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A few things you need to know before you begin to read the story:

-This is a Naruto / Ryuuzetsu pairing only.

-The story will start off (If you follow the anime at least, I'm not sure about the Manga though) two days after the Kisame incident, and his subsequent death.

-Naruto does know the Bijuu Cloak (Yellow and black chakra surrounding his body from Kyuubi / Kurama), but won't be able to use it much, and that path will be described later on in this chapter actually.

-The war reached a lull after the first wave of Edo Tensei Shinobi and Kunoichi coming sooner and being taken on sooner than what canon has the timeframe being with no Zetsu Clones being involved in the wave. Like the previous statement stated, this will be detailed later on with it partially being in this chapter mainly because I don't want to give many spoilers about the story so it won't just be said right here, but more on it within five chapters.

Symbols Key:

"Yo!" - Regluar Dialogue

'What's up?' - Thoughts

Italics - Letters, Whispers, Low Voices or Added Emphasis to Certain Words.

Jutsu (Translation) - For Jutsu (obviously).

XXX-XXX - Scene Breaks, with the occasional word or two underneath to whow where the scene is taking place at.

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Chapter One - Incarceration at Houzoukijou (The Blood Prison)

"No... This can't be right... Maybe the messenger bird got the wrong message..." Yamato muttered to himself as he read the scroll that a messenger bird had flown in. The small bird stared and flapped its wings at the pale Jounin indignantly as if it was insulted that it had made a mistake.

The message itself was baffling enough, but Yamato had no chance but to follow the orders on it as the message itself had the seal on the back of it from Tsunade that would remotely summon a slug, showing that it was not a fake.

Your mission regarding Naruto Uzumaki is finished and the war is finished, yet have the war remain a secret from Naruto Uzumaki for the moment. Return home immediately with Naruto Uzumaki's chakra blocked and detained regardless if he is making any headway with using the Kyuubi no Kitsune's power.

-Gondaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju

With a sigh leaving his mouth, he turned towards the center of the eternally swimming island to break the news that they were ordered to return home with one thought in his mind.

How was he going to explain to Naruto about the way they were supposed to return?


"Eh?" Was the eloquent reply of Naruto Uzumaki when he heard that they were supposed to return back with Yamato not omitting any point except for keeping the war a secret. Several thoughts raced through the blond's mind, the forefront of them being; What about my S-Rank Mission? Will it count as a fail towards my record? Wait a second... I have to return with my chakra blocked and detained?!

Naruto tensed almost immediatedly after the thought of being detained passed through his mind and was digested thoroughly. Now, Naruto Uzumaki was in no way an imbecile. How could he create such effective battle plans and have incredible insight in battle if he was an imbecile? If he was, he would have been murdered in his first C-Rank gone A-Rank mission.

No, he understood people and he did it decently well. It only took him a few moments to process the words and figure them out but he did understand. He only hid it unconsciously with his happy and boistrous personality. When he had thought about why people always underestimated and he deduced that his personality was the culprit. After thinking about it, he remembered a part of the greatest Ninja advice that the Sandaime Hokage had imparted to the blond when he was younger.

Don't underestimate anyone and you'll live a longer life as a result of it.

Those words had stuck with Naruto, and even though he had forgotten them on occasion, he had never forgotten them entirely. Now, those same words flared in his mind like a bright red sign and he stared at Yamato, studying his every movement.

Even though the only people around him were teammates and comrades, when Yamato had repeated the words from the scroll he had recieved, everyone turned to stare at the blond. As it was, Yamato had to try to defuse the situation and hope that he recieved help in defusing the sitatuation before the blond ran away or attacked when Yamato was forced to detain him the hard way, "Naruto-san, this came from an order from Hokage-sama herself. As much I dislike it I don't want to have to be forced to do so, but orders are orders."

"'Ey yo Naru-to, just take the wood man's plans and follow them, yeah." Bee rapped, reducing the tense atmosphere and helped calm the blond down enough to see reason in his words... Even if the rapping was terrible in everyone's opinion. Naruto nodded, and straightened his posture from the slightly hunched position he was in that was perfect for both running and being ready to either block or dodge an attack.

Yamato shot Bee a grateful look and walked towards Naruto with wood growing from the palm of his hands and wrapping around Naruto's outstretched hands as he uttered, "Mokuton: Mokusei tejō (Wood Release: Wooden Handcuffs)." The pale Jounin let out a relieved sigh, "Alright, I believe that you're fine without leg restraints so let's just go along with the handcuffs and go see what the fuss is about."

