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Chapter 1:

The Final Break-up

The sun shined brightly over the whole of LA.

It wasn't because the weather forecast had finally achieved and predicted the right weather two weeks in arrow, or that since the month of May had passed with never-ceasing rain.

Students chatted animatedly was almost summer. However irksome some in the Hollywood district found it, they had to survive two whole rainy months before the sun was ready to make its official appearance and proclaim a warmer weather that allowed people to wear lighter clothing.

The sun shone like a diamond and there was not a single fluffy cloud in the clear, blue sky. There was an extremely soft breeze, and everyone thanked that as nobody likes too hot or cold climate.

It was a lovely, June morning.

Perhaps, in general, mornings where terrific, but not for Tori Vega.

Victoria "Tori" Vega was not what you call the usual high-school girl. Apart from being a stunningly pretty girl of 18-with a sleek mane of dark brown hair and auburn eyes- she was (as Sikowitz had said during the past few days) "T. Vega, the New Madonna".

However, this morning, it seemed to Tori that instead of being 8 o'clock it was 4 o'clock in the morning. She felt stiff and sore, here hair suddenly mutinously bushy without adding the fact that she had tiny eye bags as well as very bloodshot eyes.

It was all Jade's fault. Why the precise date in which she had a very special dinner with Beck coincidentally had to be the same day in which they had to finish a twelve-page essay, Tori was sure it was retaliation because she had wiped off a bit of ice-cream off Beck's face the other day.

She yawned and stretched lazily. She had the mad urge to get back under the covers but she had to get to school on time. She was soon shut in the bathroom returning that beautiful hair to its original sleek way. Her velvet blue shirt with a sapphire heart and her jeans made out her slim and attractive figure. She popped her lips lightly after smiling at her reflection.

"Graduation is just around the corner." she said to herself excitedly.

"Hey Tori!" Trina knocked on the door for a billionth time. "Filming starts in an hour, chop chop!"

Tori quickly opened the door (but not before winking herself in the mirror) and let her sister enter.

Trina had graduated from Hollywood Arts High School last year, and after painstaking effort, found herself a (very, very, very) minor role in a soap opera called "Twelve's Not Enough" as Romilda. She was the girlfriend of the tritagonist in the series and in the ten episodes filmed, she had made an appearance twice.

Tori muttered a hasty word of goodbye to Trina before rushing down to the kitchen, grabbing a croissant from the table, cried hurried farewells to her parents before she picked up her homework and bags and slammed the door.

"Hey Tori," said André greeting her from the car.

"Hey André," she replied as she slumped into the front seat beside him.

"Tough morning?" he asked as the car started moving.

"You'd better believe it, damn it," she sighed with tiredness. "Jade snogging Beck on a romantic dinner, while I have to finish of a twelve-page essay in which she has not contributed in the very least."

The black-skinned boy smirked slightly at his best friend. Since Trina left school she hadn't got time to carry Tori to school, but since André's grandmother had become apprehensive of cars since the other day when a Ferrari drove into the bus she was riding on, she had accepted his offer.

"You got your lines remembered?" he asked casually as they neared the school building.

"Yeah, 'peradventure to your lady's mood should allow me to cross-' "

"Yeah, yeah, Sikowitz makes all seniors do this scene, Trina told me."

"Perhaps, but d'you really rely on Trina?"

"Nah," he replied unworriedly. "But she gotta know what we have in store for the next few days before graduation."

Tori just gave a murmur of assent as her best friend parked the car.

Soon, the bell rung for class and there was the usual hustle and bustle of students getting to classes. Tori and André entered after Robbie who was discussing animatedly with Rex over who Carly Shay from iCarly would prefer to kiss.

After them, Cat entered cheerfully. Tori admired that her friend could act so bubbly and feisty every single day.

"Hey One-four-feb!" said André.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" gasped Cat.

"Well...your surname's Valentine, and Valentine's Day is on February fourteenth..."

"Oh!" said Cat as she thought about it. "That's thoughtful! Although I think my great-great-great grandfather got that because he traded his donkey for a name."

Nobody really paid too much astonishment to that fact. They were used to Cat telling them very weird things about her.

"Why does your family seem so interesting?" asked Tori innocently.

"Yeah, right?" said Cat excitedly. "Like, last week my brother said he was going on a spiritual trip to Canada but yesterday, my dad found out he's in prison in Mexico."

Tori raised an eyebrow. "Okaaaaaaay..."

Just as she said that, Jade appeared in the classroom. Tori raised both her eyebrows now. Where was Beck?

"You don't reckon she's done something to him do you?" she whispered to André as he peered to look if his pal was behind Jade.

"Don't think so." he replied confusedly.

What surprised Tori the most was that Jade seemed almost as tired as her only she seemed to not have bothered to civilize herself this morning. Her black hair was a mess and everyone noticed-although they didn't have the guts to say so- she was wearing the exact same clothes as yesterday.

It was a full five minutes before Beck Oliver made his appearance in the room. He, however, looked as calm and attractive as usual. No signs of no sleep or of tiredness or sadness. Tori then knew it must be Jade who had made a problem and was now regretting it.

"Okay, people!" cried Sikowitz making them all jump. "Let's get started! Tori, André, Beck and...Jade!"

The four students went up and waited for instructions from their teacher that were delayed as he drank a bit of coconut milk.

"Beck-Lord Darnley, Jade-Mary, Tori-maid and André-messenger."

The four took their positions, they all remembered thgis was scene 7 of Act 2.

"My Lord Darnley," said André in a convincing Scottish accent. "The Queen is here to visit your lordship."

Jade entered while Tori feigned she was fixing her veil.

"Please leave us, Lady Fleming." said Jade as Mary, Queen of Scots.

"Your Majesty, you asked I should never leave your side except-"


There was something in that voice that was not acting at all. It seemed to be a true feeling and Tori didn't need to remember her lines to wait to be told twice.

"Mary, you have come." said Beck in another accent. "My beloved Queen you kept your word..."

According to the play, Jade now had to kiss Beck after he stroked her cheek, but as Beck's hand touched the Goth's flesh, something really unexpected occurred.

For a moment it seemed Jade was hesitating, and very suddenly she burst into tears and rushed out of the room.

Ignoring Sikowitz protests, Tori rushed after Jade, determined to find out what was the matter.

She found Jade in the first place she tought of: the janitor's closet.

"Get out, Vega!" came a muffled voice from the corner.

"What's the matter, Jade?" Tori had gotten used to ignore Jade's warnings and simply began to walk towards her.

"I thought I said: GET OUT! OUCH!" she tripped over the mop and twisted her ankle. "Shit! Those high-heels were new!"

Tori gave a helping hand and pulled Jade to her feet, balancing her on herself so she wouldn't hurt her ankle.

"Tell me." she implied.

Suddenly, Jade seemed to recover over her twisted ankle and shut the door fiercely before saying: "Don't you dare tell anyone what I'm gonna tell you!"

"Cross my heart and hope to die." replied Tori.

She noticed the Goth still had tear-tracks on her cheeks. Her hair seemed even wilder and she somehow seemed much older.

She sighed before saying in rapidly in a hushed voice:

"Me and Beck...have braked-up...forever..."

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So Jade leaves Tori to finish an essay the two have to do, but she seems to get into a fight with Beck and they break-up. Au contraire to dear Beck Oliver, Jade is devastated and soon fesses up to Tori, who has risked her life (literally, if you know the real Jade) to find out the reason for the pair to come seperatedly and for her best frenemy to be so sad.

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