This is my first published story! I've been writing for the past three years, yet been too scared to publish. I have the first fifty pages planned out so please leave constructive criticism.

-xoxo Katarhyne

Bound by Blood

Chapter One: Needing Each other

"If you don't feed me your blood, I'll die" Caroline rasped, looking so broken, so needy.

My blood, she needed it. Her blood. I could still taste it, her gloriously sweet blood. If I didn't have a heart, then I surely would have gotten a second taste.

But here I am. Aching to rush over to the girl, to take her in my arms, and beg for her forgiveness. I knew the moment when she told Tyler –the mutt-to get her out of here, away from me. I broke. The heart I thought didn't exist, broke. She hated me. She ,the person I needed so desperately, hated me. I hate myself.

"Then die. And Tyler would have learned his lesson." I hate myself for being so callous. She has no idea how much I want to give her my blood, yet somehow I can't do it. A thousand years of revenge doesn't all compassion.

"How could you do this to him? To his mother? To me?" my voice cracks a bit at "me." He hurt me. He, the only person who had never hurt me, who, as many times as I had betrayed him, used him, played him, had never hurt me. He had just smiled at me with those damn dimples and those puppy dog eyes. As though he knows whenever I show up, it's not because I want to, it's because I have to. Except I think there is a small part of me that wants to play distraction, wants to see the man that laughed with me over my stupid Miss Mystic application, the man that creates the most romantic drawing, the man who still has his humanity.

"I'm a thousand years old, love. Call it boredom." Ah, yes that is what it was. Boredom. An excellent excuse I tell myself. Yet, I know it's so much more than that. Caroline's words, this silly little, perfectly radiance blonde's words, caused me to go over the edge. The one person I thought could love me, the one person to prove my father wrong, didn't think I was worth the calories it took for her to talk to me.

"I don't believe you" I realize I know him. I know that he wasn't bored or else he would have done this a long time ago. When was the last time he actually told himself, much less me, the truth.

"Well fine, love. Maybe it's because simply I'm pure evil and can't help myself" I say it with self -loathing. Because that's what I am. Pure evil. A beast who can't be loved.

"No." He isn't evil. Not purely. I've seen him be kind, be sweet, be romantic, be… Klaus. "It's because you're hurt." I hurt him. I hurt the beast. I hurt this broken man who hides behind such a monstrous façade because he believes that no one can ever see the good in him.

"And that there is a part of you that is still human."

"How could you possibly think that?" I have spent a thousand years hiding my humanity. Humanity makes you weak. Feeling makes you weak. Caroline… makes me weak. How can she see that? I am a monster, someone who bit her without thinking twice. She should hate me. I hate myself.

"Because I've seen it." When he came in that night, my birthday so long ago, and promised a whole world out there, just waiting for me. When he looked at me at his family's ball, that look, I can't forget it. When he showed me his art. When he saved me from Alaric, I had never felt more safe than to know that he was there. When he-as Tyler- saved me from the Council. When I angered him by distracting him, he didn't rip me apart. When he teased me with my application, could a monster tease? No. This man had his humanity. He had a flicker of light in a sea of darkness.

"Because I've caught myself wishing I could forget all the horrible things you have done." I wish I could forget all the people he had killed. I wish I could just see the man that teases me, that looks at me like I'm the only other person there. But, those horrible things are a part of him, just as my crimes are a part of me.

"But you can't. Can you?" I say it as a statement, tears in my eyes. I was so close to having this light in my life. Yet, I had messed it up. I hate myself. I loathe myself.

"I know you're in love with me." The moment I say these words I know that they are true. He loves me. Klaus, the Original Hybrid, loves silly inconsequential me. I'm too far gone from the poison not to say the next words. He needs to know. "And anyone capable of love is capable of being saved"

"You're hallucinating" she can't know the effect her words have on me. I am crying, wiping my face with my sleeves like some little boy, which in a way I am. Love. What a cruel joke fate has played on me, for me ,of all people, to love.

"I guess I'll never know." I meant so much more than answering his question of hallucination. I meant that I'll never know if he loves me or not. Loves me enough to save me. I'll never know if I can forget all the horrible things he's done. I think I can. But, I guess I'll never know.

I let out one last breath. At least I told him the truth. I can die in peace.

"Caroline." I breathe. Her light is fading. I had bitten her with the full intent of letting her die, not fully realizing who important she is to me. I can't let my salvation die.

"Caroline." I say with more urgency. She can't die. No. She is not dead. Oh hell. I can't let her die. I slowly pick her up and sit down behind her, biting into my wrist. I hold it up to her mouth and drip my blood into her mouth. She doesn't respond for a few minutes. But, when her fangs come down and she grips my wrist, I release a breath I didn't know I had been holding.

He loves me. He loved me enough to put aside revenge, something that is at the core of his being, and heal me. He couldn't let me die. I guess I will know if I can forget all the horrible things he's done.

I love her. The man who couldn't love, I love someone who won't love me back. I am weak. Yet, I cannot bear to let this girl die. I love her.

Her blood in his veins. His blood in hers. They were forever entwined. Bound by blood.