Aoba, Motoi and Gai all nodded, being incredibly quiet throughout the dialogue shared between the trio until Gai spoke up in a serious tone they thought they wouldn't have to hear since Kisame's death two days ago.

"I wonder why Tsunade-sama wants Naruto-kun back detained..." Everyone, including Naruto, thought along those lines coming up with on singular thought.

There was no reason for it to happen that they knew of.


Timeskip - Two Weeks, Tsunade's Office

"Oi, oi, Tsunade-baa-chan, what's up with... having me... cuffed?" Naruto's inquisitive voice rang out from the darkened room of the only to discover that Tsunade wasn't the only Kage in the room. Sitting next to Tsunade was the Raikage, A, and the Tsuchikage, Onoki whom were both staring at the blond with a hard, unwavering glare as if he was responsible for something... against the law.

Naruto watched as Tsunade brought her gaze up from the ground and almost flinched at the sight that was held by them, something he didn't expect to see ever again from when he was younger.

Her stare was filled with both utter and endless sorrow, and unadulterated rage at him and it had instantly sent him reeling as if she had slugged him with one of her stronger punches across Konoha. "T-Tsunade-baa-chan... what's wrong and why is two other Kage here?" Naruto actually flinched this time when both Kages snarled at him in conjunction to Tsunade's sorrowful shake of her head.

"Onoki and A are here to exact a fitting punishment for you, along with myself, for the murder of several of their Jounin that you had comitted not fifteen days ago."

A pen dropped at that moment from Tsunade's desk, and the sound was the most deafening to Naruto's ears. He had murdered several Jounin? Fifteen days ago? No, he was innocent! How could he have done so when he was in the middle of the ocean?

After a few moments of shock running unfiltered from his system, Naruto thought it was a well-planned joke, "Eh-heh, this is a joke, right? R-Right Tsunade-baa-chan?"

His face grew white when Tsunade's face seemed to lose the sorrow that was placed within them, and her face was filled with anger. "This is no time for joking around Naruto! You have been convicted of murder with several witnesses, including the use of trying to frame OTHER Shinobi in the process using the Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique). Have you anything to say for your crimes?" With each word that she had said, it dug a knife deeper and deeper into his heart. He numbly tried to protest, yet was savagely cut off by A.

"No! This little runt has no fucking excuse for murdering my Shinobi when there are witnesses to him doing it and even fleeing when the Henge fell off!" In the corner of the room, both Bee and Yamato walked up on either side of Naruto with an expressive face, showing different emotions at once.

"This is not right at all. He was with us on the island the whole time!" Bee protested with an outraged expression on his face, not even rapping for once when he usually rapped everything that came out of his mouth.

Yamato nodded his head, "I agree Hokage-sama, Naruto was on the Island with us the whole time. Motoi can even attest to this as he is a sensor and made sure Naruto was on the Island the entire time we were there."

"I think not." The rough, deep voice came from Onoki who had been silent up till now, "The brat could have just as easily sent some of his reinforced solid clones through the water during the fight against Kisame towards my own village and then sent the same clones to Kumogakure."

Tsunade curtly nodded, "Naruto, with the agreement of the Tsuchikage and the Raikage, you will be sent to Houzukijou (The Blood Prison) in Kusagakure for your crimes, the one prison that all five Kage both support and sanction as all dangerous Shinobi and Kunoichi are sent there."

She leveled her gaze towards Yamato purposefully, and he caught her meaning even if he did not want to follow through with it. He quickly detained the shell-shocked blond with Mokuton: Shichurou (Four-Pillar Prison). A small wooden cage binded both his hands and legs in a locked position before Naruto could react to their words and whispered under his breath, "I'm sorry Naruto..."

Tsunade rose from her seat, and walked up to the blond, staring at him intently before darting her hand out and snatching the Konoha Hitai-ate from his forehead and slamming a paper with the Kanji for 'Seal'on the wooden crate, directly made from Jiraiya before he died in case Naruto even lost control of Kyuubi's chakra. 'I'm sorry Naruto-kun but I can't do anything to get you out of this with two other Kage breathing down my neck...'

"Take him away."

