Of course, nothing with Kurosaki could ever be simple.

After that kiss, Grimmjow had to spend a bit of time soothing the ex-shinigami and assuring him that he wasn't kidding, this was serious. He actually wanted to take Ichigo to the movies, but no hotel room afterwards, that wasn't for the first date… that got him a slap and a scowl, which made Grimmjow grin. That was the Kurosaki he knew and loved.

"Sorry. I don't mean to sound so… it's just, I thought I would never have a chance with you." Ichigo admitted and Grimmjow's grin widened.

"Oh, so you were thinking about it? How long have you liked me?" He asked teasingly and Ichigo blushed a bit before meeting his eyes.

"Since the first time we met." He said and that made Grimmjow sit back a bit, surprised.

"Really? I hope you're not into that sort of thing. I'm not actually a sadist." He said and Ichigo scowled and punched him in the shoulder. "Hey! I'm not a masochist, either." He rubbed the bruise with a faint wince. No powers or not, the kid could still throw a mean punch.

"No, you're an idiot. What movie do we want to see?" Ichigo said, changing the subject and Grimmjow went with the flow. The old topic was getting a bit perverted anyway. Although finding him attractive when he was beating the shit out of him… hmm. Hadn't there been a woman Teru had gotten a boner for when she was kicking his ass…? "Grimm?"

"Huh? Oh, sorry." Pulling himself out of semi-pleasant recollections of something slightly shameful, he gave Ichigo his attention. "I checked my phone earlier so I think we're limited to a Pixar movie, an adventure thing with zombies or a horror involving this haunted house. There's some other stuff too, but I refuse to watch chick flicks or comedies." He said firmly. Chick flicks were for chicks and comedies… he just didn't get what was funny, a lot of the time. That could get tedious in a hurry. Ichigo looked thoughtful.

"I'm not in the mood for anything too heavy. That Pixar movie, is it Queen of Neverland?" He asked and Grimmjow nodded. "Karin and Yuzu both went to see it and said it's good. Let's watch that."

"Sounds good." It was sort of kiddie, maybe, but there would be plenty of adventure and Grimmjow loved fantasy. Teru had always had a taste for books about strange and exotic places filled with marvelous adventures. "Seven o'clock tonight?" He asked hopefully. Sundays really were the best time for them to get together and he didn't want to wait for next week. Ichigo sighed, a slightly annoyed sound.

"Let me check with my dad. His curfew is absurd." He flipped out his cell phone and placed a call as Grimmjow watched. "Dad? I want to go out to a movie with my friends. Is that… well, yes, it is… DAD! It is not Inoue!" Ichigo yelped and Grimmjow chuckled softly to himself. So his family wasn't aware of Ichigo's inclinations yet. "No, I am not telling you who it is! NO! IT IS NOT RUKIA!" Grimmjow winced a little at the volume and leaned away. "It's a GUY! Okay?! OK, fine ten at the latest!" He hung up his phone, shaking his head. "I should have lied and said I was in a group." He muttered and Grimmjow nodded sympathetically.

"So your dad doesn't know you're into guys yet?" He asked and Ichigo grimaced, looking away.

"No. I have no idea how to tell them." He said bleakly and Grimmjow frowned. He really had nothing useful to say on that. Teru'd been an orphan and the rest of his souls weren't giving him much.

"Well, I'm sure Karin'll be okay with it. Maybe she'll kick your dad's ass for you." He said optimistically. Ichigo snorted a bit at the image and managed a smile. "See you at seven." He purred before gently touching the teen's chin and pulling him in for another kiss. This one was slow and gentle and when they parted Ichigo was a bit breathless, his brown eyes wide.

"See you." He said breathlessly and Grimmjow grinned to himself before jumping down and walking away. He had some errands to run.

He was looking forward to his date though.

"Say what now?" Grimmjow cleaned out his ear with one finger, frowning as he listened to his cell phone.

We're going to Tokyo! Yoshi sounded ebullient. Grimmjow grimaced to himself. There was a huge problem with that but not one he could explain to his human friends. We're going to be the opening band for Big Debt Generation!

"That's good, is it?" He said, a little distracted by what was happening around him. There was a camera crew nearby filming something and he had no idea what. He was curious and that was making it hard to concentrate. He winced as Yoshi practically yelled at him.

