A/N: This story is set during season 3

Caroline, Elena, Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, Damon, Stefan, Klaus, and Rebekah were all gathered at Klaus's place for Rebekah's birthday party.

Most of them had shown up figuring that there would free alcohol and they wouldn't necessarily even have to talk to the birthday girl. That was until they showed up and discovered that it was just them and Rebekah wanted to play truth or dare. They still stayed though, since they had nothing better to do and thought that they could still have a little fun.

Klaus had come since it was at his house, and more importantly Caroline would be there to dare. As he sat next to her on the couch listening to Rebekah explain a few rules, he thought that attending was already starting to pay off.

"Okay so everyone gets three limits where they can refuse to do a dare or answer a question," Several people groaned at that, while some others looked very relieved. "If you use one of your limits, then that dare can't be used again, but it's still the other person's turn to give you another dare. Refuse a fourth time and you leave." This threat was more than just getting kicked out of the game and being embarrassed. This also meant that they wouldn't get to stay in one of the guest rooms that night and would have to find their own way home after drinking. "You can't give someone the same dare twice and since I'm the birthday girl I get to start. Damon, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Damon responded instantly. "Obviously."

"I dare you to make out with a Gilbert for a minute straight," Rebekah said, causing Damon to smirk at Elena. "The one sitting closest to you."

When Damon realized that she had meant Jeremy, he froze in spot with an uncharacteristically frazzled face.

"Him?" Damon asked, gesturing towards a not very pleased looking Jeremy.

"Well unless you want to waste one of your limits on the first dare of the night," Rebekah said casually. "I wouldn't have thought that you would be the first one to wimp out…"

Damon grabbed his drink off of the table and took a big swig of it, before heading over to Jeremy. Jeremy was covering his mouth with his arm, but Damon easily removed it with his vampire strength.

"Someone had better time this," He said. "I'm not getting forced to do this again afterwards just because you don't know how long it was."

"Fine," Rebekah said, pulling her phone out of her pocket. "I'll start the time when you start."

Damon shot her one more glare before turning back to Jeremy and convincing himself to just get it over with.

As their lips met, Jeremy struggled to leave Damon's grasp, but was unable to.

The pair was starting to think that Rebekah wasn't telling them they could stop just to screw with them, when Rebekah called, "Time."

"Thank god," Damon said as he pulled away and moved to sit much further away from Jeremy than he had been before.

"At least it was your dare," Jeremy muttered. "I didn't even get an option."

"Elena, truth or dare?" Damon asked, his signature smirk reappearing.

Elena sighed; she knew that if she took truth that Damon would ask if she had any feelings for him. She also knew that if she took dare that Damon was going to make her do something that would not make for a very happy Stefan.

"Dare," She finally decided after a few long seconds of silence.

"I dare you to make out with me for a minute and a half," Damon said. "And don't even think about using a limit after I just had to make out with your brother."

Elena knew that it was not a wise decision to get rid of one of her limits that early anyways, so instead she just stood up silently and headed over to him.

"You're timing?" She asked Rebekah, who nodded.

Damon found that his second kiss of the night ended way too soon.

"Caroline, truth or dare?" Elena asked as she sat back down.

"Dare," Caroline instantly responded. She figured that Elena probably wasn't going to give her anything too bad, and that if she did, the knowledge she had would lead to a worse truth than a dare.

"I dare you to kiss Klaus," Elena said with a smirk. Clearly she was looking for payback from previous games. "And on the lips, don't try to cheat by kissing his cheek."

Caroline shot daggers at her friend before turning, without a word, towards the grinning man in the seat next to her.

Caroline leaned over and gave him the quickest of pecks on the lips before pulling back. Despite the extreme shortness of the kiss, Klaus's grin still grew.

"Elena," Caroline said with a raised eyebrow, wanting to get her friend back. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare," Elena said, not wanting to back down and appear weak.

"I dare you to make out with Rebekah until Damon tells you to stop," Caroline responded.

Elena moved towards the birthday girl, giving Damon a warning look as she went.

Although Damon was enjoying the show, he ended up calling stop after about thirty seconds so that Elena wouldn't be too mad.

"Caroline, truth or dare?" Elena shot back, not willing to be the first to back down.

"Dare," Caroline instantly responded with her very best tough-as-rock face.

"This time you're going to give Klaus a real kiss," Elena said. "I dare you to give him the best kiss that you've ever given for two minutes straight. A real Caroline kiss."

Caroline groaned as she glared over at Elena, then turned and grabbed Klaus by the neck to pull him into a passionate kiss.

At first Caroline's movements were robotic, as if she was on autopilot, but then she was horrified to discover that Klaus was an amazing kisser. And after a few seconds, she was actually into the kiss. She was surprised, and maybe even the slightest bit disappointed, when the time was up. She refused let that show on her face when she pulled away though.

"Stop looking like an eight year old whose parent's just bought him a puppy," Caroline said, glaring at Klaus and his beaming smile.

"Make me," He taunted causing her to hit him in the back of the head.

