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Leave Out All The Rest

Chapter Fifteen

Maybe it wouldn't be a wise thing to do…

No, actually, Yami was sure that it was not the right thing to do. He was sure he was going to regret it. He was sure that he was going to walk out feeling worse than ever. Because…sensibly thinking of it –stressing on 'sensibly'—what could possibly be the outcome of such a confrontation, other than more pain, humiliation, suffering and reinforcement of the inescapable fact that he will never truly walk out unscathed from the battle that had been his life formerly.

But then again…he hadn't really been known for being sensible.

Perhaps he still had hope that his father would show some inkling of remorse, for what he had done. Maybe it was that craving to see that small flicker of regret flicking through the crimson eyes that had stared at him with nothing but contempt and sadism for the past few years. Maybe then he would be able to understand that all of this hadn't been intentional. Or maybe he just needed a really, really solid proof that the monster was locked up.

Seto told him that he didn't have to do it. More than four times that morning itself and countless times over the past five days when Yami first announced that he was going to pay his father a visit. But Yami knew he didn't have to. He knew he didn't have to go through with this visit. Seto told him that all he had to do was stay at home, relax and wait until he had to go give his statement in the court of law. He needn't worry about anything else.

"I am not worried," he told Seto, curled up as he was on the couch, with a heavy blanket covering him. He meant it. He was not worried. Not back at that particular moment, when everything seemed to be so damn perfect. For the first time in forever, he was experiencing a combination of the bliss of not being in pain, being sober, not expecting to be in pain any time soon and enjoying the company of the people sitting with him in the same room.

He had been released from the hospital just day before yesterday. Seto took him home. The Mansion. He hadn't fully recovered, he wasn't even close. Dr. Cormack told him that his ribs may give him some difficulty for a very long time to follow. The vicious concussion no longer bothered him, although the wound itself was tender and made talking, or even sleeping, a painful task at times. The wounds scabbed over. Bruises started fading. Stiff muscles were regaining their function again.

The only injuries that physically healed completely, were the ones he got from the excessively brutal desecration. That last time his father had taken him against his will…was the worst. And that was saying something. He didn't mind the others. He didn't mind it when breathing itself hurt him because of his ribs and when he couldn't sleep because of the throbbing headache. No, he found that he couldn't stand the sickening discomfort that the injury from the vindictive way in which Samuel took him that day. He was eternally grateful when the pain started fading, no longer paralyzing his legs beyond any movement. It had been most annoying, for the next few days after he woke up, having to stay in bed all the time because every time he attempted to move, his legs would give out from beneath him because of the pain that extended to every corner of his body. It was the only thing that healed completely…

But even if he still wasn't completely alright…he was much, much better.

He had smiled, snuggled deeper under the warm blanket, crimson eyes shifting between Seto, who sat with his arm resting on his shoulders, and Mokuba who was sitting on the ground, books spread out on the coffee table, and Téa, who was seated with a mug of hot chocolate in her hands on one of the armchairs, before repeating, "I am not worried."

"Yeah, well, I am," Seto protested, frowning. He sighed when Yami gave him a small, content smile and sipped on the sweet hot chocolate, savoring the marshmallows and small pieces of walnuts. Mokuba was really good at making this stuff, he observed absentmindedly as Seto added, "I just don't understand. Why do you want to go?"

Yami stared at his mug for a while longer, before shrugging, "Dunno."

Of course, Seto did not stop trying to make him go back on his decision. He didn't. He couldn't explain it; he was not lying when he said he didn't know why he wanted to go see his father. He seriously had no clue. But he did not want to explain it. He had made the excuse of wanting to see regret in his father's eyes, but like that, he knew he was fooling himself so he stopped trying to explain it. He knew he needed to get this visit done and over with, but he didn't know why.

"You don't have to do this," Seto had repeated to him that night. He was sitting on the edge of Yami's bed…in the very same room he had been given when he stayed at the Mansion the past two times.

"I know," Yami replied, giving him an uncertain little smile.

Seto stared at him in silence for a while longer, before sighing for the millionth time that day and mumbling, "Alright Yami…whatever you want."

He was about to get up to go to his room. It was something that Seto firmly stuck to and planned to abide by until the time was right. He did not want to make Yami feel any form of pressure from him. He kept his distance at all times, not initiating the slightest physical contact until and unless Yami demanded it.

However, before he could get up, Yami grabbed his wrist and stopped him. He turned to look at him, so Yami nibbled uncertainly on the corner of his lower lip and after another moment's hesitation tugged harder on Seto's wrist while getting up from where he had been lying in bed. He stared a while longer into Seto's blue eyes, reading the love and unconditional support there, before tugging on the sweatshirt Seto was wearing, pulling him close for a kiss.

When they pulled apart, Yami wrapped his arms around his neck and whispered into his ear, "Sleep here tonight…" Seto had tried to pull away immediately, but Yami held on tighter, whispering, "Just to sleep…please."