It is good?! Oh my god are you thick? They're really hot Grimm! This could be our chance at the big one! Grimmjow frowned, wondering what that meant. Then he decided he'd ask Ichigo later. If he started quizzing Yoshi the kid would really think he'd lost his marbles.

"When and for how long?" Grimmjow grimaced as he got the dates. It would be a week from now and it would last for two weeks. "Isn't that kind of short notice?"

The lead singer in the other band they were using got sick! They needed someone to fill in at the last minute and the agent heard about us! Reyo is so happy! Grimmjow sighed to himself. Yoshi's joy was difficult for him to share. There were practical difficulties with leaving Karakura town for so long, but the band couldn't understand that.

"Well, I have some commitments. I'll look into it and get back to you." He hung up before Yoshi could start asking him about his so-called 'commitments'. He actually didn't have any, aside from training Karin and dating Ichigo, both of which could be put off for a couple weeks. The real problem was his reishi pills. They didn't really last very long, which was fine as long as he didn't leave Karakura town. Tokyo would be another matter and Grimmjow scowled as he decided to take a trip to Urahara's shop.

To his surprise, Ichigo was there when he arrived. He was talking in a friendly way with a green haired beauty and Grimmjow grinned as Nelliel looked at him with a smile. Would she remember that request for a threesome? Probably but she was a lot more tactful in her adult form.

"Grimmjow!" Still very enthusiastic, though. He got soundly squeezed and was glad for his hierro when it was over. "Look at me, look! Aren't I pretty?" She twirled and he laughed, glancing over her dress.

"It looks beautiful on you." He said sincerely. It really did look good on her, dark purple and tight under her bodice while flaring out around the hips. Nel wasn't really his type but she was a fine woman. "So the patch is working?" It seemed to be.

"For now. They always work at first, the question is if it'll last. And Urahara's trying to figure out how to heal her mask." Ichigo said and Grimmjow nodded. That only made sense. If they could fix Nel completely it would be a very good start to figuring out how to fix Ichigo's aura. "He was running some more tests on me." Ichigo sounded a bit tired of it and Grimmjow barked a laugh.

"Yeah, I bet he was. Hey, where is he anyway? I need his help with something." Ichigo jerked a thumb over his shoulder and Grimmjow took the silent instruction, heading into the back. "Hey Urahara! Do you have any way to preserve reishi pills?" The shopkeeper looked up from some plans with a blink. "I need to leave Karakura town for a while."

"I do!" He said with a smile, to Grimmjow's surprise. "I thought that would happen sooner or later. And while you could always make a garganta back to Hueco Mundo and feed there, this would be far more convenient." He said and Grimmjow blinked. He hadn't actually thought of Hueco Mundo and felt a bit stupid now. "Here you are!" He opened a case and Grimmjow tilted his head to one side as he saw the little indentations inside it. They were exactly the size of his pills and it looked like it could hold over a dozen. "This should hold enough to keep you through three weeks. It has a retaining field to keep the pills from dissipating."

"How much will it cost?" Grimmjow said warily and Urahara smiled brightly. They engaged in a short round of bargaining that ended in his sound defeat. The shopkeeper had him over the barrel and knew it. As he pulled out his card he felt Ichigo come up behind him.

"You're going to Tokyo?" He asked, his voice neutral. Grimmjow looked up with a small smile. He wasn't looking forward to being away from his boyfriend for that long, but he couldn't let down the band by refusing to go.

"Yeah. Have you heard of Big Debt Generation? Apparently we're going to be the opening band for them." Grimmjow said as Ichigo blinked.

"Grimmjow, they've been around forever! You haven't heard of them? They have a massive fanbase." Ichigo said and the former Espada frowned for a moment.

"Hey, my primary personality was into harps and shit! I'm just learning to appreciate this stuff, I can't remember the names." He said and the teen actually smiled. That made him feel good, Ichigo had a wonderful smile the few times he pulled it out. "That explains why Yoshi was acting like the sun rose at midnight just for us." He said with a bit of sarcasm and Ichigo's smile widened. "So what are you doing this weekend? I have to leave on Tuesday, of all the weird days, so we can get one more date in." Grimmjow had a few ideas for that, but he needed to make sure he didn't take Ichi out of his comfort zone. A fancy restaurant but how fancy, exactly? He would have to think hard about that.

