Title: The Angelic Dynasty of DX: New York's Finest

Author: Kaykyaka

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the WWE and TNA characters used within this fictional story. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made by this work of fiction.

Ratings: T

Characters: Shawn, Cameron, Cheyenne, Rebecca , Amy 'Lita' Michaels, Hunter Hurst Helmsley, LC Helmsley, Joanie "Chyna" Helmsley, Aurora Rose Helmsley, , Kevin and Tristen Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman , Trish, Randy and Randy Orton Jr, Melina, Johnny and Romeo Hennigan, Jeff, Stephanie and Elizabeth Hardy, Angelo and Angela Jericho, Kelly Kelly, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Adam, Angelina and Angelica Copeland, Phil "CM Punk", Velvet and Ravine Brooks, Dave and Maria Batista, Vince McMahon, Tanya Madison, Melissa Turnbull, Jamie Albright, Charlene McKenzie, Cassidy and Brandon Montenegro, Mark and Garrett Calloway and Charlotte, Dan and Carla McCool.

Summary: Vince McMahon steals an idea from DX which causes the Kliq go to war with TNA and BTW.

Chapter One – The Story on Page One

Club 21, Manhattan, New York City

The Damsels of Destruction had been given the task of going to Rome. The story on page one of the New York Times' art section was about their 'Three Angels' exhibition being endorsed by the Pope and he would be visiting St. Patrick's Cathedral to have a closer look at it. The reason the Pope was visiting New York City was to request that Tanya, Jamie and Melissa paint a similar piece for "three holy women" that recently came to Rome. Those three women were Amy Dumas, Trish Orton and Melina Hennigan or the Anointed, Truth and Miraculous trio known as ATM.

The Kliq were furious that ATM were still functioning as a unit; their agenda was to destroy them by using Shawn to shame his own family and friends by disgracing himself and God on live television every Monday night, which he did willingly. Now all eyes were on ATM again, nobody was talking about the Kliq and that was unacceptable. Kevin Nash told the Damsels of Destruction to go to Italy and find ATM and warn them that if they did anything to undermine the Kliq, Shawn would be the one to suffer. They already caused him to seduce the wives of Randy Orton, Edge, CM Punk and John Cena, there was no telling how far they'd go and the Damsels knew there was no stopping them. The problem was the Damsels of Destruction were rich and successful in the art world and they really didn't have anything to gain from destroying the DX family. Charlene McKenzie and Cassidy Montenegro decided to make them see things from the Kliq's point of view over lunch at Club 21.

Meanwhile in Rome everyone was talking about the beautiful women that had suddenly taken up residence in their city. Fashion people were flying into Rome from Milan to take pictures of Amy, Trish and Melina and the media didn't understand how Amy looked so good despite what her husband was putting her family through on live television every Monday night. They didn't understand that it was the goodness of God that sustained her by surrounding her with friends and family that cared about her. The fact that two of those friends were supernaturally gifted didn't hurt either; Trish had gotten her Truth-telling abilities back and Melina had Miraculously healed Trish of all her wounds inflicted on her by a tyrannical Shawn Michaels. Maria and Dave Batista, Brie and Justin Danner and the former WWE Divas had flown over to Rome to be with them to show their support and they too all got caught up in how good they all looked, especially Kelly Kelly who had witnessed the most barbaric act of violence against a Diva she had seen in her life firsthand at Kevin Nash's house. She needed to be there to make sure Trish was okay before going back to the States and she wasn't the only one who was worried about Trish. Tamara Nash had flown over with her son Tristen Nash to check on her and when they arrived, Hunter and Joanie were fighting over what to do about Shawn Michaels.

LC and Carla already knew what to do about Shawn; the ARK Angels of DX had come up with a plan and that was to make the Kliq think that Cameron and Cheyenne had sided with their father against them and the Helmsley clan. The Truth was LC and Carla were working with Cameron and Cheyenne to bring Shawn, Charlene and Cassidy home to their families but Hunter and Joanie were having second thoughts about the plan, mostly due to Stephanie McMahon Hardy's objection to helping Shawn do anything but throw himself off of a very tall building. Stephanie was furious about what Shawn had done by seducing Mickie James, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky and bringing them into Irresistible and she wanted Hunter and the whole Helmsley family to sever ties with Shawn altogether; as far as Stephanie was concerned Shawn was a lost cause and she wasn't the only one that felt that way. LC of course objected to her objection as she and rarely saw eye-to-eye with her father's ex-wife and she was making her point loud and clear at their villa in Rieti right now for everyone to hear.

