Author: DBZVelena
Disclaimer: This is Fanfiction, sue me, make ass out of self, waist your money, gain nuthing.

One day Duo the gipsy entered a small village.

In it there was only one resident left, which told Duo that a Dragon was terrorizing the village.

And that every morning the dragon ate a villager.

Duo wasn't startled by the story and decided to stay.

The next morning he heard a huge rumbling sound and the earth shook.

The dragon was coming.

He looked horrific, but Duo walked towards him.

You can eat me but you can't chew me.

You'll have to swallow me whole, and when I'm in you stomach, I will pierce it and you will die.

The dragon laughed at Duo and said "you think that your strong, but can you do this".

And the dragon picked up a rock, squeezed it and it became a diamond.

Duo said "that is easy, give me that diamond and I will show you some thing real hard".

So the dragon gave the diamond to the gipsy.

"Now" said Duo "I will squeeze this diamond until water comes out".

But as you know gipsy's are very fast with their hands, and this one had switched the diamond for a small cheese.

So when he squeezed water came out.

The dragon saw this and he became so afraid, that he left that country and was never seen again.

Duo on the other hand was declared the hero of the land,
he married the beautiful princess Hilde and lived happily ever after.