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Bound By Blood

Chapter XXXII: Normal Never Happens Here

14-15 weeks left

My love is of a birth as rare

As 'tis for object strange and high:

It was begotten by Despair

Upon Impossibility.

Magnanimous Despair alone

Could show me so divine a thing,

Where feeble Hope could ne'er have flown

But vainly flapped its tinsel wing.

And yet I quickly might arrive

Where my extended soul is fixed

But Fate does iron wedges drive,

And always crowds itself betwixt.

For Fate with jealous eye does see

Two perfect loves, nor lets them close:

Their union would her ruin be,

And her tyrranic power depose.

And therefore her decrees of steel

Us as the distant Poles have placed

(Though Love's whole world on us doth wheel)

Not by themselves to be embraced,

Unless the giddy heaven fall,

And earth some new convulsion tear;

And, us to join, the world should all

Be cramped into a planisphere.

As lines (so loves) oblique may well

Themselves in every angle greet:

But ours so truly parallel,

Though infinite, can never meet.

Therefore the love which us doth bind,

But Fate so enviously debars,

Is the conjunction of the mind,

And opposition of the stars.

-Andrew Marvell, The Definition of Love

Caroline POV

The last thing I remembered seeing was Klaus's stricken face. His mouth was slack and his eyes, which seconds before sparked with irritation, were filled with the electric blue of fear.

My mind went fuzzy after that, only sounds and movement penetrating the haze. Klaus's panicked shouting of my name, and then the feeling of my head hitting the floor. Then, his arms were around me, pulling my limp body into his chest. I tried to shush him, order him to take me upstairs to sleep, but my lips didn't move.

Thankfully, Esther did.

Klaus's mother had a penetrating authoritative voice that made you want to immediately rush off to do whatever task she was ordering you to do. Or in this case cower.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO NIKLAUS!" She shouted, and I vaguely heard the click clack of heels running from the other rooms coming closer. I started to open my eyes, ever so slightly and moan. I must have hit my head pretty damn hard, the light stabbing at my eyes only making the pain that much more acute.

Klaus leaned over me, his eyes wide as he stared at my head. More specifically to the top of my head. His mother stood next to him, looking critically down my body.

I opened my mouth again, though nothing came out. Klaus's eyes flicked down to my face, his brows knit together.

"She just fell. Eyes rolled back in her skull and she dropped." He answered. Esther frowned. I can almost hear her thinking "what now?"

"Take her upstairs Niklaus." She said, after a moment of harsh squinting at my stomach.

"Are you sure that we should move her?" Klaus asked, running his fingers down my hair. It felt good across my wet hair.



I realized why they were looking at me so concerned. Hitting my head must have had some pretty… bloody consequences.

Esther shot her son a look. He rolled his eyes and gently slid his arms under my back. I stared at the ceiling, not being able to speak and having very limited movement. When he stood up, my limp body still in his arms, I was able to peer at the place I had been laying just moments before.

The pool of blood made vomit rise in my throat and my vision go fuzzy again.

When everything started to come back into the focus, Klaus was leaning over me and placing me somewhere soft and fluffy. His mother followed him impatiently, holding a large leather bag in one hand, a handful of blood bags in the other and pressed a phone to her ear.

"Go get your brother." She told Klaus, once he had pulled the expensive, two thousand thread Egyptian sheets over my body. Esther pulled up one of the antique tables and set her back down on it, opening it and rummaging through it. She came up with a roll of cotton bandages and a bottle of some green liquid. Then, she glared at Klaus.

The hybrid hovered over me for a moment, before his mother shot him another deadly look and he ran out of the room as she dabbed the green, herbal smelling liquid onto the bandage. Vaguely, I heard him shouting for Kol.

"Can you lean up Caroline?" She asked, her voice losing its hard edge.

"No." I whispered. Salty tears sprang to my eyes. I couldn't do anything. The witch put her arms on my shoulders and pulled me forward. I managed to hold myself up with some struggle, as her lithe fingers moved around the source of my headache.

A sharp intake of breath alerted me of how serious it actually was. Her ice blue eyes, the exact color of her daughter's, narrowed as she took the bandage and started to wrap it around my head, tucking in my blonde hair as she wrapped. The cool feeling of the medication on the wound unfogged my vision a bit. Esther's hand was in my face, thrusting a blood bag towards me.

I reached my hand up to grab it, but I fell short, the tremors in my hand making it impossible to raise it more than a few inches.

The elder woman sighed almost sadly and took a syringe out of her bag and jabbed it into my arm. Slowly she pulled the plunger bag and the vial filled with my crimson blood.

My head goes light again. Black dots spot in my vision.

Then they disappeared. I glanced down to see Esther bent over my arm, quickly injecting me with blood and promptly refilling it.

Once I could clearly see and the throbbing pain in my head had somewhat subsided, I started crying. Big, fat, hot, salty tears slid down my cheek. Sobs raked my body.

I was so fucking stupid. I was a monster, worse I has a monstrous mother. To control myself, I had been slowly killing my child, a sweet innocent child who could possibly never see the light of day.

I gasped a hysterical intake of breath as I kept crying. Esther didn't ever halt her work. The door creaked open and I tried to calm down, biting my lip, but the sob escaped.

Bonnie rushed over to me, followed warily by Kol. Klaus moved slower than both of them, staying almost in the shadows.

"What happened to her?" My friends asked hastily, wrapping her arms around me in an automatic hug. Though it do much good given I just wept harder.

"She collapsed." Esther stated, removing the needle from my arm for the umpteenth time though she doesn't push it back in. Instead, she took a cloth and wiped it off. From inside the bottomless bag, she removes the blood sample Bonnie took on the plane and picked up the one she had taken from me just a little while ago from the table. She thrust them into Kol's hands and started to put her things away, motioning for her other son to get out of the corner of the room.

