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Chapter One

Pain, that's all she felt, it was horrible, her left arm felt like they were on fire and her ribs were sitting in angles that they most definitely should not have been making it very difficult to breathe. She could only hope that the sweet embrace of unconsciousness, or death, or anything that would make it stop would take hold of her soon. It was just too much to bare.

Instead of that happening, everything seemed to get clearer and clearer, the pain steadily increasing and becoming sharper. She was slowly becoming more aware of her surroundings, the strong sensation of blood rushing to her legs and sound of wind rushing past her ears at high speeds; it was almost like she was falling head first... SHIT! She was falling, and falling fast!

Mirajane's eyes shot open to see what looked like sharp grey stone walls rushing past at high speed. Doing her best to ignore the searing pain in her arm and ribs, Mira twisted and righted herself so that she was now going down feet first and that's when she realised that she wasn't the only one falling to their death; a blonde boy who looked about the age as that idiot who her sister was so infatuated with, Natsu, if not a little older.

Mira knew that if she managed to get herself out of this situation and left this kid behind then, as much as it annoyed her, she wouldn't be able to look herself straight in the eye again. She wasn't that heartless. Using what little strength she had left, the ivory haired mage used a partial Take Over of Satan Soul to sprout a pair of black leathery bat-like wings from her shoulder blades and gave them a strong flap, the simple action sent more pain shooting through her body, but she endured, she had to.

"Wrap your arms around my neck!" she called out to the clearly lost blonde. The sound of her voice was nearly drowned out by the rushing wind but he seemed to have heard her loud and clear as he nodded and wrapped his arms firmly around Mira's neck.

She flapped her wings as hard as she could to steadily slow their decent into the chasm below to an eventual stop. The extra weight that the blonde boy added suddenly became very apparent and it seemed that she had misjudged how much effort it would be to actually get them out of here, where ever here was, but she refused to stop! She was an S-ranked mage goddamn it! One of the best the Fairy Tail guild had to offer and she would not give up! She needed to make sure that Elfman and Lisanna were alright.

That last thought fuelled Mira with the strength she needed to finally start her ascent out of whatever pit this blonde had gotten them into. Flapping her wings as hard as she could, her back muscles straining under the pressure, and started to rise slowly. The ascent started slow but was steadily picking up speed and soon they were rising a quickly as they were once falling.

After what felt like hours for Mira, but was most likely only a few minutes, she had finally made it out of... was that a ravine! 'What's a ravine doing here? Last I checked, there weren't any ravine for miles of where we were fighting the Beast!' Mira thought suspiciously. Looking around at the environment from where she was flying high in the air; it looked like a very large plain on the edge of a forest with nothing else for miles and the strangest thing was that it looked like nothing like Fiore... even the air felt different.

"Whoa!" The blonde boy on her back exclaimed, making Mira want to palm her face; she'd forgotten about him, how the hell did she managed that! "How are you doing this?" he asked.

"Very difficultly." she muttered through gritted teeth, the intense that had faded from the adrenaline rush was now returning along with the weight that the boy posed on her.

Doing her best to descend slowly so as not to cause anymore injuries to herself, Mira spotted a man running along the ground towards where was roughly to land, the Take Over mage couldn't really make out many details of the man other than he had long white hair and a red coat.

"What's your name?" the blonde boy asked, apparently he hadn't spotted the white haired man heading in their direction.

"Mirajane, Mirajane Strauss." she replied thickly.

"Cool, I'm Naruto Uzumaki." The blonde introduced himself happily. Mira could almost see the stupid grin on his face.

Mira could feel the pain start to overwhelm her senses and her consciousness begin to slip. The world rapidly fading into black and her control over Satan Soul was vaporising almost as fast due to how little strength that she had left. When only a few feet in the air her wings vanished in flash of light and they fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

The last thing Mira remembered were Naruto's bright blue eyes leaning over her looking frantic, as he asked what was wrong. Within her mind Satan, Halphas and Sitri seemingly humming in contentment.

"Naruto!" Jiraiya called out to the blonde genin, coming to a stop beside him and the collapsed white haired girl.

Fifteen year old shinobi, Naruto Uzumaki looked up from the girl to see the toad sage standing beside him looking beyond confused and even a little concerned, "What happened, Naruto? How did she get here and who is she?" he questioned the young blonde.

"I don't know, I got the damn fox to give some of its chakra so I could summon the boss toad," Naruto began explaining rapidly, beginning to look almost hysteric, "I felt a pull on both my and the fox's chakra, I thought that it was normal when summoning the boss for the first time or something then in a puff of smoke she appeared."

Listening to Naruto's story, Jiraiya kneeled down beside the blonde shinobi and examined the unconscious girl; her long white hair was pulled up into a high pony tail leaving her fringe to cover her forehead and fall down the side of her face. She was wearing a black belly top that showed plenty of cleavage from her generous bust, a pair of tight black shorts and long black boots. Normally he would have been perving over this girl like mad but this was seriously not the time, nor the place. Maybe later though.

