of my t-shirt. I maneuvered my way out of and got myself out of the ring and ran to the top of the ramp. Dean held my shirt up and smiled, once Roman was able to get himself up. They got out of the ring and booked it backstage pushing people out of the way, but I was stopped by Ryder.

"Em, you okay?" I looked behind him and saw that I was spotted by the three.

"Not now!" I started running again and I swear this was becoming to feel like a horror movie. Half the doors were locked and I heard their footsteps getting closer. I hid behind a wall and shut my eyes in hope that they wouldn't find me. I heard them run past me and their footsteps cease. I opened my eyes and carefully started moving away from the wall, I kept looking at the direction I heard them go to, and then walked into something very familiar.

"Hello Ember."

"NO!" I tried my best to run around them but immediately got caught by Roman. "Let go of me!" Roman ended up being quicker than I thought, he lifted me up and I started kicking, Seth grabbed my legs, stopping me. They set me down but still holding me with an iron grip. I saw Dean walking down the hall and towards me with that smirk.

"There you are my little spitfire, thought I lost you there for a second."

"Just let me go, Ambrose."

"If I do, gonna promise me you're not gonna run, sweetheart?"

"Fine." He signaled the two behind me to let me go, but Dean quickly pinned me up against a wall holding my hands down my side knowing that I wasn't going to give in so easily. I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing how close he was to me. I felt his breath against my neck then my ear, my breathing hitch; I was hoping he didn't notice it.

"Oh I'm not stupid, Ember. I'm one step ahead of you. Don't think I didn't know what you were going to try to do when they let you go." I felt him press his forehead forcefully on mine; I grit my teeth at the small pain it was causing. "Now, open those brown eyes for me." I hesitated knowing I couldn't keep my eyes closed forever. My eyes fluttered opened looking into his. "There they are." I turned my head to the side; he gripped my chin and turned my face back to his. "No, you're going to look at me when I talk to you."

"What do you want? I have done nothing wrong to you."

"Well, ain't it obvious? I want you and I always get what I want." My eyes widened, I began struggling against him.

"You're out of your mind. What do you really want?" He pressed his body flush against mine causing me to stop, I wasn't gonna get out of this.

"One answer isn't enough for you?" I glared up at him. "Fine, we want to help you. We've been watching you and seen all the things that should have been yours and taken away from you."

"Oh, you mean like tonight? WHERE THE TITLE COULD HAVE BEEN MINE! And you knobs stopped it from happening!"

"I know it looked bad sweetheart, we had to get your attention somehow.

"What if I reject your offer?"

"Expect us at all your matches. You know I'm right; you have a lot of wrongs you wanna right. But if you run from us, I'm not gonna be as nice as I am right now."

"HA! This is you being nice?"

"Ambrose! Cena and Sheamus headed our way!" He looked back at Rollins then at me."

"Think it through, my little spitfire." He gripped my chin once more, but this time he slammed his lips on mine, I groaned in pain and pushed him off. He gave me one last smile and ran. I put my fingertips on my lips trying to process what just happened.

"Aye lass, 're ye hurt?"

"No, I-I'm fine."

"The hell did they want."

"N-n-nothing, just getting a kick out of scaring people. I'll be fine." Deep down, I was considering.

Yes or no.