3 things Sam Loves about Jack


She would always love him. Even when he annoyed her in her lab as she worked on something important. He annoyed her to no end at times; sometimes she wanted to murder him even.

But she would always love him.

And right now, as she watched him sleeping as he cradled their little Grace. She loved him, if it was even possible, a little more.

Blue Jello

He always brought her a bowl of blue jello as she worked. It was something that only he did. Daniel brought coffee, Teal'c a sandwich, Cam with cookies, and Vala never failed to bring both fresh gossip and chocolates of some sort. But only Jack ever brought her a bowl of blue jello.

A Smile

His antics would always make her smile. At first she thought it was just to annoy her but she realized after a while that it was just to get a smile out of her. So whenever he did something annoying she started to smile.

This may turn into series of 3 things our favorite team and Generals love about each other. Who knows I may even include something about SG3 on here. If this was horrible I apologize as it is almost 11 at night here and Claudia, if you've read my last fic you know her, kept bugging my about making a list of something pertaining to SG1. I blame Wilma for putting the idea into her head. And to Guest, I would too if it ever came to pass. But only if there is cake! And it must be chocolate!

Oh by the way, Claude says: That plan is on hold for the mo as I am busy trying to convince writer to let me go to a muse convention.

Like hell Claude!