Yami smiled calmly as he walked towards the place where he would be seeing his father for the first time in two weeks. The smile lingered on his features as he thought of last night, which happened to be the first night in forever, where he slept feeling safe and indifferent. His hand curled tighter around Seto's and, just like he expected, it squeezed his back reassuringly offering the support he had been anticipating…

However, said support only provided ease of mind for just a few moments. Less than a minute later, his heart felt as though it was trying to jump out of his ribcage, his breath coming out in short, uncomfortable little gasps of anxiety as he stood before the door of the room where his father was supposedly seated, waiting for him and Seto. He raised a hand and unconsciously, he held onto the front of the leather jacket he was wearing, as though trying to still the painful way with which his heart was beating. He closed his eyes, praying for strength to do this. He needed to do this, he reminded himself. If he didn't…if he didn't do this, then he would never be free…

"I'm here…" Seto's voice, as well as another tiny squeeze to his hand, shook him out of the tiny panic attack he had passed into.

He blinked, raising his eyes to stare into the clear blue eyes that darkened ever-so-slightly with the trust, determination and sincerity that gave Yami all the strength he needed at that moment. Whatever was past that door…he could face it. Seto was there. That was all he needed and all he could ask for. Squeezing Seto's hand back then letting it go after a moment of hesitation, Yami nodded to the guard, telling him that he was ready.

The man stepped inside and Yami walked into the room behind him, a sense of calmness washing over him so suddenly, he had no chance to even know where it came from. In fact, he was surprised to find his lips tugging up in a smile, so small and unnoticeable, that it could have passed as a content look, as his eyes met the familiar crimson eyes, hauntingly identical to his own in shade. His only consolation, as he calmly greeted, "Hello, dad," was the fact that his eyes did not mirror the surprised, hazy look in those pair of crimson eyes…which, even now, in prison…in so much trouble, stared at him with a mad glint that had a hint of that dark lust that seemed to be always present in them.

He swallowed in fear, but made sure that on the outside, he still wore the calmness that now seemed to be seeping away from him faster than water seeping through lax fingers. The look of surprise faded so fast, Yami wondered if it had even been there to begin with. And when it faded, that look of apathetic amusement that Yami was so used to, surfaced onto his father's handsome, calm features, so that as he sat there, dressed the in the prison's greens, strands of his hair falling into his half-lidded crimson eyes, he seemed as though he hadn't a care in the world.

"Hello, Yami…" he replied, and Yami did not know if he was truly replying to his greeting or mocking him.

He did not run away yet. He sat down in the chair opposite Samuel's, as Seto exchanged a venomous look with his father.

In response to the contempt he saw in Seto's eyes, Samuel shifted his own eyes to stare at Yami with an overly wicked expression, licking his lips obscenely and huskily mumbling, "I missed you."

Yami shuddered and felt his stomach, empty because he felt too nervous to put anything in today morning, turn. Bile burnt a path up to his throat and he swallowed queasily, muttering sourly, "Can't say feelings are likewise."

Samuel did not answer.

The silence persisted. Yami was unwilling to break it, staring at the edge of the table with a solemn look on his face as he thought of what was going on right now. He thought of what was going on right now and how different it was, yet how similar, to how things happened for the past…decade or more.

He recalled Yugi and the way they used to laugh with each other during the less stifling times, when both their 'parents' were away, busy destroying something else other than their children. He could clearly remember the small dimple that appeared on Yugi's left cheek whenever he smiled and the way his amethyst eyes would sparkle…

He clearly remembered the last time he saw those eyes open. He clearly remembered how different they were…dead, faded, dull. He remembered hearing the words, "It's all your fault!" being yelled at him as he watched the last flicker of life fading from them. He remembered having to close them with his own hands just before darkness overwhelmed him, until he woke up days later in a hospital. He remembered the endless nights he spent alone in bed after that trying to deal with the uncontrollable guilt and unstoppable tears.

He remembered Téa telling him that it wasn't his fault. She had been so sweet back then…little in size, with big blue eyes and the two pigtails in her hair. He could remember waking up in the hospital once with his right hands in a cast and the same blue eyes staring at him in worry.

