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A brutal storm raged around the small house that sat in the countryside. Wind and rain tore at its roof and porch like it was grass. Inside, a lone man rumeged around through his balongings; throwing things into a trunk and onto a bed and desk. The only light came from one small candle that sat near the bed and sent out a small glow that touched the pale mans skin. His frayed robes billowed around him as moved around the room; looking for parchment and quills. As he threw things around, he came upon an old and yellowing picture of five people. The only girl in the picture, was wrapped up in the arms of a dark haired man with glasses; her auburn hair resting over his arms. Another man with long black hair had a smirk on his face and a paticular glint in his eyes that told of mistif. The man next to him, had short, slightly gray, hair and a worn expresion on his face. The forth and final man was short, round and looked slightly out of place next to three tall men, but he seemed happy none the less. The man turned the picture over and saw in a messy scrawl, the words 'sixth year' were written. The man stopped his search and sat in the wooden desk chair, gazing longingly at the picture. That picture had been taken along time ago and all the happiness that these five people expressed were gone. Taken away by some dark force that plauged the plant like some type of disease. The man smiled slightly. He had not seen a picture of them all together in years.

"We were happy then." He said to no one in particular.

The mans name was Remus Lupin, one of the four Marauders that were in the picture. None of the Marauders had been together in the same room or talked in ages. But how could they? One of them was dead. Taking with him the woman in the picture. Another was on the run from the Ministry of Magic and the other was Voldemort's lap dog. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter had been the infamous Marauders. Terrorizing the halls of Hogwarts school and making the life of Slytherins a living hell. He rememberd it all to well. Those memories were the only things that kept him going these days. No one was safe or happy as long as Voldemort was around. Not to mention that his every other thought was how Harry was doing. Harry was the son of Lily and James Potter, two of his best friends. They had died at the hands of Voldemort not but fourteen years ago, he didn't know the exact reson why. The night that they died was one of the most horrific nights of his life.


Remus and Sirius had been on their way to visit Lily and James that night. They got together every once in a while to just talk and catch up, but once they got near their house in Godrics Hallow, they knew something was wrong. The Dark Mark was hanging over the house like a shadow. They raced over to the house to find it a smouldering pile of rubbel. Not a thing had been left standing, and a part of them knew that the same had been of their best friends.

"Lily! James!" called Remus, walking nearer to the house.

"Holy shit." Mumbled Sirius, standing still on the spot.

Remus walked a little closer to the house and could feel the heat radiating off of it. The once gorgeous two story home was now a large pile of stone and wood. It was then that he heard it. A soft crying was coming from the rubbel. Remus began to hastily move things away until he found baby Harry, crying and coverd in soot. On what he asumed had been the floor was a bright green spot. It was true. They were gone.

"Sirius. It's Harry." Called Remus, gently picking up the baby.

Sirius slowly walked over to him, still in a slight daze. He then looked down at baby Harry and stroked his hair. As he did this, he moved his bangs and they saw a small lighting shaped scar on his forehead. It was glowing a soft green and showed that it had just been made.

"They're gone Sirius. Our two best friends are gone." Said Remus, tears stinging his eyes.

"I know. And it's all Peter's fault." Said Sirius, tears falling down his cheeks.

Sirius clenched his fists. He had once been Lily and James' secret keeper, but Voldemort would undoubtably come for him so they made Peter it instead. Now they were gone. Peter had turned them in. The tratorus basterd had turned in his best friends. How could he have done that?
The sound of a motorbike came close to them and parked on the road near the house. Heavy footsteps came close to them and stopped a few feet away from them. There was a moments silence; the only sound coming from baby Harry who was looked around fearfuly for his parents.

"So it's true. There was news that there had been an attack here. I just hoped it hadn't been them." Said the gruff voice of Hagrid, the Hogwarts groundskeeper.

"They're gone, Hagrid. Lily and James are gone. For good." Said Sirius, not taking his eyes off Harry.

"Dumbledore sent me here for him. Says I have to bring him to his aunt and uncles." Said Hagrid, sniffiling a bit.

