Sekhmet's broken child

Estrella: Okay. Here are a few things you need to know. For one this is mostly AU, so the items do exist, as the yamis, but not in the way the original manga or anime. Second, I'll be taking Akefia from the past and putting her, yes her, this is a genderbendding fic, into modern day England to live with none other than Harry Potter and his family. His parents are alive and he has a brother who's spoiled rotten. Draco is now an Ishtar since he refused to be a Death Eater at an early age. No Voldemort! But there is a villain. And no it isn't Zorc! The yamis and hikaris are siblings and a lot more!


Arabic/ancient Egyptian



Night and day for decades she wandered.

She cared for her children and love destruction.

But the day one her most beloved village's burned,

She was mortified.

The cries of a child long forgotten.

The need to protect her broken daughter,

She did what she thought best…

Chapter 1: Broken

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" A young boy yelled. He and his younger brother were walking in the rain with their mother. She looked at the woman at her door. She had a hood on and a child in her arms. The woman looked weak, and was about to collapse, when the other's husband walked by and caught her. Walking into their home, they waited for the woman to come to. It took about an hour, but she finally did.

"Thank you. People call me the Scarlet Lady. I'm here to ask you for a favor." She said. The child in her arms was soaked wet, with her hand over her right eye. Taking it off gently, the family was shocked to see fresh blood on it.

"Who did this?" The woman asked. "Oh, how rude of me. I'm Lily Potter. He's my husband James and our son, Julius." The redheaded boy smiled coyly while the other frowned. The Scarlet Lady frowned.

"What's your name my child?" She asked.

"Harry Potter," he said.

"So you have two sons…" Lily and James looked at Harry with hate in their eyes. Julius was a perfect child, not like him. The Scarlet Lady smirked and cleared her throat, "anyways, I'm hoping you'll take care of Akefia. Her family and friends, and so many others she knew were murdered. She was the only one who survived. And I know you're wizards. You can't hide that. So is she, but her magic is older and much more dangerous. By the way Harry?" Harry looked at her, "happy birthday, and good luck." She left them with the dirty child as disappeared into nothing as an owl came by with a letter to Harry inviting him to Hogwarts…

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