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Bookworms and more Flashbacks

"Lord Drake, here is what is happening with regards to Warfang and our favorite little purple dragon." Glacies said starting his report.

The previous day

Glacies was with Terrador and Cyril in the meeting room of the dragon temple. The room had the same look and feel of the temple, but there was a large circular table with a map of the Dragon Realms in the center of the room. Cyril and Terrador sat on the side closest to the door they came in from while Glacies sat on the opposite end, with a fireplace behind him. Sparx had left the Guardians behind to assist the moles with their duties and to watch for the search party in case they decided to return early.

"Well, like I said earlier Volteer and Blitz found Spyro and Cynder in a clearing by Malefor's volcano. Cynder was unharmed but Spyro wasn't breathing. From what I gathered before I left was that Volteer used his electricity to revive him and bring him back to camp. I presume they will want to bring Spyro back to Warfang sometime tomorrow." Glacies sat in silence as they took in what he said. This wasn't all on Glacies' mind and Terrador caught on to it.

"Is there something you are not sharing with us Glacies?" Terrador asked, and Glacies nodded his head slowly.

"Spyro was with two other dragons, one was of bronze coloring and the other had black scales with red going across him. Both looked to be about Spyro's age." The last sentence gave both Guardians a shock and they exchanged the glances.

"You're saying that there are more dragons Spyro's age?" Cyril finally spoke. Glacies gave a nod in agreement and a grin grew across Cyril's face. Knowing that Spyro and Cynder weren't the only ones who survived the temple raid was good news.

"What do you know about these two dragons Glacies?" Terrador asked, wanting to gain any information about the two dragons. Glacies gave a simple shrug.

"Other than the fact that their brothers I can't remember anything else. I'm sorry that I can't fill in any holes." Glacies let out a sigh and lowered his head slightly.

"Nonsense, you just told us that two more dragons survived the Dragon Temple raid." Cyril spoke immediately after Glacies spoke, causing him to raise his head. Terrador was the one to speak next.

"Cyril, I have some business to attend to. I trust you can finish with this report. I will return at my earliest convince." Cyril gave a look of curiosity but gave a quick nod in acknowledgement leaving him with Glacies. Once Terrador left the room did Cyril talk to Glacies again.

"You assume that the search party will return tomorrow with Spyro?"

"I believe so, I don't see any reason unless Spyro gets worse."

"Is there anything else you wanted to share real quick?" Glacies looked at several spots in the room in thought. After a moment he looked back in Cyril's face.

"No, nothing in particular. Will that be all Cyril?" After a quick nod from Cyril both dragons got up to leave for the rest of the night. Then a thought struck Cyril.

"One more thing Glacies, would you mind staying at the temple tonight? In case either me or Terrador have more questions later?" Glacies thought about it for a few seconds, mulling it over in his head.

"Would would I sleep Cyril, all rooms are taken." Cyril had a bit of sorrow grow across his face.

"Well, there is one room…" Shock came over Glacies' face.

"I can't take Ignitus' room! I don't even deserve to sleep in the temple!"

"I hate to say it, but Ignitus won't need it anymore and we won't be deciding a Fire Guardian for a while." Cyril countered, and Glacies knew that he wasn't going to win this argument.

"Fine I'll stay there, but I won't like it."

"Thank you Glacies, now if you excuse me, I will retire for the night. I will come for you if I have any more questions." With that both dragons left each other and went into their respective rooms for the rest of the night.

Terrador left the meeting hall and proceeded to the front of the Temple. He spread his wings to leave but was caught up by Sparx.

"Hey Terrador, how'd it go with… ummm…. Glacies was it?" Sparx asked and Terrador explained what he was told by the ice scout. Sparx kept a straight face when Terrador explained everything, which was pretty hard for the dragonfly to do, but he managed. After Terrador finished did Sparx bombard him with questions.

"So the party is coming back tomorrow with Spyro?" Terrador nodded his head slowly.

"They are bringing back these Ace and Spade characters too?" Terrador nodded again. Sparx pondered what to say next. Then a thought hit him.

"How much do you know about shadow dragons Terrador?" The question threw him off. He doubted that Sparx would care so much about shadow dragons.

"Why do you ask?"

"Well, the last one me and Spyro met tried to kill us… Several times." Terrador figured out that he was talking about Cynder.

"Based on what I have heard, Ace hasn't tried to harm Spyro or Cynder at all. I think he will be ok with them. Now if you excuse me, I need to go to the library, unless you want to come with me?" Terrador knew Sparx wasn't one to sit around and read anything so he knew he would leave him alone.

"No, I think ill lead on the moles some more for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Maybe I'll be the first one to see Spyro return!" Sparx exclaimed as he started taking off heading east, probably to check on any damage.