"No doing Hagrid. He can't stay with them. Petunia hated us, James and Lily. How do you expect her to treat Harry." Said Remus, looking up at Hagrid, tears falling down his pale cheeks.

"I'm just doin' what Dumbledore told me to do. Says he'll be safe there." Said Hagrid.

"What about me. I'm his godfather after all." Said Sirius, still not looking up.

"That's the thing. The Ministry thinks it was you. They think that you were their secret keeper. Their after you." Said Hagrid.

"God damnit! Peter screws up and I get the blame! He did it! The lying, cheating son of a bitch did it!" cried Sirius, sinking to the ground.

No one spoke. Sirius had finaly lost it. There was an uncomfertable silence between them. Sirius rarely cried or got angry at his friends, but this was different. He had known James even before Hogwarts. They had been friends most of their lives, and now James was gone. Never to return and it had been all Peter's doing. Peter had killed their best friends and now Sirius was getting the blame. Sirius, who only hurt people who broke Lily or his sisters hearts. Slightly gruff but soft Padfoot who was one of the kings of pranks was getting blamed for his best friends murder. Murder. A word that had been used a lot then, just not about their friends.

"Remus, this is whats best for Harry. He will be safe there." Said Hagrid, looking at the ground.

"I know Hagrid. I know." Said Remus, taking a step toward the groundskeeper.

Remus unwillingly gave Harry over to Hagrid. Harry was now the only part of Lily and James that they had, and keeping him safe was now for the best. No matter how much he hated it. With one last look and a soft goodbye, Hagrid took Harry away to his aunt and uncles. This left the two friends alone. Sirius had now stopped crying and was sitting on the ground with a far away look in his eyes. Remus looked at the rubbel again, thinking of how just last week they were gatherd in the living room; laughing and playing with Harry. Now there was no laughter. The Marauders were gone. Gone forever.

"I better go Remus. So that they don't catch me." Said Sirius, getting up and turning to Remus.

"Your right. Goodluck. At least I know your innocent." Said Remus, looking at his last remaining friend.

Then, Sirius apparated away, leaving Remus next to the house and what was left of his friends. If only they had gotten there sooner. They could have helped them. If only.


Remus whipped away a few stray tears from his eyes as he rememberd. He rememberd how a few weeks later Sirius had been sent to Azkaban. No one would believe that Sirius haden't done it. For who would believe Remus? Who would believe a werewolf? Peter was presumed dead, another reason Sirius was arrested. Many muggles were killed when he supposidly killed Peter, but that was just not true. Two years ago, Sirius had escaped and they both had confronted Peter, but they did not catch him. Sirius was still on the run and Peter was now with Voldemort. Remus thought back to his Hogwarts days, when everything was peaceful. He looked at the photo in his hand and smiled again. Sixth year had been quite a year. That was the year that everything came together.


It was the train ride to Hogwarts where the fun started. Lily and Sirius were always teasing eachother, and even when something was all the Marauders fault, she still blamed it on Sirius. He in turn loved to pull pranks on her which normaly got him punched or kicked or both. James incouraged both antics just as Peter and Remus did, even if Sirius was his best friend. Now this particular train ride started out just like anyother. Lily Evans was sitting in her compartment talking to Sirius' sister Arabella, when her handbag turned into a small orange kitten. Of course, Lily knew exactly who had done that and proceded to chase Sirius around the train screaming at him.

"Change it back Sirius! Change the damn thing back!" screamed Lily.

"But I thought it was rather funny!" called Sirius as he ran.

"Not by a long shot! Now change it back now!" screamed Lily as she chased him.

As they chased eachother, the other Marauders and Arabella looked on in amusement for this had not been the first time this had happened. This had just been a different animal. As they ran in their direction, Remus grabbed Sirius by the arm and James grabbed Lily around the waist to prevent her from killing poor Sirius.

"Now Padfoot, go and change Lily's handbag back before she hurts you." Said Remus, letting go of his arm.

"Fine. Spoil my fun why don't you." Said Sirius, trudging back to Lily's compartment.

