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The words had made both of them extraordinarily happy, the grin on his face making her heart leap and the joy on her face right after making him want to pick her up and kiss her.

"Who else knows, Bones?"

"Angela….I told her not to tell Hodgins, though…"

"That's great, Bones! A baby!"

She'd been worried about his reaction before. The idea that Booth would be an unwilling father made her gut wrench painfully with guilt and remorse. She wasn't willing to kill it, and as independent as she was, she was kind of scared to go through it alone. She'd never admit it, of course. That would be irrational. Women have taken care of children for years, often while they husbands are at work or at war, in another land. The fact, however, that Booth was excited about it…

"Lets move in together," he offered suddenly. The abruptness made her flinch and tilt her head.

"I'm perfectly capeable of-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know Bones. It's just that Rebecca reacted really bad when she was pregnant with Parker, and you don't really tend to…You know…Look after yourself very well,"

"Excuse me?"

"You know what I mean, Bones…Just let me have this piece of mind," he said hopefully, tilting his head and giving his famous Booth grin, though inside he was worrying that she'd say no.

"How about this…We switch apartments every weekend? Then, we still have our own places, we're still independent…And you get what you want," she offered, hoping to appease the mans alpha male tendencies. She didn't like the idea that someone would consistently be looking after her, but it wasn't as though Booth let down easily.

"Okay, sure!" he said, grinning.

Since the offer seemed to appease him, the two made arrangements and it went on smoothly for the next week or so.

However, Brennan soon realized that perhaps Booths worry hadn't been totally uncalled for. She'd been operating under the assumption that, because of her strong stomach and headstrong ways, she wouldn't suffer through the horrid effects of morning sickness. After all, as Nigel Vincent would have pointed out, statistically one fourth of all females don't actually suffer from morning sickness. Or, at the very least, not the worst of it. She'd assumed she'd be one of the lucky ones.

Oh how grandly wrong she'd been!

Booth had gotten up early that morning to watch TV, bored and not wanting to wake up Brennan. When she wandered out and sat on the couch, laying on his leg, he grinned and kissed her on the head.

"Hey, how's Bones doing? What do you and little Booth want for breakfast?"

"While it's highly irrational…I'm unsure if I'm hungry, Booth…" she replied, yawning and rubbing her own stomach. Booth raised his eyebrows and tilted his head.

"You gotta eat, Bones! Big and strong, right? Come on, I'll even make some of that disgusting vegetarian stuff…"

"What do you know about 'Disgusting vegetarian stuff?'"

"I know that you have Veggie burgers in the freezer…And I'm hungry for some bacon, so I can fry some bacon for me, and some burger for you, and then we'll be equal because we'll both be having…Om noms…"

"You act as though you're five, Booth…"

"Yep! So what do you say?"

"Veggie Burger at seven in the morning on a Saturday?"

"Yeah, sounds good, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it actually does…" she said, smiling at him. He got up and grinned, kissed her on the forehead again and then kissed her stomach, before prancing off to make food.

Of course she had to eat, but it really didn't sound good…Really, not much did sound good right now.

Trying to ignore it, she leaned into the couch and tried to pay attention to a book she'd been reading. The sound of frying food made her stomach pull a little, but then, not much later, the smell really did get to her.

Oh. Dear. Lord.

"See, this is the smell of good old America, Bones! Eggs and bacon in the morning! See, our kids gonna learn both sides of the trade! Bones? Where are you-"

She darted away from the couch and into the bathroom, where it was proved that not even the mighty Dr. Brennan was invincible to the effects of pregnancy.

Worry clouded Booths eyes as he shut off the burners, opened up one of the windows, turned on the fans and walked quickly to the bathroom. He saw Brennan heaving, and sat down next to her, rubbing her back soothingly.

When she stopped, she tried to get up suddenly, but Booth held her down.

"Hey there, take it easy, Bones. Just rest for a second,"

"I'm fine Booth. Really," she offered, starting to get up.

"No, really. I'm not even being over protective right now. Just trust me. Rest," he offered, getting up and making his way to the fridge before getting some ginger ale. She looked hesitantly at it and then back at him.

"Sooths the stomach. Figured you wouldn't want to put any medicines in your system, so this is the next best thing," he held it up and then brought it to her lips. She shook him off and then looked at him.

"I'm not a child, Booth. I can drink a soda by myself,"

"Hey, just trying to be helpful," he said, holding up his own hands in defense. "I'll get rid of the bacon and veggie burgers, mmkay?" he offered, before leaving the room. She thought about getting up, but found herself mildly dizzy, so she leaned against the wall instead and looked at the can.

All natural ginger ale…That was sweet of him.

Pushing herself up, she slowly made her way back to the living room. The smell wasn't gone from the area yet and she found herself running back. When finally Booth was done cleaning up, he made his way back to her and sat on the edge of the tub, watching her drink the second can he brought her along with crackers that he'd brought along with him.

"This sucks," she muttered, nibbling and then offering him one. He smiled and took one as well, leaning against his knee.

"Yeah, I know," he offered. "How about we do this. Whatever you eat, I'll eat. Whatever you don't eat, I won't eat."

"But Booth, that isn't fair to-"

"I didn't say it was fair. But that's what I'll do. And I'll be the perfect boyfriend. You need anything, just call me."

"Booth, I'm not a-"

"Just let me pamper you a little, okay? Let me be an alpha male for a little bit," he stated. She looked up at him over the drink and sighed, taking another sip.

"I don't like being taken care of. It makes me feel…"

"Yeah, I know Bones. I know. Just, you know. I'm your partner. We've faced death together. We can get through this too," he offered. "And whenever you're sick, I'll be here, and I'll make sure that I'm taking care of you, getting what you need. And whenever you eat all that blah stuff, I'll eat it too. Look, Bones, it's not just about me and you anymore. It's about the kid. And this way, if I get hungry, I know you sure as hell have to be hungry too,"

"Booth, you're a bear. You're always hungry,"

"And our little kid will be too! Cuz he-"

"Or she,"

"Is half of me, and half of you,"

The little speech seemed to get a hold of her and she brought her knees to her chest before starting to cry. The sound made his heart wrench, but he came next to her anyways and let her lean into him. When she finally stopped, he wiped the tears from her face.

"I…I don't know what that…Was about…"

"It's normal, Bones…Perfectly normal,"

She looked at him and he smiled.

"I'm thinking about going out in the field tomarrow. You wouldn't be opposed, would you?"

"Oh no you are not! You have a kid! What if you get shot or something?"

"Well that wouldn't happen if I had a gun, would it?"

"Well we'll talk about getting you a gun, you stay in the lab where you and the kid can be safe!"

"But if we're out in the field, you can keep a better eye on me!"

"I'm calling Angela! If I hear one word about you even thinking about leaving-"

"Bo-oth! That's not fair! I am a strong, independent women!"

"You aren't independent anymore, though you are most definitely a women,"



For a second the glared before Brennan pouted at him. Booth rolled his eyes and sighed.

"You stay in the lab unless accompanied by me. Understood?"

She pouted again but rolled her eyes.


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