Sekhmet's Broken Child

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Spells/ parseltongue




Chapter 6: First day, part 2


"And you," Trawleney said dramatically, "you fill die!" She pointed to Harry. He rolled his eyes and turned away. He was sitting next to Yami and Marik.

"Yami," Marik began, "doesn't she look like a beetle?" Yami chuckled and nodded. They turned their heads to the right after hearing a slap. They were amused as they saw none other than Bakura.

"She's not too happy having to sit with him," Yami said. Bakura was sitting next to Julius, giving him dirty looks every time he smirked at her. Luckily for Bakura, maybe even Julius, Draco was with them as well, but it still didn't help that Julius would give her odd looks.

'If he tries anything…' she looked over at Harry and mouthed, 'is-your-brother-always-this-perverted?!' Harry laughed silently as he watched Bakura Bakhura growl at Julius every time he got closer to her. That is, until Bakura decided he needed a nice pair of sunglasses.*


"When is this class over?" Yugi whined silently. Her arms where getting tired of stirring, and she wanted to meet her brother's dragon! Why did Potions even need to be in the dungeons?!

"Where's Akefia?" Malik asked leaning over. Yugi shrugged and looked at Ryou. The girl was smiling and her potion was better than Hermione's, who they've been told could almost perfectly create the potions. Snape walked by and nodded, impressed with he saw. At least the girl wasn't a Gryffindor, had she been a Slytherin, he would have given her twice as many points as he did. Everyone was surprised he even gave her points.

"Ryou," the girl looked at her friends, "have you seen Akefia? She isn't class." Ryou shook her head. Akefia hadn't showed up to class.


Akefia followed Seth towards the Forbidden Forest. The serpent, having the ability of invisibility, kept them hidden from sight. They wandered around for a while until…

"Ssssstop here," Seth hissed. Akefia complied and looked around. She wondered where she was, or why she had to be here.

'Better than class…' she figured. Not like she would be missed. Seth slithered down her arm and onto the floor of the forest. He stared at Akefia.

"To think," He began, "to think ssssshe chosssssse you asssssss her child…" Akefia stared at him confused. Who chose her to be there daughter? Who was she anyways? Seth looked at Akefia long and hard.

"What do you mean, ssssshe chosssssse me asssssss her child? Who'ssss ssssshe?" Akefia asked. Seth looked at the girl once more, before using his tail to point at her wand.

"Do you know what that sayssss?" Akefia nodded and recited the message on the wand. What she wanted to know is how the Ra damn hell that would explain anything. Seth looked up and sighed before he went into his explanation.

"Well, it sssstarted like thissss," he said…


Sekhmet walked into Ra's throne room. She had been called for interfering with the flow of time. She had taken an Ancient Egyptian girl, and paced millenniums into the future. So, she now had to bear the wrath of Ra.

"You, I know you love destruction, and I know you love chaos, but this!" Ra roared, waving to the image of Akefia playing with Harry, "this is messing with the flow of time!"

"If I could just-" Sekhmet began.

"Sending that girl into the future may have caused great peril!"

"I was just-"


"CAN I PLEASE SPEAK?!" Every single one of the Egyptian Gods looked at them. Ra almost looked shocked himself at Sekhmet's outburst, but he let her speak, "the reason I sent her to the future was because she's my child! Just as Atem is Atum's child, Akefia is mine. Besides, I also did it because of something that is going to happen to Atem. And I fear for the young King…" Everyone was quiet as she explained. The silence was so deadly, they were afraid that what Sekhmet had said would be true. Was Atem really in danger?


"Asssssss you can sssssee, ssssshe chosssssse you asssssss her child," Seth looked up into metallic purple eyes, "you, Akefia, are the long lost daughter of Sekhmet, the Goddess of War." Akefia gasped and looked at her hands and then her wand. Was she really the child of an Egyptian Goddess?

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