Chapter 6: Doing What's Right

Usagi smiled again and brushed away the tears from her cheeks, "OK. I will be out in a minute, let me just fix my make up."

"Hey Usagi-Chan!" Motoki called as Usagi walked out of the cool November air into the arcade.
"Hi Motoki-kun." Usagi returned the greeting.
"How are you today?" Motoki asked as Usagi took a seat at the counter.
Usagi rubbed her stomach covered by a black T-shirt and leather jacket, "Not bad, the baby has been kind of squirmy but I can deal with that."
"Two weeks, are you ready?" Motoki asked.
Usagi smiled, "Ready for after the baby is born, I'm, still trying to prepare myself for the actual birth. Can I get a vanilla shake please?"
Motoki smiled and walked away to get the shake ready while Usagi thought about the days activities. Mamoru had to go to the office for the day, Usagi had started the day early packing her bag and leaving it by the door for when she went into labor. She then went to work, finding that everything was in perfect order within half and hour she spent the rest of her time sitting in on a recording session. Afterwards she had Seiya had had lunch, Seiya had gone back to the studio and Usagi had stopped by Seiya's apartment to make sure everything was perfect in the nursery. Seiya's apartment all ready looked like a baby lived in it, a highchair that wouldn't be used for months sat in a corner of his kitchen, in his living room Usagi found a electric swing, she knew that in his closet was a portable crib/playpen/changing table.
Walking into the nursery alone brought a smile to Usagi's face both because the room was adorable and the memory of how it got that way. Makoto and Usagi had scrubbed the room from floor to ceiling. Rei and Usagi had gone shopping for all the furniture for the baby, all made of a white wicker, every piece matched from the rocking chair and crib to the bassinet and the changing table. Minako and Usagi had gone shopping for the pink paint that decorated the walls. And Usagi and Ami had spent a whole day checking and double-checking that everything in both apartments was baby proof. Seiya had tagged along on all the trips putting his input in where it was necessary and generally just lending support, especially on the furniture shopping trip when Usagi's hormones and mood swings were driving Rei insane. But the nursery had come together with the help of all six of them. The walls were painted pink with white trim, with a border along the bottom as a white picket fence made out of actual wood.
When Motoki set down Usagi's milkshake it brought her out of her thoughts, "Minako-Chan was in the other day and she said that you guys finished Seiya's nursery. She said you spent some individual time with all of them."
Usagi nodded, "I know I'm not going anywhere and neither are there. But I do know that things are going to be different. So I just wanted to get in some last individual time, because I am going to miss our friendship."
"I know what you mean." Motoki nodded, "I felt the same way before my kids were born, but you know what your friends are still there and you have this new baby that means the world to you."
Usagi smiled, "I know, and I can't wait."

After wiping off the counter Motoki sat back and watched the activity around him. Kids were all over the arcade playing games and Usagi was doing the same. His gaze fell on Usagi just as she hunched over her elbows resting on the game and her head hanging between her arms.
Motoki rushed to her side immediately, "Usagi-Chan are you OK?"
Usagi lifted her head and gave Motoki a weak smile, "I think this baby wants to make an early appearance."
"OK." Motoki stated taking a deep breath, "Do you want me to take you to the hospital?"
Usagi bit her lip and then sarcastically stated, "As much as I like the arcade Motoki-Kun I really would rather prefer having my baby in a hospital."
"Right." Motoki nodded, "Let me just tell Rita where I am going so she can watch the arcade."
Motoki lead Usagi over to a booth and he rushed upstairs to the apartments that he his wife and 2 daughters lived in. Explaining things quickly to his wife and asking her to call Mamoru at the office and the hospital he hurried back down the stairs to help Usagi to the car.
When Motoki reached Usagi she was looking at her watch obviously she was prepared to time the contractions, she looked up from her watch when Motoki arrived and Motoki helped her to her feet.
"I'm not a giant I can get up on my own." Usagi snapped.
Motoki concealed a smile and thought, 'Mamoru is going to have his hands full with her.'

When they reached the hospital Motoki and Usagi were both surprised to find that Mamoru was all ready there and Seiya was right behind them with Usagi's bag in hand. A nurse helped arrived with a wheelchair and fired questions off at Usagi who had an answer for every one of them. "Which one of you three is the father?"
"I am." Seiya spoke.
"All right you two lets get you situated. It will probably be a long wait." When Mamoru started to follow the nurse asked, "And who are you?"
"He's my fiancé." Usagi stated.
The nurse shook her head and said, "All right then both of you can come back."
As the nurse began to wheel Usagi away she called, "Hang on a second." She took her bag away from Seiya and pulled out a sheet of paper and a small pouch full of quarters, "Motoki-kun could you call my parents, Seiya's parents, all 4 sets of grandparents involved here? And call Rei she will let the rest of the girls know."
At Motoki's nod the nurse began rolling the wheelchair away.