"Take those back to your room and start running tests. I'll join you in a second." She ordered the younger of the two boys, then turning to the elder. The glare she gave him sufficed to tell him what his duty was.

Bonnie and Kol almost flew out of the room, avoiding the cold, angry glare of the Original Witch, though not before Bonnie gave a pitying look. My body shaking hysterical sobs had died down to silent tears. Klaus warily stepped towards the large bed.

Everything had started here. In a bed. Well, it had been mine technically, but I figured I must have gotten pregnant in this bed. It was a nice bed. Big for one, as long as three humans and covered in an expensive red woven comforter.

And here I was, ignorantly letting my child starve.

Klaus tentatively sat down at my knees, his hands clasp together almost nervously. I drew in a shaky breath and attempted to reach my hand up to wipe the annoying tears away. Again, my movement doesn't quite make it on target instead falling back into my lap.

I let out a despairing sob, and managed to wrap my arms around my stomach. Klaus moved closer to me and leaned forward, his hand ever so gently across my cheek to wipe away some of the tears.

"Shhh love." He told me in a soft gentle voice. But, that made the tears fall faster. For a moment, Klaus looked almost harsh, his face constricted into a breaking mask of toughness with his brow furrowed and his mouth drawn into a thin line. Then the mask finally broke, replaced with the mixed expression of pity, regret, and most of all sadness. There were different kinds of that though. Painful sadness, hurting sadness, longing sadness. I had hurt him just as much as I had hurt our child.

"I'm so-sorry." I choked out between hyperventilation. Klaus's eyebrows lowered over his eyes confused. He moved closer to me so that he was sitting right next to me.

"What are you sorry for?" He asked, reaching down to take off his dress shoes.

"Everything!" I'm a bit farther from crying and a bit closer to shrieking. "I'm a horrible mother. I starved our child, nearly killed myself, and and…" Klaus tried to say something but I cut him off with another bout of sobbing.

Between the hysterical tears, I managed to choke out the words "pathetic, weak, and monstrous." Klaus doesn't let me keep listing of my horrible interior, cutting off my dismal sobs in a fierce hug.

I honestly didn't think Klaus did that sort of thing. Of course, this wasn't so much of a hug as it was him throwing his arms around my and squeezing like he was never letting go. The encasement pulled me down into his chest with such force, my frantic sobbing stopped. Slow tears still ran down my face, staining his white dress shirt.

"Don't dare say that again." He said his voice hoarse. I tried and peer up at him but failed, his grip almost suffocating.

Something wet fell onto my forehead.

"Are you crying?" I tried to laugh, but it came out broken, like I was trying to swallow my tongue.

He didn't answer the question, though I felt more wet drops hit my forehead. After a while, I just gave up even wanting to escape from his arms. Furthermore, I doubted I could ever do it, given the temporary brain injury I suffered from.

"I'm not crying." Klaus insisted. "And how dare you call yourself a monster. Trying to stay as human… That's valiant. Strong. Brave."

"But you're still mad at me." I said quietly, sniffling.

"I'm not mad." He insisted, shifting to look down at me. "Disappointed."

I blinked tears up at him. I knew it.

"In myself." He finished. I'm confused again. I was the one the screwed up. I was the one who almost let me die. "I didn't notice that you were hurting. Gross negligence is a worse crime than ignorance, love."

Blame isn't good to handle alone. Then again, both people carrying the same amount, it's crushing. Guilt and blame are lovely companions.

I finally cried myself out, eventually managing to roll over to my side of the bed and strip off the blouse, skirt, and my underclothes. For a second, I contemplated taking the wrap out of my head, but decided against it. My movements were still somewhat shaky and limited, and god knows what internal injuries I was attempting to heal.

Klaus fell asleep long before me, still in his suit. I didn't get a good look at him until I had drank another blood bag, but I noticed the dried tears on his face and the soaked right shoulder of the white shirt. I sigh and take off his jacket, then unbutton his shirt with slightly shaky fingers. His pants go too, though I leave the black boxers on.

His chest was hard, though I'd rather have my head resting there than pillow on the other side of the bed. My hand curved on the contour of my stomach.

Just before the fingers of sleep claimed me, the child started moving again. I hadn't even realized it, but he had been very quiet and still this whole day.

"I'm sorry baby." I muttered, and then my eyes snapped shut.

*Bound By Blood*


"Hand me the primroses and irises" my mother ordered, after setting up shop in my room, no less. I needed to talk to Nik about putting some sort of evil alchemist lair in the basement. However, I handed the flowers to my mother wordlessly.

From my lessons from Ayanna, I remembered that these flowers were not just ordinary flowers. Each served a purpose. Irises were a symbol of maternity, of children, while Primroses were known to reveal secrets.

Bonnie stood next to the two beakers of blood each labeled very carefully, with her hand holding the "before" one. She muttered various words she read, most of which sounded like complete and utter nonsense.

I was subjected to be my mother's assistant though. Over the small fire, my mother mixed various extracts of plants, magical herbs, and eccentric objects, even a couple of bones. Smoke raised from the bronze bowl, causing me to cough, the smell was positively acrid.

"Can I do something?" I whined, just watching my mother stir the mixture.

"You can bring me the bottles." She said, not even looking up. I sighed melodramatically and shuffled over to my… girlfriend? Ok, that sort of worked. Witch? My witch sounded much better in my mind. She smiled unenthusiastically at me as I took them from her hands. Her fingers went to her temple as if she was trying to ward off a migraine, and then walked over to stand next to my mother. I peered over both of their shoulders as Esther poured the first bottle, labeled "before."