"Nothing that can't be put off. See you on Sunday at the usual time?" Ichigo said, but with a hint of nervousness. Grimmjow wondered a bit about that. They'd been on plenty of dates, it seemed odd for him to be nervous.

"Sure thing." He gave Kurosaki a smile that widened as he saw the teen blush. They shared a quick but passionate kiss before he left the store and Grimmjow smiled to himself.

Tokyo or not, this was turning out to be a pretty good day.

"Nnn… Grimm…" Ichigo moaned softy, the covers of the bed rustling as Grimmjow slowly kissed his throat, exploring the tender skin. He found a good place and paused to gently suck. "Ah!"

They were in his apartment and Grimmjow knew now why Ichigo had been nervous earlier, then throughout their date. He'd decided that tonight was time to lose his virginity. At least, Grimmjow thought he was a virgin. He might be wrong about that or Kurosaki might just be an anal virgin. If he'd tried with a woman it might explain why he was sure he was gay.

But now was hardly the time to consider that, and Grimmjow slowly unbuttoned the teen's shirt, peeling away the fabric with a grin. They'd gone to a rather nice restaurant and Ichigo had dressed up for it. That made removing his clothes even more fun, in the arrancar's opinion. As he opened the shirt he explored Ichigo's chest, enjoying the feel of warm skin and the quick rise and fall of his breathing. Pausing on one nipple he gently nibbled the pert flesh, feeling it harden and savoring Ichigo's gasp.

"Grimm… unh…" He glanced up with a small frown at the tone of Ichigo's voice. The teen was looking down at him, his brown eyes dark with lust but also… fear? That was strange. Fear wasn't something Kurosaki did, in his experience. Of course, intimacy might be different… putting the thought aside he continued his downward journey, pausing to admire the soft line of orange fuzz just above Ichigo's pants. Then he grinned wickedly and began to undo those pants, freeing what was hidden inside.

Hands clamped down painfully on his shoulders and Grimmjow looked up, surprised, to see that Ichigo was almost hyperventilating. Fear was winning out over desire and he frowned, pausing before moving up again and gathering his boyfriend in his arms. He was stiff as a board for a moment but then gradually began to relax, settling into his embrace.

"Is something wrong?" He asked quietly. He was sure Ichigo liked him and wanted this, but the level of fear seemed a bit high even for a virgin. The teen just shook his head, hiding his face against his chest and shivering. Grimmjow blinked as an answer suddenly occurred to him. "You're not a virgin, are you?" He asked and Ichigo mutely shook his head. "…Your first time was rough." That wasn't a question. Now he understood what he was dealing with. Ichigo was no virgin but his first time had been painful. That could be hard to get past.

"He wouldn't stop." Ichigo mumbled and Grimmjow stiffened. Had he been…? "It wasn't really… I could have fought more, but I was curious. I still didn't want it, not really. And it hurt, a lot. I'm used to pain but…" He said and Grimmjow nodded, stroking a hand through vibrant orange hair. It really was a beautiful shade, now that he was used to it.

"Not that kind of pain." He said with rough sympathy. He could understand that. Teru had never endured anything like it, but he'd had similar experiences in his life as a hollow. "We don't have to go all the way." He said quietly and brown eyes rose to meet blue. The quiet pain in those brown eyes made him want to kill the son of a bitch who had hurt him.

"I want to do that with you, Grimm. I just…" Ichigo hesitated a moment before taking a deep breath. "You were always so violent. It… makes me scared…" That clearly took a lot for him to admit. Grimmjow chuckled softly before giving him a soft, gentle kiss.

"Let's just take it slowly and whatever happens, happens." He suggested and Ichigo nodded with a small smile. Then the teen moved first, kissing him tenderly.