When he returned, he carried her black purse with not a shread of evidence that it had been turned into a cat. Sirius had a slightly sulky look on his face. He always liked to draw pranks out for long periods of time and hated it when they were cut short. This time was no ecception. Once Lily had calmed down, they all went back to their compartment and waited until they docked at Hogsmeade Station. The six of them all hung out like this. They were always together. There was at least two of them together everywhere they went. Arabella mostly hung out with only Lily, but her idiot of a brother had always insisted on tagging along. Arabella and Sirius were twins, even though Sirius liked to play the big brother act on her. In truth they were only born five minutes apart, but that was good enough for Sirius. All of the Marauders were also protective of the girls. If some bonehead boy broke their hearts, it was always James, Sirius, Remus and Peter going over to beat up said boy. Not a lot of the boys at Hogwarts took into concideration the fact that if they ever do something to upset Lily or Arabella that they would get their ass kicked. Hence why only the bravest boys even came up to them to ask them on a single date. Having four 'big brothers' was kind of intimidating. Not that that stopped them. They had broken a lot more hearts than had broken. Atfer all, they were big girls.
The red steam engine hissed to a stop and all six people climbed out and found themselves one of the horseless carriges that would take them up to the castle. They bumped along up to the large stone building where many other carriges were dropping off students. They hopped out of the carrige and walked into the Great Hall. It's enchanted ceiling showed the gray and cloady sky that was outside; rain threatening to fall. They took their seats at the Gryffindor table and looked up at the line of frightend first years. Professor McGonagall took out a long roll of parchment and began to read off the names of the new students. In the end, Gryffindor gained eight new students. Not as much as last year, but good enough. Then the boys favorite part came. With a wave of his arm, a feast appeared on the golden plates and in the golden goblets and pitchers. To Lily and Arabella's great embarassment, the boys made complete pigs of themselves; eating like they haden't eaten all summer.

"Could you guys just slow down a little bit? The food will be there when your done chewing and swallowing." Said Lily.

"You can't slow them down Lil. They're pigs, eating anything that gets within a five mile radious." Said Arabella, taking a sip from her goblet.

"Hey! That's insulting!" cried Sirius. "It's a ten mile radious." He added as he continued eating.

This caused the girls to burst out laughing. The sky above them darkend and became coverd in swirling black and gray cloads and thunder sounded from above. A long flash of lightning lit up the sky and rain pounded down on the old castle. The Great Hall grew cold and dark, and not even all the candles in the hall could send away the darkness that was filtering in from outside. Dessert went by quickly and then the Marauders, Lily and Arabella went up to the Gryffindor common room. The common room had a warm glow radiating from the fire that battled the cold and fierce wind that whipped around outside. The group settled themselves on the sofas and chair's infront of the fire and began to talk.

"So what will be the first prank to open the year?" asked Arabella, who had the same sense of adventure as her brother.

"I was thinking something to say 'hi' to our old pals Snape and Malfoy." Said James.

"Hm...how about turning our 'friends' invisable?" asked Sirius, smiling to himself.

"For how long?" asked Lily, who, even though she was a prefect, liked to pull pranks on the Slytherins.

"Just until the end of breakfast I would think." Said Remus.

"Not long enough." Said Sirius, still thinking.

"How about until after the first class?" asked Peter.

"Sounds good. Not to short, but long enough for us to get in a good laugh." Said Lily, laughing slightly.

"I like it." Said James, smiling. "Lets do it tonight. Just so they know we didn't forget about them."

"Perfect! Just how I like to spend my first night back at Hogwarts." Said Arabella, getting comfertable in her spot on the far sofa next to Remus.

The group waited until everyone had gone to bed, then James went upstairs to get his invisability cloak. They waited until around midnight, then they snuck out and walked quietly to the Slytherin common room. When they got there, the password was simple enough to remember. Those pompus Slytherins had the most blatent password, 'pureblood'. Once inside, they snuck up to the fifth year boys dorm and found Malfoy and Snape snooring away. They then split up into two groups; Lily, James and Remus took Malfoy and Sirius, Arabella and Peter took Snape. Lily had made sure that she brought her Charms book, and they worked their magic. The spell wasn't instantanious, but by the time the pair woke up, they would be completely invisable.