The smoke, which had been pungent before, turned to a sickly sort of sweet when the scarlet liquid touched the smoking herbs. Through the smoke, Esther and Bonnie, peered trying to decipher something. I looked too, but all I could see were vague indistinct shapes. Honestly, I hadn't expected to see anything. Most men didn't have the aptitude for this sort of thing.

When the gray cloud cleared, Bonnie grabbed a notebook and began to write vigorously.

"What did you see?" I blurted out.

"Shhh!" My mother said, fanning the flames at the bottom of the bowl and trying to stir up the herbs. However, my witch answered the question.

"Your mom was right. Caroline didn't even drink the normal amount of blood for a vampire, especially a vampire, and definitely not for a baby vampire. Not mention her son isn't a normal baby." I raised my eyebrows and she continued. "He's undeniably undead. And he needs more blood than even the average vampire, to grow."

"So now he's been not only stealing everything Caroline drinks, but some of her own blood as well. So Caroline's nearly drained and her body couldn't handle it." Esther continued.

"Poor Caroline. She didn't even know what she was doing wrong." Bonnie said.

"And poor mini Nik." I said, trying to lighten up the mood. "But why did she collapse tonight?"

My mother gave me a scolding look, the one she had almost perpetually worn whenever she looked at me. It had usually been accompanied with "Kol, don't do that!" "Kol stop running!" "Kol, wait!" "Kol, be patient." At the end of the day, I was her second least favorite child, though at times when she was in an affectionate mood, she referred to me as "my little menace." Now, I felt like she was still calling me that in the back of her mind.

Bonnie gave me an "are you an idiot" look and handed the other witch the second beaker, labeled "after."

They repeated the process from before, only this time I don't look over their shoulder, instead I longued on my bed, waiting.

When the smoke cleared, my mother had a look of pure self-satisfaction on her face, while Bonnie looked increasingly worrisome.

"I'm going to retire now. Bonnie, explain to my son what is going on and see if he has any solution from a thousand years of running around like a magical vagabond." And then my mother left.

I turned to the witch, who sat on the bed next to me, her finger next to her mouth in thought and her pen poised on a cream page of the notebook.

"So are you going to tell me what's wrong with my future sister in law?" I asked. Her pen stopped writing and she looked up at me. I tried and read over her shoulder but her handwriting was practically illegible.

"She's my best friend. And I'm not sure what her baby is." She said, her forehead wrinkling, frowning. "Not even a regular vampire baby, by my calculations, would need this much blood. He basically took in all seven of the blood bags she drank and then started feeding off of her bloodstream. I doubt she has much blood left in her system. Injection just might be the only thing that keeps her alive…"

"So we stuff her with as much blood as we can until the child isn't hungry anymore." I answered, starting to unbutton the linen button down I had put on yesterday. Bonnie watched me with piqued interest, though worry still played in her eyes.

"That's the thing. I'm not sure if he won't stop being hungry. He's technically been growing for five months, but has only been getting two months of blood… And not even that much of it."

I shrugged the shirt off and tossed it on the ground, next to the yet to be unpacked suitcases. The tan shorts come next, landing in the same pile, below my wall of baseball crap. I wiggled my eyebrows at the dark skinned witch, who just sat there admiring my practically naked body—clad only in boxers. Slowly, I made the small distance between us obsolete, pressing my lips gently against hers.

Unlike our usual "romantic" interactions, thid kiss was chaste, and comforting, not insinuating any sexual context what so ever. However, the little witch seemed to want more physical comfort. The kiss she returned to me was hot and crazy.

Being stuck in a twenty year old body had not done anything for my hormones. I only resisted for about three seconds, before I started pulling at her clothes. She removed her mouth from mine to giggle and allow me to tug off her blouse and return to her lips.

Her pants came off just as easily, though her bra did present a bit of a problem. However, I solved the issue by merely ripping it off.

"Kol." She pouted, drawing out my name as I pushed her back onto the pillows. "We can't."

I teasingly run my lips down her stomach stopping just above the small purple garment that somehow counted as underwear.

"We have work to do." She said, though her body responded automatically to my movement. Slowly, I take off her panties, careful not to rip them and tossed them on the floor.

"God Kol!" She shrieked, moving away from me. The growing tightness of my boxers went down disappointedly. Sticking my lip out in a pout, I looked at her. She had climbed out of the bed and back over to the still smoking cauldron. Her shining eyes narrow into the wisps of smoke.

"You can't tell either of them this." She started out, placing a lid over the mixture, and sitting in a chair, completely unclad. "But I'm pretty sure why Caroline's feeling this way."

I raise my eyebrows. In what way?

"Like she's dying. And the child is almost like a parasite, taking from her without it even knowing. He's innocent. But…"

"But what?" I asked, drawing closer to her.

"But." She takes a deep breath. "I seriously doubt that both mother and child can survive this. Even with her drawing energy from the point of conception… I don't think it will be enough. It will take a miracle for both them to survive."

Silently, I wrapped my hand around her own pair of tiny clasp ones and stare into her eyes. A tumultuous sea lay in them, full of worry and negativity.

"I guess Caroline is very lucky you and I are very accomplished at the impossible."

She smiled at me, though it doesn't reach her eyes. Doubts still lingered there, though she let me keep reassuring her. Bonnie Bennett was not convinced in the least that there would be no one to bury.

However, despite my notorious cynicism, I found that the impossible always seemed to happen in this town.

*Bound By Blood*

Caroline POV

Vampires are lazy.

I came to the conclusion when waking up at 7 AM meant I was the sole person even stirring in the huge home.

Feeling completely and utterly filthy, I unwrapped my hair of the bandage turban and shook it out in the bathroom. My blonde locks were disgusting looking, covered in green slime, but the bright side of it is the lack of blood. I probed the wound gingerly to find it only to be slightly tender. I examined the shower for a second; fondly remembering the time Klaus has slammed me against the wall and fucked me then and there, then shake my head. No horny ideas today.