"Suck it Stephanie!" LC said standing on a table in the middle of the garden in front of their villa. "We're not abandoning Shawn now, why don't you go home you're no good to anyone right now,"

"So tell me Lisa, what happens when Shawn decides to stay with the Kliq, what are you all going to do then? He is being so abusive to every one of you, how could you possibly think your plan is going to work?" Stephanie argued.

"Because God told us it's going to work," LC replied and she looked over at Trish, "Isn't that right Truth?"

"Yeah that's right, shut up Stephanie," Trish said and Stephanie gasped.

"You were just beaten senseless by Shawn Michaels and you're still trying to help him? The man is beyond help I've known Shawn a lot longer that all of you have and he is spiraling out of control, just like he did before Rebecca died. He's weak and pathetic and if you continue to placate him, that's exactly what he's going to make you and this family will be ruined forever!" Stephanie insisted and she turned to Hunter. "I'm right and you know it, I always said befriending Shawn was the worst thing you ever did in your life and lo and behold all these years later I'm still right,"

"No you were wrong back then and you're wrong now, the problem is you keep interrupting my daughter when she's trying to speak. Stephanie nobody wants to hear your opinion, go home and leave the problem solving to us," Hunter said and Stephanie shook her head and sat down refusing to go anywhere.

"Thanks daddy, now does anyone else have any problems with our plan to get Shawn out of the Kliq?" LC said looking around the whole picnic table that was laden with delicious Italian food.

"I do," Joanie said putting her hand up and LC looked at her mom surprised. "I am now re-instating my objection to your marriage to Cameron,"

LC shot her hand up angrily refusing to listen to her mother and Hunter sighed putting his face in his hands, "Mom please don't even start with me on this. Cameron will marry me okay? He is not going to stop loving me, now does anyone else have any objections to our plan to get Shawn out of the Kliq?" LC asked again.

"I do," Batista said raising his hand. "Shawn crossed the line when he seduced Mickie James, what the Hell did he do that for? Mickie had nothing to do with any of this, the only reason he did it was because he could. That's vintage Shawn Michaels and I object to the idea that all we have to do is band together and help him. Screw Shawn, right now there are four great men who are all friends of mine trying to explain to their children that their mommies won't be coming home tonight until Shawn Michaels gets bored of them, beats the crap out of them and then sends them home to their husbands in broken pieces!"

"Dave I'm okay," Trish said.

"That's not the point is it?" Joanie chimed in. "Trish what would have happened if you weren't in ATM, huh? I'd tell you what would have happened, you would have died right there in Big Kev's basement and nobody would have known what happened to you. I can't allow my family to be part of that, not after all we've been through. Batista's right, enough is enough. Shawn's gone too far this time, I think we should all move on, that includes you too Hunter,"

"Move on this babe," Hunter said pointing to his crotch, "We're sticking to the plan like LC said. Don't forget who started all this, it wasn't Shawn, it was the Kliq. They poisoned me and Shawn a long time ago. Shawn got sucked back in, so we have to get him out, that's what friends do guys. You don't get mad at the guy that stole your car, you find out why the cops weren't on duty when your car got stolen. We're the cops we're in charge of the wrestling world and it is up to us to make sure that the Kliq are prevented from doing more harm to our friends and families,"

"Here-here," LC said agreeing with her father. "Now are there anymore objections to our plan to get Shawn out of the Kliq?"

No more objections were raised and LC and Carla smiled. "Looks like we're all on the same page," Carla said. "Maria you're up,"

Maria Batista stood up and smiled at everyone, "As you know I've been working in L.A with Brie Danner at MyHair after being abruptly dismissed from the WWE by the Kliq. Melina and Carla came up with an idea to get back at Irresistible and that idea is for me to create a new faction at a rival wrestling promotion,"

"You mean at BTW?" AJ Lee asked her.

"We don't need another faction, we've got Rated RKO: Reborn and the Black Diamonds," Naomi from the Funkadactyls said and Cameron nodded.