He remembered the first time he started cutting, after his finger accidentally slipped on a kitchen knife while making himself something to eat. Sitting there in this somewhat large room in the heart of the prison, he stared with dry, expressionless eyes at his arm, covered by the leather sleeve of his jacket. He imagined the disgusting mess that was his skin beneath it. And then he recalled how much he often thought that this scarred terrain was nothing but a meager, inaccurate physical representation of what he was on the inside…

It was so similar, yet so different. Similar because it was ugly… hideous and he couldn't stand the sight of it. Yet it was so different because the bigger, uglier scars than the ones on his arms, were not seen. They were not spread out, bare to the whole world to speculate and analyze. So similar, yet so different…

Just the way his father was currently staring at him from across the table. He knew the look. He had it ingrained permanently in his mind's eye forever. He would never, ever forget the look of crazed, incoherent hunger, accentuated grotesquely by possessiveness and tinged with light traces of contempt that made his skin crawl and made him feel lower than dirt. But nothing could be compared to how the small flickers of love and admiration that seeped into the hair-raising expression, made him feel. It left him confused, uncertain, vulnerable… it was the same way his father had stared at him, that one particular night when he woke up feeling hands running over his body, touching him where he knew he shouldn't be touched…

Yet, that time he was alone. Now, although he felt terrified just like the first time he took notice of that feral, possessive look, he felt also reassured a little, feeling the warmth from Seto's body all along his side as he sat beside him, a hand curled loosely around his. Back then he was a frightened child, confused, unable to resist and unable to do anything except submit. Now…that too was different. Now he was a child no longer but a strong, fully-grown young man who had strength that people more than three times his age did not possess.

He smiled suddenly, realizing that, in comparison to the fear he was feeling right now, and how low his father's stare made him feel…it was nothing compared to confidence he had acquired over the past few weeks.

He looked up and finally met his father's eyes…

"How are they treating you here?" he asked. He was gloating. He could feel the smirk spreading across his features. He had never believed in karma up to this moment. Now he knew what it was like to be staring from above, to have someone else squirming under his gaze instead of having it the other way round. Granted, his father was not actually squirming, but it was so delightful to see the flash of surprise that flittered in the crimson pools staring into his own, in response to his sudden question.

There was silence for a few moments. Seto shifted slightly, crossing his legs. He still did not say a word, resorting to sitting there silently, staring with unwavering eyes at Samuel, whose eyes flickered over to the brunet, stared at him with a debauched look, crimson eyes dragging over the tall, slender frame with exaggerated hunger and boldness, intended to make Seto uneasy.

Seeing that Seto was completely unfazed by his attempts, Samuel smirked and looked at Yami once more, "Concerned so much about me, Yami?"

"Ha!" the snort of bitter amusement rang out loud and clear in the bare room. Yami started chuckling in hilarity, his father's words amusing him beyond reason. "Do you really believe so?" he asked, his voice full of his laughter.

"I am sure of so…" Samuel replied with a smug, self-assured smile. "I know you too well, Yami…" he added, his gaze drifting over to Seto once more to give him a haughty smile…as though he knew something the brunet didn't. "Aren't you concerned about me, Yami?" he added, still staring at Seto in the eye, unwilling to break the contact. It was a battle entirely different from the one Yami was having with his father… neither wanted to lose.

In response to his father's question, Yami's laughter was toned down to a bitter little smile, "Yes…I am…"

At his words, Yami felt Seto tilt his head towards him ever-so-slightly, surprise emanating off his form unchecked, as Yami's response came completely unexpected to him.

Samuel started laughing. Yami watched him with sad eyes and the same bitter smile, as he seemed to find something absolutely hilarious about Seto's surprise. However, the smile faded into a gloomy expression once again, as his father's laughter subsided, the dark amusement giving way to power-crazed lust. "He does not know…that you can never love anyone but me…he doesn't know that no one loves you as much as I love you, Yami…"

The words left Yami immobilized with fear and shock. He did not notice, until after it happened, that his father's hand had slid over the table's top, crossing the distance between them, to grab his hand and hold it. The familiar fingers touched his own, sliding gently over his knuckles in the barest of caresses.

Yami froze…

In a second, Seto had moved, grabbing hold of Samuel's wrist. Yami flinched away in fear as the familiar touch, which had his flesh crawling with the uneasy sensation it caused, was removed away from him. Seto held Samuel's wrist in a vice-like grip, glaring coldly at the older man as he removed his hand away from Yami's, coolly, detachedly commanding with a voice that would have sent the bravest of men cowering beneath the brunet's feet, "Don't touch him…"

Had Yami been aware of anything save for the terror coursing through his veins, he would have marveled at the challenge that was exchanged between Seto and his father. Their eyes held one another's, glaring venomously as though they were trying to set the other on fire through looks alone. They seemed as though they were predators challenging the other to a test of strength and worth, about to leap on the other's throat to kill him without mercy. Perhaps they were about to do just that…but the guard with them in the room finally reached the table and interfered, disengaging them from the close proximity that would have led to murder in just a few seconds…

After the commotion settled down again, Samuel's hand back at his side of the table and Seto seated as calmly as ever in his place as well, Yami's shock subsided and he found himself mobile once again. That was terrifying…more terrifying than he ever thought it would be, after having those hands touch every inch of his body. The simple touch was unexpected and unwanted…

"So many precautions against me, Yami…?" Samuel whispered, finally breaking the moment of silence that passed over the room. "So many precautions against the one who loves you the most…?"