Maybe now I can get to the library uninterrupted and finally get to some research. With that thought in mind Terrador flew off in the direction of Warfang library. It was only a few minutes flying time, and it was easier to see any damage that was left behind. As Terrador was flying over Warfang he noticed that a lot of the damage sustained during the attempted siege was repaired, only a few major damages remained. Everything else was minor cosmetic damage. Terrador saw the library and started his decent.

He landed in front of the library and started making his way to the History section of the building. That was where everything was stored about dragon history after the Ancestors started keeping records of everything. There were five sections to the History section: Fire, Ice, Electricity, Earth, and Other Records. Each element held its respective history, scrolls for attack and defense style and ways to use that element outside of battle, although Terrador was only interested in the Other Records section.

Walking up a flight of stairs to reach the second floor, which was entirely devoted to the History section, Terrador made his way to the Other Records. He browsed the section for several minutes passing over several books and scrolls. Finding nothing in the current shelf Terrador moved on to the next, continuing the process for a good half an hour. Showing minor signs of anger setting in Terrador was skimming through shelf after shelf slowly losing his patience. He almost didn't notice the mole standing behind him.

"Master Terrador? Are you having trouble sir?" Terrador looked behind him and saw the mole.

"A little, I'm looking for any books or scrolls on shadow dragons, do you know where I can find those?" The mole put his hand to his chin in thought.

"I do not know of any books like that. Although a new book came in today that may help you."

"What is the name of the book?" Terrador inquired.

"Um… I believe… The books name was… Darker Elements! That's what it was! I haven't put in on the shelf yet if you want to see it first."

"Yes, that'll be very helpful, thank you." The mole started his way to the front desk with Terrador in pursuit. Along the way he glimpsed another book that could help him: Natural Elements. Picking the book out of the shelf he continued to follow the mole to the front desk. Terrador put the book he found earlier on the desk and the mole took it and recorded several things down on a sheet of paper.

"Normally I would assign a return date, but since you're one of the Guardians, I'll make an exception. Just don't forget to return it." With a thankful nod Terrador took both books and left the building. He flew back to the Dragon Temple and went to the Guardian chamber. It broke off in five directions, four being for each of the Guardians and the last being for the purple dragon. Terrador took the first pathway on the right and went into his room.

It was a perfect fit for an earth dragon, there were several piles of rocks that could be stacked to pass the time. Terrador's bed was an earthly green color and the balcony broke into a view of Warfang, like all the rooms did. Terrador walked in and put the books on a desk by the bed. He walked out the balcony for a last time to view Warfang before he returned to his room.

I surely hope they return soon, it will make things easier on all of us. When Terrador looked back on his desk he saw that there was a third book with a piece of paper bookmarking a page. With curiosity in his thoughts he picked up that book first and turned to the page. He grabbed the bookmark and started reading it.

Dear Terrador,

This book is going to help you with your research into shadow dragons. I will let you know right now that Cynder and Ace aren't the first shadow dragons in existence. They were always with us, but they were shunned for using shadow after what happened many years ago. Start reading with this page and you will see why.

A friend.

Enticed even more with the book, Terrador started reading it. His eyes were moving swiftly as he continued reading well into the night. After reading through the whole book did the note make sense. There weren't only four Guardians back then, there were five with the fifth one being a shadow dragon! The most disturbing part was what the last few paragraphs said.

The Shadow Guardian was the most powerful of the five Guardians and thus became corrupt with power. Knowing the other Guardians would vote no on any of his requests, he decided he would have all the power to himself. Thus began the end of all shadow dragons from this world. Using his inborn knowledge of Fear, he secretly used it to turn the citizens against the other Guardians, forcing them into exile or threatening to kill them.

The Guardians figured out that the Shadow Guardian was using his abilities and decided to end it before it could get any worse. During the night the Guardians attacked the Shadow Guardian. He had heard them coming and attacked. Somehow the fear barrier broke that night and it released all the citizens from their mental prison and turned on the Shadow Guardian. He was killed immmedialty and from there on there was only four Guardians: Earth, Electricity, Ice, and Fire. Any shadow dragons in the world were hunted down and killed. All assumed bloodline with the Shadow Guardian is thought to be lost with the death of his mate, an earth dragoness.

This is very interesting. I need to show this to Cyril and Volteer immediately, this could be of major significance. A yawn escaped from Terrador as his exhaustion started setting in.

Or I could wait until tomorrow. That works also. With that, Terrador fell asleep on his bed for the night.