"There's really no more spots left," AJ Lee said and Tristen nodded in agreement.

"Sorry Maria but that's not gonna happen," Tristen said. "Plus what would you do, hand out fashion tips?"

Carla rolled her eyes, "You guys are so short-sighted, that's why BTW is still a third rate wrestling promotion," she said and Tristen gasped offended.

"Spoken like a true Helmsley," Hunter said even though Carla was sired by Chris Jericho she was DX through and through.

"Well there's only one other game in town and that's TNA," Stephanie said. "My father would love to have you work for him Maria, TNA is a real wrestling company that isn't being run by degenerates,"

"What's the faction called?" Tristen asked curiously while LC and Carla crotch-chopped Stephanie in unison with Hunter.

"True Romance is the name of the faction and I would be the mouth piece," Maria said.

"And who else would be in it?" Hunter asked her intrigued.

"Carla and LC," Maria replied.

"No way," Hunter said firmly.

"Dad hear her out before you object!" LC insisted but Hunter had already made up his mind.

"Listen we would be a girl group but with different looks and we'll agitate Mareola James, Acid Lace and Wormwood Silk. It's the perfect rivalry," Maria insisted.

"No I don't want LC wrestling; she's not trained to compete. Get a couple of the Knockouts to be in the group, not my daughters," Hunter said.

"Daddy I have to be in it," LC insisted.

"No LC you don't; it'll get too personal and since you are going to marry Cameron I don't want you to exchange words on live TV that one day you'll regret," Hunter said. "It's not going to happen,"

"But without LC the idea is useless," Carla argued and Maria sighed.

"Sorry LC," she said sitting down and Batista comforted her.

"Well I think it's a great idea but I also think it would work out better if it had a little muscle. I have an idea Hunter, why don't we team up again? You, me, Ric and Maria and if LC wants to she can just be eye candy," Batista suggested and LC raised a stern look of disapproval.

"I got your eye candy, right here!" she said and she turned and slapped her backside to show her objection to Dave's suggestion causing everyone to laugh.

"I'm not getting involved in this," Hunter said. "This is too personal, Vince always loved to make personal things business but I don't believe in that. Business is business and what Shawn's going through is not entertaining, it's sad and tragic and I will not have any of my family members exploiting him, you got that?"

Now it was Amy's turn to raise an objection and she put her hand up high for everyone to see, "Oh but you were more than willing for me to get back into the ring with Edge and Randy Orton. Kind of hypocritical aren't you Hunter?" she said and the Divas nodded in agreement with her. "I like Dave's idea and I think you should do it, don't let the Kliq run things after all, there wouldn't even be a Kliq if it wasn't for you defying Vince McMahon all those years ago at Madison Square Garden. What are you afraid of?"

"I'm not afraid of anything Amy but Joanie and Tamara have been down this road, you haven't. Sure you've been married to Shawn forever but before you came along, Kevin, Scott and Sean were making Joanie, Tammy and Rebecca pull their hair out with stress and I will not watch that happen again," Hunter said and Amy laughed at him.

"I'm not pulling my hair out am I? I'm Anointed Amy and I'm too blessed to be stressed. Why don't you take a page out of my book? The page that says "Fear not for I am with you?" (Isaiah 41:10) You're scared to lose your best friend and you think if you outshine him like you always do, he'll get mad at you and then he'll hurt Joanie like he did Trish and maybe you'll end up losing the one thing you've always wanted more than anything else in the world, a son to carry on the Helmsley name. You've always been afraid of Shawn and now you've just proved that even after all your success as a singles competitor you're still walking in his shadow," Amy said and Trish and Melina looked at her amazed.

"Can I just say, as the Truth: Trish Orton the words that have just come out of my sister in Christ's mouth are one hundred percent accurate and zero percent B.S," Trish said and Melina nodded.

"Do the angle with Dave, you know you want to," she said and Batista smiled knowing that Hunter wanted to get back in the ring more than ever; he just didn't want anyone to know how scared he really was of the Kliq.

"I'll think about it," he said and Randy Orton sighed.

"You two never change," he said and he left the table and walked away from everyone. RJ and Rebecca Michelle watched him go and exchanged glances with everyone else but Hunter and Batista knew why he left the conversation.