The tub didn't have as many steamy memories, I mused to myself as I dunked my hair in the water. Today was going to be a good day. I ticked the things off on my fingers I had to do.

Drink ten bags of blood today

Ugh. It had been hard enough yesterday being force fed all those bags and I still didn't know what in the hell was wrong with me. Everything about my being was frustrating, crazy, and completely out of control.

Choose which room to use for the nursery

I had been thinking about it the whole time we were away, though I had only spent a handful of days residing in the Mikaelson Mansion. The room next to Klaus, the one he had been using as a secondary art gallery to the one downstairs, could do if I could maybe convince him to move all the art to around the house and to one of the empty rooms on the third floor…

There were other things under that task like paint the room, find a good rug, and clean, but those were sub-tasks I could force Klaus to do when I got back to school.

Unpack all those orders

The entire front porch, and half of the entry way, was covered in the packages Rebekah and I had ordered. Oddly enough, she had been steadfast in her refusal to let me buy any furniture. However, the amount of clothing and toys was enough for ten babies much less one.

Visit Mom

Sadly, I didn't get to come to her. She came to me.

From the pounding on the door I knew it was her. I quickly unwrapped the towel from my head and tip-toed into the bedroom, careful not to wake the sleeping Klaus. I snatched my bra and panties from the floor and pull them on. Then, I plucked one of Klaus's dress shirts from the luggage and pulled it on as I ran towards the stairs, going down them two at a time.

With a wide grin, I threw open the door, almost bouncing with excitement.

"Mommy!" I wrapped my arms around the shorter woman, who appeared rather stunned at first. She looked tired, and from the large dark bags under eyes and her police cruiser parked in the driveway, I knew that she had been working yet another night shift. For a moment her arms stuck out awkwardly, and then she wrapped them around me returning my hug with a tight one of her own.

"I missed you so much sweetheart." My mom sighed, reaching up her hand to run it through my wet blonde hair.

"I missed you too Momma." I answered, feeling very young again. She released me from her tight grip and held her out at arms' length looking me up and down. Her expression was a mix of strong disapproval and soft pity.

"You're bigger than I thought you'd be." She finally stated. I looked down at my bare feet in silent shame and wordlessly open the door a bit wider to let her in.

"Is Bonnie here?" She asked, as I lead her towards the kitchen. The house is still eerily quiet, just the sounds of people tossing and turning in their sleep and light snoring.

"Why do you ask?" I asked, rather suspiciously, reaching my arm into the fridge to take out three blood bags, one O negative and two B positive.

"Her father's on the way. Seems like her disappearance caused him quite a scare." She said in a motherly tone. "You know I should ground your ass, right?"

"That's what Bonnie has coming for her?" I asked, trying hard not to laugh. I couldn't wait for Mayor Hopkins to try and ground Bonnie and realize she was a two for one deal. And I highly doubted he wanted to deal with an Original vampire in his home. I handed my mom a cup of coffee and sat next to her on the bar stool with my bags of blood. "I doubt he'll succeed with that."

My mom gave me a suspicious look, but let it slide sipping her coffee.

"Am I allowed to shoot Klaus?" She finally asked. I nearly spewed my blood.

"No thank you, Sheriff. It wouldn't hurt me, but it would prove to be very extremely uncomfortable on my part." Klaus answered, leaning against the door frame. He winked at me and headed for the fridge and pulled out a blood bag.

My mother gave him the death glare, the one that usually sent any boy who came near me cowering.

"Well are you going to apologize?" She said, her eyes narrowed.

"For what?" He says cheekily, taking a sip from a blood bag and pouring a cup of coffee for himself.

The look on my mother's face said "you know what" in the scariest way possible.

"If you ever leave her, endanger her, or hurt her…" She threatens her hand on her gun holster. "I will not rest until I desiccate your ass… Permanently."

I have to give my mother credit. Klaus did look slightly scared at her threats, given she was dead serious, and probably could figure out how to do that.

The fervent banging at the door distracted us from my mother's long winded threats. I shared one look with Klaus, flicking up eyes towards the ceiling, in the direction of Kol and Bonnie's room and then dashed for the door.

In front of dark wood, I took a moment to listen. Two heartbeats, though one is quite a deal slower—Abby's. The second is fast with anger—Rudy's. I took a deep breath, and put a smile on my face, and opened the door.

"Hi Mayor Hopkins!" I said in my brightest, cheeriest voice, sharply contrasting with the dark stormy faces of both of Bonnie's parents. Abby looked slightly less angry than the Mayor, who boardered on livid and managed to return my smile, though it looked more like she just bared her teeth at me.

"Hello Caroline." She said, her eyes going immediately to my stomach with a disgusted look on her face. Uncomfortably, I crossed my arms over the bump, trying to conceal it. "Is my daughter here?"

I nodded, knowing the rhetorical nature of the question first off and opened the door slightly to let them in. The mayor stomped past me and looked upwards, not even noticing the size of the foyer alone. His ex-wife followed him.

"Bonnie Marie Bennett! Get your ass down here. NOW!" He yelled. However, instead of getting his daughter, Klaus appeared at the top of the stairs, pulling on a shirt over his boxers. He took a second to look at the enraged mayor and then slide down the banister on the stairs, his trademark smirk on his face.

"Good morning mayor." He said, a bit too jovially. "Could you please keep it down? There are other occupants of this house that are rather…testy in the mornings and you don't want to end up like the last mayor, do you?"

Mr. Hopkins' eyes widen a bit, though his scowl towards the second floor didn't diminish. From there, I perked my ears up, to hear people getting dressed in a hurry, no doubt Kol and Bonnie. I smiled at my bare feet, imagining her parents' imminent reaction.

