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Away From Home

It was dark.

It was foggy.

And it was extremely humid.

The island, like most supposedly uninhabited islands at night, was covered in a thick, eerie haze as wild insects and other small creatures could be heard scattering across the island floor. It was there where the four strawhat pirates had ended up at, shown a fraction of mercy by Mother Nature instead of drifting out to sea separately, where they would have awaited their inevitable deaths. They were detached from their family and ship, without a trace of where they were located or what experience they were in for.

On this island they were stranded and separated from the rest of their crew.

On this island they were four strong individuals who relied on each other.


I know this feeling… I've experienced it many times before… It's quiet… much quieter than it should be…

My life chapters go running through my mind… and my future's blurred as I lose sight of my dream… and those I call family…

I know this is my limit, which I have reached before but have never been able to surpass… This is it… This must be it…

This is what… death feels like…

It's safe to say… that I've concluded that…

But I won't accept it.

As I attempt to bring myself back to reality… I ask myself why? How? ...How did I end up like this…? There's a reason… Trivial things don't leave me in this type of condition…

I can hear my heart beating… loudly… I need to find out where I am…


I can see …which means I'm alive… but I can't see clearly at all… everything's dark... My senses are coming back… and I feel that I'm laying on something soft… sand? ...It sort of feels like it but I can't tell…

But I'm not on the Sunny... I can hear the ocean waves... almost as clearly as my heartbeat...

...Where am I...?

"Aghhh! Ahh…" I moan as an incredibly sharp pain jolted through my body, especially around my abdomen…

I rub my hand over my torso and feel a hot liquid cover it...

Blood… and a lot of it… all over my stomach… it must be mine…

"Sh…it…" I barely squeeze it out of my mouth... I'm phasing out of consciousness… damn it… there's nothing I can do…

I wonder… if the others… are okay…


"Where… am I?" I ask myself as I take in my surroundings. It's dark and extremely foggy and hot. I'm obviously not on the Sunny. From what I can make out, it looks like I'm on what appears to be an island. Not good.

I sit down on the shore of the 'island' and look out towards the ocean as the tide slowly runs up and down the coast. The moonlight slightly pierces through the fog and casts a peculiar glare on the island as it reflects on the water. This is not good at all and I can't remember anything…

The storm!

"Oh no… I'm stranded on an island… that must be it," I tell myself, trying to process my current life threatening situation. Where's everyone else? Are they ok? I can't even think, there are so many bad circumstances that could have played out from a lousy storm that somehow managed to overthrow us. I can remember now. That storm came out of nowhere, and here I am sitting on a rock on a deserted island in terrible shape without any of my friends.

At night.

"I just need to calm down and think," I try and comfort myself as I replay my situation and the possible explanations in my head. The storm was extremely big, but we've encountered many just like that one before on the Grand Line.

"Robin…" She had fallen overboard if my memory serves me correctly. And then Zoro went in after her. Nothing out of the ordinary there. We waited for them to come up and then… I don't know what happened next. But if they fell overboard, then why the hell am I stuck on an island!?

"Luffy… where are you?" I ask looking up into the sky. "Zoro, Usopp, Robin, Sanji, Franky, Brook, Chopper… where are all of you?"

I need to pull myself together and get out of this mess, or better yet, off of this island. But I still have no idea what is going on. This could be just be a dream for all I know.

I turn around and stare into the forest, determining my course of action. I'm not getting anything done just sitting here, and besides, I may not be the only one on this stupid island. I need to stay strong and look for my crewmates.

Then again, this island looks pretty creepy.

I then take a moment to study my personal well being. I'm relatively okay, save for a few scratches here and there, but nothing too ba-

"OH, CRAP! NO! Where's my log pose!?"

It's not on my wrist! Crap! Now I'm freaking out. The key to our survival as pirates has somehow disappeared from my wrist, so even if I was on a ship, I'd be as dead as I am now without it.

"How the hell did I lose it? Maybe it just fell off around here on the island…" I consider, trying to reassure myself and hang on to the extremely slim line of hope. But it's too dark to look, and if anyone else is on this island I need to find them.

So I overcome my near heart attack and set out through the dark foggy sky, with an attempt to find someone, hopefully a friend, while not evoking the wrath of this mysterious island.


"I knew it… I knew it would end like this… being hit by a storm and washing up on a deserted island left alone to die…" I cried, leaning under my small makeshift hut that I constructed for the night. This island is beyond scary and I hope Luffy or Zoro or someone finds me before I die of starvation or heat stroke or sickness or being attacked by a monster or…

"Grr…pull yourself together Captain Usopp! There's nothing to be afraid of on this little island! Except for maybe the lack of food and terrible man eating monsters in the forest…"

Just then I hear a strange noise and almost jump high enough to reach the moon, which of course is accompanied by a scream, but I then realize it was nothing but a cricket chirping in the eerily silent atmosphere.

"Where am I!? And why did I have to end up on such a creepy island!? Wait! …If I somehow washed up on this island after that storm, then there's probably a pretty good chance of someone else coming here… unless I was the only one who fell overboard. I don't remember. But the Sunny couldn't have gotten that far and I know Luffy and the others would come looking for me… but then again, it could have been a week since that stupid storm hit us since I just 'woke up' a little while ago…" I contradicted myself. This is scary. I can't even remember anything.



…Oh my. This is bad. I wonder where I am exactly.

All I remember is the storm and then I fell overboard and… how am I here? I can't swim. I should have just dropped to the bottom of the ocean yet here I am alive on an island of sorts with no idea where the others are.

This is strange and this island is unsettling. From where I am located on the coast, it looks to be unpopulated. By people, that is. There is a decent sized forest right at the top of the shore, from what I can make out through the thick fog and dark sky.

I need to look around and see if I can gather any information on where I am or if anyone lives here. I must get back to the Sunny and the crew. Were we shipwrecked, or was I the only one that got separated and ended up here? I can't think right now, my mind is completely blurred. My body is numb as well and I don't appear to have much energy in me.

I wonder what happened to the others and if they're alright. Hopefully I did not get stranded on an uninhabited island alone and far away from my crew, because if there is no information on this island that either tells me where I am or helps me survive for that matter, than there is absolutely nothing I can do.

It's too dark to start looking for information. I'm not even sure how long it has been since the hurricane. For the first time in a long time, I am completely lost with what to do. I stare out to see from the shore that I'm standing on, thinking about my crew and any positive situations that could have played out from the incident. I decide that I'll begin searching this island in the morning, when I can actually see.

I pray that this is nothing too serious.

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