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"no way u do it"

" u have too I will make u and kim have kids please"

" I'm in the Author does not own kickin it"


"very on to the story"

Kim's POV:

I have to get ready I can't belive we are finally going to make wedding plans I already know that grace is my made of honor Kelsey and Julie are my bridesmaids I wonder who jacks best man is i still have to ask him if it is okay if grace is my made of honor I hope we can start planning and we already found jobs jacks working at the bobby wasabi dojo cause Rudy just retired and I am going to be a house mom/wife. Me and jack already decided that are kids can date at 14 and can do it at 16 or 17 and have to be in a steady relationship to do it and I want my children to be able to tell me and jack anything we have decided to have kids after we get married cause I don't want to be pregnant when i am in my wedding dress that will make me look fat.

Nobody's POV:

"Jack they are here" kim said

" ill get the door babe"

"hey guys" Jack and kim said together

"so we have figured out the of honor bridesmaids and the best men so the made of honor is grace bridesmaids are Julie and Kelsey and the best man is Jerry and Eddie and Milton are the other best men"

" I can't belive I am the made of honor" grace said

"we are so happy that we are the bridesmaids" Julie and Kelsey said

" man we are happy that u are so happy" Eddie Milton and Jerry says

"ok we are going to go to sleep cause we are really tired and we need are rest"

" yeah and tomorrow kim wants to go cake testing do u guys have any ideas for cake flavors"

" red velvet" Julie and Milton said

" chocolate with strawberries on the top" Kelsey and Jerry said

" chocolate with strawberries and the bride and grooms picture on the top" Grace and Eddie said

" thanks for the ideas guys good night"

" good night and i like grace and eddies idea but we will have to taste all the cakes tomorrow at the cake testing place see u tomorrow u guys can go now"

" ok bye kim and jack" they all say and then they leave

" jack can u carry me too are bedroom im tired"

" ok let's go" she gets on jacks back and they go to their bedroom and sleep the rest of the day ( A/N it is 6:00 now in california I do not live in california that is in the story they live in california)

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