My mother had slipped into the door without my knowledge as Bonnie ran down the stairs, a tense smile on her face and dressed in a distinctly male shirt, trailed by the ever present Kol. I snuck a peek at Klaus. His smirk split his face and his blue eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Hi Dad!... And Abby." She says quizzically, going in for a hug directed towards Rudy. His face is stoic as his only daughter wraps her arms around him, instead glaring at the male who had accompanied his daughter—and no doubt the owner of the clothes she was wearing.

"What in the hell compelled you to drop everything for a vampire road trip? Really Bonnie! You abandoned your education and for god's sake your note only said two weeks! Not seven!" He said, simultaneously glaring at Kol and letting his daughter hug him. She pulled away and frowned up at him.

"I'm sorry Daddy." She says with her best puppy dog look. Though the mayor seems to lose a bit of his harshness, the other half of the intrusive duo stepped forward.

"And what were you doing for those five extra weeks?" Abby crossed her arms over her chest. Instantly, Bonnie's innocent act disappeared from her face and she glares at her mother.

"You have no right to know." She says coldly and turned back to her father to answer her absentee mother's question. "I'm fixing my mistakes."

"Well, darling, they aren't technically your mistakes." Kol jumped in helpfully, sidling up next to her. They don't touch each other, though just their posture, to me, is enough to indicate what is going on. "More like the collection of helping gone wrong by the Scooby Doo gang and my family."

Klaus shot him a "you're dead" glare, then replaced with a Grinch like grin.

"She's your girlfriend. Aren't you supposed to be fixing her mistakes and telling her she hasn't done anything wrong?"

Bonnie looked at the ground, while her parents looked ready to explode, and Kol sassed his brother back.

"And you're boyfriend of the year, brother. Or wait what's the term, baby daddy?" Klaus's self-satisfied smile turns down into a hard frown.

"You failed to mention any of that in your short phone call." The mayor said, grabbing his daughter's arm and pulling her towards the door. Kol followed, either out of concern or the invisible bracelets that tied the two together.

"Ummmm… Dad? I sort of can't leave without Kol." She says, still being dragged by her father.

"What? Why? Can't abandon Twilight over there?" Bonnie shook her head and her father nearly blacked out from anger. "Do you realize what he is? A vampire! An Original vampire! A sadistic bloodthirsty corpse if you haven't forgotten, just like your friends."

Abby doesn't even look hurt at her ex-husband's words, instead jumping down her daughter's throat after him.

"It's a wonder just how quickly you can forget what you are. Most witches abhor vampires on principle, but noooo… You befriend them, live with them, and date them. You're a traitor to your own kind."

Bonnie swallows any tears she might have and replaces them with her fiery anger that we only had ever gotten glimpses of.

"For both of your information, I can't leave Kol because I'm bound to him." As an example, she grasps something in thin air and pulls it causing the Original to stumble. "And he's not just a fucking vampire! God I don't even know what to call him, but he's just as magical as I am… And cares a hell of a lot more about me than either of you two ever have."

She nearly pushed her parents out the door and slammed the door in their angry faces, but not before yelling a final bit of pent up rage.


The door shut with an echoing finality and my friend sunk to the ground with her back against the wall, her hands clutching the sides of her head.

"Are you alright darling?" Kol asked cautiously, crouching next to her. She sends his a reproachful look and takes a shaky breath.

"Fine. Absolutely fine." She answers sarcastically. Kol withdrew his hand.

Her face tried to crack under her weary smile several times, though she resisted breaking down each time.

"Your father tried to break into here a couple of weeks ago. Tried to burn down the gate when he couldn't get in." My mother stated, breaking the silence. Kol and Klaus's heads snapped around, the soft emotion leaving their eyes.

"Want to get up to date on everything that happened?" Klaus says sharply, demanding of my mother though it was phrased as a question. My mom crossed her arms around her chest, stubbornly and adopted that tough persona she wore to work—and at home.

"Don't you want everyone here first?" She answered. "Damon, Ric… Your siblings?"

Klaus huffed, and started to pat down his clothes to search for his phone. I rolled my eyes, knowing quite well the exact location of the device.

"It's in the kitchen." I told him gently. He gave me a look, half gratitude, half annoyance, and stomped off. I followed him, hoping my mother would take my lead and leave Kol and Bonnie alone. However, the pair followed me instead.

"Caroline, you should be in bed." Bonnie told me gently, muffled through her hands on her face. I glared at her.

"I'm pregnant, not an invalid." I snapped, grabbing a handful of blood bags from the fridge, along with a dozen other cooking materials. Klaus shushed me, his phone pressed to his ear as he tried the Boarding House phone. However, Bonnie still tried to force me to sit down, relieving me of the objects balanced in my hands, and then promptly dumped them in Kol's. In a huff, I sat down at the breakfast table, next to my mother who quietly scrolled through an email on her cell phone.

As Klaus finally reached Damon, complete with a very one-sided shouting match, I decided it might be best to get everyone else downstairs. Given, they would be a lot less surly after some sustenance was in them.

I got up and walked over to the intercom next to the light switches in the doorway, and press the "talk" button.

"Get up!" I yelled into the speaker, not quietly in the slightest. The feedback from my volume whined, accompanied by multiple groans and a large collection of swear words.

With a self-satisfied grin on my face, I snatched the bowl from Kol's unskilled-and unmoving- hands and whisked some form of batter. I stuck one finger in and sucked on it. Yum. Cinnamon.

"Caroline!" Bonnie chided playfully and grabbed the batter back from me, then ladling it into a black iron waffle maker.

"What? I'm hungry!" I complained, peering into the furiously moving mixer, full of snowy whipped cream. In my right hand, I still clutched a blood bag and I subconsciously brought it to my lips, draining it.

