Happy belated Valentines everyone~~

To those of you following some of my other stories I should be updating again soon, unfortunately my father passed away on the 12th of january and it's been a bit difficult to get my writing bug back... this one came at least meaning I should be on the road again soon...

The small box was wrapped neatly in white, a red ribbon tied with great care around the parcel and a note attached carefully to the top. The handwriting Shizuo did not recognize, but he knew what it was all the same when he had opened his locker only to spot this box.

"Whaa? Shizuo-kun is so lucky~!" Shinra whined, his brown eyes as fixed on the box in Shizuo's locker as Shizuo's golden ones were. He could hardly believe what he saw though, no one had given him chocolate on valentines day before, or not since elementary when every girl got every boy a small piece and every boy got every girl something small on white day.

"Sh-shut up Shinra, don't pretend you didn't get any…" Shizuo grunted. He knew Shinra had, from Celty too though Shizuo wasn't sure she understood the custom either. Carefully, as though the box were the most fragile thing in the universe he picked it up, reading the note.

'To Heiwajima Shizuo-kun' it read on one side. Upon reading the other side he felt his cheeks burn, 'please accept this as a small token of my love for you, and know that it is true' it read. There was no name written, no way for him to know who had left it though Shinra seemed amused enough.

"Ahh~! Shizuo-kun has a secret admirer~!" Shinra teased again and the blonde frowned. Insidethe box were four small chocolates though he wasn't sure what sort of flavour they might have. Still, they looked edible enough…

"Ahh… Shizuo-kun those look so good~!" Shinra whined and Shizuo nearly kicked him now.
"Damn it, shut up would you? You got your own damn chocolate so paws off mine!" He snapped. Shinra chuckled at that, his grin wider than ever.

"Fine~! Let me know later how they taste would you~?" He asked before he headed to his own locker. Shizuo hid them in his backpack, praying he didn't run into the damned flea on the way home. He was silent on the walk though his brother hardly seemed to mind that.

He ate them one at a time when he got home. Each chocolate melted in his mouth, creamy, rich and with a hint of strawberry to each of them. They were incredible, the best chocolate Shizuo had tasted in his life. He just wished he knew who sent them…

"Soooo~, your chocolate got accepted~" The bespectacled teen teased his friend. The blush that crept over the other teens cheeks was strange, out of place one could say.
"Yes… I saw…" He replied, trying to ignore the teasing, "how did you know it was me who left them anyways?"

"Well… Shizuo might not know your handwriting… but I do~" Shinra chuckled.
"I suppose it would be pointless to deny it anyways, huh?" Izaya asked, sighing softly as he stared down from the roof top at the blonde in the football field.

"Yeah… you should tell him it was you, you know. How you feel…" Shinra offered, the teasing note gone now.
"Naah…" Izaya shook his head, "Shizu-chan wouldn't have believed it if he'd known it was me…"