A group of dragons were flying over the Valley of Avalar going in the direction of Warfang. The dragon in front was Volteer with Spyro at his right. The rest of the dragons were following them with Blitz in the back making sure no one was left behind. Volteer looked behind his shoulder and saw that Spyro was pre-occupied with something on his mind.

"Is something troubling you Spyro?" Volteer asked loud enough for Spyro to hear him over the wind. Spyro's stare was broken and he looked at Volteer.

"It's nothing, just thinking how Sparx will react to the news. He's never liked Cynder very much and he may not take it well. I hope he won't do anything rash."

"I'm sure that Sparx will adjust to seeing Cynder around more, he may even grow to like her someday. Just be patient with him, and everything will work out."

"Thanks Volteer." Spyro was looking a bit happier than before, so Volteer decided to ask him an important question.

"Spyro, what happened to Ignitus when you faced Malefor?" Volteer didn't look back at first, but he could tell that the brief happiness given to Spyro was quickly ripped from him. When Volteer finally glanced behind him, he saw that he shouldn't have asked that question yet.

"I…" Spyro was holding back a few tears. "I'll tell you when we get with Terrador and Cyril. That way I won't have to repeat myself." Volteer nodded his head in agreement and continued flying.

In the middle of the group were Cynder and Ace. Spade had gone to chat up one of the dragons, leaving the two alone to talk.

"What was it like? Living under Malefor?" Ace asked taking notice that Cynder flinched when he said Malefor.

"I don't like talking about it unless Spyro is listening also. It's too painful without him there." Ace took note not to talk about Malefor around Cynder.

"Would you be willing to talk about Fear then?" Cynder looked at Ace with a curious gaze.

"What do you want to know about it?"

"I want to know what you know." Cynder looked back down front, thinking for a minute. She turned her gaze back to Ace.

"This is what I've figured out about it. Fear is an element that manipulates the senses, mainly sight and hearing. It forces the receiver to view their surroundings differently and hear things differently. I also think that since everyone is afraid of something different, each person will experience Fear differently too." It seemed to click inside Ace and he thought about what Cynder said.

"Cynder, since everyone would experience it differently, what would you think yours might be?"

"Why don't you tell me yours first?" Cynder countered. Ace let out a sigh and slowly nodded his head.

"I think my fear would be when I first used Fear, back when my parents died. Did Volteer or Blitz tell you the story?" Cynder shook her head no.

"Well, we were living close to the Dragon Temple the night it was raided. I only told them up to the part where my dad died. He was an electric dragon and I watched him get killed by an ape alongside my mother who was a fire dragon. But that wasn't all, here is what I didn't finish telling them."

Ace and Fyresky watched Amprage's body fall to the ground. She lowered Ace's body down with her wing and lowered herself as well.

"Listen Ace, take the egg and run as soon as I fight these apes. I'll catch up as soon as I can." Fyresky whispered to Ace. He didn't have any time to respond as she jumped out at the apes launching two fireballs at them. One bolt missed its target as the other hit an ape in the chest setting it on fire. The lead ape merely laughed at what happened.

"Come on Fyresky, you can do better than that. After all, you're the one that trained this squad." The fire dragoness fired another blast towards the group of apes.

"I left you and Malefor because you all are corrupted! I will not allow you to harm my child and egg!" Fyresky continued to attack the apes while Ace watched. He clutched the egg and wanted to run but something kept him there. He continued to watch his mother attack the apes and seemed to be winning. Then an ape came up from behind and lunged a sword in Fyresky's left flank.

"Mommy!" Ace shouted getting the attention of the apes as the dragoness fell to her right.

"Ace, run!" Fyresky shouted when she got a breath as the apes walked slowly towards Ace backing him into a corner. Ace had let go of the egg and it rolled into a corner opposite of Ace but the apes didn't notice, nor did they care at the moment.

"Well well well, look at this little dragon. I didn't know your runt was a shadow dragon Fyresky." The ape said as a grin grew across his face. He took up his sword and flung it in Ace's direction. He couldn't move and was paralyzed with fear, so he did the only thing he could do: cry. The ape's sword swung above Ace's head causing him to miss.

"Awwww, did I make the baby dragon cry? Here, I'll make everything better." The ape raised arm and sword and started with a downward slice. Ace started shaking violently as the sword went in his direction. He started glowing a slight red and time seemed to slow around them as Ace accidently shot off a dark red small blast. The ape quickly dropped the sword and backed up with a red aura enveloping around it. The rest of the apes stood in shock looking at Ace who was clearly confused by what was happening.

