I know some people wont understand how I could take him back so easily... and in truth it wasnt easy, but I still love him, I never stopped. I always imagined what I would do if he came back and wanted to be in his sons life... I always said yes, I wouldnt deny Mase the chance to have his father around.
Yes I am still mad at Dimitri for leaving me, infact Im furious at him. He missed out on so much of his sons life. It will be a long, long time before I can trust him properly again, hes going to have to work to earn it back... But I want him to, I want him to try and he has been.

Its been 4 months. 4 months since he decided to stay, since he told Tasha he couldnt be her guardian. She had been so mad at him, so hurt. I wanted to hate her, to despise her for taking him away from me in the first place but after seeing the way she looked at him when she boarded her plane to go home my resolve crumpled, I couldnt hate her for liking him the way she did. She looked so upset I almost felt bad for her...


I whipped my head around just in time to catch my little monster of a son launching himself onto my back, I twisted and managed to catch him.
"No fair! Daddy warned you!" Mason squealed as I squeezed him tightly to my chest. I just laughed in response and kissed the top of his head.

Mason squirmed around a bit before I finally released him so he could run back to Dimitri. Seeing them together bought a smile to my face, Mason had immediately taken to Dimitri, calling him daddy from the minute he met him. I was still surprised at that, I would have expected him to be shy or something but nope, he took to him like a moth to a flame. It was sweet.
And DImitri was a wonderful father, he was gentle and playful but he was also very good at disciplining him, almost better at it than me.

I chuckled as I recalled the first time DImitri gave him a punishment. It had been a month after Mase came home from the hospital...

"Mummy can we go to the playground?" Mase asked sweetly.
I glanced down at where he was standing beside me, tugging on the bottom of my shirt.

"Hold on baby, I just have to fill out some paperwork and then we can go ok." I replied brushing his hand gently away and turning back to the papers in front of me where I stood at the kitchen counter. I heard him sigh and then walk away, presuming he had gone to his room to play.

half an hour later I pushed the papers away, letting out a huff.
"Mase! Come on, We can go to the park now." I called out to him as I grabbed my jacket from the side of the couch. There was no answer. I walked to his room, peering inside I saw that it was empty. "Mason?!" I called out.


I quickly searched the house but I immediately knew he wasnt here, little sneak had left the house and gone to the playground alone!

I bolted out of the house and ran all the way down to the playground.

He was there, and so was Dimitri.

I slowed down, neither of them had noticed me yet so I stopped a little distance away but still close enough to hear. Dimitri was kneeling down in front of Mase looking directly at him.

"Wheres your mum Mason?" His smooth accented voice asked gently. Mason just shrugged, looking down at his feet. Yeah he knew he was in trouble. "Shes not here with you?" Dimitri asked, surprise evident in his tone.

Mase looked up at him finally, shrugging his shoulders lightly. "Mummy lets me come here alone."

I gasped, a scowl immediately settling on my face.

Both of them looked up at me when they heard me. Dimitri stood up straight away turning to face me. Mase just looked scared as I folded my arms over my chest and looked at him crossly. "What were you saying Mason Ivan Belikov?" I asked him.

"I...I..." He stuttered quietly.

Dimitri raised an eyebrow, he looked down at Mason with a hint of dissapointment in his eyes.

"You know better than to lie Mister. And you know better than to leave the house alone, and to come all the way out here? I didnt even know you had left the house! Anything could have happened to you!" I growled at him, my arms flailing around to express just how worried and angry I was.

"I... Im sorry Mummy..." His bottom lip was trembling and his little voice wavered as he tried not to cry.

I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose with my fingers. "You know what?" Mase looked up at me, his eyes wide and surprised at the change in tone of my voice. "Your father can decide how to punish you for this."

I almost laughed at the surprised look on Dimitris face, his eyes were wide and his mouth had fallen open slightly. I tried to raise one eyebrow but failed as they both raised.

"Are you... sure?" He asked, shifting his gaze from mine down to Mases suddenly hopeful expression. I just nodded at him in response. I know he had been unsure about how to act around Mase since coming back into his life. When he flicked his eyes back to me he spoke. "No tv and no desert, donuts included for 2 weeks. And youre not to leave the house without an adult, ever."

I smirked at Dimitri as Mases apparent dissaproval sounded in the form of a long dramatic, "ohhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo."

"I think I like you. Ill get you to make up all of his punishments from now on Comrade."

I couldnt help but laugh as I remembered the horrified look on Masons face and the smile that tugged on Dimitris lips when I nodded my approval at his punsihment. Since then Mase has always tried to behave whenever Dimtri is around.

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