"This is the best prank." Whisperd Arabella and they threw the cloak back on and ran out of the common room.

It was at breakfast where the real laughter started. It was very funny to see a pair of robes come flouting into the Great Hall and seat themselves at the Slytherin table. The Marauders, Lily and Arabella were the first to break out into hysterical laughter. This caused the rest of the hall to burst into laughter and not even Sirius and James falling off their chairs could stop it. All of the teachers seemed appauled at this, McGonagall more so than the rest, but it was Dumbledore who turned it around. He was laughing too! He really didn't seem to mind the prank, and this gave the teachers the perfect opportunity to lose it.

"I'm gonna kill all of you!" declared the robe known as Snape as everyone was laughing.

"Sure, you do that!" said Remus, clutching his sides.

The two robes then flouted out of the common room, mumbling about how imature the Marauders were. It took the hall the whole of breakfast to calm down, including the teachers who would not forget this moment for some time. The good thing was that they didn't hear Snape mention that it was the Marauders who pulled the prank, other wise they would be in a lot of trouble. It may be funny, but it was against the rules.


It took until October for people to completely forget about the prank. Not to mention the other one that was pulled right after the first full moon. Arabella and Lily did know about Remus being a werewolf. They had both firgured it out around the same time the Marauders did, but never chose to mention it until about the end of second year. Remus didn't mind them knowing, it made sure that people didn't constantly ask where the Marauders went every month. This month had been no ecception, and had resulted in Snape having rainbow coloured hair for a week. It was at this time that Sirius was getting back into the swing of things and pranking Lily more often. His latest prank on her was being put into action on this frosty October morning.
Lily had just had a very comferting dream that made her feel warm and cozey all over. She didn't really know what it was about, but it gave her a secure feeling. She rolled over onto her back and streached her arms out infront of her. She then felt something crawling underneath the covers. Carefuly she pulled back the maroon comfeter and the stark white sheet; where she found hundreds of spiders! Spiders of all shapes, sizes and colours crawling over her legs and stumach.

"Ah! Sirius!" cried Lily, waking all three of her roommates.

"Lil, what is it?" asked Arabella sleepily.

"Your brother...he put...spiders in my bed!" she cried, shaking her legs and jumping out of bed.

Quickly Lily's fear ebbed away and was replaced by pure anger. Not even realizing that she was stil dressed in a tank top and silk pyjama bottums, she grabbed her wand and marched angrily out of the dormatory. Arabella followed her closely. She wanted to see how this turned out. Lily threw open the boys dormatory door to come face to face with a smiling Sirius, a sleepy Peter and an embarassed James and Remus. All but Sirius was still dressed in their pyjamas; James and Remus were only in their boxers.

"Why hello Lily dearest. How are you this chilly morning?" asked Sirius in a sweet voice.

"Sirius...GOD DAMN YOU!" she cried, tackeling him to the ground and pointing her wand in his face.

"What did I do?" he asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"You know what you did!" she cried, still keeping him pinned.

"What did he do?" asked Remus, crossing his arms.

"Put spiders in her bed." Said Arabella, walking over to them and sitting on one of the beds.

"Ouch." Said Remus, knowing Lily's rather large fear of spiders.

"Lily, please get off of him. I'm trying to sleep." Said Peter, rubbing his eyes.

"Not until he finds some LARGE way of making it up to me." She said, her wand inches from his nose.

"Make it up to you? Why?" asked Sirius, laughing slightly.

"Because you scared the crap out of me and made me very pissed off and if you want to keep looking pretty you will make it up to me." She said, leaning very close to his face.

"Um...no." said Sirius.

Now he was pushing his luck. No one ever said 'no' to Lily when she was pissed off, and this was one of those times. That was it. She got up off him and made her way to the door, nodding her head and saying 'ok' to herself. Then, she turned around and pointed her wand at him.