For a time, they just explored each other, kissing and nuzzling. Ichigo's touches became more daring and he slid his hands over Grimmjow's chest, finding the faithful reproduction of his scar and tracing the sensitive tissue. That made the arrancar gasp, a sound that was mingled pleasure and pain. The scar was so sensitive it almost hurt. Brown eyes looked at him worriedly and the teen abandoned that spot. Instead he ducked his head against the Grimmjow's neck, sniffing his skin, which surprised him a little. Most humans found his scent vaguely off putting, if they got past his shampoo and cologne. But Ichigo just stayed there for a moment, breathing it in, before nipping his neck. Grimmjow grunted as he felt the blunt teeth against his flesh, the hot jolt of fire to his groin.

"Shit. I really want you Ichigo." He said, his voice heavy with desire. The teen swallowed, a bob of the throat that just begged for his touch. He gave it, nibbling along the teen's neck and finding another good place to suck.

"I want you too Grimm." Ichigo said breathlessly, his brown eyes wide. "You smell so good…" He moaned and Grimmjow paused before chuckling.

"That must be your hollow. Humans think I smell like an appealing combination of dead fish and beaver anus." He was just making that up, but it got a laugh from Kurosaki. "I'm going to suck you." He said before working on the teen's pants again. Spelling out what he was doing would help. Grimmjow smiled as he saw the desire in Ichigo's face ratchet up a notch and the teen nodded.

"Okay." He said breathlessly. Grimmjow tugged down the teen's boxers, grinning at the way Ichigo's cock immediately saluted him. Frightened or not, he was turned on by this. Then Grimmjow went down on him, taking the teen in his mouth. Ichigo gasped raggedly, hands tangling in blue hair as he urged the arrancar onward.

It was his first real time giving a blowjob, but he'd received a few as Teru. So Grimmjow knew what felt best and he used that knowledge, lashing the teen's length with his tongue. He played with his balls, exploring the heavy sac as he claimed Ichigo's erection, taking him deep in his throat. It almost triggered his gag reflex but he managed to avoid catastrophe, getting used to the feeling.

"Grimm… oh god… ah…!" From the sounds involved, Ichigo was losing his mind. The pants and moans made him aware of his own arousal. Reaching down, Grimmjow started to stroke himelf, pleasuring himself as he gave his partner pleasure. He explored every inch of that cock, every crevice and dimple, as if he was trying to memorize it. It tasted so good…

Ichigo panted out a warning and Grimmjow was ready. He swallowed as Ichigo stiffened with a wild cry, taking every drop of his release. He felt the tension of the teen's body and smelled a familiar musk. Kurosaki smelled like a hollow when he did this… not surprising, perhaps. He was a vizard. Grimmjow pulled back, a bit of cum sliding down his chin. He met Ichigo's eyes before reaching up to wipe it off. He was still hard and needy. He wanted to take Ichigo, claim him completely, but could he do it?

"Can you go all the way?" He asked seriously. Ichigo stiffened for a moment before shaking his head. But the fear quickly gave way to a determined look.

"Not tonight. But let me take care of you." He said firmly and Grimmjow grinned, sitting back as Kurosaki crawled to him. The teenager paused to examine his privates and Grimmjow followed his glance. He was pretty big down there and it was clear that his hair color was all natural. "I've never done this before." Ichigo said, a bit worried and Grimmjow laughed.

"That's fine. It's special because it's you." He said easily and Ichigo gave him a beautiful smile. Then he tentatively licked Grimmjow's erection and the arrancar drew a deep breath, just enjoying the sensations.

Ichigo did his best to imitate what he had done, although he couldn't take Grimmjow as deep. It hardly mattered as he enjoyed the warm, wet heat enfolding him, the tight pleasure that was building in his balls and radiating through his pelvis. It felt so damned good and he hadn't been lying, it felt better because it was Ichigo. He looked down at that orange hair, gripping his shoulders as the teen gripped his balls, finding the spots that felt best.

"Holy shit Ichi… unh…" Grimmjow let his head fall back, breathing heavily as his pleasure slowly built. It felt amazing, so good, so right. "F-Fuck." He panted out as he felt his release coming. "Ichi… I'm going to…" Ichigo didn't pull away and Grimmjow cried out, bending over as the sparks flew behind his eyes. He felt Ichigo swallowing, that warm mouth and tight throat smothering him, and gasped as his spasms finished. He lay back, feeling spent and content.

"Was that good?" Ichigo asked and Grimmjow chuckled, opening his eyes. He'd closed them for just a moment.

