Gryffindor Courage: Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom had never thought of himself as being strong, tough, or brave. He had never been one to seeked out adventure, he was happy disappearing into the background and being ignored by the rest of the world. He had never been a smart child, nor had he been talented, brave, or selfless.

So why was he invited to Hogwarts?

More importantly why had he been sorted into Gryffindor?

Most magical children in Britain were invited to Hogwarts when they turned eleven, but Neville had shown little promise. Even throughout his first few years at school he had never felt like he had belonged there, keeping to himself and barely make passing marks in most of his classes. Even if that had been enough to justify going to Hogwarts, Neville had always been puzzled by his placement in Gryffindor. The very first time that he had ever shown the slightest amount of bravery he had been shaken, terrified, and had been glad when Hermione had cursed him. He had wondered for years why he had been place in Gryffindor.

But he was here, at Hogwarts in his seventh year, fighting against the Death Eaters to get their world back. Not only was he fighting, he was leading Dumbledore's Army. The talentless, cowardly eleven year old had transformed into a leader of a rebellion. 'Courage' he had realized 'was not something that you always had, it was something that came when the situation called for it'.

This war would end, he was sure of it, maybe not soon, but it would. They would win or lose, both sides would lose allies, Neville could not imagine losing anyone of these people who stood next to him through the worst, but he knew he would. Because they were Dumbledore's Army, as long as this war raged they were still recruiting.

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