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"Bring him in," The woman ordered. With a salute, the guards walked out. A few minutes later, she could hear the rattling of chains outside her chamber.

The guards dragged him inside. He glared at her, even though blood was trickling down his face.

The woman smirked and brushed his shaggy black hair out of his face. "Are you ready to join us, boy?" She asked.

He spat onto her bare feet. "Go to hell," he growled.

Her smile vanished, and her hands went up to her hair to pluck out a hair pin. "This is your last chance, boy," She hissed. "Either join us or die."

The boy lifted his head up and glared at her, defiance in his eyes. "I will never join you, no matter what Kohaku tells me," he spat. "So you might as well kill me."

The woman sighed and pulled out her pin. In seconds, it transformed into a five foot long needle sharp sword. "Oh, I have worse in mind for you, Kiw," she hissed.

"Anata ga imamade shitteita subete o wasurete shimaimasu. Kiw ga anata no namaedeari, eien no tame ni anata wa hanbun akuma no unmei o kōmurudarou, eien ni tsuihō sa re, ukeire raremasendeshita. Anata wa, mohaya naraku no musukode wa arimasen. Anata wa watashi ni shinde imasu." She recited the magic words, and then sneered at him.

"You will forget everything you have ever known. Kiw is your name, and for all eternity you will suffer the fate of a half demon, forever exiled, never accepted. You are no longer the son of Naraku. You are dead to me."

She blew on her hands, and they glowed with a bright red light. "Now, forget everything!" she yelled, her voice vibrating in the hollow cell.

The boy's eyes rolled up in his head, and he collapsed onto the ground, out cold. Wisps of fog drifted around him, and flashes of images could be seen inside the dense fog. With a slash of her needle-fine sword, the woman destroyed the boy's memories. They faded into nothing, the smiles and laughter, the screams and the tears all scattered at the woman's power.

In the cell, she smiled coldly down at the unconscious creature.

Her work here was done. "Get him out of my sight," she called to the guards, "as far from here as possible."

"Poor boy," She whispered once she was all alone. "You are going to crawl on your hands and knees to get your memories back."

She smirked but there was no humor in her eyes, "His father would have killed him for his treachery." With a quick glance at the door behind her, she whispered conspiratorially to herself, "But I am a bit more…merciful."