Chapter 1

It was quiet the room was dark, there was a shadow of light forcing from behind the curtain she knew the room from back to front, she'd lay there enough mornings and looked for signs to whether she should actually get up at all, today she felt lonely, bored, annoyed that life had betrayed her, her body had betrayed, she wasn't normal, she was a screw up, a lima looser acting as if she knew what she was doing, but she didn't.

It is the 7th of July 2029, today meant something. The thirty five year old woman rolled over in her bed while contemplating making effort, but what was the point, she had no one, she had messed her life up a long time ago and only now was she realising that. She tumbled out of bed and dragged open the curtains, shielding her eyes from the light she pulled herself away from the comfort of her bed, into the cold living room, she wished that her family would be there to greet her and love her but they weren't.

She walked directly to the coffee machine and swag the liquid caffeine like no tomorrow, if her body wasn't going to give her energy she needed to find another way, afterwards she walked along the wooden floor boarded hallway admiring the photo frames along the way, many were empty, stolen. But the ones that were filled where savoured, she stopped and admired the little girl in one of the pictures, she looked to be about six, and she was laughing, she kissed the tips of her fingers and placed them on the photo and frowned ever so slightly, and on she went towards the bathroom.

She stood in front of the mirror and observed the wreck she was staring at, the skinny frame and grey skin; she was no longer glowing, like a star had gone out, she was disgusted by her lack of beauty, and hid her face from her eyes. She put no effort into looking good, she had no one to show anyway, so it was pointless, she threw on a pair of skinny jeans and a loose grey top, she scraped her hair into a messy bun and brushed her teeth, she was getting sick of doing the same thing every day, she wanted a life.

Placing a pair of oversized black sunglasses on her face, she grabbed her shoulder bag and left her apartment, New York on a summers day was busy, very busy, uncomfortably busy, she left the building and dodged the locals on her way to buy another ton of coffee, she didn't dare remove her glasses and show the world her true identity, she kept to herself.

She went straight into the familiar coffee place, and sat with her usual, she humoured herself at the thought of when she was young and swore she'd never get addicted to the drink, how naïve. She pulled out her phone but why, she couldn't text anyone, she had no one to call, no friends, no longer any family, but she didn't want anyone else to know that, she didn't want to be that loner you have in each coffee shop.

Slowly she emptied the cup of coffee and decided to go for a walk; she didn't know where she'd just walk till she could no longer. Central park seemed peaceful on the hot day, which was odd, every time she saw a child run past a lump would develop in the back of her throat and her insides would scream it was her fault not his and she needed to remind herself of that. She walked through the park and noticed a large group of people on a patch of grass around fifty metres away, there were balloons everywhere and lots of children, she figured it was a child's birthday, which only made her cringe.

She made herself comfortable on a bench and watched as the families happily played around her; it felt as if they were purposely rubbing it in her face, reminding her of the past. She watched a little boy who seemed to be around the age of four, he looked lost, she debated whether going to help him but she didn't want to invade, before she knew it he approached her, which was odd because she never thought she looked like the friendly type, "excuse me I can't find my daddies" he said in the most cutest of voices then it hit her, the little boy looked familiar, daddies?

She knew who he was, but she couldn't just runaway and leave him alone in the middle of a park, why today? Why did that little boy come up to her… unless he recognised her, she lifted her sunglasses slightly and leaned forward "Do you know me?" she practically whispered, he just shook his head, she was actually disappointed, "ok… well umm where did you last see them?" the innocent little boy pointed towards the playground full of children.

She stood up and took hold of his hand, and proceeded into the sea of youngsters, she heard a faint shouting around her, it was a familiar voice, and it was Kurt. "Caleb!" the worried man rushed towards the child and pulled him into a hug before straightening up, "oh my god, thank you, I'm so sorry were just here for a party and…" "It's ok." She replied, wow he didn't recognise this was an all-new low she must of looked bad.

"Caleb what do you say to the nice lady?" Blaine had come and picked up the child, she was convinced he knew it was her; he kept giving her funny looks, "thank you" the boy shied away, she didn't know whether to do it or not… but she did, "it's ok" she raised her glasses to her forehead, and was greeted with the most shocked looks, "Rachel!"

She didn't let them speak anymore she just swivelled on her heals and walked away, and did not look back.

Finn awoke and realised the day, he was slightly saddened by the person who was missing but he wasn't going to let it spoil his princesses birthday, he rushed up out of bed and continued into his daughters room, he gently pushed open the white door to see her sound asleep, he kneeled down beside her bed onto the light wooden floor "Ava?" he whispered and gently shook her shoulder, she fluttered her big brown eyes open "daddy" she mumbled stretching, "happy birthday baby… you're officially ten years old" he sat on the edge of her bed, "before you know it, you'll be bigger than me" he joked causing the girl to laugh, She had big brown eyes, long chocolate coloured hair and a very familiar nose.

"Daddy I'm ready what do you think?" the petite girl spun on her tiptoes, she was wearing a little pink summer dress with white sandals, "aunt Quinn curled my hair" "I think you look amazing, you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" he said, with a hint of sadness, she ran away towards her bedroom, and soon came Quinn, "thanks you know… taking her shopping and stuff, I don't get the girl thing" he laughed, "no worries, I enjoyed it just as much as she did, I never got to do stuff like that with Beth and Connie's way to young" she talked about her latest addition, she was only a couple of months old, it took them a while after high school but her and Puck realised they were meant to be together.

They were having a birthday party at central park; most of the family were coming over from Ohio and other places, but there was always going to be a person missing, Ava never usually talked about her mother, Finn didn't want her to know what happened, it would hurt her, and make her hate her, and he didn't want that.

Quinn had got to the park earlier so she could set up the decorations; there was a large white canopy with pink streamers dangling off, various tables with white and pink clothes draped over, and tens of balloons in a rainbow of colours, including a large silver ten. He loved watching his daughter excited, she seemed so happy, when they arrived most of the glee family where there, and both sets of grandparents, there were a few of her friends from school and a few people they had become friends with over the past few years.

He observed his little girl happily skip around with her friends, he watched her eat a ridiculous amounts of sugar and didn't stop her, and he admired how her grandparents sat her on their knee and let her ramble about anything, he was knocked out of his daydream when I panicky looking Kurt approached him, he pulled up a chair "hey, I err I need to tell you something?" Finn sat up straight noticing his distress, he gave him his full attention, "I just saw Rachel…"

It felt like someone had squeezed his throat and sucked up all the air, he hadn't heard that name in forever, the mother of his child.


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