"Who in the hell left a puddle of blood in here?" a petulant female voice shrieked from the entry way. A second later, Rebekah came barreling into the kitchen, her blonde hair a mess of curls and straight piece. Surprisingly, she was unaccompanied.

"Klaus! You didn't clean it up?" I asked, sneaking another bit of the pancake batter while Bonnie wasn't looking.

"Well, I was a little busy… and I thought that you would in the morning." He answered. I glared at him.

"What happened to you, Care?" my mother inquired, her eyes flashing a strict iron-blue.

"Her son is leeching off of her blood. Therefore leading to two different fainting spells." Esther said clinically cold from the top of the stairs. I attempted to stare at my feet, but instead just looked at the floor, my cheeks turning red from shame. I had brought this on myself. It was my fault, my fault.

Liz regarded me almost at arm's length, her observant eyes taking note of every single out of the ordinary detail. From my wet hair, to the dark bags under by eyes, all the way down to my bare feet.

"You can't do anything normal can you?" She said drily, though there was a twinkle in her eye and a sort of bewilderment about her expression as she ever so slightly shook her head.

"There isn't anything normal about this whole town? It's been cursed since the beginning of time and anyone who has ever set foot here carries it with them." Stefan stated in a positively Damon-ish manner. I was a little surprised that his raven haired sibling didn't make the comment, but given the state he was in, literally stumbling after his brother. The electric blues were blurry and dull, and Elena sort of pulled him along, though she was only slightly more bushy tailed than her boyfriend.

"In summary, our lives suck." Kol said, snatching a plate from Bonnie and carrying it over to the barstool. In response to the word suck, Klaus's fangs snapped out in a teasing flash and hang over his bottom lips.

"Niklaus. Fangs away at the breakfast table." Esther chided him from over the top of the New York Times. I then grabbed a plate from Bonnie and a blood bag from the fridge and sat down next to my mother. Though the idea nagged at me, I resisted the urge to pour my blood bag over the waffles and instead politely drank it.

"I'm not at the table." He grumbled under his breath, though he surprisingly said nothing uproarious towards his mother. Hopefully it was for my own mother's sake, to show he could behave, than a sudden change of heart. "And where the hell is Elijah! We need to get informed of all this only once."

"Well," I say cheerily, finishing off the stack and popping up out of my chair. "While we're waiting." Everyone's eyes flick up to the ceiling, the supernatural beings in the room knowing good and darn well exactly what the stodgy Original and bitchy doppelganger were doing. "Y'all can either start unpacking or help me bring in the packages from the front porch."

Damon groaned obnoxiously loud, and muttered something about having to put up everyone's shit last night, while Klaus seemed to muffle his when I shot him the death glare. I had a special job for him.

"Klaus." I told him, as I grabbed a cloth towel from a drawer and cleaned up the blood in the foyer. "I need you to completely empty the room that's adjoining ours."

"Why?" He asked incredulously.

"That's our son's room." I answered, tossing the bloody rag to Elena from across the room. She's sets it in the sink and then went back to unpack one of the boxes. I watched her expression for a second before turning back to Klaus. Her face was so unguarded, so heartbreakingly gentle as her lithe fingers pulled out dozens of tiny baby clothes. Her chocolate colored eyes shone with so much hope… and so much sadness.

I had noticed over the past couple of weeks her shooting Damon winsome glances and dropping none too subtle hints about family. And I couldn't help but conjure up an image in my head of a raven haired, blue eyed, and olive skinned baby in Elena's arms. Smiling in spite of myself, my hands fly to my stomach as the baby delivers a nice strong kick my ribs. Apparently, he quite likes the image.

I took a stack of clothes from the box I was combing through and walked up the stairs with it to stop in the doorway of the room. Klaus stood in front of a massive canvas, sizing it up. Smaller frames were lined up neatly next to the door, but this in particular was practically twice as tall as he was.

"How'd you hang that up in the first place?" I asked, leaning against the doorframe. He didn't turn around.

"The more important question is: Why should I take it down?" He said, his voice echoing off of the high vaults of the empty room. I walked towards him, my bare feet making light scuffing noises on the hardwood floors.

"Because…" I began and regard the painting. At first, when really looking at it, I wrote it off as another one of his dark weepy nature landscapes. But, taking a closer look, I picked up on the details of the art.

Klaus had been giving me a crash course in art as we travelled, teaching the different styles of painting. This piece, with a glistening waterfall at the center and the forest around it, was probably part of the Hudson River School classification.

In the forest, animals roamed. Near the Falls, a band of eagles soared while lone rams scaled mossy cliffs. Herds of deer grazed in lush grasslands. In the caves in the hills, bear lumbered about. Perched in the trees, small animals scurried. A fox licked its lips hungrily at a squirrel that clung to a tree for dear life. But in the foreground, a pack of wolves romped playfully, their shiny white fangs glistening off of the noonday sun as they snapped at each other.

The overall feeling of the image wasn't as I first suspected. I had thought it to be depressing, but now with a second glance, it wasn't as sad as I thought. It was still very just in showing nature's way, but at the same time; it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

"This is new isn't it?" I said, striding towards Klaus and putting my arms around his face. He turns his head forwards me, tilted down to stare into my eyes.

"Do you like it?" He asks, his warm eyes twinkling a clear azure.

"I love it." Standing on my tip toes I planted a kiss on his button nose. "Now get to work!" I grinned at him and grabbed one of paintings from the stack and headed out the door, smiling to myself. Even though, Klaus and I liked the painting, the only person's opinion that mattered was the little boy's in my belly.

I just prayed he was as talented as his father, or else the next couple years of his life would not be that fun.

*Bound By Blood*

Katherine POV

Elijah slept just as he lived.

I mean, honestly! The man didn't even snore. He slept peacefully, his chest slightly moving every couple of minutes, but otherwise he looked as noble and peaceful as the dead stone knight in the Cloisters in New York.

