I was in shock. I just stared at him, wide eyed, my mouth parted slightly.
He'd never met me before, he'd never spoken to me before... How did he know?

Mase looked up at Rose, clearly questioning her silently. I looked to see what her reaction would be. Surely she would try to deny it, she would try to convince him otherwise... he probably wasnt ready to meet me, to know me...

Which is why I was beyond shocked when she nodded her head and smiled a small, slightly sad smile.

Mase sat up slowly, the wires and tubes still connecting him to the machines, keeping him from getting up properly. He watched me for a moment, his little eyes staring into mine.

Then he raised his little arms and waited.

"Мой сын"(my son) I murmured leaning down and wrapping my arms around him. His small body resting against my chest, his arms wrapping around my neck tightly. I tried to hold on to my guardian mask, but I couldnt do it, the tears welled in my eyes and spilled over. I had my son, I had my Roza... I looked up at her through my tears to see her watching us. Her eyes glistening and her lips parted in a smile again.

I pulled back from Mase and wiped my eyes quickly, trying to hide the fact that I, Dimitri Belikov, had been reduced to tears.
"How did you know it was me?" I asked Mase curiously.

"You look like the photo by my bed. And mummy talks about you lots." He beamed, obviously proud that he had been right. I looked back at Roza, a crimson red blush creeping beautifully over her cheeks. I still had one arms around Mase but I lifted the other one, she moved over and the three of us wrapped our arms around eachother.

It was the perfect family moment... Until...

"Wheres Dimka?!"

A/N: Another cliffy, you all know who this is dont you?
Just tying up some lose ends, resolving some remaining conflict and then itll be over :(

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