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"To help me"



Feeling pulsation in his pocket, Soubi picked up his cell phone. A message from Ritsuka appeared on the screen: "Can I come over?"

Curious, he smiled and typed the obvious reply: "Of course".

A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door, and he opened it immediately.

"Hi Soubi…" Noticing he wore a smock and had his hair up, Ritsuka said nervously. "Sorry I interrupted you during your work."

"This assignment isn't due for a week" he fibbed, "come in please". Stepping in Ritsuka removed his fur-lined coat, which Soubi took from his hands, and hung on the nearby coat rack.

"Would you like some tea?" he asked, walking into the kitchen.

"Alright, black please", Ritsuka replied, removing his shoes then walked into the house.

His fighter poured the steaming water into two cups with tea bags already in place.


"Just a bit", he answered from the couch. Peering around the room he admired the paintings scattered on the floor.

Soubi came out and placed the cups down on the table in front of the couch. "I apologize for how messy it is in here, I would have cleaned up if I expected you to visit. Of course any visit from you is a welcome surprise."

"Your artwork is amazing", his sacrifice responded with the hopes of a smile reaching his face. He then brought the cup to his lips and sipped.

With that special smile, "Thank you, you know your praise means more than anyone's." With the curve of his grin diminishing, he asked "Ritsuka tell me, what is the matter?"

Somewhat shocked by the quick topic variation, Ritsuka turned away and put the cup down. His thoughts returned to their route of torture.

He did come here to talk to his fighter, didn't he? Now the words in his mind felt too icy to dare allow touch his tongue.

Soubi's hand gently lifted his chin and redirected his gaze.

"I will always listen to anything you want to tell me, and I'll help you in every way I can."

Tears neared Ritsuka's sight until he pressed their lips together. Soubi was surprised, but didn't hold his sacrifice back as he repositioned his body and deepened the kiss. Bringing a hand to dark hair, Soubi passionately dived in.

Ritsuka hurriedly unbuttoned his fighter's sweater. Hungrily Soubi scooped him up. Legs around his waist, moist lips kissed his scarred torso. They crashed against the bedroom door which slammed into the wall, and entered his bedroom.

With one hand Soubi tossed the burgundy blanket to the floor, and they fell onto his bed. Among the barrage of kisses, they somehow removed every piece of clothing from each others body.

Loosing blonde locks Ritsuka begged "Soubi".

Soubi grabbed his erection and in spite of their haste, slowed into where it belonged.

Ritsuka felt ecstasy he never imagined.

Fuck me to help me remember…

Soubi unchained his inhibitions, and released thoughts that flew throughout his mind.

Fuck me to help me forget...

With moans, sweat, and tears, no second passed unused in this battle of spells against their tormented past, and the ferocity of life in the present.

Convince me that the way ahead will be better and I'll forgive all my regrets…

Both touching

Both feeling

Each wanting and needing.

Love me to help make it through this life…








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