"Petrificus Totalus." She said.

Sirius then stopped laughing and froze up. He was frozen with his arms at his sides and this shocked expression on his face. Just as Lily was walking out the door, he fell to the floor and everyone watched as the dust settled around him.

"Wow." Said Arabella.

"I think I'm in love." Said James, looking at the doorway.

"You've been saying that since first year." Said Remus, looking at the petrified Sirius.

"Well then. Let's get ready." Said Peter, slowly getting up.

Arabella left to try to calm Lily down, leaving the Marauders to reverse the spell. James was, to say the least, star struck. Ever since first year when Sirius had turned Lily's hair green to match her eyes and she had put the Jellylegs curse on him; he had loved her. Not just because she didn't take any crap from Sirius, which few people did, but because she was smart, wild, quickwitted, sweet and beautiful. She was one of his best friends and the longest crush he had ever had. Not that he would do anything about it mind you.
Lily didn't talk to Sirius for the rest of the day, but even that didn't stop him from enjoying the fruits of his labour. After all, he had gotten up at three that morning to put those spiders in her bed and he was going to enjoy her pissed off mood to the fullest.

"Are you every going to stop teasing her?" asked Remus that day at dinner as they watched Sirius do Lily's homework.

"Nope. It's just too much fun." Replyed Sirius as he grabbed another piece of parchment.

"You do realise that you are doing her homework for a week." Said Peter.

"Yes I do." Said Sirius.

"Then to save yourself the agony, why don't you just stop pranking her. It would save you from future bruses." Said James.

"But what would I do for fun?" asked Sirius, looking up from his work.

The Marauders laughed at Sirius' reasoning. No matter how many times Lily would curse him or hit him, he would still pull pranks on her just to keep things interesting. They had a very brother, sister relationship, and what was a relationship without sibling rivalry. In this case it meant torture. You had to admire his courage though. Not even Arabella went near Lily after she had been pranked. Not even after she had let off some steam on Sirius.

"By the way, I have a new prank on Miss. Evans that I'm sure you would all like." Said Sirius as he packed up his bag.

"What is it this time?" asked Remus.

"Well my dear Moony, this prank is sure to also send my sister off the deep end." Said Sirius, leaning forward.

They then plotted against the sixth year girls who sat just spaces away from them. Even if it meant the wrath of their two best girl friends to put this prank into action; it was worth it. It was two weeks later withought a single prank that tipped the girls off that something was up. The Maruders never went more than a few days without pulling a prank on atleast a Slytherin, never the less two weeks. Lily and Arabella talked about it the day before the plan was set to be exicuted and figured it out.

"Their going to prank us." Said Lily.

"It's got to be big, or else they would have done it a long time ago." Said Arabella.

"It's probably going to happen at night or at breakfast where everyone can see." Suggested Lily.

"Probably. We should always be on our guard, just to make sure that they don't catch us by surprise." Said Arabella. "We should also get them back. They can't just expect to get away with it."

"Your right. Lets start planning." Said Lily, rubbing her hands together.

And so it was on. A small prank war that not even the Marauders were aware of. Little did they know, that they were in for quite a surprise when both groups awoke.

Lily slowly awoke early, as she normaly did. She made a move to stretch her arms, but found them bound to her sides. She tried to move her legs, but found them bound together aswell. Lily lifted her head up and looked around the room, to find that she was in a cacoon of silly string. Not just any silly string mind you, but wizard silly string. The kind that you spray as many times as you like, but if not magicaly remouved turned the wearer into a bonified crysilis.

"Arabella!" she called, turning her head the best she could to face her friend.

"What the hell!" exclaimed Arabella as she now discovered the silly string.

The girls then began the rather hard task of getting out of their cacoons. It wasn't easy concidering that the silly string had about ten hours to grow. All around their side of the room was also coverd in silly string and took them quite a while to find their way to their wardrobes. Once they got there, more horror struck them. All of their robes had been shrunk to the size of doll clothing. Knowing very well who had done this, they grabbed their wands and ran, as best they could, out of the dormatory.

