Okay, I'm going to try to explain the premise of this story before we begin.

There are two types of people in this Alternate Version of Ikebukuro, pure-blood humans and 'mimies', half-animal people (like Nekomimis, which is where I got the name 'mimi'. I'm so freaking creative, I know), which can be any type of animal and have characteristics of said animal, like ears, tail, and sometimes things like advanced eyesight and hearing. Usually, these mimies are 'owned' by the pure-blood humans. They are usually treated like house pets (leashes, collars, food bowls, etc.), but the level of 'house pet' treatment they get depends on their owner. It is commonplace for the owners and mimies to be romantically involved with each other, as well.

Some people treat these Mimies as second-class citizens. (i.e.; acting superior, treating mimies badly, shunning them/not allowing them into shops and businesses, and in some extreme cases, harming/killing them.) In other words, it's like racism.

Also, there are 'convention' type things where the owners can bring their mimies to show off and to meet other owners.

So, there you have it. A quick overview of what the hell is happening in this story.
~*~Foreword End~*~

Izaya loved his owner Shizuo. He was always so nice and caring; taking him out for long walks, feeding him the best ootoro, even petting him with the gentlest touch. He knew he was spoiled. And he loved it.

"Izaya! Where are you?" Shizuo called his mimi; a black-haired cat, not much older than a kitten, really, with large, mischievous, red eyes and a long, silky tail. When Izaya bounced into the living room where he was, Shizuo smiled and scratched him between his feline ears. "We're going to Shinra's in a little bit. Why don't you go get some toys so you can Celty can play?" Shizuo needed to pick up some vitamins for Izaya from his vet friend Shinra. Izaya didn't eat like he was supposed to and to keep him nice and healthy, Shizuo always kept him on the highest quality vitamins.

"Okay!" Izaya said, squeezing his top half under the couch to retrieve his stash of toys he kept under there. He laid them all out so he could see them. Which toys would be good for a quiet bunny like Celty? Izaya didn't want to scare her with loud toys, so his squeaky mice and the bells on strings were out, but he still wanted to have fun with her. Ah! He knew the perfect toys; a collection of balls*, varying in size, color, and texture. Those were some of his favorite toys to play with, and he knew Celty would love them as well.

Shizuo chuckled at the sight of his mimi, he really was too cute sometimes. Izaya had these quirks about him that were just so adorable. Quirks like how he always kept his toys under the couch, or how he always wanted to be by Shizuo when he was scared or uncertain, or even how he always has to-

Shizuo was cut from his thoughts by his phone vibrating in his pocket, meaning he had a text. He pulled it from its denim confines and flipped it open. It was from Shinra.

'Are you coming over today?' It read.

He tapped away on the keyboard of the phone. 'Yeah, just waiting for Izaya to find some toys for Celty.' He sent it and moments later, he got his reply.

'Alright. See you in a few.'

"Izaya, are you ready yet?" He called for his mimi, getting up from the couch and grabbing the leash and the black bell collar that went with it.

"Yeah!" Izaya walked into the living room, slipping his fur-lined jacket over his arms. When Shizuo approached him with the leash and collar, trying to buckle it around his neck, the mimi grumbled. "Do I have to wear a leash?"

"You know you do. It's the law. If you're not wearing a leash, you'll be considered a stray and be taken away from me and put in a pound." Shizuo explained for what seemed like the millionth time. He knew that Izaya hated the collar and leash, probably with good reason. It looked incredibly uncomfortable.

"But Dotachin doesn't wear a leash!" Izaya whined, but let Shizuo slip the hated piece of leather around his neck. The bell jingled merrily with every turn of his head. He wished he could rip that thing up and throw it in the trash.

"But Chikage has an in with the dog catcher and keeps Dotachin out of the pound. We, on the other hand, are not that lucky." Shizuo hooked the leash into the loop of Izaya collar and took hold of the end.