Several Anbu appeared next to the wooden confines holding Naruto in place and exited the room with the blond in tow with five low, quiet and meaningful words that were completly out of character for a normal Naruto hanging in the air that would haunt the occupants of the room, especially the three Kage, for a long time when they realized the full extent of what they had done.

"I didn't do it baa-chan..."


Unknown Area

"Kabuto, do you know anything regarding the Box of Ultimate Bliss, or as it is called now, the Box of Paradise?" Madara's deep, low voice questioned the medic-nin standing next to him with a snake hissing inside the robe with a hood that he was wearing.

Kabuto cocked his head to the side, wondering if the Uchiha Patriarch was serious in his question. The medic-nin decided to procede with caution and act like it was a serious question, "I have heard both rumours and myths about the Box of Paradise. About how it is fabled to grant any wish from the user that awakens it but no one knows where it is, or even how to awaken the fabled box if they did have it in their possession."

Madara let out a small, dark chuckle that made Kabuto's senses go haywire with danger being the most prominent that was interpreted, "The so-called fabled Box of Ultimate Bliss does, in fact exist. By itself, it was nearly able to conquer the world by controlling what existed inside the box." Madara's voice carressed the words about the box, "In fact, I know where the Box exists right now and the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki will be used to awaken the box itself."

"Ah, but how are you going to get Naruto at the place where the Box is hidden at?" Kabuto asked, his curiousity winning over any warnings that his body attempted to tell him to flee and leave the madman alone.

"That will be no problem as he is already going to be detained at the very place where it is hidden, Houzukijou." A smirk could he heard from his voice as he used Kamui (Authority of the Gods) to disappear into his own dimmesion, leaving a thoroughly interested Kabuto alone to his thoughts.

'So the Box of Paradise does exist... But why exactly did he need the Bijuu in the first place if he was going to go after the Box?' The medic-nin mused to himself, 'That also raises another question as to why Madara Uchiha wanted only one wave of the Edo Tenseis... Maybe a distraction or a deflection to his true plan?'

Kabuto frowned to himself about not knowing Madara's true plan before walking away to his lab and letitng a small smirk grow on his face as a thought hit him.

'Life will become very... interesting in the coming months...'


Four Days Later, Boat to Houzukijou

The elongated rowboat rocked with the raging current, nearly colliding onto the large jagged rocks stretching out of the water and high into the war countless times only for the rowers to regain control at the last second. On one of these boats was Naruto, currently embroiled in his own thoughts of who would want to frame him for murder and desperately trying to push away thoughts of his 'Baa-chan's' glares that were staring down at with the authority of a god. Thankfully he had a reprieve from pushing those thoughts away when he heard several of the prisoners in the same boat as him mutter between each other.

"I've heard Houzukijou is impossible to break out of..."

"No shit dumbass. There's a reason it's sanctioned and even supported by the Five Kage." another violently spat out, looking like the typical 'shady' dealer type.

The prisoner who had talked before then thankfully added, "At least we don't have to worry about the the War." This comment piqued Naruto's curiousity to no end. A war happening? Did Tsunade know about it and if she did, why would she hide it?

Only, when he attempted to ask the prison had came into view from the hazy mist that surrounded the area. He stared at the large, imposing, walled prison with several large towers along with the outline of tiled roofs near the towers that looked almost like a large compound that one of the older clans would use for their high clan population. A shiver ran down his spine before determination calmed his body as one thought raced through his mind, completely missing the intent stare that one such prisoners were studying the blond with.

'Get out and find the imposter.'


"Attention!" A large, rotund man dutifully stated with tinted classes and the green uniform worn by all the guards with a red bar on each shoulder, a belt holding the shirt in place, green pants and black boots. The guards all surounded the prisoners with the large, closing wooden gate at the prisoner's backs, with the four carrying Naruto's crate setting him down. "The master of Houzukijou, Mui-sama, will now speak. Listen carefully!"

An opening between the guards occurred that a tall man, Mui, strode through from the stone confines of the Prison. He himself was at least a head taller than the rotund man who announced Mui's presence. Mui wore a long black cape that covered his burgendy robes with yellow tassles off of his shoulders that went up to his neck and down to his feet that were concealed by his black boots. His face was wrinkled under his eyes that suggested a life of worry or stress, cheeks somewhat sucked in, black hair that ran down his neck that had a strand dangling over his left, dark grey eye.

