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Pairing(s): David Rossi/Harry Potter

Summary: Two years before rejoining the BAU, David Rossi finds himself infiltrated by a wild wanderer, Hare Prince (Harry Potter), and they both fall into a dangerous romance. But as David joins the BAU, some cases are hitting close to home, while Hare's past is close to catching up to him.

Warnings: Cross-dressing, slash, malexmale relationship, character death, spoilers, more to be added later

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December 10 2008

David looked at the woman across from him, her navy blue eyes locked onto him. Her lips were pushed into a thin line. Standing behind her stood two men, both looking onto them with slight interest and some boredom. David's hand was in a fist, and he forced himself not to snap at the woman.

"We need to be out there looking for him." He said.

The woman gave a small bitter smile, "Yes, well we're in the middle of an investigation, so you must understand why we are here asking this questions." She replied.

David glared at her, "And you must understand that I am to in the middle of an investigation. So I would like to go help my team find the guy."

She tilted her head slightly, looking him up and down. "When did you first meet Harry Potter?" She asked. The man to her right shifted, clearly uneasy.

"Who?" David asked.

The woman smiled to herself, and glanced at the folder in her lap, "Ah… yes you know him as Hare Prince." She looked at him, "So when did you meet Hare Prince?"

June 16 2006

The first time he met Hare Prince, it was at a bar that had a mingling crowd of older people and younger. The eldest one had to be mid-fifties while the youngest in the bar was probably 20. That night it was mixture of fast up beat newer music and every once in a while, slow music to appease the few older clients.

That night David found himself sitting at the bar alone, sipping some scotch when something had caught his eye. He looked out towards the dance floor wondering what had first caught his attention. It didn't take long to locate what had.

At first glance he thought it was a woman, with all the delicate features and how 'she' was dressed. 'She' wore a long black skirt that had two slits in it allowing David to catch sight of two pale thin legs, and a dark red corset, which displayed a very small-not there chest, along with multiple bracelets on both wrists with waist long hair pulled back into a messy pony tail. Then he looked closer at the 'woman', and noticed features that seemed to masculine to belong to a woman. The "She" at the time had a strong chin, and if he looked closely enough, what looked like an Adams apple. But David's study was cut short when a man that was probably mid thirties came up behind the woman-man, and a woman came in between the woman-man's legs.

David turned away and sighed slightly. It wasn't likely he was going to get curious enough to go ask the person if they were a male or female. He glanced over at the area where the older women were gathered and sent one of them a flirtatious smile. The woman was beautiful, with black hair pulled back in a bun and soft brown eyes. Maybe he would take her out to dinner or something.

He then glanced out again to the dancing crowd and the woman-man caught his attention again. The thoughts of the other woman were out as he watched, entranced, as the woman-man danced. The woman that had been between the woman-man's legs was gone, and only the man remained. The woman-man had her-his arms up in the air, eyes closed, while the man behind her-him hand his hands straying.

Then their eyes met. David's breath was taken away as bright green – green – eyes met his. The woman-man gave a coy smile, before detangling themselves from the group of people. Green eyes didn't pay any attention to the people trying to keep them there, and walked towards David. Though saying the woman-man walked was so very untrue in David's eyes, maybe something more like glided or flouted. He desperately hoped that was a woman coming his way, because never in his nearly fifty years has anyone made him this hard… ever…

Green eyes moved in closer to David, almost like prey stalking its prey. Green eyes was soon pressed against his side, obviously wanting to talk. "Hello." The man-girl-boy-woman said it was barely above a whisper, directly into his ear. He can't tell the sex from the voice, and there's an under tone of an English accent on the voice.

He shivered slightly; he could smell the faint smell of sweat and some type of spice coming off of Green eyes. "Good evening." He replied he stiffens slightly at the feel of a small hand being placed on his chest.

"You've been staring at me for nearly half an hour, may I know why?" Green eyes asked. David cursed his foolishness, he hadn't noticed.

David shifted slightly, and Green eyes inched away until there were a few inches between the two of them. "I've been trying to decide if you are a woman or man." David replied stiffly.

Green eyes blink, before a soft giggle breaks free from the man-girl-boy-woman's throat…. And for the love of God, please be a woman, he begs himself. "Sorry… But if you really want to know… I'm Hare Prince."

Damn it. Damn it to hell.

"David Rossi." They shook hands, and Hare giggled a little bit before maneuvering around David to put in an order of some sort of drink, David didn't catch it, because for some god damn reason, he was staring shamelessly at the other man's ass.

Hare straightened and smiled at David, as if knowing where David's eyes had been. He leaned against the bar, and tilted his head to the side, while bracing a foot against the small half wall that the bar was place at, allowing a pale leg to come into view.

