Sekhmet's Broken Child

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Arabic/ancient Egyptian


Chapter 7: I'm Sekhmet's Lost Child

Akefia wandered back to the school. Her metallic purple eyes wide and unseeing.

"AKEFIA!" Harry ran over to her, "You ditched class without me!"

Harry pulled his sister in closer, "I would have loved to ditch the Beetle! Where were you?"

Akefia sighed, "I...Harry, do you think I'm...special?"

Harry looked at her as they walked to their dorms, they had a free period. He wondered what she meant by that. Seth was coiled around her shoulders. Harry shot him a look, which Seth returned mockingly. Harry glared at him. Seth glared back. Harry stuck his tongue out. Seth did the same. Harry growled. Seth hissed.

'I'm having a fight with a snake...' Harry thought to himself as he was about blow a raspberry, 'the irony...'

He looked at Akefia, who was avoiding his gaze, and caught sight of a small smile on her lips.

"So?" She spoke up again. "Am I?"

Harry didn't know what to say.

The duo sat down. Harry looked at his sister.

In a way, he guessed she was special. She was Egyptian. Her scar couldn't be removed by magical means. He had no idea why, his parents tried to make her look, well, normal, but...

'They said there was something about it. A scar as ancient as hers can't be fixed with our magic. I still don't understand what that means.' Harry thought to himself.

Akefia also had metallic purple eyes that in certain lighting appeared gray or silver. Her hair, fell to her shoulders in wild spikes.

Her skin was a bronze tone, kissed passionately by the sun.

She could tame lions, tigers and all wild cats.

Scratch that, all felines in general.

She could talk to Seth and understand him.

She had an Item. The Sennen Ring.

"I think you are special Akefia." Harry whispered, "Even if no one else believes it, I do. Why'd you ask?"

Akefia hesitated for a moment, something she rarely did.

"I..." she sighed deeply, "When I ditched class with Seth, we went to the Forbiden Forest-"

"YOU WERE IN THE FOREST?!" Bakura stormed over and smacked Akefia in the head, "I WANTED TO GO, TOO! WHY DIDN'T YA TELL ME YOU WERE GOING?!"

"One, ow. Two, it slipped my mind."

Bakura huffed and sat down.

Harry and Akefia stared at her.

"What?" Bakura defended herself, "Ryou is with Yugi and Yami, Marik and Malik are somewhere I don't wanna know, and Harry's brother was following me all day! I need a break! Plus, an explanation as to why I wasn't invited to the Forest."

Bakura crossed her arms and waited as patiently as she could.

Akefia deflated a bit, "Okay, okay. Well, we were in the forest, and then, he... he told me a few things, that I find hard to believe."

Harry and Bakura scooted closer to her, urging her to go on.

Akefia sighed, "He told me...he told me I'm..."

"What?!" Harry and Bakura asked.


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