"You don't love me!" Yami viciously spat, looking up. The suddenness of the exclamation struck Samuel speechless. Yami glared so heatedly at him and, obviously, in doing so, he managed to shut him up long enough to add, "And I do not love you… understand that!"

It sounded so childish to his ears, what he just said. But it really made no difference because that is exactly what he felt. He had no doubt in his heart that there wasn't a single moment in his entire life that this man sitting before him, ever felt the slightest stirring of love in his heart for him. Likewise…he never felt remotely related to Samuel, not in any way.

"So…do you hate me, then?"

The question was uttered with such sadness; it made Yami's eyes moisten. Did he hate his father?

"No…" he replied, more to his own mental enquiry, than to his father's. He raised his head, blinked once, hence releasing the tears accumulating in his eyes, letting them travel in two, hot twin tracks down his features that relaxed into another smile, only this one was not so bitter and had a lot more hope in it than the previous one. "No, dad…I don't hate you. At least…not anymore."

He could feel Seto's eyes on him, as well as the guard's, as they both stared at him in confusion and uncertainty, not understanding him at all. But he ignored their puzzled looks, focusing instead on his father's expressions, as they too were flooded with confusion.

"Hate…will ruin my life," he stated simply. His smile widened and, tearing his eyes away from Samuel, he reached for Seto's hand, which immediately reached out for his as well. He wiped away the trails the tears made on his face and he stared at Seto for a while longer, exchanging a look of determination, trust and unconditional love with the brunet, before turning back to Samuel who was glaring at their joined hands, then added, "I have the rest of my life ahead of me, dad…already, you have ruined it enough. You've taken away what you should not have taken…you've mutilated me physically and mentally beyond repair…to be honest, I think that that is enough damage. I will not add to it by festering in my hate for you."

He stood up, having nothing more to say really.

As if on cue, Seto stood up as well, falling behind him slightly, towards his side, and Yami felt reassured at feeling the warmth of his body along his own as he stared one final time at his father while adding, "I am going to walk out of this room right now…and I will try my hardest to forget about you for the rest of my life. I may not succeed in doing so…but my only consolation is that you, on the other hand…you will remember me for the rest of your life, dad…"

He gave Seto a smile, which was returned by a small one, as he turned around and walked towards the door. However, before he reached it, he paused for a moment, then turned back to Samuel who sat with his fists clenched till his knuckles turned white, and laughed mirthfully, "And don't let my words about me not loving you affect you…don't worry; you'll get plenty of love in prison. The same kind of love you've shown me…"

And with lethal calmness, he turned around once again and walked out of the room.

Seto lingered a while longer, casting one last disgusted glance at the monster sitting in the middle of the room. He halted his journey out of the place when Samuel's eyes held his own blue ones in an intense gaze filled with intensity he was unfamiliar with.

"He will always be mine…"

Seto's eyes narrowed and contempt flooded his blue eyes. "Enjoy your prolonged stay in prison, Mr. Motou," he calmly said, before turning around and leaving.

Three Minutes Later

Seto eyed Yami carefully, as he sat in the corner of the limo, staring out of the window as the vehicle was driven out of the prison's premises. He bit his lip slightly, contemplating what he just witnessed in that small room, and Yami's unexpected responses. To be honest, he hadn't known what he should be expecting from this visit; hell, he did not even know why Yami needed to see that monster ever again. But even if he had not expected the confrontation to go the way it did…he never thought that what was said in that room was even imaginable…

But why was he thinking about that now, when Yami so obviously wanted to leave all of it behind him? He scolded himself and after only a second's pause to decide on the next course of action, he muttered, "Hey, you okay?" as he scooted closer to Yami's body, whose language screamed bloody murder with how tense it was.

Yami blinked and averted his eyes from the passing scenery. For a moment, as Seto held his gaze and tried to send reassurances through it while holding onto Yami's thin hand, he saw an expression of uncertainty in the crimson orbs, as though Yami had no idea where he was at the moment, or what was going on. A second later, his other hand had risen, gently caressing Yami's cheek softly with his knuckles.

To his relief, he found Yami's body relaxing and his face breaking into a genuine smile. He moved closer, away from the window, and scooted closer as well, leaning into Seto's touch and raising his arm to wrap it around the brunet's waist, leaning his head against his shoulder. "Yeah…I'm good…" he reassured, Seto feeling him nod slightly to reinforce his answer.

Silence wrapped around them warmly for the next minute or two. Seto grinned as he thought of the past few months, and everything that Yami managed to accomplish. All was well, he thought to himself happily, craning his head downwards slightly so that his lips brushed the soft strands of multicolored hair.

At his motion, Yami shifted slightly and stared up at him, beaming widely, eyes sparkling with many positive emotions that Seto had no time to decipher, before his attention was distracted by the words, "Thank you…so much."