"Elena," Caroline said and was answered before she could even ask.

"Dare," Elena chose.

"I dare you to give Damon a blowjob in front of everyone," Caroline responded.

Damon formed a grin to match Klaus's, but it fell as soon as Elena responded.

"No! Limit!" Elena said fiercely, giving her friend a 'why would you even say that?' glare.

"Fine, I dare you to make out with Jeremy," Caroline said, her look of stone not faltering.

"Eww, Care. Limit," Elena responded, not liking the fact that she knew Caroline was trying to get rid of all of her excess limits.

"Then I dare you to give Damon a blowjob with just me in the room to make sure that it actually happens," Caroline shot back. "Unless you want to lose your last limit before you go home. I'm sure that I can think of another good replacement dare."

"Fine," Elena said, standing up and aggressively grabbing a delighted Damon by the arm. "Let's go."

Caroline got up and followed with a smirk, being sure to avoid eye contact with anyone. She knew that anyone who wasn't a Mikaelson would be giving her a disapproving look, but she didn't care at that point. She was not going to let them make her feel bad about her payback, especially when she was just following the rules of the game.

When they re-entered the room a few minutes later, Damon was grinning from ear to ear. Elena avoided eye contact as she sat back down next to Stefan.

Damon sat down on the other side of her on the couch and began, "So Stef-"

He silenced when Elena shot him her deadliest warning glare.

"Caroline," Elena said angrily. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare." Caroline instantly answered. She was more than a little nervous about what she would be forced to do next, but didn't dare let it show. She couldn't back down.

"I dare you to give Klaus a lap dance for a whole song," Elena responded. "And then sit on his lap for the rest of the game. You can only get up if one of you has to for a dare, and then you have to go back."

"Fine," Caroline snapped, regretting wearing a short denim skirt. "Put the music on."

Caroline avoided looking at Klaus throughout the entire lap dance. Instead she glared at Elena as often as she could and tried to pretend that something in Klaus's pants wasn't poking her in the leg.

When it was over, Caroline sat down on Klaus's lap, making sure to hide her reluctance from Elena.

"Elena," Caroline responded with a challenging smirk.

"Dare," Elena responded, hoping that only making Caroline give Klaus a lap dance when she could have done worse would work out in her favour.

"I dare you to take off all of your clothes except for your bra and underwear," Caroline said.

Elena glared at Caroline as she, without a word, stood up and pulled her shirt and shorts off and dropped them on the floor in front of her before sitting back down.

"Caroline?" Elena asked.

"Dare," Caroline answered.

"I dare you to take off all of your clothes in general," Elena responded. "And you can only put them back on when the game ends or if someone dares you to put them back on."

Caroline had two options. She could either use a limit and end up with something worse, like having to be naked without the chance of someone pitying her and daring her to put her clothes back on with the added bonus of being embarrassed by giving up on fighting back. Or she could get naked and continue to sit on Klaus's lap.

Caroline stood up and began to pull her shirt off.

"I am just having the best day," Klaus commented with a giant smirk.

"Really?" Caroline asked. "In your entire lifetime so far, this is the best day that you've had? Not when you broke the curse or when you were able to make hybrids?"

"If I had to choose between hybrids and naked you, I'd choose naked you every time," Klaus said happily, laughing a little as he said so.

Caroline slapped him and then continued to strip.

Shortly after she was back on Klaus's lap again, without a scrap of clothing covering her.

"Elena, truth or dare?" Caroline asked.

Before Elena had the chance to respond, Bonnie spoke up loudly, "Oh, no. We are not doing this all night. You two are done daring each other for now; you two have had ninety eight percent of the dares so far. Choose someone else, Care."

"Fine," Caroline groaned. "Rebekah, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Rebekah answered.

"I dare you to take off all your clothes, too," Caroline told her. "I'm not being the only one naked."

"I don't have a problem with it," Klaus said.

Caroline turned to see him staring at her bare chest from just inches away.

"You stop staring!" She said and hit him in the side of the head once again before crossing her arms over her chest in an attempt to cover herself.

Klaus cleared his throat and looked away to where there wasn't a naked Caroline or his newly naked sister before muttering, "Sorry."

He would have liked to have continued to staring, but he wanted to keep Caroline in as good of a mood as possible. He knew that if he wanted any chance of seeing her naked again, he had to look away at that point.

"Stefan," Rebekah said, surprising Matt who had expected to be picked. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare," Stefan said, not wanting to know what questions the blonde could have for him.

"We need some naked guys," She said with a grin. "I dare you to take all of your clothes off."

"Fine," Stefan said with an unexpected smile. He was surprisingly taking it as just a game and wasn't even mad about what Caroline had dared Elena to do to Damon. What the others didn't know was that it was because Stefan was hoping to get away with something himself that night. Once all of his clothes were off and Rebekah's cheering had died down, Stefan turned to Damon and said, "It's your turn. Clothes off."

"First off, who said that I chose dare?" Damon asked. "And second, why do you even want me naked brother?"

