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Soval glanced over V'Lok's service record, his brows furrowed in deep thought. It would be an honor and a great asset to have one like him serving here at the Embassy. His methods were odd, to be sure, but they were effective, and V'Lok seemed to have a respect for the correct humans and determination to arrest law-breakers. If only Earth authorities were as effective as this man...

He sighed and leaned back, putting the PADD aside. He would ponder this more tomorrow after his weekly lunch with Admiral Forrest, and perhaps ask Forrest about any positions on Earth that V'Lok might want to take. Yes, that would do nicely.

The ambassador raised his eyes to the door when he heard the buzzer, and he called for his visitor to enter. It was Sorak, smirking in satisfaction, with a red envelope in his hand.

"This came for you this morning," he explained, handing the letter over to Soval. He flipped it over and smiled ever so slightly at the handwriting. He knew this address and the hand that wrote it.

"Thank you, Sorak, that will be all." His aide left, and he poured himself some tea.

He lifted the letter to his nose, his eyes fluttering closed for a moment. It smelled like his bondmate, but...there was something more enticing that lingered in the background.

Opening it, he read the lines of her flowing hand.

Dear Ambassador Soval,

I bet you didn't remember what today was, but when I tell you you'll understand. Happy Valentine's Day, my a'dun. Today, a couple years ago, with a trembling hand I placed an anonymous valentine in the mail. I didn't know what to think or expect when I did it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that now I would be writing another letter. This time not to a distant Vulcan man who I had a crush on, but to my husband who I love with all my heart. I want to thank you for making me one of the happiest women on Earth. I want to thank you for being with me no matter what. I want to thank you for being the best husband I could ever ask for.

Most of all, though, I want to thank you for our baby on the way.

I couldn't think of a better or more appropriate way to tell you.

All my love, your wife and bondmate,


He read it seven times before he set it down and took a shaky sip of tea. He was to be a father...how long had she known? How long had the scent lingered on her? He realized he had smelled it a month or so ago, when she came out of the shower and slipped into bed with him. He had the sudden urge to pace, and he stood and walked a line in front of the window.

Of course she would have told him on this day, and he approved. The day they had started their correspondence, the day she had reached out to him. He would never forget his surprise at receiving such a letter, and he knew this day would also be ingrained in his memory.

He tugged sharply at the bond and received a tug back, and an immense sense of her satisfaction and pleasure.

All throughout the day, he knew himself to be distracted, and finally, when his work was done and she got off duty, she came to him with a beaming grin on her face.

"I take it you got my letter, ashayam?"

He nodded and pulled her to his body, burying his nose into her neck. "I can smell it on you," he purred. "I can smell you with child."

"Are you...content?"

"I am on the brink of forgetting my disciplines," he murmured in reply. "I am very content in this moment, k'diwa."

"As am I," she whispered, kissing him gently on the lips. "My dearest Ambassador Soval."