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The bed creaked slightly as she climbed out. She placed her calendar on the bedside table and walked into the bathroom, checking through all of the cabinets. What she was looking for was not there. The hallway was silent and dark, but she did not dare turn a light on, just in case she woke him. She grabbed her coat and pulled the belt around her waist. After quickly putting shoes on, she opened the door and quietly shut it again behind her. No sound came except the click of the lock. She tip toed down the corridor, out into the street. She barely had to walk half a mile before she came to a pharmacy.

When she came out, a bag was clenched in her hand, rustling in the breeze. No one was out in the cold tonight, she was alone. She remembered back to when she walked down these roads with the love of her life. How she longed to be with him now. Once back in her apartment, she practically ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet lid. She placed her phone, now set up with a stopwatch and the red box she had acquired from the pharmacy on a wicker box.

She sat on the toilet lid again, staring at the instrument. The stopwatch was now running, counting up to two minutes. She thought back to the night she had a few days before. The night she was dreading had now shown consequences. But she did not regret it, and that was a very special feeling.

The stopwatch was now speeding towards two minutes. She picked up the instrument and held it in her hand as the miniscule screen sped back and forth between options. And then it landed on the answer she hoped it would not. The answer she was anxious about. The answer that was now the truth.

She was pregnant.