"I'm Mui, the person in charge here. The fact that you were sent here means that you have lost the faith of your village." Mui shifted his head to eye the prisoners before speaking once again, "Henceforth, I'd like you to keep in mind that you are all worthless-"

Naruto could not take it anymore and he erupted i nthe middle of Mui's speech, "I was set up! I didn't do anything!" The prisoners around him gaped silently at the blond's proclamation from inside the box.

However, the rotund man did not stay silent, "Don't speak unless spoken to!" Mui silenced him with a wave of his gloved hand and turned his full attention to the blonde.

"You're saying that someone conspired to send you here?" Mui asked.

"My village is in trouble and if I don't find out who did it then they will hurt the people in my village!"

Miu slowly walked forward towards the caged blond, "The villages of the world have tasked us with the mission of never allowing anyone they send here to escape." The black-haired man stood in front of the cage and tore off the paper that was holding the wooden crate in place, making it disappear in a puff of smoke. "We couldn't care less about your circumstances."

Nauto gleefully jumped up with a devious smile on his face that he would be able to escape, yet the dream shattered when Miu formed one hand-seal and shouted, "Katon: Tenrou (Fire Release: Heavenly Imprisonment)!" He brought his right fist back that filled with red fire and slammed it forward onto the blond's sternum. With a burst of fire chakra, he was blasted back into the gate where he fell in a crumpled heap onto the cold, hard ground. The prisoners all gasped and stared in shock at how easily the blond had been dispatched.

"This is a confinement technique that has been passed down in my clan. It is the sole reason why Kusagakure has been entrusted with managing Houzukijou. As long as that seal is on your body, you will not be able to mold chakra, be it from an internal source or not." During his speech, Naruto struggled into a sitting position, barely managing it while pulling up his jacket to view the flaring red seal that stretched from his stomach to his back.

Mui raised up his hand to better demonstrate his point, and lifted two fingers, "There are only two ways to leave this place. The first is for your village to offically request for your release. The second is death."

Even though Mui had explained what the seal did, Naruto still had to attempt to break free and this was a golden chance that might not appear again, "Heh, now that I can move around you're done for!" He called inwards towards Kurama and was engulfed in a yellow chakra coating that flickered as though flames were licking the air around him with black bars where the spirals were on his shoulders, on the black portion of his orange and black jacket, and a black bar traveling down towards his sandals. An oppressive feeling filled the air around him, making it hard to breath for everyone around.

'I may not have any control, but it's my only hope...' Naruto thought to himself as he took a step forwards to flash towards Mui but fell down onto the ground with the cloak receding, the seal reacting with the Kyuubi's chakra and burning Naruto in response to using the internal chakra source. He gasped in agony as the seal pulsed, sending violent, burning responses throughout his body. 'W-What is this?' he mentally struggled to gain his bearings while Mui continued on, unperturbed that Naruto's Bijuu Cloak was a result of him having control over the Kyuubi's power.

"Impressive. I did not expect you to have control over your inner chakra source so early in age, but don't I wouldn't attempt to escape even with that chakra Cloak." He conversationally added in a neutral voice, "If you get a certain distance away from me, Tenrou (Heavenly Imprisonment) will activate and burn you into a crisp." The blond Jinchuuriki struggled to stay conscious and looked up towards the towering figure of Mui with the darkened clouds in the background that seemed to be a constant of the scenery. Along the way towards Mui's face, he caught the chuckling face of the rotund man along with the guards, the shocked and thoroughly scared prisoners with the exception of one, effeminate looking one that shot him minimally worrying and pitying glance before it vanished in an indifferent expression.

"While we're at it, know this as well: Katon: Tenrou cannot activate underwater as it is a fire-based technique. However, the ocean is both deep as the currents are vicious around Houzukijou. If you jump in, you will drown before you have any time to mold any chakra." The seal violently pulsated once again to further his point, bringing the blond further into agony with his screams piercing the air.

Escape was, and always will be, futile from Houzukijou.


The group of prisoners walked in a straight, single file line through the small archway, the etremely large courtyard being on either side of the archway that led into the inner halls of Houzukijou. When they walked into in inner halls of the Prison, the first room was the cellroom where the majority of the prisoners were held. They slowly walked, ignoring the catcalls and the taunts coming from the prisoners held in by the strong, wooden bars of their prison. All of the prisoners, including Naruto, studied the area with either an impassive face or a saddened / fearful look.