David looked away slightly – and saw the woman from earlier talking to another older man, and cleared his throat. "So… what's a young man like you doing in a place like this, dressed like that?"

"I'm not young," Hare scowled. "I'm twenty six thank you very much."

David looked at the cross-dressing male in shock, there was no way the man was that old, maybe twenty… and that was really pushing it. David raised an eyebrow. "Really now? I was guessing around sixteen."

Hare's cheeks began bright red, and the scowl deepened. "I wonder….. Should I be insulted or flattered?"

David was about to say something, when they were interrupted by the bartender handing Hare his drink. Hare grabbed it and downed it at once, wincing at the sharp taste. "I hate alcohol." He muttered placing the small glass on the counter, along with the payment. Green eyes met dark eyes, "How about we get out of here?"

David didn't know why he followed the younger man out of the bar, where David had gone in hopes of catching the eye of a woman, but instead had caught a young cross-dressing man. He couldn't tell you why he didn't just turn around and head back to the bar or Heaven forbid his own hotel room. He sure as hell couldn't tell you what had possessed him to follow the younger man to his own hotel room, a few blocks away from the bar versus David's which was a few minutes' drive from the bar. He didn't know who started the kissing first; Hare was in the middle of making coffee – none of that hotel crap, but the expensive kind from the store that David didn't know the name of – or why he had liked it.

All he could tell anyone was though, that they did end up having sex, after the whole awkward stage where David didn't know how to prepare a male, Hare laughed at the older male, killing the mood for a moment or two before preparing himself. There was a feeling of wrongness and rightness as they fucked, and apparently Hare was a loud, and David loved that, strange as he never liked very loud partners. Neither of them lasted long, David would always blame the alcohol that was in his system at the time ….Never his age.

David dosed of slightly, and woke with a start as he felt movement on the bed, Hare leaned over the edge of the bed and yanked on a shirt – that was defiantly David's. He quickly scrambled over to the coffee machine and poured two cups of coffee before returning to the bed.

"Hope you don't mind it being black. I don't have any creamer." Hare said, as David sat up to accept the cup.

"No it's alright." David took a sip, sighing as the harsh bitter taste over took his mouth, "So what brings you to America?"

Hare raise a dark eyebrow. "Oh? And what makes you think that I'm not from America?" Hare settled himself on the bed close to the older male. "But if you must know," Hare says in a sarcastic manner, "I'm from England…. Traveling, plus I got bored of the weather there in England."

David can practically see the lie there, but decided not to comment on it; after all it was a half-lie. What ever he was about to say was cut off by Hare's lips on his, tasting of the coffee that he had just drank. Hare carefully took the cup of half drunken coffee from the ex-profiler, and blindly placed it on the night stand next to him, before straddling his lap.

Hare pulled away with a teasing glint in his eyes, "Think you can get it up for another round?"

David groaned as the sun hit right in the face. Slowly he blinked open his eyes, and ran a hand over his face.

"Awake?" Hare asked from the kitchen area of the hotel room. David groaned in answer. "Bacon and eggs sound good?"

David buried himself deeper into the thin bed, and heard Hare laughing at his actions. A few minutes later he felt Hare settle himself onto David's back, "Well, wake up! I can't eat all of this by myself Dave!" Dave could almost see the pout on the younger man's face. "Daaaaveeeeee!" Hare cried out, bouncing a bit on the man's back.

Dave grunted and moved to roll over, as Hare raised himself up slightly so he could fully lay on his back, Hare settled himself on Dave's upper thighs. "You're acting like a child." Dave commented.

Hare pouted, before shaking his head, "Well…."

David chuckled at the younger man, this had almost become routine the last few days since they meet in the bar. "Fine where is that breakfast?" Hare smiled before climbing out of bed to grab their breakfasts. David reached down and grab last night pants and yanked them on before getting out of bed, Hare was pouring a cup of coffee for him, humming a strange tune he didn't recognize.

Hare placed the breakfast on the kitchen table, and Dave joined him.

"I'm leaving this town soon." Hare said when they both were half way through eating breakfast.

"Oh…. When?"

"Tomorrow at the soonest, Thursday at the latest." Hare admitted there was a nervous tone in his voice. "I was wondering…. If you would like to come with me?" Hare asked.

David was silent for a moment, he had to work on a new book, "I don't know." Dave admitted. "Can I think about it?"

Hare nodded, "I'm going to head to the store, and there are something's I have to get before I leave."

David nodded; Hare gave him a tight smile before going back to eating.

After Hare had cleaned up, he took a shower before getting dressed. David watched him with silent eyes, wondering if he could truly just go with the strange man. Hare gave him one more smile before slipping out of the hotel room and disappearing down the block.

Would it be so bad? David wondered. Then realized he barely knew anything about the man, he sighed sitting on the bed. He knew what his answer was going to be.