"Ugh, I wish I was Dotachin." Izaya's posture slumped as he said these words. Of course, he didn't mean it, he loved Shizuo with all his heart, but he couldn't deny that the no-leash thing his brunette dog friend had was appealing.

"Well, I guess if you don't want to be my mimi anymore, I could always give you to Chikage. I hear he's been looking for a nice young feline." Shizuo said condescendingly. He knew Izaya didn't mean it as well, but it was always fun to tease his mimi.

"No!" Izaya said quickly, latching himself onto Shizuo.

"Then let's go, Shinra's expecting us!" And with that, they left their apartment.

The walk to Shinra's residence was pretty much uneventful. Izaya drew the usual amount of disgusted sneers, which he had learned to ignore. Even though he didn't understand why some people hated mimies so much, he didn't question it, just assuming that it was part of some pure-blood humans' lives. Once they arrived, Shizuo knocked curtly on the door, Shinra answering only moments after.

"Hey!" Shinra said happily, moving aside to let them in. "I have your vitamins right in the other room. Izaya, why don't you go ahead and play with Celty?" He led Shizuo into the next room, leaving Izaya to play with Celty; a very shy, very quiet rabbit with long, floppy light brown ears and a fluffy brown tail. Once securely in the next room, Shinra turned to Shizuo. "I need to talk to you about Izaya."

"What about Izaya?" Shizuo said. He started panicking immediately, figuring there was something terminally wrong with the back-haired mimi.

"You know that Izaya is relatively young for a mimi, correct?" Shizuo nodded. "Well, it seems that he will be going into heat very soon."

"So, what does that mean?" Shizuo asked, relieved that it wasn't anything life-threatening.

"It means that Izaya's hormones will reach a peak of sorts and the urge for him to mate and reproduce will increase."

Shizuo's face went red at the vet's explanation. "O-oh...well, do you know when it's going to start?"

"Even though it impossible for me to determine the exact date of him going into heat, I'd say, given his age, a week at most until he's in full heat." Shinra began searching the cabinets of the small room for the correct bottle of vitamins to give to Shizuo.

"So, what should I do?" Shizuo said, taking the bottle of vitamins and rolling them over in his hands, hearing the pills rattle around inside the container.

"Well, unless you want kittens, I suggest you keep him inside and in your sight at all times and away from female mimies, he will try to get out as time progresses. Also, don't be frightened if he tries anything on you, just remember that it isn't his fault, he's only following his instincts. And he's going to be emotional about nearly everything, so be prepared for that and try not to say or do anything that will offend him."

Shizuo's face turned absolutely scarlet with the last statement, he sputtered his okays and thanks, paid for the discounted vitamins, and left with Izaya. His mimi was going into heat? Oh god, what will he do if Izaya pulls a stunt like trying anything on him? He knew Izaya was cute, and Shizuo himself was openly gay, and it was true that he harbored feeling for his mimi, feeling beyond that of just owner and pet. Could he really turn down Izaya if he tried something?

He had the feeling that his mimi going into heat will be the hardest thing he would ever have to go through.

~*~Chapter End~*~

-wipes sweat from forehead- This. Was. An ordeal. I had something completely different in mind, but when I realized that it was a complete trainwreck, I scrapped it and decided to come up with something new! And, yes, I am aware that the beginning is kind of rocky, I just couldn't think of a way to start it off that I liked, so I pretty much just winged it. Like I usually do, but whatever.

But it was fun nonetheless.

I'm playing with the idea of making this a short series. Depends on how many people like this story. If so, it'll only be, at maximum, 10-15 chapters. Should I? I think I most likely will, since I've already put so much thought into this world and everything. But I'd still love to hear what you guys think I should do, after all, you'll be the ones to read it! :b

By the way, lovelies, I'm now a beta-reader! So, if any of you guys would like me to beta any of your stories, I'm more than eager to do it! :3

Ff needs more Nekozaya...can I make a challenge to all the writers reading my story to write a Shizaya fanfic with nekozaya? Because if you guys do that, it'll be fantastic~

*: Not those kinds of balls, you perverts.