Along the way, the rotund man decided to talk, "Once you have Mui-sama's Tenrou placed on you, escape becomes impossible from here! Well, regardless this place is rather nice once you get used to it." He said as they crossed under into the darkened, elongated room where the prisoners' cells were kept, "These are your fellow inmates during your long stay here. But before you can become acquainted with them..." He stopped and jabbed Naruto in the chest, the line still slowly moving, "You will be checked to ensure that you do not have any weapons hidden on your person."

Naruto grunted in response and followed the line, eventually reaching a lighter hallway with a few wooden benches chained to the wall and metal bars on the opposite side of the room. From there, the rotund man alond with two of the guards began picking the prisoners one by one through the metal gate that had two of the guards were stationed next to.

The blond Jinchuuriki sat down onto one of the benches that were chained the to wall, the bench being the closest to the metal gate. When he did sit down, the bench nearly vacated entirely except for a scant few that were either nervous or afraid of being near to the genin. The rest had fallen asleep while waiting for the physical examination. Which they did have a good reason for, the reason being the oppressive aura from the Bijuu Cloak which in all actuality was just condensed chakra from Kyuubi that was spread around Naruto's body.

"So what're you in here for?" A man looking no older than his mid-thirtes, wearing a vest with no undershirt that showed his muscled abs and arms and dark blue pants with medical tape wrapped around the bottom of the pant leg. His hair was a grey color and several of his teeth were knocked out. "Personally, I'm in here for killing a village that had slighted my own from an order from my leader during the War since they wouldn't have had any help. But for some stupid damn reason, I was thrown into here when I didn't kill one innocent child." He grumbled out.

"Sounds like your village is pretty strict." Naruto commented, comparing the man's village to Konoha. He assumed the war he was talking about was just an exaggeration. Anything that big that would affect all of the Elemental Nations and he would have known or at least figured it out given time.

The man scoffed, "Hardly. Any Shinobi order or mission is to be followed to the 'T'. What village where you from?"

"... Konoha." Naruto muttered under his breath.

"Ah-ha-ha!" The man laughing aloud at the confused blonde, "That village is so damn laidback that it's suprising that they even have any strong Shinobi or Kunoichi there!"

Even though Naruto felt like he was betrayed, which he was, by Konoha, he still felt a pang of anger at the man's words, "Konoha... Konoha is a strong village... But it's still the strongest!" The words he said felt like ash in his mouth, yet for some reason, he could not figure out why they did.

The man did have to grudgingly agree with Naruto's words before the prisoner who shot Naruto a pitying look earlier spoke up from not even a few feet away.

"That's enough of that." The man himself, looked to be a woman from both his voice that sounded gruff like a man's but was off in a way that pointed towards a woman's voice and his body. It did send a shiver down Naruto's spine when he did a glance over on him and he found his body to be effeminate. 'He reminds me of Haku-san...' Naruto almost drly thought to himself as he continued to study the man.

The prisoner though stood around 5'7'', maybe 5'8'' and wore a green undershirt that had one long-sleeve torn off at the shoulder, a pale green vest over the green undershirt that covered his neck. The pants he wore were the typical black Shinobi pants with several pockets along with several holes in it with medical tape tapering off at the hem of them, also having the tape wrapped around both of his hands up to his forearms. His hair cut over the right side of his face, covering it entirely and hiding his right eye but the rest of it was covered by his green, pale green bandana. The eyes though, seemed to be the oddest part of his girlish face. They were like the Rinnegan themselves, but only held two of the four rings and were a few shades lighter, being a grey color.

"This guy is right though, even if he didn't directly say it. Houzukijou is a wretched hive of villainy for those who have lost the support of their village. Like how a thief is just another thief and a murderer is just another murderer. They no longer require an excuse for their actions." He stated as he strolled towards Naruto.

"I don't need any excuse! I was framed!" Naruto proclaimed once again. It seemed that no one believed him in the Prison.

However, at that moment the effeminate prisoner was called in by one of the two guards that had walked in with the large, rotund man. "Oi! You with the bandana! Come here!"

The prisoner began walking forward leaving several words behind, "If you understand what kind of place you are in, try not to dig too deeply into it from now on." He crossed the gate leaving Naruto confused.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Naruto muttered to himself, yet the fellow prisoner heard it as the metal gate closed.

He stopped along with the guard that was walking with him and turned his head slightly towards Naruto, "Think about it." He said before leaving the blond alone to ponder his words that made no sense.