I however, had other ideas.

Since Miss Pretty, Perky , and Pregnant had rudely decided to wake all of us up, I had decided that she, and the rest of the occupants of the house needed to be…. Punished.

The silver handcuff kinked together as I rotated them slowly on my left pointer finger. I had woken much earlier than him, and had at least had the chance to slip into something a little bit more enticing, than the purple button down I wore to bed.

The black bra and underwear clung to my form like a glove; very similar to the set I had worn in the cave all that time ago. My eye make-up from the night before was slightly smeared, but the black kohl around my eyes still made them piercing.

Striding towards my knight, granted he wore a wrinkled suit and tie instead of armor, I crawled onto his relaxed body and brought my red lips to his ear.

"Elijah" I dragged his name out with a nip on his ear. He moaned, though his eyes don't open.

"Oh come on 'Lijah." I teased, running my hand first down his shirt to stop on his pants. I played with the button on it before sliding it down in one smooth motion. "You know if you don't wake up I'm going to have to punish you."

My lower lips jutting out in a pout, I use just my teeth to pull the black dress pants down. His eyes snapped open as I brought my hands back up to his waistband of his boxers. The handcuffed still clutched in my hands jingled.

"Katarina." He rasped, the brown of his eyes black with lust. I smirked devilishly as I plunge my hand down into the undergarment. Something poked against my hand and I cradled it in my hands. His immense hands reach up to run down the curves of my body, sliding the transparent black lace panties. With my other hand, I grab a fistful of his blue tie and pull his lips to mine.

My lips twisted into a slight smirk as he slowly slips his tongue into my mouth. In response, I slammed him back down from his half sitting position back down onto the mattress. With a smack, I removed my lips from his and grab his arms from a rapid race to take off my bra. It fell of anyways as I hold his arms above his head and open the handcuffs, straddling his hips.

"'Lijah. I told you I have to punish you. And you haven't been very good."

In a flash, his hand snapped out of mine and he flipped, so that he's on top, clutching my hands above my head, still holding the handcuffs. His tie hand over his partially unbuttoned shirt and his normally smooth hair stood up.

"I assure you, Katarina, I am about as noble as you get." He snarled, running his lips over my neck. "You, however…"

Plucking the handcuffs from my fingers, he unsnapped them and wrapped them around my wrists, closing them with a rare mischievous smirk.

"Can't run away now." He whispered in my ear, throwing my hands over the headboard. With small purposeful bites, he moved down from my neck and down to my breast, taking the taut nipple in his mouth. The tie that had been hanging in my face was pinning down under his body, the tip touching my clit, wetting it by the minute.

"I wasn't thinking about it." I gasped. He took the nipple out of his mouth and leaned over me with his hands on each of my shoulders. The tie hangs in between the valley between my two breasts. His eyes flick down to the tie. In one motion, he took it off.

My eyes widen as I realize what he was doing. I don't speak; just let my mouth gape open as the 'noble' Original blinds my eyes.

"Fuck you." I spat, as I tried to move my hands from their bound position. Elijah chuckled, repositioning himself over my body.

"Sorry, darling, but you're already doing that."

Relying just my sense of touch, something started to penetrate my wet clit. I sharply inhale as he moves at a torturous pace, making me strain again the cuffs as my internal dominatrix wanted to scratch the living hell out of him and hurry the hell up!

Teasing me against my folds, his hips ground down onto mine under their own compulsion, him still in perfect control of his body whilst him shivered and shook under his accord,

Inching forward, he penetrated finally into her tight sheath, inhaling a deep breath at the way I gripped him, sucked him in.

Pressing his lips to hers again and swallowing her groans, Elijah pushed in to maximum depth, his balls straining heavily against her mound.

Then he held himself there, his hands sliding slowly over her arms, her breasts, her stomach – caressing every perfect curve. Even though he had done this a thousand times, it had never gotten old.

His hands were everywhere, eliciting strong shivers from my very core. I could only feel sensations, granted the feeling of being completely filled was a good—no amazing feeling, causing me to stretch fully around his rigid length.

Elijah withdrew and then gradually rocked forward again, slow and sensual, utterly controlled. However, my breasts heaved and I could have sworn she felt my dead heart expand in my chest. Settling into a slow torturous rhythm eliciting moans from my mouth, though every inch of my body begged for both release and control, Elijah withdrew again, dragging the head of his cock to the mouth of my pussy then pulled out even more until the tip was barely there. With his lips trailing kisses up my neck and across my jaw, I attempted to catch them in a searing kiss. Succeeding, he plunged back in and in response, I tightened around him.

Each movement through hypersensitive tissues made her quiver and twitch the only way for me to respond being the power of her lips alone. Feeling Elijah's big hands grip her hips, stroking almost reverently before gliding down to cup my ass in his palms in a deliciously possessive grip, I thrust my tongue into his mouth to try and reclaim some of the power I had lost.

He pulled away and I can hear his grin.

"Being punished, doesn't allow you domination Katarina." He said huskily, sending shivers down my skin at the delicious way my true name sounded on his tongue.

My back arched as Elijah plunged in again, burying him deep in her. The sensation was astounding—everything all at once—the feeling of his rough chest on mine, of his arms gripping her shoulders and hands diving into my curls alternatively, of his hands pulling my thighs around his waist, of his hips pivoting as he moved in her. I felt pulled in about dozen different directions. His hands, his mouth, his body. He was everywhere all at once and I was drowning in the pleasure.

Only Elijah could do this to me. Only he could give me pleasure in sex, in mind, in soul. But… When we were together, the sex was electric.

