Rukhsul Menu (translated from Khuzdul) "You offspring of an Orc"

"Ow!" cried Ori as he was pushed.

"What do you think you're doing?" demanded Gloin angrily.

"Rukhsul Menu, get your hands off me", insulted Dwalin causing him to be shoved forward.

These were the sounds the dwarves made as they were led blindfolded and bound through the forest. The hands that pushed and pulled ungraciously were the hands of elves, who bore no love for dwarves as dwarves bore no love for them. Many more grumbles and yells were sounded before they began to echo upon stone, and then they were shoved forward and forced to stand blindly waiting for what would be done to them.

Thorin seethed silently, his head throbbed where his hair was being pulled from the knot of the blindfold. He knew exactly where they were and who they were before; and he wished very greatly for his sword so he could drive it through the elf's belly. A soft voice filled their ears speaking a language they did not understand, and their rage bloomed in their hearts at the sound of the elvish language. Thorin knew very well who the deep vibrato belonged too, could easily picture the Elvenking's face as he had been for last one hundred and seventy-one years.

Another voice Thorin thought he knew answered, and as they talked the sound of soft footfalls met his ears and he felt someone come to stand beside him. He stiffened when he felt something tug at his hair though it was not an unpleasant feeling; it took a few moments before he realized the elf was picking the webs out of his messy hair.
The elves continued to speak in their foreign language, creating an almost lyrical lull with their lovely voices that the dwarves did not appreciate – in fact, their voices grated on the dwarves' ears as they stood unable to see those who where speaking. When suddenly quiet surrounded them, and the silence felt more dangerous than the speaking of the elvish tongue.

The Elvenking spoke once more and again they did not understand the words he spoke, though one word was spoken that Thorin knew, hervess. That word was as familiar as the gentle hands that pulled the webs out of his hair, as the fingers that untied the knot of his blindfold so as not to pull his hair. He knew from the grumbling and the hissing from the others that they were not receiving the same kind treatment. He felt the tie loosen and he turned his head when it fell to the ground. Her face was as lovely as when he first saw her, barely even a day older. Her hair gleamed like the sun as the flames on the cave's walls flickered on each strand, a nearly imperceptible smile on her lips. She was as warm as the Elvenking was cold, as bright as the sun as he was pale as winter.

No kindness ever did Thorin give her, it was not in a dwarf's nature to; nor was it in an elf's to show compassion to a dwarf. And yet she had been nothing but kind towards him, and all others. Even then, remembering the feel of her gentle fingers in his hair only moments before, he could not bring himself to show her an ounce of friendliness.


Thorin could not remove the smug look from his face at seeing the Elvenking of the Woodland Realm pay his respect to his grandfather. The elf king was followed by four of his men as he entered the great throne room of Thror. The elf was as lovely as elves were known to be, but unhappiness was in his eyes as he bowed his head towards the King.

"Welcome Thranduil, King of Mirkwood," Thror said nodding to the Elvenking. "Are your wife and son settling into your rooms?"

"Yes they are," the elf said in a pleasant voice though his eyes betrayed him. "You have been most gracious in your hospitality."

Thror's smile grew at the elf's kind words, knowing them to be true. "Your beloved is said to be most lovely to behold, I look forward to meeting her."

"As she does you." The elf king bowed once more before leaving the throne room once Thror dismissed him. Thorin had not missed the irritation that flashed across the elf's eye at Thror's dismissal, though he kept face well.

Thorin left shortly after, Thror and his father looking over the prepared feasts for the elves, and walked through his halls. The sight of the many elves that had accompanied Thranduil grew something warm in his belly, the thought that his grandfather was troubling himself to please the elves igniting the fire in his veins. Thorin saw the Elvenking standing near a young elf with a striking similarity to his appearance; the young elf had long pale straight hair, though it was more yellow than the king's, the same sharp features on his face, the same light blue eyes.

Thorin continued past them and his eyes found an incredibly beautiful face that brought him up short. Her hair fell in soft golden curls down her back, her deep blue eyes staring at the Elvenking and his son, her face no older than thirty, her features soft, her lips full and sweet. Seeing her ears ended in a point he shook himself and walked towards her. He watched her eyes follow the elf king rather than his young son, who Thorin thought she would seek out more.

"He is married," Thorin said coming to a stop in front of her.

She turned her gaze towards him at the sound of his voice, her brows knitted until she realized from his dress who he was and then she bowed to him. He smirked at seeing her bow, the top of his head going no higher than her breasts. "Yes, I know," she said, her voice as sweet as a birdsong.

"Is his wife truly as beautiful as they say?" he asked wishing to see her reaction and was surprised to see her blush slightly.

"I don't believe I could be the judge of that," she said and he was struck again by her sweet face.

"If it's true she is as enchanting as is said, he would not spare you a second glance," Thorin said mercilessly, hoping to see sadness mar her pretty face though he did not see it; instead she tilted her head to the side, reminding him of a bird, as she stared at him. He noticed then that even though she was taller than him she did not make him feel as though she were looking down at him.

"Are you sparing me from embarrassment?" she asked with a small smile.
It was then Thorin's turn to look at her confused for that was not his intention at all, and from the smile on her lips he could tell she knew.

"I thank you for your concern," she said sweetly. He looked at her for a moment longer before straightening his back and walking away from her.

The next time he saw her again it was outside of the hall where they were to feast standing next to the young elf Thorin had seen before, though this time she wore a crown upon her head. Her eyes met his and she smiled before bowing and he bowed his head in return before standing at his grandfather's side who was speaking with the Elvenking.

"My son, Legolas," Thranduil said and the young elf stepped forward and bowed to Thror.

Thror nodded to Legolas before looking back to Thranduil. "And your wife?" Thror asked.

"Melda," the Elvenking said, and his love and affection could be heard in his voice as he said that simple word. The beautiful woman with the golden hair stepped forward and took Thranduil's hand smiling softly at him before looking to Thror. "My wife, Legawen." The elf king, who had been cold and distant, now smiled as he looked at the golden haired woman, his face full of love and adoration. Her eyes were on her husband and they shared a look of such a love that had lasted for over a thousand years and still stayed strong. She then bowed to Thror, who took her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles and acknowledged her for who she was; the Queen of Mirkwood.

So this is an idea that's been playing around in my head since I saw the Hobbit. And after reading The Hobbit and doing a little research, I learned Thranduil's wife is never spoken of, not even given a name. So I created a character to be his wife, and to give more of a reason why Legolas is so much nicer than his father. Legawen means Green Maiden in Sindarin, and it took me forever to come up with it. This will not be a love triangle with Thorin, because elves don't do that, but it's more of her possibly being a friend to Thorin. If I continue this story I will go into her past with Thranduil and through their lives together, staying as close to what Tolkien has already written as possible (changing things where Peter Jackson did). So please leave a review on your thoughts so I know how serious I should get about this idea, cause if people are interested I usually put up a chapter either once a day or every other day. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.