"Take off your clothes."

Naruto's eyes widened as he heard the rotund man's words, "EHHH?!"

The man clapped a baton in his hands and the guards on either side of Naruto began slowly approaching the freaked-out blond.

"Okay, okay! I'm taking my clothes off!" Naruto hurried to follow his command and was soon standing in only his white with black boxers. The man proceeded with checking every inch of his body other than his crotch, rapping the baton against his semi-muscled frame to check for any concealed weapons that had been hidden either inside or outside the skin. Then proceeding the have Naruto jump on either leg as long as he kept rapping the baton onto his hand.

"Hmm... you're clear." Naruto could not be any happier as he reached for his clothes that the two guards had just went through and not-so thoroughly checked for any weapons. However, Kami was not with Naruto at that moment as the man rapped his baton against Naruto's outstretched hand.

He quickly brought it back while leveling a glare at the man, "What's the deal ossan (Old Man)!?"

Rotund man just chuckled in response before replying to Naruto, "Now take off your boxers."

Naruto's eyes widened once again, "Y-You're kidding right? Right?!" The guards lunged out towards Naruto and yanked his boxers off.

"EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!" Naruto's scream echoed throughout the whole of the Prison.


'How bad can this day get?' Naruto thought to himself as a guard showed him to his wooden cell. If one looked at his experiences that day, one would say that it could not get worse. Such as, getting sealed with Katon: Tenrou and dealing with the subsequent pain from it, being physically checked for any weapons... Including a rectum check.

'That man must like checking up there for guys...' Naruto shivered as he remembered the creepy chuckles the man gave out while... 'checking' Naruto.

Shrugging, the blond sat down onto his makeshift bed that consisted of a bed and a blanktet and fell asleep... Only for a robed assailant appeared in a puff of smoke and knock the shocked Naruto out with a simple karate chop. "Either this kid is a hotshot or just plain stupid for falling asleep in an area he doesn't know." The assailant muttered under his breath while covering his head with a piece of cloth and vanishing in another puff of smoke.

However, Naruto was not just plain stupid for falling asleep in an area he did not know. He had felt someone's stare leveled onto him as a sort of 'Sixth Sense' that all Shinobi and Kunoichi obtain and as such, discreetly made a plan. So when the assailant appeared in the room, Naruto switched with a Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone) that he had hidden in the top corner of the room, hidden by using the shadows as a guise to hide himself from a trick that Jiraiya had taught him.

He jumped off of his position once the puff of smoke disappated from the air and took a glance around the outside of the room to check for any patrolling guards. He found none.

Quickly hurrying for his plan, he took out the key ring he had filtched from the guard just before as he turned away from the cell and unlocked the wooden cell. He took an appraising glance towards the entrance he, and the other prisoners entered from, and towards the other direction where he saw a circular opening in the middle of the dome shaped room on the roof.

Naruto dashed in that direction, missing the analytical glance from the effeminate prisoner from earlier. 'It seems that I was not wrong in my earlier assumption of you...'


"..." Naruto stared blankly at the guard asleep at his desk. 'All the better for me!' Naruto took one more glance at the guard before locking onto the circular hole in the roof and prayed that the Tenrou would not activate too quickly. He stepped towards the wall in the back of him, thankful that he was already halfway towards the target with his current perch from climbing the cells upwards, and ran up the wall before flexing his leg muscles as hard as he could and rocketed forward with amazing force.

The hole was far away one second then close up in another second, having barely enough time to latch both hands onto the underside of the rim of the circular hole. He quickly flipped and jumped through the hole, now beginning to feel the affects of the Tenrou before loud, shrill alarms rang out in the Prison. Naruto swore loudly, "Damnit!" And continued his hell-bent pace, barreling forward across the roof while weaving, dodging and doing acrobatic feats to avoid the pikes shooting outwards from the roof.

Then the Tenrou hit in full force. With a shuddering gasp and narrowing eyesite that kept becoming narrower and narrower. He tottered like a drunk before falling off on his side in a bout of burning agony, down the side of the tiled roof, onto another and rolling off the side of it to the ground where guards and their watchdogs were patrolling. With loud and vicious snarls, the dogs leapt forward and began tearing and biting at the blacked-out blond before the guards tore them away from the blond. When the prisoners found out about the failed escape, it furthered their misery about the place, leading towards one collective thought.

Escape would not come without terrible risks.

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