I lost track of time under the bindings as we stayed this way, Elijah rocking in and out of me at a deliciously slow pace. My legs wrapped around his waist and his arms clung to my bones, keeping each other pressed flush against one another. I felt the rush begin low in her belly, coming from my very heart, tightening viciously, coiling, snapping like a whip, spreading like poison through my veins, sparking piece of skin. The pressure was exquisitely unbearable and yet, I never wanted it to end. I never want it to end.

Uncontrollably, I cried up to the ceiling as my release came crashing down over her, my body writhing under his command. I wasn't even completely sure what it was that I was crying out for. For him. For God. To stop. To never stop. I wasn't entirely sure, but crying was a rare thing for Katherine Pierce.

As I came, I tightened almost unbearably around his member, triggering his own release. He growled, burying himself deep again as my pussy clenched around his cock. His entire body tensed as he let go, shuddering once before collapsing on top of me.

I floated downward in a dizzying haze, my being weightless and mind completely adrift, not even sure I was in a realm of consciousness.

When the dreamy clouds left my body a bit, I became aware of Elijah's comfortable weight covering me. He sagged and his chest heaved with exertion, but at the same time he felt of static on top of me. I never wanted him to move from this spot.

Gently, I pressed my lips to the nearest piece of skin I could feel, the area between his chest and collar done and savored the sensual connection, before he pulled off of her and fell to the side of me, still breathing hard.

His hand reached up and gently removes the make-shift tie blindfold. I blink and turn to look at him, shaking the cuffs that still bound my body to a stretching vertical position.

Shaking his sweaty hair, he reached up to break them, leaning over me so that his washboard abs were directly under my nose. With a sharp snap on each cuff they broke, and he tossed them across the room to land messily in the pile of our clothing.

"I prefer that to what we did on the airplane." He said, panting between each word. I grinned impishly.

"Well…" I planted a small kiss on his cheek, before getting out of bed. "Your sister-in-law woke me up quite rudely so I decided to extract their necessary punishment."

Despite his obvious attempts at wearing a scowl, the sparks in his eyes didn't diminish as he followed me to the closet like the loyal puppy he was. I tossed him a pair of pajamas, a set of black silk that complemented the sultry nightgown I only put on for 'special occasions.'

"Technically, you could refer to her as just Caroline." He reasoned, slipping on the pajamas and going commando. I smirked, making a side note to remember that for later.

"Would yappy work?" I asked, running a brush through my crazy sex curls. He gave me a look, then went back to lathering shaving cream on his slightly stubbled cheeks.

"Hey! You didn't meet her when she was human." I snapped.

"I'm sure she was delightful." He chuckled, running a razor along his cheeks.

"Delightfully annoying… I still can't remember why I chose her of all people to turn for Klaus's sacrifice." Elijah dropped the razor in the sink and looked at me wide eyed.

"Excuse me?" He asked, half of his face still covered in bluish white shaving cream. If his face was so dead serious, I would have burst out laughing.

"Yeah I turned Caroline to be Klaus's vampire sacrifice and then Damon rescued her and Tyler so Klaus used Elena's Aunt Jenna. Didn't you know that?" I said, in an awfully superior tone, feeling somewhat smug I knew something Elijah didn't. For a second he appeared stunned, and then he began to laugh.

"What?" I hissed angrily, stalking over so that my head was even with his chest. Without my heels, the top of my head just barely touched his chin.

"She was literally made for him." He said, once again recovering his stoic composure.

Now, it's my turn to laugh. It's funny how life works that way. I had spent my whole life running and had learned a lot about fate and destiny. Maybe I had been meant to die, become a vampire, and then in turn, wreak havoc on Mystic Falls. All I knew was you could twist and turn and hide all you want but, eventually, fate catches up to us all.

When I finish my turn at laughing, Elijah offered me a silk covered arm.

"Would like me to escort you to breakfast?" He asked, with a formal bow. I giggled, feeling like the naïve human I was when I first met him in England.

"Of course, my lord." I said with a curtsy and took his arm, though I pulled him along towards the door.

The entryway was still full of packages the blonde menace had been ordering throughout our trip. However the room wasn't entirely empty. My doppelganger sat at one of the boxes with Damon, holding up various small articles of clothing. Though her mouth twisted into a smile, something about her eyes told me she wasn't as happy as she appeared. How they stared at the clothes… she bore a look of longing.

In my heart, I knew there was a corner that cried out for a child. One to hold and comfort, to dress in those small clothes, to spoil rotten. But in all other corners were still torn between my once constant compulsion to run, my lasting love for Elijah, and in the other, mourning for the daughter and family I had lost.

Though I had never known her, never even held her in my arms, I still felt if I wanted a child, had a child, I would be betraying her. I hadn't even named her, but for the past five hundred years she had stayed attached to me, constantly reminding me of my mistakes.

Elijah looked at me concerned.

"Katarina." He asked and I toe my gaze away from the boxes to stare into his eyes.

His eyes bore the same expression as Elena's, except his face bore it as well. The man, so honorable, so noble, for a millennium had been so desperate to make his family whole, probably always harboring the impossible wish of having a family of his own. Maybe that's why he had so steadfastly tried to keep them together.

I desperately wanted to please him, make him happy. Prove that I wasn't going to run off again and leave him with his heart in two. Yet, what he was asking, with those big glassy brown eyes…. I couldn't do it. Just not right now.

With a slight inperspectable shake of my head, I saw his heart crack in those eyes. Then he wordlessly turns around and walked back up the stairs.

For whatever reason, I let him go, still walking purposely down the rest of the steps to open one of the boxes and took out a small blue sweater.

It's practically the size of my hand and knit in soft wool. I closed my eyes and tried to image a child of mine wearing it. But all that comes to find is the failing cry of my lost little girl.

"I'm sorry Elijah." I whispered to myself, holding the sweater to my chest. "I can't do it. Not yet."

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