AN: I just want o let you all know. This story takes place after the Stars with one change, the Starlights were 3 different people not Seiya, Taiki and Yaten.

Chapter 1
"Maybe we shouldn't get married then!" Usagi screeched heading towards the door of her and Mamoru's apartment door.
"Maybe you're right! Maybe we should let the past stay in the past!" Mamoru yelled back.
"Fine! I am going to be staying with Rei-Chan until further living arrangements can be found." Usagi slammed the door after her, when she got into the hall she left slightly foolish, she and Mamoru had just called off their wedding over a fight she couldn't remember the point of and she was sure he couldn't either.
Usagi pulled her cell phone out of her purse and dialed Rei's number, "Hi Grandpa Hino is Rei-Chan around? Can I speak to her please? Thanks. Rei-Chan, its Usagi. No, I'm not OK. Listen I need a place to stay for the night, can I stay with you? I'll explain when I get there, OK, I'll be there in a few minutes. Bye."

"You know what you need?" Rei asked when Usagi finished telling her story.
"What?" Usagi sniffed.
"Is to go to a great party." Rei stated.
"A party?" Usagi asked perking up slightly. "What party?"
"This party a bunch of girls from my college are throwing. They invited me and told me to bring who ever I wanted to. It's supposed to be pretty wild, but you sound like you need something to take your mind off of Mamoru-baka. Ami, Minako and Makoto are going too. So are you in?" Rei asked.
"Totally. I think I might go shopping to find a killer outfit, you want to come?" Usagi asked.
"I all ready bought something to wear, and I have some things I have to take care of around here. But have fun, Minako will probably go with you. The party starts at 8."
"OK later." Usagi called over her shoulder.

"Usagi-Chan are you almost ready to go?" Rei asked knocking on the bathroom door where Usagi was changing with her mysterious new outfit.
"Almost let me finish my hair." Usagi replied.
"Usagi-Chan your hair looked fine earlier you didn't have to fix it."
"It looks better now."
"If you don't hurry we are going to be late."
"It's good to be late Rei-Chan, we will make an entrance." Usagi stated.
"Fine! But would you just hurry all ready?" Rei asked, "And why couldn't you just have shown me the outfit earlier?"
"There is a completely different effect when you have it on." Usagi replied. "Here I come."
When Usagi stepped out of the bathroom Rei was stunned, she was expecting probably a cute pair of pants and a cute tee shirt, probably in pink. But the Usagi in front of Rei was completely different then the one Rei had known for 8 years. Usagi stood before Rei in a black spaghetti strap shirt with a Chinese character on the front and fell well above her bellybutton. Her black pants rode low on her hips and the weaving on the inside and outside of her leg showed off skin. Usagi wore black eyeliner and mascara and brown eye shadow, the dark eye make-up set off Usagi's bright blue eyes and red lipsticks completed the make-up. Her hair was up in heart shaped buns like Chibi-Chibi's had been and no hair hung out of them except for a few wisps framing her face.
"Usagi-Chan remind me never to let you go shopping alone again when you are mad at Mamoru." Rei stated.
"Wow Usagi you look hot!" Chad exclaimed but when Rei smacked him in the stomach he added, "To bad I am so in love with Rei. So are you guys ready to go to the party or what?"

"Thanks for the ride you guys!" Usagi exclaimed hopping out of Chad's are when they arrived at the place of the party, "Call me when you are ready to go."
"Usagi-Chan be careful." Rei warned, "I know you and Mamoru are fighting but don't do something you are going to regret."
"Rei-Chan it's me, don't worry." Usagi called over her shoulder.

"She's pretty upset about this whole thing isn't she?" Minako asked as they watched Usagi drink something that resembled a Long Island Ice Tea and flirt with the group of guys that seemed to surround her all night.
Rei nodded, "Yeah, she said that the wedding probably isn't call off she and Mamoru just said some things they shouldn't have. She said the fight started because Mamoru just got back from the States and he's leaving again for another month."
"He just got back today from a months visit!" Makoto exclaimed.
Rei nodded, "That's what started the fight. I mean we still do a lot of things with her but she still has to go back to the apartment alone every night."
"It would be hard on any engagement. Mamoru's company is starting over here but he has to make sure everything is going smoothly in New York for them to work together." Ami sighed.
"When does Mamoru leave again?" Minako asked.
"Friday." Rei replied, "And you now Usagi-Chan she can stay mad at Mamoru for 3 days easily."

"Usagi-Chan are you ready to go?" Rei asked finding Usagi flirting with a man with long black hair.
"No Rei-Chan I don't wanna leave now." Usagi slurred.
"Well Chad and I are ready to go and you have had a long day we should leave now."
"No." Usagi shook her head.
"I could take her home." The man slurred, "Or on second thought I could call a cab take to take her home. Yah see I don't have a car here, but it would be no problem."
"See Rei-Chan, um what's your name again?" Usagi giggled.
"Seiya." The drunken man replied.
"Right! See Rei-Chan Seiya can call a cab to take me home! Go! I'll be fine! I'm a big girl you know!"
"You ready to go?" Chad asked wrapping his arms around Rei's waist.
"Usagi seems to think that she doesn't need to leave now." Rei replied.
"Then let's go." Chad said.
"I'm not leaving with out Usagi." Rei replied sternly.
"Rei-Chan you're not her mother if she doesn't want to leave now then she will leave later."
"Listen to your boyfriend Rei-Chan." Usagi said waving Rei off. "I'll be fine, and I will be home in no time."