"Marauders!" they screamed.

In the boys dormatory, they had a similar experience. James was the first to awake, being an early riser, and found that he was still in his bed. Everything seemed normal. With the thought of the prank that had been pulled the night before, he happily flung the curtain open and stepped out of bed. To end up falling on his face. James looked up and saw his bed, looking down at him.

"Guys! Wake up!" yelled James.

The other three Marauders slowly awoke and had a similar experience to James'. It didn't take long for the four boys to realise who had done this, they grabbed their wands and ran out of the topsy turvy room.

"Oh Lily, Arabella!" they screamed.

It was quite a sight to see that morning, as two girls in silk pyjamas and four boys in boxers ran into the semi-deserted common room. The girls were still coverd in silly string and the boys were rubbing hurt limbs from when they had fallen out of bed. Not one of them had a happy face, even though their prank had been a success. They were all glairing at eachother and no one said a word for about two minutes, until Lily spoke.

"Whos bright idea was this?" she asked, looking at the infuriated Marauders.

"No need Lil, we all know it was my brothers doing." Said Arabella, glairing at her twin.

"Now don't blame me for everything! It was Prongs' idea for the cacoons of silly string. I just wanted the room coverd in it!" cried Sirius, shooting dagers at the girls.

"And who's idea was it to shrink out robes?" exclaimed Lily, her teeth gritted.

"Now that was all of us." Said Peter, who then got seething looks from his friends.

"And whos idea was it to put our beds on the ceiling?" asked James.

"Come of it Prongs, we all know they're not smart enough to come up with it on their own. They helped eachother." Said Sirius.

"That's it!" screeched Arabella, lunging at her brother.

"Potter, I'm going to curse you to the end of time!" screamed Lily, advancing towards James.

"Is that a promise?" asked James, turning on his heel and running.

Lily chased James all around the common room, throwing curses at him, which luckily missed him. Arabella was attacking her brother and Remus and Peter were trying to get her off of him. Lily finaly gave up on using her wand and tackled James right into Remus and Peter. Sirius managed to throw Arabella off him and threw a curse at her, which hit a chair leg. Soon all had forsaken their wands and had chosen hand-to-hand combat and tackled anyone who got in their way.

"What is the meaning of this?" came a voice from the portrat hole.

The group of six stopped fighting eachother and looked over to where the voice had come from, and saw a VERY angry McGonagall standing infront of them. She had her hands on her hips and her lips were pursed in a 'don't mess with me' manner. The group was a sight to behold. Lily was strateling James and was trying to reach for his knealk while Peter was trying to pull her off. Sirius, Remus and Arabella were in the same situation, eccept it was very hard to get Arabella off of Remus, concidering she kept punching Sirius in the leg or arm.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked McGonagall.

"Um...we can't really explain it." Said Peter.

"Well you will explain it to me and the headmaster. Throw on some robes and follow me." Said McGonagall, exiting the portrat hole.

The group walked up to the boy's dormatory and threw on some robes; the girls had to borrow some concidering theirs were shrunk. They then followed there rather pissed off head of house to the headmaster's office. Once inside, they began to get very nervous. The headmaster had been in the Great Hall and McGonagall had gone to get him, though they didn't know what they were going tell him.

"What do we say?" asked Lily, figiting in her spot standing next to James.

"I don't know, but we can't certanatly tell him about our pranks." Said Remus.

"Then what do we tell him? That we suddently felt like wrestling in our underwear." Said Arabella.

It was at that time that Professor Dumbledore and McGonagall walked into the office. What he saw was not what he had expected. At this moment, both parties were coverd in silly string with rug and punch marks on their bodies. All of them looked a mess. Dumbledore sat down at his desk and motioned for them to do the same.

"Well, it has come to my attention that you six were found wrestling in the Gryffindor common room. May I ask why?" said Dumbledore calmly.

"Well, we had a slight disagreement this morning." Said James.

"Oh really. What about, if you don't mind me asking?" asked Dumbledore.

"Well...um...that is to say we..." stutterd Arabella, trying to think of something to say.

