Ravenclaw Inteillgence: Michael Corner

Michael Corner felt like he was about to do the most mental thing he would ever do in his short life. He was about to risk his life to sneak into the corridors after hour to release a first year that he didn't even know. He wasn't stupid, he knew what would happen if he got caught, he had seen what had happened to his classmates. The bruises, the scars, the torture, he had seen what the Carrow's were capable of and yes, he was scared, he would be an idiot if he wasn't.

And even with the massive amount of fear he carried he was still sneaking out after hours to rescue someone he didn't know. He was on a suicide mission.

Some Ravenclaw he was.

Ravenclaw, a word that defined the students of that house as intelligent, clever, and witty, not students who went against their better judgment and common sense. Michael had always prided himself on his intelligence, proud to be a Ravenclew since his first year, but it hadn't been until recently what intelligence really was, or rather how to use it.

Intelligence was ability: to learn, to understand, to reason even to most complecated theroies and lessons. However, intelligence was useless if you didn't know how or when to apply it.

He hoped he was still alive by the end of tonight, that the first year would be rescued with minimal damage to either of them. That he could continue to help the DA and aid them in this war, they would need all the help they could get, the intelligent, the brave and the loyal, all of them will be needed to win this war. He would know, after all he was a Ravenclaw.

But they were the DA, for all their differeces they were fighting for the same thing and none of them could do this alone, because of that they were still recruiting.

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