Title: Dark Tower

Author: Ticklesivory

Rating: T

Summary: A kidnapping and assasination attempt has been made on Senator Amidala. It is initially up to the Jedi Team of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi to solve the crime. However, complications ensue (as they usually do) and a dark presence residing in the Jedi Temple interferes. This is a challenge fic for me - I'm going to attempt to write it as a courtroom drama, which I've never done before. Hope I can manage it! Wish me luck!

Genre: Crime/courtroom drama. Will do my best to get some romance in there since that's what Obidala is all about!

Notes: I have written two stories at once only ONE TIME in my Obidala career. I'm going to give it a shot since Dark Tower will not leave me alone! If I start neglecting either I will postpone this one to finish "Rationality and Redemption."

Disclaimer: Original characters created by George. All the other nonsense is my fault.

Chapter One

Galactic HoloNet News

Vol. 527 36/22.6.2

Galactic City, Coruscant

The unprecedented criminal trial of a Jedi, Knight Siri Tachi, begins today in the Galactic Courts of Justice Building in the Plains of Coruscant. Knight Tachi is being accused of kidnapping and the attempted murder of Senator Padme Amidala, Galactic Representative for Naboo and the Chommell Sector. Jedi Attorney Bigel Tablis, standing for the defendent, has filed a claim insisting his client is innocent of all charges, while the prosecuting attorney, Rella Dougin, claims the Jedi Knight was an accomplice and therefore stands guilty as accused. She will be seeking a minimum sentence of life imprisonment with no option for parole. Sources claim testimonies will come from Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, Senator Padme Amidala, as well as the accused. The hearing has been declared private in light of the extraordinary circumstances, and will not be open to the public with limited access to the media. High Justice Jarcho Nelvin will preside.

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Highly polished floors of marbled gray stone met pale white walls, shooting skyward to join with elaborately painted vaulted ceilings trimmed in wide rails of silver titanium. Below the expansive oval ceiling painted to resemble a cloud-filled sky, reclined the highly distinguished Coruscanti known as High Justice Jarcho Nelvin, his rotund middle barely managing to fit between the high-back leather chair he sat upon and the black marble desk in front of him. His beady, dark eyes scanned his lair from beneath oiled and neatly trimmed graying locks. They landed upon three persons standing in the center of his courtroom, two of whom were dressed in Jedi attire. Remarkable. Never before had he presided over a criminal hearing involving Jedi, but never before had a defendant been a Jedi accused of the attempted murder of a Galactic Senator. Standing between the Jedi, short in stature, but highly respectable in nature was Senator Padme Amidala. Although he had never met her personally, he'd heard nothing but complimentary remarks regarding her attitude and professionalism. He nodded his consent for her presence in his court, and was pleased she appeared to be healthy and unharmed.

On either side of the Jedi were the representing attorneys. He'd had dealings with Miss Dougin on numerous occasions and found her to be overbearing and vexatious. She should serve the senator well.

The other attorney, he had not met until the prehearing arraignment in his private chambers prior to the trial. Overall, he'd always considered the Jedi to be a fascinating group, which surrounded themselves with mystique and chose seclusion over segregation. They were an enigma. He'd found Jedi Attorney Bigel Tablis, a Klatooinian, to be equally taciturn but intelligent.

satisfied with the representation and deeming the evidence was adequate, he had begun the hearing the following morning. No need to delay the inevitable. Senator Amidala was an important representative of the Republic and he was sure she needed to return to her duties in a timely manner.

"Mr. Tablis, I will now listen to your opening argument."

"Thank you, your honor," the Jedi attorney replied, rising from the pale, cushioned bench, approaching the elevated judge's stand. "My client has been accused of consorting with a now-deceased criminal in an attempt to kidnap and murder Senator Amidala from Naboo. As the evidence will prove, she indeed had no knowledge of the plan for the senator's capture, and is innocent of any crime. It is my opinion.."

"Your opinions do not matter in this court, counselor; only mine do."

"Yes, your honor."

"Next, I would like to hear from Attorney Dougin."

A middle-aged woman with tightly knit hair, dark and arranged close to her scalp, rose from her seat and took her position in front of the stand.

"My opponent would have you believe, Your Honor, that Knight Tachi is innocent, but I'm afraid that's just not the case. Her attitude toward her partner, Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as her neglect of the circumstances surrounding the Senator's kidnapping and attempted murder, all lead to the suspicion that she was indeed aware of the conspiracy to take the Senator's life and therefore should be held accountable."

"Thank you Counselor. Mr. Tablis, you may call your first witness."

High Justice Jarcho Nelvin was notorious for his intolerance of unnecessary narration in a trial. Many in the galactic judicial system believed it was simply because he didn't have the patience for when things dragged along, while others believed it was because he didn't want to be late for his next meal. In either situation, all involved in the trial were aware they needed to be direct and to the point, or else they may be unwittingly damaging their case.

"I would like to call Senator Amidala to the stand," Attorney for the Defendent announced, following which, the young, attractive politician approached, climbed the steps to the witness platform and took a seat next to the judge.

"Please state your full name," Tablis began.

"Padme Naberrie Amidala."

"And your parents?"

"Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie from Naboo. I also have a sister by the name of Sola."

"And your occupation?"

"I am currently serving the Republic as Galactic Senator representing Naboo and the Chommel Sector."

"Counselor," the High Justice interrupted, his head leaning heavily against his outstretched hand, "at this rate, my chav is going to get cold. Can we move it along?"

"My apologies, Your Honor. I'm simply clarifying the young woman is who she claims to be."

"Proceed then, but with a touch more expedition, please Mr. Tablis."

"Yes, Your Honor. Tell me, Senator, when did you first come into contact with the defendant?"

The young woman shifted uneasily upon the stone seat, regarding the blonde female Jedi standing accused. "I met Knight Tachi when she and her partner, Obi-Wan Kenobi came to my apartment."

"And do you recall the exact date this visit occurred?"

"I believe it was Month Four, Second Week, on Centaxday."

"Tell the court, if you please Senator: What was your impression of Knight Tachi?"

There was a pause before the young woman on the stand spoke up, and when she did, her focus was turned to the High Justice. "I don't see the relevance of that question."

The Honorable Judge Nelvin smiled sweetly at the young woman, his pudgy face dimpling. "Just answer the question, my dear, and let's be done with this."

It was obvious to the others in the court, the senator was having difficulty with the direct command, but ultimately leaned forward and spoke directly to the attorney. "I didn't care much for her."

"A somewhat gracious answer, but that's not entirely accurate. Tell the court, Senator, exactly what you said to your bodyguard about Knight Tachi following that first meeting."

Again, the young woman on the witness stand hesitated, but knowing she had taken a vow of honesty before the trial had begun, apparently decided it would be best to tell the whole truth.

"I told Dorme, I thought Siri Tachi was a complete bitch."