I just came back from a place where they hated me

And everything I stand for.

A land where my brothers are dying for others who

Don't even care anymore.

Chances are I never will be the same

I really don't know anymore

I just came back from a war

-Darryl Worley

"They lied, you know," Christine heard the sound of a voice say to her. "US Marines aren't the only ones protecting the streets of heaven. It's a lot of EOD's too…I know a couple SEAL's, but we're there,"

The voice was familiar and made her perk up as she looked across where they were now. No longer were they on a hockey rink, but in a pool. She was floating on her back, the sun was beating down on them. And there was Bunker, treading water next to her.

"What the hell would EOD's be doing on the streets of heaven? I can't imagine it's full of bombs, is it?"

"Naw…We're just scary sons of bitches. Who other then crazy mother fuckers would want our job?" he asked, grinning at her. She realized that they were both in their fatigues, Navy issued ship wear. "But you don't believe in heaven anyways, so why should I tell you that?"

"My tags say I'm Catholic, Bunker, so unless-"

"Yeah, but you lost faith the day we died,"

The fact that he voiced those words made her frown, and she stopped treading water for a moment. However, her head didn't go under, nothing went under other then what had already been there. She just…floated there.

"So you're really dead then,"

"They didn't tell ya?"

"No who died…I assumed it was you, because you're sorry ass hadn't visited me yet…Who else?"

"Me, McGill, Notch and B-tech…Tanners, you know, the driver. And Mohammad, our interpreter. He wasn't listed on the dead count, I assume,"

"No…Just four were listed,"

"Wolfman visit you yet?"

"No," Christine replied bitterly. "He's probably happy with his family right now, right?"

"Naw, man. He got his leg blown off too. His leg and arm. And Travers…She got it bad. She thought she was in the states when I checked on her,"

"Whoo, what do you mean checked on her?"

"The fire went off, boom, explosion. I was fine. I tied off a tourniquet for you and Wolman, tried to get everyone else to respond. Mohammad was returning fire to the guys, covering my back. I covering your ass, brother, is what he said. And then he got shot. And I did too," he blinked and rubbed his eyes.

"Mohammad died by the hands of his own people?"

"That's war, Booth…That's god damned war,"

"He saved my life. He helped you save mine and Wolfmans life…"

"Yeah. He did," Bunker replied, looking into her eyes and then getting out of the pool, motioning for her to sit next to him. She hoisted herself out and sat next to him, laying her head on his shoulder.

"You were a damned good battle buddy, Bunker…"

"You too, Booth…You were a damned good battle buddy too," he replied, looking into the pool with a sad look of unrest.

"I have to go back, don't I?"

"We'll, that's you're call, ain't it? I mean, you could always give up. Fall into the water. Let it fill your lungs,"

"EOD's don't give up,"

"Yeah, you're right…But then, we ain't EOD's anymore, are we?"

"Til the day we die,"

He looked at her seriously and looked into the sky.

"It's really nice. None of your ailment, none of them exist. My grandma, she was blind, and she ain't anymore. And I could use a battle buddy up there,"

"I don't believe that any of this is real, Bunker…"

"Can't you feel the sun on your face? You have to believe this is real, Booth…Come on…It'll be me and you,"

"Bunker…I have people…That need me,"

"I had people that needed me too, Booth! But the pain, it goes away when you leave the world. It's not there anymore. You're safe,"

"Bunker…I don't give up,"

"Initial success or total failure, right? What if you wake up and you never get the chance to talk to me, or to McGill, or to Mohammad again? What if it just fades away?"

"You risked your life to save mine, Bunker…I'm not going to throw that away," she said, looking him in the eyes. When defeat ran over them, he sighed and cupped her face in his fingers.

"You were always stubborn, Booth,"

"Wolfman and Travers need me. My mom and dad need me. Michael needs me,"

"Michael must be one hell of a dude, huh? You always talked about him."

"He's my best friend,"

Bunker nodded and raised a brow, smirking.

"Yeah. He sounds like a good guy. I have to go back, Booth. But I love you. You're like a sister to me,"

"Treat me like a brother, not a sister,"

"Well, you sure as hell earned the title of brother. I'll see you, maybe. You going to go to our squad memorial?"


The two shared a longing look and Bunker nodded. He touched her again and then pattered her on the knee.

"Bring Cheetos to my grave, will you? Flowers are so stupid," he stated, grinning and walking away, waving. Christine felt her heart wrench at the sudden departure.

This hurt so much more then what had hurt when her grandmother and Parker walked away. She wanted to run to him, to tell him, wait, I'll fallow you! Just wait up!

But she couldn't. When suddenly the pain became bearable again, she stood at the edge of the pool and looked down into the abyss.

Because the dangerous thing isn't the parts that make up the bomb, it's the human that makes the bomb. We always have to remember that. Humans are the reason this is happening. Not chemistry.

She dove in.

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