"How's she doing?" Haruka asked when Mamoru walked into the waiting room.
"She's fine. Making the rest of us miserable but she is fine." Mamoru responded. Everyone had shown up about two hours into Usagi's labor, the group had fallen asleep in different positions in the waiting room and had managed to sleep through the night and still no baby.
"Leave it up to Usagi-Chan to have the longest labor in creation." Rei stated.
"You guys could always go back to the temple and we could call you when the time gets closer." Ikuko stated.
"Are you kidding me?" Rei asked, "I'm gonna be here when my best friend has her baby."

Everyone was beginning to dose off around eleven o'clock p.m. when Mamoru came out, "Usagi's going to start pushing so it shouldn't be to far off."
Everyone nodded as Mamoru hurried off. They had arrived at seven o'clock p.m. the day before, and while the temple was only 5 minutes away everyone refused to leave for any length of time. The group of 24 took turns making runs for coffee, food and magazines.

"OK Usagi you are just about there." Dr. Jue stated, "You ready to give a final push?"
Usagi nodded and looked to both sides of her Seiya and Mamoru were both helping her be ready for the final push. Moments later a cry went through the air and everyone let out a sigh of relief. Minutes later the baby girl had been bathed and swaddled in a pink blanket and lain in Usagi's arms. Usagi and then Seiya kissed the baby on the top of her head and Mamoru watched as the two shared a kiss, it wasn't romantic just a peck on the lips.

"I figured you would be here." Mamoru jumped at Motoki's words, he stood in front of the hospital's nursery starting at Seiya and Usagi's baby.
"Did everyone go home?" Mamoru asked noticing that none of the girls were with Motoki.
"All the girls, grandparents, and great-grandparents went home. The new mother is sleeping soundly and the new father was convinced to go home with his parents and get at least a small degree of sleep." Motoki responded. "So which one is she?" Motoki asked because two girls lay in plastic bassinets on the other side of the glass.
Mamoru pointed at the baby girl on the right, "Ayaka Misaki Kou. Seiya and Usagi decided on combining their top two names the instant she was born. How'd you know I was here?"
Motoki shrugged, "I know you, and I know how you think, which leads to what you are thinking right now."
"So what am I thinking?" Mamoru asked.
"That maybe you are doing the wrong thing, marrying Usagi." Motoki stated bluntly.
Motoki's words caused Mamoru to look at him surprised, "That's right. But I can't figure out either way, Motoki what do you think I should do?"
Motoki sighed sadly and kept his eyes glued on the baby, because Motoki knew that if he look at his best friend he knew he was never going to be able to say what he was about to. "I think that if there is a possibility for this family to be together than I don't think you should stand in the way. Don't tell me you have missed the looks Seiya gives Usagi."
Mamoru shook his head, "I haven't. And I know you are right. I just need to tell Usagi."

3 weeks later: November 23rd
"Usagi is that you?" Mamoru called.
"Yeah, I'm here." Usagi called joining Mamoru in the living room.
"Where's Ayaka?" Mamoru asked noticing that when Usagi left to go to the studio she had everything required for the baby and now she carried nothing.
"Seiya took her home for the afternoon I'm going over later to get her." Usagi replied. Catching Mamoru's mood though Usagi asked, "What's wrong."
"The office called today." Mamoru started.
"They want you to go to the states." Usagi sighed, dropping down beside Mamoru.
"Yes they do. They want me to go there permanently."
Usagi fell silent for several minutes with her eyes closed trying to stay calm, but when she spoke her voice just shook, "So you are asking me to choose between separating my baby from her father or you."
Mamoru shook his head and took Usagi's hand, "No I'm telling you that I am moving to America."
"You're not asking me to come with you." Relief and hurt were evident in Usagi's blue eyes.
Mamoru shook his head, "No, I'm not."
"But why?" Usagi asked stunned.
"It's better this way." Mamoru stated, "If things work out with you and Seiya Ayaka will have both her parents together."
Usagi bent her head tears slowly making the way down her cheeks. Usagi licked her lips and took a deep breath, "All right I understand. I'll just get a few necessary things and I will get the rest when you are gone."
Usagi walked out of her and Mamoru's bedroom 15 minutes later with a duffel bag, it was then that the two pairs of blue eyes locked and Usagi knew. She knew that this was her final gift from Mamoru, he was letting her, Ayaka and Seiya be the family they should. After everything, the rescues, the friendship, the love, support, and most of all the forgiveness, but this was Mamoru's last gift to Usagi, his acceptance.