"I hardly think I should be thanked for anything, Yami," Seto said, his smile widening.

"No!" Yami quickly told him, his hands moving to quickly grab Seto's. "Don't even try to belittle what you did for me; you…" he paused, staring at the slender digits that moved during the while of silence, to entwine with his own, before looking up to stare into Seto's blue eyes once again, "If it wasn't for you…I would not have been here now. This would not have been what's happening…"

Seto couldn't demean the moment with words, because none were appropriate enough to reply to Yami's bright, hopeful, grateful expression. So, he simply settled onto removing one of his hands from Yami's, raising it to once again caress the delicate line of the prominent cheekbone, sliding into the soft, multicolored locks and tangling in them, drawing Yami nearer to him, so that their lips met in what would later on be remembered to be the first kiss without Samuel's shadow looming over them…

Three Days Later

Yami chewed on the cherry he picked up from the bowl, fingers idly stroking the area behind Hoshi's left ear, making the kitten purr happily where it was lying curled up docilely on his lap. He kept his eyes fixed on the bowl of fruits lying beside him on Seto's cozy, comfortable bed which was simply too large to accommodate five people, each lying miles away from each other.

Whenever his gaze strayed away from the fruits, he made sure to stare at the figure sitting beside him on the bed. Seto was restlessly working on his laptop, which was the only compromise out of a long, tedious argument he had with Yami when the latter demanded that he set aside his work for the rest of the day. It was just one hour after they agreed to go upstairs, abandoning Seto's home office to the more comfortable bedroom. They had been sitting this way for that duration of time, Seto working and Yami enjoying the comfortable, peaceful silence, interrupted only by the sound of the brunet's fingers tapping elegantly against the keyboard, and the occasional, appreciative purrs the kitten made.

Yami anxiety was growing, so was his anticipation. He planned something…he planned to ask Seto for something. He didn't know if Seto was going to abide to his wishes or not. He was torn between conflicting emotions. A part of him wanted Seto to agree so badly…yet, he feared that if Seto agreed, it would bring back horrors he no longer wanted to deal with, hence disappointing Seto's expectations. Another part of him wanted Seto to refuse…but that too, he was scared of, because he did not know if he was strong enough not to take it as rejection…

His hand reached for the bowl of fruits…then paused, when he realized that his only distraction from his worried thoughts, was over, settling comfortably in his stomach.

He sighed…

The sound of tapping stopped and Yami felt Seto's eyes shift, settling on him.

Yami shifted slightly, placing the bowl on the nightstand, then moving carefully to place the now-sleeping cat in her little basket beside the bed. He kept his eyes fixed on the small animal for a few minutes, as he listened contemplatively to the sounds Seto was making as he shut down his laptop finally and seemed to prepare for sleep.

It was alright, now… after that night before his visit to his father in prison, they both shared a bed without Seto complaining. It made Yami smile a little, the fact that it was Seto who was complaining about the rightness of the time for this arrangement and the tiny little step forward.

His smile was obviously noticed by Seto who shifted closer to him after taking his place on the other side of the bed, wrapping his arm around his shoulder and pulling him close. Yami naturally found himself falling into the familiar position, his legs curling up and his body leaning closer to Seto's, head resting on his shoulder as the brunet asked with a smile evident in his words, "What's funny?"

Yami shook his head, "Nothing…just remembering someone being silly." And he accompanied his words with a slight poke to Seto's side.

Seto's lack of question regarding that "silly person's" identity, made him laugh softly.

When his little giggle died down, he found himself suddenly losing the smile that lingered after the brief moment of laughter. Once again, because of their current position, his thoughts took him to what he had been contemplating moments ago.

Unconsciously, his body stiffened with tension, and inevitably, Seto noticed.

"What's wrong?" the brunet asked, and started withdrawing away from him, thinking that perhaps their close proximity had startled Yami in some way and was the cause for his discomfort…

Yami's hands moved as fast as lightening, clutching tightly at the front of the sweatshirt Seto was wearing, stopping his retreat, even pulling him closer as he jerked him back in place. Silence hung heavy over them for a while, their eyes staring deep into one another's, as though trying to reach out for some untouchable part of the other's soul. Yami could easily read the deep caring and honesty in the clear blue orbs, hiding behind the confusion.

"Yami…?" Seto whispered questioningly, unsure of what was going on.

At the sound of his name, Yami felt his chest tightening so much… the single, one-worded question speaking his name aloud, it made him ache with the need to be with this person who was the reason why his life now was so different from what it had been for the past 12 years, in every single way possible.

Without another word, Yami pulled Seto even closer, before pausing, suddenly unsure of what he was going to ask.