"Good? That was great." He purred and Ichigo smiled before sitting back. Grimmjow sighed and pulled himself up, shifting so he was properly in the bed. "Mmm… I love having you here but is your dad going to freak if you stay?" His guess was he would. Ichigo checked the time and grimaced.

"I'm already late. I better go… but next time, we'll go all the way." He promised as he ran a hand over Grimmjow's chin, gripping him and pulling him in for a kiss. The blue haired man enjoyed every moment of it. Nothing could be sweeter than Ichigo's lips.

"I can't wait." He said with a smile. It would be a night to remember, when Ichigo finally let him into his body. But Grimmjow wasn't going to push it. He smiled and lay back, watching as Ichigo got dressed.

He'd been alive a very, very long time. He could be patient.


"So what is this news you have, Kugo?" Tsukishima asked. The whole group was still together. They'd wanted to make proper contact with Ichigo and bring him in before Tsukishima used his fullbring to complete his appearance of being their enemy.

All of Xcution was there, at their hideout. Giriko had poured them some drinks – he'd been a bartender once, a long time ago – and they were lounging around and listening. Kugo smiled tightly at his group of 'friends'. Although that was putting it loosely. Aside from Tsukishima, he didn't have much use for them personally.

"I think I've found out why Kurosaki has been so resistant to joining us." He'd done his best to convince the young man he was in love with him, although perhaps he'd been too forceful in his attentions. "You already know that shinigami shopkeeper is helping him, but there's more. Apparently, he had a boyfriend." That really rankled him. True, he wasn't really interested in Ichigo at all. Perhaps he should have had Tsukishima fix that, but he was a very good liar. Still, the boy had tossed him aside so easily? It pissed him off. "Here's a picture." He pulled out a snapshot of the two of them together. They were drinking coffee leaning against the wall of the coffeeshop.

"AHH!" Riruka's squeal made him wince and Giriku blink. "It's GRIMMJOW! He's AMAZING! Oh my god, he's gay?! No one knows about that! I have to tweet it! Gimme that picture gimme gimme gimme – " Kugo had more sense than to try to hang onto it when those long nails were going after him. He lost the picture but kept his skin. "Okay scanning – tweeted!"

"Retweeted." Jackie said as the men in the room looked absolutely mystified, except for Yukio. He was busy retweeting. "This will spread like wildfire."

"Wait, you know this guy?" Kugo managed to get in. He hadn't even picked up the stranger's name. Riruka and Jackie both gave him a look of extreme pity.

"Don't you like music at all? He just came out with a hit single! It's so awesome!" Riruka held the picture to her chest, bobbing up and down. It was disconcerting to watch. "He plays at a local club and me and Jackie went to see him FIVE TIMES! Right Jackie?"

"Right. It's a good club, lots of dancing and good bartenders." Jackie said, a tiny bit defensive. "The music is excellent." Kugo rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming on. This was not going the way he'd hoped.

"Okay, fine. But we need to eliminate him so – " That was as far as he got before Riruka shrieked.

"ELIMINATE him?! NO! Nonono! You could be killing the next Bon Jovi, the next, next, oh I don't know! The next big star! He's AMAZING!" She sounded completely gone but Jackie nodded, seconding her feelings. Then Yukio spoke up.

"I'm afraid I must agree. His single was amazing, I'm looking forward to when he puts out an album." He said and Kugo and Tsukishima exchanged glances.

"Perhaps we could alter his memories." Tsukishima said and Kugo nodded. That had been his second choice. A fatal accident would have left Ichigo vulnerable and mourning. If they went with the memories Tsukishima would need to use his power on all of them soon, so this could look like another part of his vendetta against Kurosaki.

"Well you better wait until after his concerts in Tokyo!" Riruka said and Kugo sighed as Tsukishima looked pained. "We all have tickets!"

"It would be easier to catch him in Karakura town anyway." Tsukishima brushed away the concern and Riruka looked satisfied. Kugo resigned himself to the use of Book of the End. He'd been hoping they could put it off until later, but you did what you have to do. And if his 'friends' wouldn't let him kill this singer, this was the best option.

Hopefully, this time things would go according to plan.