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When one person in your family is sick, lets face it. It's only a matter of time before everyone is sick.

The first time that the Booth-Brennan household experienced this, Parker was home from England. Brennan and Booth had picked up the little boy from the airport, Christine reaching out her hands for her big brother, Booth hugging the boy tightly and Brennan embracing the child as well. They'd all gone out for dinner.

"Good old American Food, Parker, you can't beat it. What have they been feeding you across the pond?" Booth had joked, rustling his hair as they walked into the Royal Café. That part had been particularly boring, mainly jiding and talking, asking about England, what had been going on with Parker, what had been going on in DC.

As they drove back to their house, Parker jumped up and down in the back seat, straining against his seatbelt.

"We should go paintballing tomorrow, dad! Or maybe ice skating. Or swimming. Or we could all go to the zoo!" he said excitedly, happy to be back and with his father. Brennan looked back at him and smiled.

"We can do all of that tomorrow, alright Parker?"

"Sweet! You're the best, Bone!"

As they came to a stop next to their house, Brennan fiddled with the car door and then took Christine out of the car seat. She'd seemed oddly fussy today, not wanting to eat much or sleep. Brennan wanted to put her to bed and then hopefully things would be better in the morning. When they got inside and she mentioned getting Christine to bed, Parker jumped up and down.

"Can I hold her? For a second? I missed her," Parker said, cheerful hopefulness in his eyes. Brennan looked back at Booth, who grinned and shrugged.

"Why not? Just for a second, right?" he asked, winking at the boy. Parker let out a 'Yay!' and let Brennan help him to get his arms into the right position. When she let go of her daughter, Parker seemed to calm down instantly, though he still had a grin on his face.

"I'm your big brother, Christine! When you get older, me and you are gonna rule! And you'll know all about me, too. It'll be awesome!" he stated, nodding his head. Right as soon as he was about to hand Christine off to go to bed, however, she managed to get sick all over him. For a moment, complete silence was in the room.

"Eww!" Parker stated, though he still had his hands on Christine. He didn't want to drop her. He was still her big brother. Booth held back a chuckle as Brennan took her back and Parker stared down at himself.

"Take a bath, bub. Then get ready for bed. We'll go out tomorrow, alrighty?" he grinned and ushered him upstairs, before helping Brennan clean up Christine. He couldn't help but notice the concern in her eyes.

"She's a baby, Bones. Baby's get sick. It was probably just something she ate." He reassured her. "You don't wanna know how many times Parker got sick when he was a baby and just bounced back. Don't worry about it," he kissed her on the forehead and then kissed Christine, who was now sleeping soundly in their arms.

"Right," Brennan said, nodding. And there was no fever, which was good. Probably just something she ate.

They thought this until later that night, where Christine was crying loudly in her crib. Booth told Brennan to just stay in bed, he'd take care of her, and while Brennan wanted to help, she figured that if Christine was still ill in the morning, she'd take the day off and take care of her then. She hated missing work, but she hated anyone she knew hurting more.

It wasn't more then ten minutes before Christine woke up the entire household, that Brennan was slowly falling back to sleep and Parker came barging in. If she'd been looking at him in the light, she'd see he was slightly wobbly on his feet, holding onto the wall.

"Bones?" he asked weakly, walking up to the bed and crawling on top of it before shaking her. Opening her eyes, she saw young Parker perched above her.

"Yeah, Parker? What do you need, buddy?" she asked, running her hand through his hair lightly, thinking he simply wanted a drink and couldn't reach a cup or maybe couldn't sleep.

"I don't feel good," he murmured. Brennan sat up and motioned for him to come closer to her, as she felt his forehead. Sweat glistened on his forehead, and he was unusually hot.

"What hurts, honey?"

"My stomach…"

"Mmkay…Just stay here for a while, okay?" she stated, knowing there room was the closest to a bathroom. In fact, they had one attached to their room. Helpful. Oddly enough, though she had very little experience with ill children, she felt compelled to simply hold him and try to comfort him, rubbing his stomach lightly to try and help him any bit she could. As she coaxed him to lay down, and sleep started to hang over her again, she heard the sound of the boy jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom, and the other unpleasant sounds to fallow. Brennan quickly got up and knelt next to the boy, rubbing circles on his back.

"It hurts…" he mumbled, leaning into her and crying.

"I know, baby, I know. It's okay. Everyone gets sick once in a while," she murmured, shaking her head and running her hand through his hair. He was pale, unusually so, and shivering violently. Helping him up, she gave him a cup to rinse out his mouth and told him to come back into their room.

"You can sleep here tonight, okay Parker?" she offered. The boy looked so miserable, how could she not?

"I'm never having hamburger again," he muttered, crawling into bed and snuggling against the woman's form. The two waited for Booth for a while before he came in, and looked at the two of them.

