"How do you know that name?" Izaya asked Saika, eyes narrowing.

"Oh, the Orihara name is famous for their mimi breeding." She explained. "The Orihara mimies stand out quite a bit with their signature eye color. Though, I've never seen eyes quite as vibrant red as yours."

Memories flashed behind his eyes at the name Orihara. Memories that he had thought he'd forgotten. Memories from before he was an alleycat. Memories of silver and gold. Memories of fireside naps and motherly grooming. Memories of the home he left behind.

"But my question is, how did an Orihara like you find their way down here? They're usually kept away from all the other mimies." Saika asked as easily as if she was asking a good friend how the weather was.

"Because…" Izaya hesitated. Should he really reveal that much of himself to someone like the female across from him? "Because the Orihara family abandoned me."

"Oh?" Her face showed insincere surprise as she melodramatically placed the tips of her fingers to her lips. "And why would they do that?"

"Because they said they didn't have room for me."

"Oh, well, your breeding still counts even if you were Dropped. So, given that you seem to be just old enough to start your heat cycles and you also seem to be very well taken care of. I'd put your worth at a hefty 20,000." She said after a quick but thorough once-over. She lead him to the door that the other mimies were lead through minutes before and opened it to reveal all the other mimies standing in the middle of an otherwise completely empty room.

"From here, you will be transported to the main auction hall, where you will be sold posthaste with bids starting off at your individual prices." Saika explained, going to open yet another door that seemed to lead to the outside. As soon as the door opened, Izaya could the noise of cars rumbling passed.

They were hustled out of the door and stopped at a black van, one that looked inconspicuous and wouldn't warrant a second glance from most passerbys. Leaning against the van was none other than Shiki, who upon seeing their arrival, stood straight.

Izaya took a look around, the van was parked between two buildings. The space they were in was too big to be called an alleyway but too small to be called anything else. He could see the busy streets that were just outside the space. Then that's when he saw him.

The bleached blonde hair stuck out among the crowd even if he wasn't taller than most people, but there was no mistaking it, that was his Shizu. Standing across the street talking to people frantically, Shizuo didn't notice Izaya, but being so close to his owner made his limbs automatically burst towards him before anyone could grab him.

"SHIZU!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, gaining the attention of Shizuo, the other occupants of the alley, as well as most of the people around them. He was near the mouth of the alley, just a few more steps and he'd be lost in the crowd, albeit in his underwear, but lost to his captors nonetheless. Yes, just a few more feet, he was practically home free!

Just as he stepped one bare foot onto the sidewalk, strong arms of one of the burly men pulled him back in and forced him into the van before closing the door with a decisive slam. The van rumbled hastily to a start and jerked forward and left the alley before anyone who saw the show Izaya inadvertently caused had a chance to alert the authorities or otherwise try to stop them.

Shizuo stood on the sidewalk of a busy street, the path was just bursting with people running back and forth for whatever reason. The group had went their separate ways after talking to the police and now he felt so helpless knowing that there was nothing he could do to bring Izaya back. He didn't know what to do with himself, going home just seemed wrong without Izaya but the sun was already long gone under the horizon and the streetlights illuminating the city cast deep shadows in every corner and ally.

He stopped people that didn't look like they were in too much of a hurry, asking to keep a look out for his mimi. Only a select few looked interested and asked for further details, but he knew even with just a handful of people, it would at least get more people aware of their situation.

"SHIZU!" His head snapped up at the all too familiar nickname. It came from the alleyway across the street. There Izaya was, in his underwear, struggling against a thick armed man. Shizuo's heart raced, pushing past people as much as he could to get to his mimi. He was half way across the street before his mimi disappeared inside the black van sitting idle in the alley. Nearly getting hit by several cars, he ran for the van as it peeled out of the alley. But it was all for naught as the vehicle got further and further away before vanishing out of sight.

As the van got further and further away, Shizuo felt his heart sink lower and lower in his stomach until he felt like he would vomit.

That was it. His only chance to get Izaya back, and he blew it. He fell to his knees onto the pavement as he felt frustrated tears well up in his eyes, blurring his vision until he would barely see. Letting out a defeated roar, he slammed his fists onto the ground and just let the feeling of despair wash over him.

"So that was your mimi?" A strange, cold voice asked him. Shizuo saw black dress shoes come to a stop in front of him. He looked up to see a man dress in an all white suit, hardened features revealed a past that was preferred to be kept secret. "I know where they're going, if you trust me I will lead you to them."

With those words, Shizuo's chest filled with a new hope.

~*~Chapter End~*~

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