Seto took the decision for him, lips curling in a small smile, before they made contact with Yami's skin, kissing and gently caressing the corner of Yami's closed, pliable, petal-soft lips. A soft breath escaped Yami, making him realize that he had not been breathing for the past few seconds. He kept his eyes open, glad that Seto did the same. Because, when their gazes met, Yami could read so many different emotions flickering through the endless pools of blue before his eyes; he barely had time to try and recognize some of those emotions.

Yami moved back ever so slightly, giving Seto a small smile of his own. He raised his hand and let the tips of his fingers brush the pale skin on the prominent cheekbone, before letting them trail into the soft brown tresses, disturbing their neat arrangement. He leaned his forehead against Seto's, looking deeply into his eyes, blurting out suddenly, "Make love to me…"

Seto froze for a second, before starting to move back.

"No!" Yami stopped him, once again tugging on his clothes and jerking him close. "Please…I want this…" he implored, feeling that previous tightening in his chest once again, this time ten times as bad…

"Not yet, Yami…" Seto shook his head.

"No, I want it to be now…I'm ready," Yami pleaded, his hold tightening on the fabric in which his fists were bunched.

Once again, Seto shook his head, "I don't want to be a reason for your discomfort, Yami."

"You won't!" Yami cried in desperation. "I really want this…you won't make me uncomfortable. Seto, this won't get better unless we take this step. Please…" The first flicker of doubt and uncertainty that tainted the determination in Seto's blue eyes, was Yami's cue to try harder. He shifted, lifting himself from his place, swinging one of his legs on Seto's other side, so that he was now straddling the brunet's slender form.

"Yami, I don't want to scare y…" Seto started once again, but Yami did not let him continue.

He placed their lips together, mimicking Seto's earlier, gentle moves, placing small caresses and slight nips on the tender skin of the brunet's lower lip. He was adamant to get through with this. He kept up his soft ministrations, until finally, Seto relented, letting one hand travel up to Yami's smooth, multicolored locks, to pull him close, while opening his mouth to respond to the soft touches and induce more of the sexy little sounds Yami was making.

Yami tilted his head to the side slightly, allowing Seto easy access to his mouth, responding quite contently to the tender treatment which he never even dreamed to ever receive.

It didn't take long until he grinned in lazy triumph when he felt the obvious stirrings of excitement in Seto's body that told him that he had been successful in seducing the brunet.

"Come on, Seto…" he whispered, allowing his mouth to trail down Seto's jaw line, scattering small kisses and caresses, until he reached the pulse point on the long, slender column of the brunet's neck. He sucked at it expertly, irritating the creamy-white skin with little licks and light suction, making Seto's breathing comes out more raggedly than its usual rhythm.

When he drew back, he smiled lazily to see the obvious, reddish-brown mark that marred the otherwise smooth flesh.

"I promise you, if I don't want to go on, I'll tell you," Yami swore, staring pleadingly into the blue eyes that darkened from their beautiful cerulean shade, into a dangerous royal blue one…

For the rest of the night, the request to stop never came.

Three Weeks Later

Seto barely managed to keep in his laughter at Yami's expression as Michael and Téa joined their table at lunch. He warily eyed Téa's boyfriend with distrusting, carefully crimson eyes, as he nibbled on his bar of Cadbury, listening in silence to the couple talking casually with Seto and amongst themselves. It wasn't easy for Yami to so quickly trust the person who was about to turn him into a doormat once, Seto could clearly see that.

However, Michael made an impressive job out of acting as normal as possible. Inevitably, Yami started unwinding. Fifteen minutes after the start of the lunch hour, he suddenly spoke while Téa was speaking to Michael about a new movie in the theatre, commenting randomly that he thought the greatest movies ever made, were the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

There was silence at the table for a few moments, before Seto suddenly started laughing. Yami glared indignantly at him, protesting, "What! The Elves are all really cool."

Seto started laughing even louder.

Yami was momentarily distracted when Téa and Michael both started laughing as well, before he turned to glare at Seto even more, a fist landing a painful little punch on the brunet's shoulder.

"Ow! What was that for?" Seto asked, rubbing the sore spot through his school uniform. Even then, he was still laughing.

"Because you're making fun of me," Yami told him, returning to his chocolate and silence, which was now more sulking than wary and hesitant.

"Aww, Yami, he wasn't making fun of you…really," Téa told him, giving Michael a similar punch on the shoulder to stop him from laughing.

Yami sourly glared at all of them but said nothing.

"We can go watch that movie Téa was talking about," Michael suggested amiably. He held Yami's gaze, when he looked up in surprise. He then turned to Seto, adding, "Tonight or tomorrow night, if Kaiba's not busy?"

"If Yami's okay with it, why not?" Seto said, looking at Yami questioningly, asking his opinion of the matter.

Yami stared blankly at the three of them, one after the other, disbelieving that the suggestion came from Michael, and deliriously happy to see three similar hopeful expressions in their eyes. He stayed silent for a few more moments, gathering himself properly before responding, "Tomorrow night would be okay…today…it's not possible." He had an appointment with his psychiatrist at 4:30 today.