"It's a game, Damon," Stefan said, rolling his eyes. "And if you're so offended, does that mean you're taking truth?"

"Oh, hell no," Damon said as he got up and began to pull his shirt off. "I never pass up on a good reason to get naked…" His lips twitched up into a smirk as he added, "Or a bad one, either."

When Damon was done stripping, he sat back down and turned to Bonnie, "Witchy, truth or dare?"

Bonnie rolled her eyes at the name, then chose, "Dare." She wasn't exactly keen on the idea, especially considering the past few dares, but she also didn't want to show fear to Damon or be the first to choose truth.

"I think it's time to switch things up," Damon said. "I dare you to lick my abs."

"It's not the worst part of you that anyone's licked tonight," Bonnie muttered, causing Elena to put her face in her hands.

Bonnie walked over to Damon, who stood up as she did so. Bonnie rolled her eyes, licked his abs, and then casually walked away. That had been a surprisingly easy dare, especially since it had been Damon who had given it.

"Matt," Bonnie said as she sat back down. "Truth or dare?"

"Mmm, dare," Matt responded.

"I dare you to try drinking from a blood bag," Bonnie said with a smirk.

"Gross," Matt instantly responded.

"Are you doing it or not?" Bonnie asked.

Matt sighed, "Someone go get one."

Rebekah got up and came back a few seconds later with a bag of blood in hand. She passed it to Matt, who reluctantly took it.

Matt hesitated before taking one sip and instantly throwing the blood bag away and grimaced in disgust.

He barely managed to swallow it before complaining, "Never again... Jer, truth or dare?"

"Dare," Jeremy responded.

"I dare you to..." Matt trailed off, looking around for an idea. A grin formed on his face as he thought of a dare. "Hug Stefan for at least twenty seconds."

For a second Jeremy didn't think that it would be so bad. That was before he remembered that Stefan was naked. Still, he got up without an argument and headed over to the couch that Stefan was getting up from.

"Got the timer ready?" Jeremy asked, turning to Rebekah.

She nodded, then a stone-faced Stefan stuck his arms out and the two boys awkwardly hugged for what felt like an excruciatingly long amount of time before Rebekah told them that twenty seconds was up.

When Jeremy sat back down, he asked, "Klaus, truth or dare?"

"I wouldn't have thought that it would be little Gilbert who would be the first one to dare asking me," Klaus commented. "Dare."

"I dare you to let Rebekah to put as much makeup as she wants on you," Jeremy said with a smirk.

Rebekah was clearly excited as Klaus said, "Easy."

Caroline was relieved for a reason to get off of Klaus's lap and instantly got up.

Rebekah grabbed her brother and dragged him upstairs. The pair came back down a few minutes later and Caroline had to laugh at the makeup. Klaus had raccoon style eye liner on, combined with bright pink blush, dark red lipstick, and dark blue eye shadow.

"I can't tell them apart," Damon joked.

The two Mikaelsons sat back down, and Caroline sat back on top of Klaus.

"Caroline, truth or dare?" Klaus asked.

Caroline considered choosing truth, but knew that if she did then he would ask her questions about her feelings that she wouldn't want to answer. That she wouldn't know how to answer because she really wasn't sure how she felt since she and Tyler had broken up.

"Dare," She said, bracing herself for whatever he would throw at her.

"I dare you to put your clothes back on," Klaus said with a smile. "As much as I would love to keep you out of them."

Caroline was thrilled, she instantly hopped up and pulled on her clothes with a giant grin on her face the whole time. She was so thrilled that she kissed him on the cheek after sitting back down.

Klaus knew that single kiss on the cheek was worth letting her put her clothes back on.

"Klaus, truth or dare?" Caroline asked.

"Let me guess," He said. "You want me to choose dare so that you can make me do something that I really don't want to, when I could just pick truth and answer something that I already would have if you asked?" Caroline sighed on the inside; that meant he was going to go truth instead of picking dare without thinking. "In that case, dare."

That was not fair. How was Caroline supposed to give him an awful dare like she had been hoping to do since they had decided to play truth or dare when he had just dared her to put her clothes back on and chosen dare when he didn't want to just because she had wanted him to.

"I dare you to make out with Damon for one minute," Caroline began, causing Damon to groan loudly. "And then make out with me for two."

"So if I make out with him, then I get to make out with you?" Klaus asked with a grin as he gently slid Caroline over into the spot that she had been in before, and got up and headed over to Damon.

"What do I get out of this?" Damon complained.

"Nothing," Klaus responded before grabbing Damon's face and forcing him into an awkward kiss while Rebekah timed him.

"Time," Rebekah called.

The pair instantly separated and Damon complained, "This is ridiculous, I've now made out with half of the other guys at the party. And one of the other two practically forced me to take my clothes off. Matt's now my favourite guy here."

"If you like him so much then why don't you kiss him too?" Stefan asked with a smirk.

"Not. Funny." Damon said with a glare as he sat back down.

"Now it's your turn," Klaus said with a smirk as he turned towards Caroline, who suddenly was regretting her generosity.

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