"Whats wrong with you two?"

"Parker got sick,"

"That so?" he asked, tone softer, as he crawled into bed with him and ran his own hands through the boys hair. "Well, in that case, I'll be right here, bub," he smiled, kissing the boy on the forehead and joining the pair on the bed. The night went fairly smooth after that. The morning came and the three woke up, happy that Christine was still silent in bed. Brennan went to go check up on her and found the baby sleeping soundly, no fussing. Maybe it was just something she ate. Brennan was glad. Parker would be enough for the day.

She thought this until she came downstairs to see Booth retching into their trashcan, his face covered in sweat and moaning more then Parker had the night before.

"Bo-ones…I think I'm sick,"

"Of course you are, Booth. Come on. Back to bed with you," she whispered, chuckling as he leaned heavily against her and made his way to his bed, where Parker too laid sprawled out with a bucket next to him.

"I'll get you one too, alright Booth?" she smiled sadly, and then left the room, closing the door. Calling the Jeffersonian, she made a quick apology to Cam before explaining the situation.

"You deserve a day off anyways, Dr. Brennan. Just take care of the boys, will you?"

They slept mainly through the day, though the constant run of water was a reminder that not all was well in the household. Parker didn't get out of bed soon enough once, and managed to cover both he and his father with whatever he had eaten last night. Sending them both to take a shower, she'd done sheets before tucking them back in, comforting the two (Mainly Booth. For a sniper, he sure whined a lot) and going back downstairs. Between this and checking on Christine, time went by quickly enough when the two boys came wondering downstairs, looking significantly better, and sitting at the table.

"You two feeling any better?" Brennan asked. Both nodded.

"I'm hungry…" Parker stated, slightly obviously, tilting his head.

"Me too," Booth nodded in agreement. Laughing, Brennan made them both soup and a grilled cheese before making herself some vegetarian chow mien. Eating it slowly, she savored the flavors and then cleaned up.

"Rebecca called. She wants Parker home soon since he's sick. Would you mind taking him?" Booth asked shyly, waiting for a no and having to drive him himself. Brennan shook her head.

"It's no big deal. Come on, Parker. You wanna go?" she asked, eyes soft. The boy looked up and nodded, after hugging his dad and writing in messy scrawl a note that said, 'I love you Christine', before going with Brennan to the car. He slept most of the way, and when they stopped, he looked up at her.

"I'll come see you guys before I leave, okay?" he asked hopefully, not wanting to be rejected. Brennan, though exhausted, managed a smile.

"Of course, Parker. I want to hear more about England," she said, nodding and opening the locked car. She hesitated when pulling out, feeling dizzy for a moment, before deciding to go back home. She wasn't far. She'd driven further from work. When she finally pulled into the drive way, however, she didn't want to get out. Head on the wheel, it honked twice before she managed to force herself up.

Dredging to the door, she opened it and then lay on the couch, telling herself it was just a mind trick. She didn't get sick. Doctor Temperance Brennan had been sick a total of five times in her life, most of which were as a child, one of which was as a grad student, and one of which had been while living alone. However, there was no doubting the fact that she felt like she'd been bitten by a strange and poisonous insect.

Booth came downstairs, wearing his hockey jersey though not the beer he usually had in tow.

"Wanna watch some hockey with me for a while, Bones?" he asked. She looked up and, not wanting to worry him, smiled.

"Sure, Booth. I'd love to," she stated. The two fixated themselves comfortably on the couch, Brennans head on Booths lap, and at the bell that signified the end of the game, Brennan got up.

"I'm heading to bed, Booth." Booth looked at the time and squinted.

"It's only seven, Bones."

"I know. You and your son are a handful, did you know that?" she asked, smiling at him.

"He-ey, that's no fair. We were sick," he stated, meaning to fallow her up stairs and make it up to her. Booth bounced back surprisingly quick for someone his age and condition. However, Brennan pushed him back.

"I'm just going to sleep, Booth. I'm exhausted."

"Course you are," he said, realizing his mistake and nodding. "Sorry, Bones."

She waved him off and then made her way to her own bed, where Booth checked on her every so often. It wasn't until midnight that Brenan felt her own temperature rise, her stomach revolt, her body telling her something was wrong.

She spent the next two days between the bedroom and bathroom, and Booth didn't keep his eyes off of her. He lay on the bed, waiting for her to return, rubbing circles on her back, kissing her softly. Tears ran down her own face, and she buried her head into Booths chest whenever she came back.

"Everyone gets sick, Bones," he smiled at her own words before she shook her head.

"I don't."

"Well, you are now. And I'll take care of you. I promise," he whispered. "I won't betray you,"

"I know. I trust you,"

"I trust you too, Bones." He whispered into her hair.

While the romantic moment was ruined only moments later, he still stayed with her.

After all, families stick together.