"Tomorrow night then. The seven o'clock show?" Michael nodded, exchanging looks with Seto and Téa, to see if they were cool with this arrangement as well. When they nodded their consent, he turned back to Yami once again and remarked, "And by the way, Yami…" Yami looked up at him again from where he had lowered his head to stare at the edge of the table with a silly little smile on his face. "I think Elves are awesome, too," Michael resumed, mimicking Yami's sheepish grin.

The rest of the lunch hour was spent with Téa muttering, "I cannot believe it!" about Michael's last comment. Yami easily found himself feeling comfortable in the conversation to follow. It was a great feeling. To be able to sit there and talk to other human beings, without worrying about being in pain, or being too doped up to be able to hold a civilized conversation, or expecting to go home to hell. He enjoyed it. A lot…

After lunch hour, was a Math class. Yami sat beside Seto, taking out his notebook and starting to copy the example on the board, into it as the teacher explained the very complicated aspects of indices, which, only three months ago, he would never have been able to follow because of lack of concentration.

He had returned to school two days ago. He hardly ever said a thing in class; the teachers –except for Mr. Anderson, of course—, as well his classmates, did not have any idea where he was, or what happened in the past three months. Hence, they had no idea he was no longer the same person. He was afraid of their reaction. Seto knew that and had tried to tell him that no one has the right to judge him for anything…

Still, he kept to himself, working in silence as example after example was explained. He understood the lesson smoothly, because it was easy, and everyone else seemed to think so as well.

However, the teacher suddenly raised his head from where he had been seated at his desk, asking, "Does anyone know why…" he paused, making sure he got the attention of the entire class, before adding with a small smile, "why when a number has a 0 index, it is always equal to 1?"

Yami blinked, as the class fell into silence for a while, before a small buzz started up, with side discussions getting initiated, derisive comments getting passed, and questions of "who cares" erupting from more than just a few of his classmates' mouths.

Seto glanced at Yami, studying him in silence, watching as expression of thoughtfulness appeared in his crimson eyes, before a hint of hesitant recognition took its place. The brunet smiled, "Tell him…"

Yami blinked, "What?"

"The answer…you figured it out, right?"

Yami frowned slightly, "I think, yeah."

"Then tell him. No one else is saying anything useful. You'd have tried," Seto cajoled. He needed Yami to have a lot more confidence in himself from now on. He was so smart, now that he was no longer under the crushing influence of his father and his drug addiction. He could very clearly see the beautiful potential Yami had in him to become a very successful person in spite of everything that happened to him so far.

"He's just gonna shun me," Yami whispered and sank lower in his seat.

"Nope, he won't. I'll shun him if he shuns you," Seto reassured. "Come on! Just give it a try…"

At that moment, the teacher sighed, "Come on, people…you're all supposed to be smart 11-graders here…"

Seto raised his eyebrows encouragingly.

Yami bit his lip for a moment in uncertainty, then spoke out loud.

"Because…" he stopped for a second to gather his thoughts and courage since everyone's eyes turned to him in surprise.

Seto saw the adorable tinge of red brushing over Yami's cheeks at being the center of attention. It was not something that Yami wasn't used to…he was just not used to the fact that he was actually not being rude or bitter or defiant, but was actually genuinely trying to participate in the classroom.

"Because, when a number has the index of 0, that number is actually the result of the division of two identical numbers…with identical indices." Yami completed his sentence, but then when he saw that his classmates were staring in confusion at him, he added, "For example, if we have 2-cubed, divided by 2-cubed as well. The laws state that we should subtract the indices, right? So if we subtract the indices, that is, 3 minus 3, we will get 0. So the number becomes 2-raise-to-0. Now is we look at it in another way, we will see that 2-cubed, which is 8, divided by 2-cubed, also 8, it becomes…1. So we can say that 8 divided to 8, is the same as 2-cubed divided to 2-cubed, which is also the same as 2-raise-to-0, which all equate to…1."

There was pin drop silence in the class after the explanation. Seto could see Yami's face turning a rosy brown shade, as he sank lower in his chair, trying to disappear and wondering what the hell Seto got him into. He seemed quite sure that he was about to get mocked right now.

However, he was proven wrong when the teacher's face broke into a huge grin and he said, "Very good…well done," and turned to the rest of the classroom, muttering, "It's good to know that at least one person is smart enough to be here…"

And he picked up his marker and walked to the white-board to start explaining on it what Yami just said.

Yami was blinking in shock, looking at Seto disbelievingly, as though he didn't know what just happened. Seto just laughed and playfully tugged on a stray bang of his hair, going back to solving the problems they were given.

Three Months Later

He was detached from what was happening around him, not wanting to acknowledge it, yet wanting to start laughing in vengeful happiness. It was his right, he had the right to start laughing happily because of the justice that was finally bestowed upon him and the one who ruined his life.