"St… Stay away from me!" Ace shouted causing another blast to be released, but bigger this time hitting another ape. Fyresky watched as Ace used his new ability. It was only a matter of time before they would get him. With a last resort attack, Fyresky started glowing a bright red. Attention was drawn away from Ace as he watched her start to glow. She jerked her head slightly and Ace followed her gaze and saw she was looking at the egg. Fyresky slowly started rising and her wings spread out and around her as fire started encasing her body starting with her chest.

"Ace, go now!" Fyresky shouted as the last of her body became shrouded in the fire. Ace had made his way to the egg when the apes turned away from Fyresky and looked in Ace's direction. They started walking towards him and a large explosion was heard behind the apes causing them to turn back around to see Fyresky was fully engulfed in fire going from her snout to her harpoon tail blade. She unfurled her wings with the flames licking the air around the membrane.

"You will stay away from my children!" Fyresky roared as she stomped her forepaws down, adrenaline flowing through her body. A large shockwave of fire was released coursing through the air wrapping itself around any apes unlucky enough to be in range. They fell to the ground as the fire dragoness pulled her head back and shot off a fireball that split off into several smaller fireballs hitting both apes and the ground, setting the house on fire.

Fyresky jumped on top of another ape, the flames crawling from her to the ape enshrouding it in the red flames. The wound in Fyresky's side was starting to get to her and she was slowing down.

"Ace, run now!" Fyresky shouted before she slowly started levitating, the flames changing different hues as a sphere of the same fire was expanding around the dragon. Ace, clutching the bronze egg, was backing up and none of the apes noticed him crawl out a window tail first, to make sure that the apes wouldn't follow.

Ace was several meters away from the house when a massive explosion erupted behind him. The shockwave sent Ace and the egg flying back several more meters. The egg landed with a large -crack- and Ace tumbled a few feet until stopping in front of a tree. Ace recovered after a minute and looked around for the egg he let go of. The egg was in the middle of a field and Ace bound towards it once he caught glimpse of it.

When Ace was next to the egg did he see the large crack in it. He watched it for a couple of minutes before he put it on his back and walked into the forest.

"Spade's egg hatched later that night, and we've been on the run ever since." Ace concluded, with any nearby dragons listening in on the story going silent afterwards. Spyro wasn't paying any attention to Ace's flashback as he was thinking about getting back to Warfang and breaking the news to the remaining Guardians on how Ignitus died.

"Spyro, look." Volteer yelled at Spyro, breaking his train of thought. Spyro looked ahead and saw the main gates of Warfang. Many memories flashed before Spyro, dousing the burning building, defending the artillery mole, and defeating the Earth Golem with Cynder.

"Everyone! We are at Warfang!" Spyro shouted behind him breaking the silence behind him. All dragons gazed forward simultaneously and they too saw the gates of Warfang.

"We are home." Volteer muttered to himself.

This is starting to get risky. Fang thought to himself as he was sitting in his cell being watched by two earth guards.

Drake's little tests are jeopardizing my mission. Hopefully this will be my last stop before I can finally find the crystal. Fang muttered to himself. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and figured that guards were swapping shifts.

"Lord Drake! What are you doing here?" One of the earth dragons gasped not expecting Drake to walk in.

"I wondered when you would come and see me. What do you have planned today?" A voice emanated from the cell behind the guards. Drake just smiled as he drew ever closer to the cell making the guards nervous. He spread his wings slightly motioning for the guards to leave them alone. Not wanting to deny their lord they left without hesitation. Once out of earshot Drake addressed Fang.

"Based on your performance earlier, I would say your surrender a while back was planned. So, what is it that you want?" Fang was still sitting in the back of his cell, looking at Drake with a bit of suspicion across his face.

"What makes you think I want something?" Fang countered swiftly, although Drake knew that he would say that.

"It isn't that hard to see. I also know why you didn't use an element during your fight."

"Humor me Drake, why don't I use an element?" Fang asked. Drake chuckled slightly before looking Fang straight into his eyes.

"It's simple really. You don't have an element. Or at least you think you don't." Drake was dead on with his assumption about Fang not having an element. "I also figured out what you're going after. And I assure you that it isn't here." A pang of regret filled Fang as he was correct again.

"But." Drake continued "I think we can help each other. I know where this crystal you seek is held." Now it made sense, Drake was testing him to see how strong he was to partake in this mission for him.

"I'm not that simple to fool Drake, what happens after I do this for you? How will I know that you won't kill me after I do what you want?" Fang questioned.

"You are right not to trust me. Which is why I'm having two of my best soldiers coming with you." Great, just what I need. Babysitters. Fang thought, but he listened anyways.

"I'm assuming since you not saying anything you agree?" Fang slowly nodded his head.

"Good, here is what you are to do. You are to find a purple dragon named Spyro. He will be in Warfang. You are to go there and bring his brother Sparx to me."

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