"That is alright. If you do not want to tell me, you don't have to. Although I will have to punish you for your desplay this morning." Said Dumbledore.

"What do you suggest professor?" asked McGonagall.

"I think that you should all help Professor Burk in the potions classroom every evening for the next week. Starting tonight." Said Dumbledore. "He's been saying that he needs help to organize some potions ingredients and some help cleaning up."

"Yes professor." They chorused sadly.

"You can go now." Said Dumbledore.

This was absolutly horrible. A nightmare. Professor Burk was the most hateful professor in all the school. He especialy hated the six of them for being so 'happy' all the time. This was the worst possible detention in all the detentions they had had. Sure they had had detention with him before, but not for a whole week.

"This sucks." Said Lily, hanging her head and pulling the robe around her.

"It's not so bad Lil. At least we're all together." Said James, hugging her with one arm.

"Yeah. I guess your right." She said.

"That's the spirit." Said James.

"Yeah. We'll show that freak that not even he can get us down." Said Sirius, thrusting his fist in the air.

They walked back to the Gryffindor tower, getting strange looks from the students that they passed. After all, they weren't exactly wearing very much. Right as they were about to separate, Lily dragged the boys up to their dormatory to make them change their robes back and get the string out of their room. They were all dreading their evening detention with Professor Burk, but they just had to tough it out, even if it meant strange looks from the whole school.

The day had been quite interesting, to say the least. The twelve people who had been in the common room that morning had told every Gryffindor, and then they had told the whole school. Now everyone knew that the Marauders, Lily and Arabella had fought in the common room, in their underwear. Snape and Malfoy had the most fun with this information. They found it quite amusing to remind them about it every minute of the day. Soon, night fell upon the castle and the six trudged down to the dugeons for their detention. When they got there, they found Burk waiting for them with boxes and boxes littering the floor.

"Ah, the delinquents are here." He said, smiling with contempt. "For your detention today, you will be labbeling what is in these jars. I really needed to get organized." He said, gesturing to the boxes on the floor.

"You mean all these?" asked Sirius, gaping at the floor.

"Yes Mr. Black. You should get this done tonight. I expect it." Said Burk. "I, however, will not be supervising. I have to go to my office to get some papers and things for next days lesson. Have fun." He said, walking out of the room.
"He seriously expects us to do all of these. Today." Said Sirius, still in shock.

"Yes Padfoot I think he does." Said James.

They each grabbed a cardboard box full of jars and began the very boaring task of trying to identify what was in each jar. Most of it looked like it was moulding or decomposing, not something they would want to have around. It was about eleven o'clock when they were almost done, not a word spread between them for four hours, that James opened a jar full of jellied something-or-other and accidentaly sprayed it all over Lily. They purpulish goo was on her knealk, shoulder, hair and leg and was dripping slowly to the floor.

"James!" she cried, trying to whipe the goo off her.

"What?" he asked, like he didn't know anything.

"You got it all over me!" she shriked.

"Oh did I now?" he asked, smirking.

Lily then grabbed one of the jars, opened it, and threw pickled newts tails towards him; only for it to end up on Remus. It was then that the war was started. They gave up trying to label the jars and instead threw the contents of the remaining jars over eachother. By midnight, when they thought they would be done, everyone was converd from head to toe in things that you couldn't even imagine. When the group decided to leave, having had enough of this detention, they bumped into a rather angry looking Professor Burk, who was convinently blocking the door.

"What is this mess? Explain yourselves?" he asked through clenched teeth,
looking around at his disgusting classroom.

"Well, you see, we got board and made up a little game. Would you like to play?" asked Sirius, smiling broadly.

"Get out NOW!" screamed Burk, moving away from the door to let the slimy students go.

The Marauders, Lily and Arabella ran as quickly as they could out of the dungeon and up to the common room. They were laughing all the way there, leaving behind gooy footprints. Even though Lily and James were treading on thin ice as prefects, nothing could stop them from enjoying the look on Professor Burks face when he saw them. It was priceless.

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