Chapter One

Truth Be Told

I stood silent.

No one said a word.

"How old is he?!"

"He's eleven," I replied, my voice soft. Everything went silent. "Yes, he's your son."

"No…no, no, that can't be possible, my father died, you said so!" Henry replied.

I shook my head, trying to help them. "I was trying to protect you." I said. "Protect me? From my father?" Henry asked, before backing out of the window. I started to go follow him, but Neal grabbed my elbow.

"Let me go talk to him," He said.

"But," I began.

"Hey, you kept this a secret from me for eleven years! Let me talk to my son." Neal shouted, before leaving me and Gold inside the apartment. "Your deal is not finished." He muttered.

"What are you talking about?" I mumbled, still shocked over the event that just happened.

"He has not spoken a word to me, since we met, your deal has not been completed, until he speaks." Gold said. I looked to him angrily. "You want to know how Neal and I know each other?" I asked.

He was still silent as I went on. "I met Neal, while I broke into a car, from then on we did everything together….and I loved him so much…and I can't believe I've been so stupid." I muttered to myself. "What?" Gold asked.

"I took the blame, for what he did years ago." I said. "I was thrown in jail, and he was nowhere in sight."

Gold shook his head. "So, how do you know that Henry's my son's son?" He asked.

"Because, he was the only guy I was with when I found out…in jail," I said, glaring at him.

Gold shook his head. "Make him talk to me." He demanded. I smiled, and shook his head. "I don't think that this is a laughing matter." He said.

"No, Gold, I can't make him talk to you." I said.

"Yes, you can…" He fought.

"No, I can't. Hey, funny thought. Gold, maybe you can try being nice…try to do what Regina failed at." I said, walking closer.

"What's that?" Gold asked, as if he truly didn't know.

"Give up magic…for good." I said. "Try to be friendlier…more open, why can you be good for Belle and honestly try, and not do so for your own son?"

"Wait, Belle?" Gold asked.

"What you think I'm stupid and blind? You think my good power of finding people ends there?" I asked. "I see the way you act when you're with her, I've seen the way you care for her."

"If you show Neal the same feelings, maybe…just maybe, you can win him back." I said, before following Neal and Henry out to the veranda-like area.