He was aware of Seto wrapping an arm around him, and aware of himself turning in the seat to wrap his own arms around Seto's neck and bury his face in his shoulder, to try and hide from the whole situation. And he was then aware of the tears that streamed down his face in torrents. He was also aware of the rustle of people getting up. He could also vaguely hear the attorney congratulating them on the easy victory and the correct implementation of the law in such a case.

But, in his mind, words were replaying in his mind as though in a lullaby that soothed his aching, abused soul, giving it deliverance from the ghost of the person who the sentence was passed against in this court of law…

"Find…Samuel Motou…guilty of…the jury's decision…power…sentence…life imprisonment without parole…"

Yami raised his and got up suddenly. Seto immediately followed, holding his hand and walking out from their place behind their table. He walked with detached determination towards the table on the opposite side of the hall, towards his father, who was getting led away towards the exit of the hall.

The police officers stopped when Yami stood before his father, staring up into his eyes with the same serene, peaceful expression he wore when he walked into the prison room to visit him.

The moment went on forever, the two similar pairs of crimson eyes staring deeply into the other, holding so many conversations, saying so many words and exchanging what was never said between Yami and his father.

"Goodbye, dad," Yami finally said, his smile widening ever-so-slightly.

He turned around, not sparing his father another glance, and raised Seto's hand to his chest lovingly, while leaning into his side, as the brunet led him out of the building.

That was the last time he ever saw his father ever again, and the last he heard of him, too.

Three Years Later

"Baby, I'm back!"

Yami smiled widely and scrambled to his feet, from where he was sitting sprawled on the floor of the living room, books spread out around him. He half-ran towards the door to meet Seto, who was taking off his coat to it on the hanger beside the front doors of the Mansion. Without waiting for Seto finish the task, Yami hauled himself at the brunet, throwing his arms around his neck and pulling him down to kiss him on the lips, taking advantage of how Seto was tangled up in his coat and couldn't maneuver out of the situation.

They kissed for long, until they both ran out of breath. Seto smiled when they moved apart for just an inch or two, asking as he completed the task of removing the coat, "Missed me that much?"

"You should move KaibaCorp here," Yami suggested.

"Wouldn't it be easier if we shift your faculty as well as your books, to KaibaCorp?" Seto asked, placing his briefcase on the table in the hallway.

"You want to shift Domino's Faculty of Biomedical Genetics beside KaibaCorp? Politicians will think you're planning something fishy," Yami joked, shoving at Seto's shoulder playfully.

Seto laughed and once again pulled Yami into his arms to kiss him, before asking, "Are you too busy? Let's go out for dinner…"

"Okay, I'll go get dressed into something more presentable," Yami laughed, looking down at the pair of black sweatpants he was wearing, and the dark blue hoodie, whose hood mussed up his hair and turned it into a tangled mess of curls on top of his head.

Seto smiled and nodded, watching him rush upstairs to their room, before walking over to the living room. He smiled once again at the mess the numerous books in the room, and set about trying to gather them into a less disarrayed arrangement.

However, as he picked up the book Yami had been copying his notes from, his eyes inevitably fell onto the open page of the diary Yami was told to keep by his psychiatrist, to record all of his feelings, thoughts and days' happenings in.

It was not voluntary; he wanted to keep Yami's privacy, and he always vowed to himself that he would never violate it. And he was successful for the past three years. Yet now he couldn't help but read the last few paragraphs written there.

"Sometimes nowadays, I keep thinking back on how I used to think that the situation is hopeless and that I am no longer good for anything…that perhaps I should simply end it all and leave people behind and run away from thinking that they thought of me as a burden.

But now, with Seto beside me all the time like that…with his love and support. I am sure I was wrong back then. I feel that if I am not in Seto's life…or even Mokuba's or Téa's, I think it would not be the same for them…and that they too would not be happy.

I am glad I no longer think like that. I think now I can really start giving back what they have given me…and that is by simply believing that, in spite of all that happened, there are still so many things out there to enjoy. I can now leave out all that happened in the past and move on…and for that, I am happy."

Seto smiled, closing the diary and keeping it in between the piles of notebooks and books. Just as he straightened, Yami came into the room, demanding to go to the Greek restaurant they had gone to on their first date.

Seto smiled and took his hand, "Alright, let's go then, otherwise we won't find a table."

Yami smiled mischievously at him. Seto stared at the happy, serene twinkle of amusement in those crimson eyes, and sighed internally in gratefulness, while Yami joked, "You'd just glare at people and demand they empty a proper table for us…"

"Ah, Yami, you know me too well," Seto said, smiling with an expression that mirrored Yami's.

So, joking and absolutely not caring about anything in the world at that moment, they got inside the car and Seto drove off to their destination…

the end

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