"Joseph Alexander Cabot-Benson, get in here and put your suit on now." Alex ordered as she chased the ten year old boy around the house.

Olivia stepped out of the bedroom and started laughing as she watched her wife chase their son around the living room. Most people who had knew the Alex of the past would never believe the things that happened in their household. Those that know the Alex of today could never believe that the footloose and fancy free woman that always seemed to be smiling and happy use to be serious constantly.

"I help." Hannah said as she started to run past Olivia and join her mom and brother running around the living room.

"Oh, no you don't." Olivia said grabbing the brown haired child and lifting her off the ground laughing when she started screaming for her bubba to come save her. "You young lady need to get in your dress and you young man." Olivia said pointing her finger at her son "Need to get in your suit now."

"Yes ma'am." Joey said as he walked by with his head hanging down.

Alex walked up to Olivia and took the squirming girl into her arms and kissed Olivia before taking the young girl into her room to dress her for Madison's graduation. She smiled as she glanced at the picture on the wall of the day she was placed in their care. Granted it had been almost five years prior but Alex could remember it as if it was yesterday.

Her and Olivia had been sitting in the living planning what to do for Madison's twenty first birthday when the doorman had called up and stated that Cheryl, the same case worker for Joey, was down stairs and wanted to talk to them. Fearing the worse Olivia began to pace the apartment despite Alex's reassurance that he was their son and nothing could change that. Olivia had tried to keep her temper in check until Alex allowed Cheryl into the apartment and then ever so nicely told her it would be a cold day in hell before she would ever take their son from them.

The caseworker looked between the two women and apologized deeply for what it appeared to be but assured them both that was not why she was there. Instead she was there because an infant child had been left on the steps of a firehouse and she was wondering if they would like to foster the young child. If they didn't want to foster her would they please take her for the night? The only place she could find for the infant at that time of night was an overcrowded state ran facility.

Alex felt her heart break for the infant and turned to ask Olivia what she thought. There was no need to ask when she saw the heartbroken look in her wife's eyes and quickly told her to have the child brought to them immediately. Cheryl had thanked them immensely and left to get the child from her car where a co-worker was sitting with her.

Once she had left Olivia had smiled at Alex and promised her that it would be for just that night. Alex who was more than enjoying being a stay at home mom and had often considered adopting more children had informed her it could be forever if she so desired. Olivia had said no until Cheryl had placed the young girl in her arms. She looked up from the infant, who had the same blue eyes as Alex but brown hair like herself, with tears in her eyes and told Cheryl to come back in the morning for the formal interview and placement questions, they were keeping the girl and filing for adoption in six months.

The next morning Cheryl arrived for formality purposes only with all the paperwork needed for them to sign. After sharing a cup of coffee with the women and taking the needed pictures of the child's room Cheryl had pulled the completed forms from her briefcase and had them sign on the spot. She thanked them both as she left. True to Olivia's word six months later they were in front of the judge requesting adoption and then a following six months later it was finalized.

"Joey is dressed and ready." Olivia said walking into Hannah's room pulling Alex from her thoughts.

"She is too." Alex said placing Hannah on the ground before turning and pulling Olivia into her arms "I can't believe that Madison is graduating today."

"I know honey every time I look at her I still see that little nine year old girl you introduced to me all those years ago. The little girl who was sure I was the cause of her parent's divorce and scared to upset you when she wanted to spent the rest of the day just the two of you."

"And now she is graduating with a Masters in Business and a Juris Doctorate, my baby is all grown up." Alex said with tears in her eyes. "Where has the time gone? It seemed just like yesterday the doctors placed her in my arms after Christine had given birth to her. She was so small and tiny and I used to worry that I couldn't raise her and be the mother that she needed."

Olivia pulled Alex into her arms and held her while she cried kissing her temple. "Honey you and Christine has done a hell of a job of raising Madison. She is an extremely intelligent and beautiful woman just like her mother, both her mothers."

"In all honesty we have to say all four of her mothers, both you and Carmen have been in her life since she was nine and helped raised her as well." Alex said wiping her tears.

Olivia nodded remembering a time when Christine wanted her dead and the feeling was mutual on Olivia's end. As time moved on and Christine realized that she was not trying to take Madison from her but only wanting to be there they had formed a friendship of sorts that seemed to have grown through the years. Now not only were her and Christine friends but Alex and Carmen had formed a good friendship as well. It was a friendship that allowed the four women to spend holidays and Madison's birthday together without any tension or bitterness between them.

Alex couldn't help but think, as she walked through the apartment with Olivia following her, about what she was told decades ago when they had first divorced, what's meant to be will always find away. She remembered thinking what a lie it was that she would never have the woman that she loved more than life itself. Now here she stood as living proof of that statement. Her and Olivia was always meant to be and it took some time but they found their way back to each other.

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