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Sebastian slid his phone back into his pocket and searched for his name on the rows of seats. He saw Julien first, however. He wove his way through the crowds and took his place next to him, greeting him and Serena and his nieces. Little Cecilia clambered into his lap, placing a slightly wet kiss on his cheek before getting settled. Ivana blinked up at him from the front baby pocket Serena was sporting. He waved at her before setting his arms around his older niece.

"Have you seen Kurt yet?" Serena asked, taking Cecilia's thumb from her mouth as she started to suck.

"No; he's doing a few fix ups, I think," he said, combing his fingers through her unruly blond hair.

"So Uncle Kurt's showin' his clofs?" Cecilia asked, having trouble with the 'th' sound due to her missing front tooth.

"Yup, he is," Sebastian said, not disguising the note of pride in his voice. Just then a harried but well dressed Kurt appeared at Julien's elbow.

"Uncle Kurt!" Cecilia cried, jumping off Sebastian to throw herself into Kurt's arms.

"I told you she liked me better," Kurt said smugly to Sebastian, hoisting her up on to his hip. She pressed a kiss to Kurt's cheek, too.

"She only likes you better because you make her nice clothes," Sebastian accused, standing to greet his boyfriend properly.

"Fashion is everything, Sebastian Smythe," Kurt replied. He returned Sebastian's kiss even as Cecilia squealed in his arms.

"Ew! Adults kissin' is icky!" she cried. Kurt laughed, kissing her forehead.

"I have to go talk to some higher ups and get my speech ready. It's going to start soon. Are your parents and Étienne here?" he asked, handing Cilia back to Sebastian.

"They just walked in," Julien assured him, pointing. Kurt looked relieved.

"Great, I'll see you guys in a few. Thanks for coming," he said before turning away in a rush of well-cut charcoal seersucker and navy satin.

Sebastian stood to get his parents' attention, waving them over to the remaining seats. Looking around, he could see the few Warblers and New Directions that had been able to get tickets to the show. He waved at Jeff and his tiny Asian girlfriend whose name he'd forgotten. Blaine came over to greet them before making his way to his own seat. Mercedes gave an enthusiastic wave when he spotted her and he grinned back. After a few minutes, the lights began to dim. Kurt stepped out on to the runway.

"Hello," he started, looking slightly nervous, "I had this great speech prepared, but I think I left my brain in the makeup studio I was so nervous. If anybody spots it, it would be great if they could get it back to me." The audience laughed and Kurt effectively had everyone on his side.

"I designed this collection as my final project in my studies at Parson's School of Design here in the City. Or, well, that's a partial lie. I revamped it and presented it as my final project. The original design process occurred about five years ago in an unfamiliar bedroom of an unfamiliar house.

"It was the home itself that inspired me. Its colors were so rich and wonderful and the old fashion, yet modern, feel is reflected in many of my designs. But it was more than that, too; it was what the house meant to me. It became my retreat, my sanctuary. It became a place where I could dream freely and find myself. It was where I really began to see my true passions lay in clothing, not Broadway. Though, between you and me, I will always lament giving up my chance to be in a critically acclaimed musical.

"I chose to use this collection to symbolize my beginning. Though it was the end of my time at Parson's, it is the beginning of my life in the world. Enjoy." He handed off the microphone to an attendant and sat down next to Sebastian who took his hand. He felt the weight of Kurt's head on his shoulder as the music started.

He recognized the designs as they came down the runway, but with each dress or outfit, he was seeing something different than the audience. The edgy burgundy and brown ensemble was the fire in Kurt's eye when he'd first used the term 'boyfriend'. The pale gold business suit was a sweet smile half was through a lacrosse game. The gray lacy shawl was a wary smile in a coffee shop on a stormy day. The black party dress studded with gold accents was an early spring night on a rooftop garden. As the last dress came out, the music faded and words began to come out of the speaker system.

The final dress was the same shade of gold as his bedroom at his parents' house. It was a strapless, full length evening gown with a full poufy skirt. The gold wrapped around the dress like an outer layer that split open on the side of the skirt. Beneath was a layer of cream fabric with script words printed on it. He didn't have to look closely to know what the words were. They were the same words coming over the sound system. He smiled, looking at Kurt who had been scrutinizing him the entire show, watching his reactions. He couldn't wait another minute, the words pushed themselves out of his mouth before he could even think.

"Will you marry me?" he mouthed, feeling now more than every the weight of the tiffany box in his jacket pocket. Kurt's eyes rounded and he bobbed his head once, his face splitting into a smile. He pulled the ring from his pocket and showed it to him.

It was a simple gold band, but around the inside were engraved the words 'What if 'us' never ends?' Kurt allowed him to slip the find on to his finger before turning to watch the dress leave the runway just as the poem ended.

Il est le mien.

Il est ma porcelaine.

The audience stood and clapped as the music returned and the final line up made one more turn down the runway. Serena reached around Sebastian to squeeze Kurt's shoulder. He grinned at her with tears in his eyes and she didn't have to ask why they were there. Sebastian wrapped an arm around Kurt and kissed him, almost forgetting the world around him as he did so often with Kurt. He finally pulled away though when the clapping died down and the crowd began to break up for lunch before the next show.

Kurt's friends surrounded them, congratulating him on the show. He showed the ring to them, earning more congratulations and more smiles. Blaine and Jeff actually screeched like girls when they saw it, something Sebastian decided he would never let them live down. (Apparently Jeff's girlfriend thought the same thing – didn't her name start with an A or something? – because he heard her making fun of him as they walked away.) Gail and Patrice hugged them both. And Sebastian made fun of Étienne who had yet to settle down.

"It's not how I meant to do it, you know," Sebastian told them later that night at dinner.

"How was it supposed to go?" Kurt wanted to know. Sebastian looked down at his plate.

"Uncle Bastian, why you turnin' all red?" Cilia asked. Sebastian sighed as they all laughed.

"I was planning on doing it here in front of everybody. I was going to get down on one knee just like you always said you'd imagined," he explained. Serena and Étienne cooed condescendingly.

"I like how you did it better," Kurt confessed, kissing his cheek. "Much more you."

They were married a year and a half later. Kurt's ring still read: What if 'us' never ends? Sebastian's, however, read: We will never end, Swan.