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Leave Out All The Rest

Chapter One

"Repeat the oath after me please. I…"


"Your names, please."

"Seto Kaiba." …"Téa Gardner."

"In the presence of the Principal, Supervisor, my teachers and fellow students…"

"In the presence of the Principal, Supervisor, my teachers and fellow students…"

"Promise to carry out the responsibilities and duties of…"

"Promise to carry out the responsibilities and duties of…"

"Your posts please…"

"Head Boy." … "Head Girl."

"Of Domino High School, with sincerity and integrity."

"Of Domino High School, with sincerity and integrity."

"I promise to uphold the traditions of my school, to be loyal to it and to abide by its rules…"

"I promise to uphold the traditions of my school, to be loyal to it and to abide by its rules…"

"I promise to set an example to my fellow students with my conduct, responsibility and respect for my teachers…"

"I promise to set an example to my fellow students with my conduct, responsibility and respect for my teachers…"

"So help me God."

"So help me God."

"I now call upon the Head Boy for the present academic year, to receive his badge."

Seto walked with sure, steady and unwavering paces to the podium, where the Principal attached a small, white badge to the sash he was wearing. A white, tiny, plastic object giving him as much power in school as the one he had at his work.

After the badge was attached to his sash, Seto looked up to the Principal who grinned widely at him, expectation filling his wrinkled and ageing eyes. "Good job, son."

Seto gave back a small smile and headed back to his place as Mr. Michael Davidson, the school's Supervisor, who had been calling out the oath, said, "I now call upon the Head Girl for the present academic year, to receive her badge."

Seto Kaiba was the perfect example of every teacher's favorite student and the best candidate for the Head Boy post, for the respect the other students held for him…

He knew what accepting such a post meant. It meant more responsibility hauled onto his shoulders other than his responsibilities towards his younger brother and his responsibilities towards his post as CEO of the world's largest gaming technologies company.

But he also knew that it would give him enough power to control ruffians in their school…

Speaking of which…

"Condensation polymerization occurs in hydrocarbons, when some elements of the monomers combine together to exclude simpler molecules, such as water or carbon dioxide, and hence joining together to form the poly…"

Mrs. Harold's explanation stopped abruptly when the door burst open with a huge bang. Seto frowned in displeasure at seeing the person who came in; the person having spiky, multi-colored hair, tanned skin, skin-tight uniform that left nothing to imagination of others of both genders, studded boots that went against the school regulations, a choker around a slim neck and the most unruly and wild and disobedient and exotic pair of crimson eyes Seto had ever seen in his entire life.

Mrs. Harold stared at her watch and raised an eyebrow, "Wow, Yami, you're making an improvement in your late timings to class. Twenty minutes late…it was fifteen last time."

Yami Motou, Domino High's most disobedient and defiant student, quirked an elegant eyebrow and his weird, red eyes gleamed as he obviously experienced the lovely effects of whatever drug he'd injected himself with before showing up and said, "I didn't know you took down the timings… wow, I'll give you an A!" and he giggled drunkenly, and said, "Anyway, I'm working on achieving not showing up at all…"

"Well, then I must help you out; if you plan on showing up late next time, don't bother about dropping in and just don't show up at all!"

Yami nodded and narrowed his eyes a bit, muttering, "We have a deal, dudette…"

And he took his seat…

Seto watched him from the corner of his eyes, scanning the person sitting a few seats across from him.

He watched in silence as Yami took out a random notebook with weird, gruesome designs drawn on it and started to silently doodle inside on one of the pages, not paying attention or caring about the Organic Chemistry lesson being taught.

Seto shook his head and turned away; people might think that only it was because he's still in the heat of receiving his badge that he's thinking like that…but they were wrong, those who thought that.

Even before he knew he was picked as the lucky candidate for the Head-Boy badge, he always wished he would set Yami Motou straight.

The guy was addicted to rule breaking! Every year, he made sure that his uniform is a size or two smaller than his real size. And even when he shows up in school causing a hell of a controversy because of the tightness of the uniform, it wasn't like he stuck to the proper version of the said uniform. Those studded boots, with belts and buckles going all around them and the trousers of the uniform tucked in them, as well as the choker going around his neck, never were and never will be a part of the school uniform.

And even in gym classes, he refused to wear the proper uniform, showing up each time with long-sleeved shirts to piss their coach off, not caring that, each time, he lost ten marks from gym class.

And he wasn't just addicted to rule breaking. That wasn't even half the problem! He was a hardcore heroin addict. It was common knowledge, just like everyone knew when the lunch hour is, they knew that Yami was a heroin addict.

However, in spite of all of that, he, surprisingly, passed every test with a somewhat acceptable grade. And we say acceptable, because at the rate he missed classes and ignored questions in the classes he graces with his presence, it would be acceptable (even more than that) to score 15 out of 20 in almost every test.

He didn't have friends. He just wandered around from class to class with his bag dragged behind him like a disobedient puppy as people left him alone, questioning his sanity.

And now, as Seto shook himself out of his staring trance, Yami signed his name on whatever he'd doodled on in his notebook with his left hand and looked up when the bell rang. He gave another smack-stoned grin to Mrs. Harold and hit his chest twice with his fist then drew it away, putting up his index and middle fingers in the traditional, peace-out sign, and he said while winking with one of his strange, kohl-rimmed crimson eyes, "Peace out, dudester!"

Seto's eyes widened at his audacity and he shook his head as he gathered his things.

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