"So, what do you say?"

He blushed and looked away. The two were once again on the train, squished together. This time, with no awkwardness. They had been dating for a year, and have definitely… done IT a few (MANY, MANY, MANY) times in their relationship.

"Chiga… you d-don't to ask you idiot…" Kokusai said, glancing at his tall junior.

Chiga smiled down at him. "Okay then Kokusai-san, can I pick you up at 8?"

Kokusai nodded, eyes closed, trying to force his blush down.

Chiga leaned down, kissing the other man's cheek.

Kokusai looked down, not looking at him in the eye still as he faced forward. Chiga smiled. He grabbed his chin, tilted his head up, and pressed a kiss to his lips.

However, they were both interrupted by some girls squealing. Kokusai's eyes widened and he pushed Chiga's face far away from his. He looked towards the right, seeing the girls. They had the girl uniform for their school.

"Oh my god, are you two dating?!" the ebony haired girl asked.

Kokusai just looked down again, blush coming back ten-fold as he stuttered, "Uh-I-Well-Um-You see… I-"

"Yes we are," Chiga replied casually.

The three girls squealed again.

"Oh wow! You two are such a cute couple! A handsome and dominating, yet kind, seme, and the adorably cute, sweet, oblivious uke!" the short, brown haired girl exclaimed.

They sweat dropped. That was… an interesting way to explain their relationship.

"Uh… thank you I guess…?" they said in unison.

They just nodded excitedly. Then, the blond haired girl whipped out her phone, focusing on the couple.

Kokusai had to ask, "What are you doing?"

"Oh, well, I'm recording, so, if you two wouldn't mind, could you kiss again?"

"I-What?!" Kokusai squeaked.

Chiga then grabbed his boyfriends' face, and brought it close to his, whispering "Kokusai-san" before kissing him. The smaller of the two closed his eyes and wrapped one arm over Chiga's shoulder as the other held onto the pole beside him. They wrestled for dominance, both completely forgetting the girls recording them.

When they pulled back, Chiga looked towards the girls and asked, "Good?"

They all nodded, trying to not faint.

Kokusai just hid behind him, blushing like a cherry. "Y-You know th-that I could j-just cancel the date, right?"

Chiga smiled warmly, facing his blushing lover. "I know Kokusai-san, but I have a feeling you want to be my Valentine."

Kokusai didn't say anything. He knew Chiga was right.


AN: ^^ Hopefully it was fluffy enough for a late Valentines' story… Who would be fangirl/boying with them if you saw first-hand Chiga and Kokusai kiss?!

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