"What's up with him?" Remi asked.

"Let's just say Randy has very bad memories of me and Hunter and Ric teaming up together," Batista replied and Amy took RJ and Remi over to Randy while everyone else enjoyed their lunch.

"Who took my ravioli?" LC said looking around at her missing plate and Stephanie stuck her tongue out at her.

"Now you can suck it," she said biting into LC's ravioli and Trish and Melina broke out in laughter and lightened the mood in a very tense afternoon conversation in Rome, Italy.

Back in Manhattan…

At Club 21 the Damsels of Destruction had finished their lunch with McKenzie and Cassidy and they were convinced that finding ATM and destroying them was a good idea. Charlene and Cassidy said that if they destroyed the angelic trio it would make an excellent addition to their bestselling ARK Angels of DX biography.

"We'll be on the next flight over," Tanya Madison said and Charlene and Cassidy smiled.

"That's great ladies, let us know as soon as you've done the job," Charlene said knowing that this would be sweet chin music to their Irresistible leader's ears. Shawn's ears were McKenzie's favorite part of his body since she constantly speaking into them when he wasn't rollicking with the Irresistible wives club Mareola Jane, Acid Lace and Wormwood Silk. Still, Charlene hadn't actually slept with Shawn and that made her bitter because she'd always wanted to bed Shawn Michaels.

"What's on your mind gorgeous?" Shawn said as he answered his cell-phone from the Snake Pit.

"I wanna marry your son, can you arrange our wedding?" McKenzie said much to Cassidy's delight.

"Man what a scoop!" Melissa Turnbull said to Tanya and Jamie who were salivating over their napkins.

"I'll talk him into it, I'd say you'd make a nice replacement for that Helmsley haglet LC, an Irresistible replacement," Shawn said and Cameron was about to get an offer he might have to accept in order to keep the ARK Angels' plan to rescue his father concealed from the Kliq. LC wouldn't like it though, in fact it was a guarantee McKenzie just put her life on Earth in serious jeopardy by making a move on LC's cherubic prince charming, the Amazing Cameron.

In Shawn's mind however anything bad sounded good these days, even if it meant forcing his firstborn son to marry a woman he didn't like and that he'd be fooling around with for the past few months. That would be a side story to the look on Tristen Nash's face when Cameron and Charlene's wedding was broadcast over millions of channels all over the world on Monday Night Mayhem; it was all about creating controversy to get higher ratings and generate more viewership from the fans all over the world. Kevin Nash's treacherous little boy would be devastated and LC would be humiliated, "This is starting off to be a great week, don't you think Mareola Jane?" Shawn asked his bedroom companion who looked more and more like Amy every day. "Get us some coffee," he said to Acid Lace and Wormwood Silk and they slid out of his bed and headed to the kitchen downstairs leaving Shawn and Mickie James alone. "That's better, now it's just like we're a real couple," he said pulling Mickie closer to him and lacing her body with many kisses, none of which Mickie James felt but Mareola Jane loved every single one of them.

"Shawn that feels so good!" Mareola said arching her neck back as Shawn pleasured her with his mouth. "I don't want you to stop,"

"I won't stop don't worry," Shawn replied, he was pretending she was Amy and Mickie James had no idea who she was, where she was or who the man kissing her was, all the knew was that when he kissed her she felt like she was the hottest Diva of all time and truly, in the wrestling world that's exactly what Irresistible wanted her to be. She would be the perfect rival to that other Diva from BTW, the one everyone was talking about, the one with the friends who looked like an angelic trio, the Anointed one with the power to cast demons into Hell and set the world on fire. That Diva that loved Shawn more than life was on her way back home to take back what was rightful hers, the future of the DX family rested on the shoulders of the Big Red Diva Lita, Rated RKO and its new recruits and there was a new angelic trio whose name was yet to be revealed, only Trish and Randy Orton knew who they were and Truth and The King's Oracle were keeping it to themselves until the set time for their appearance had come. In the meantime ATM would work together with Tristen Nash while Stephanie and Hunter tried to figure things out on the East and West Coasts and the ARK Angels of DX worked from the inside to take down the Kliq, for two hours every week on Monday live from New York City, New York.