I do not claim any of the Legend of Spyro characters, they all belong to Activision. Any OC's though will be mine and this story starting with the next chapter, mostly because first chapter is a recap of the end of DotD.


"You cannot defeat me. I am eternal!" shouted Malefor, a great dark dragon, after he was hurtled to the center of the world by a combined convexity attack by Spyro and Cynder, two smaller adolescent dragons tied together by a green necklace. The larger dragon spewed a large wave of convexity at the pair as they shot their own forked wave of energy back at him.

"Just… hang… on!" Spyro shouted, still using his convexity attack against Malefor. After several more seconds the twosmaller channels of convexity hadoverpowered the larger dragon's beam and hit him straight in his maw, throwing him onto his back and causing him to slide several meters on the purple crystal floor. After he stopped, he immediately got up to stare at the dragons he was fighting.

Suddenly, five silhouettes of ghostly dragons appeared around Malefor, who wastaken off guard by what he saw. The silhouettes flew about the purple dragon and exchanged glances for a brief moment, then looked directly at the dragon.

"What is this!" shouted Malefor. After what seemed like hours, the silhouettes flew down. Two surrounded Malefor while the rest flew around him, slowly forcing him down into the cried out a final "Noooooo…" as he was sucked into the crystal, never to be seen from again. When the last of the purple dragon was gone, the necklace around the two young dragons fractured and broke.

Without warning, the large purple crystal started glowing bright purple. Eventually, the light became so bright that it was almost blinding. The dragons looked around and saw that the rock around them was starting to split. Small cracks were rapidly becoming larger as the planet was breaking apart before their eyes.

Large rays of convexityemanated through the purple crystal, now fully engulfed in the nearly blinding light. The two dragons landed on a slightly darker patch of the crystal.

"Spyro, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Cynder said, lowering her head in shame.

"Don't be. It's over now."

"So this is it…" replied Cynder, head still lowered. A voice started to speak in Spyro's head, and closed his eyes, trying to concentrate. He recognized Ignitus's voice almost immediately.

"Spyro, when a dragon dies, he does not truly leave this world," Ignitus started. Now a silhouette of him started to appear, visible to Cynder as well.

"His spirit lives on, binding itself with nature, offering hope for the future…"

Spyro's eyes snapped open as he realizedwhat was happening. "I know what I need to do. Just get out of here Cynder." With that, he started walking forward but (removed was) stopped when heheard Cynder's next words.

"Spyro, no… You don't have to do anything. Let's just go."

Spyro snapped his face back to Cynder, "Where Cynder? There'll be nothing left! The world is breaking apart. But I think I can stop it. I think I'm meant to."

Cynder looked straight into his eyes with a simple "Then I'm with you…"

With a simple nod the purple dragon looked straight ahead and closed his eyes. He began to slowly levitate upward andglow a bright purple as he concentrated onfocusing his fury. Spyro thought he heard Cynder murmur "I love you."

That's the end of chapter 1. Like I said in the beginning, this is mostly a refresher chapter to remind us of what happened at the end of DotD. (And you didn't believe me, shame on you). Next chapter is my stuff. Which will be here soon, already started working on it. And sorry this is so short. :/