Her body was covered in lots of little cuts and abrasions but the biggest concern was her right arm; it was quickly bruising, turning a dark, sickly purple and was sitting in a way that it most certainly should not have been.

"I don't know what happened Ero-sennin; she seemed fine when she flew us out of the ravine, but she just collapsed when landing." Naruto rambled on. Jiraiya placed a calming hand on the teen's shoulder,

"Don't worry about it Naruto, did she say how she managed to fly you both out or even what her name was?" he asked.

Naruto took a deep breath to try and calm his nerves, "I asked her how she did what she did but she just replied 'very difficultly' but she did tell me her name." taking another breath he continued, "Mirajane, Mirajane Strauss."

'Mirajane Strauss? That is an odd name.' Jiraiya pondered where she could be from that could have a name like that, with her white hair it was possible that she could be from Kumo but without the signature tanned skin, it wasn't too likely. The Toad Sage placed one arm under her legs and the other around her back, lifting her up. He stood up and looked down at young shinobi; he would have expected the blonde to have at least yelled at him for shoving him down a ravine but he guessed that with this girl, Mirajane, appearing instead of a toad and then collapsing from some pretty serious injuries, he was a little distracted.

"We're going back to Konoha, Mirajane needs medical attention as soon as possible and I need to speak to the toads and figure out how on earth you summoned her instead of one of them." Naruto nodded and stood up and they started to make their way back to Konoha.

"Naruto, did you notice anything strange about Mirajane other than the fact she grew a pair of bat wings?" Jiraiya asked the blonde curiously as they jumped through the trees.

"Well, when her wings appeared, there was this black circle that appeared over her back, it was strange, then it disappeared and all of a sudden she had wings." Naruto said, "It felt just like chakra, yet completely different at the same time, almost like the Kyuubi's but yet not." he looked confused as he tried figure out exactly what it felt like, but the white haired sage was focused on something different; what kind of jutsu created a black circle that let grow wings and how the hell was Naruto able to sense what it felt like, as far he knew, the blonde couldn't sense chakra to save his life, so how?

After half an hour of jumping through the trees Naruto and Jiraiya made it back into Konoha. They were getting strange looks from the villagers because Jiraiya carrying the injured and unconscious Mirajane through the streets. Many of the villagers seemed to jump to conclusions about the girl and the fact that Naruto was walking with the sage didn't really help. They started whispering among themselves, none to quietly, about how Naruto was probably the one to attack her and Jiraiya caught him and was taking him to be punished. Naruto found it very difficult to ignore the glares and whispering even more than usual.

When they finally made it to the hospital, Jiraiya called for a doctor and within a few seconds a small platoon of medical professionals where before him ready to look after whatever problem he had. The Toad Sage told them about how he was training Naruto outside the walls when she stumbled out of the forest in a terrible state and that she told them her name before collapsing unconscious.

The doctors believed his story without a second thought, though they did spare a glare in Naruto's direction before putting Mirajane on to a stretcher and going to help her up. Jiraiya told one of the doctors that he was going to fetch the Hokage and if they were done before he got back then they were to let Naruto know.

Once the old sage had left Naruto moved to sit down in the waiting room still feeling upset; couldn't help but blame himself for Mirajane's condition, he was too caught up in the excitement of someone actually growing wings and flying out of that ravine, he still needed to slap the old pervert for doing that to him, he felt that he should have paid more attention and realised that she was in a huge amount of pain. The blonde didn't know what he could have done even if he did but he could have done something.

Another train of thought that entertained the teen's mind was why he was so concerned for the white haired girl? Sure, he was easily concerned by people's welfare and she had saved his life but this was the first time that he was hysteric over someone especially someone who had had just met.

Now that he thought about it, Naruto did feel some connection to her, he wasn't sure what but he knew that in some way, she was a lot like him and he wanted to know why.

Naruto was so caught up in his own thoughts that he barely noticed Jiraiya and old man Hokage arrive in the waiting room and approach him,

"Still not out yet, eh Naruto?" the Toad sage questioned the young shinobi making him jump,

"Damn it Ero-sennin, don't do that!" Naruto exclaimed angrily.

Jiraiya's eye twitched, "I'll stop that when you stop calling me by that name!" he replied irritably, glaring at the young blonde.

Naruto glared back with equal intensity, "I'll stop calling you by that name when you stop being a goddamn pervert!"

Sarutobi watched the exchange looking highly amused by it all, "Well, it seems you two have reached an impasse, no?" he decided to interject before it got any further, this was a hospital after all, "Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that the doctors have finished looking after Mirajane Strauss, either that or they have come to tell you to shut up." the old man smiled politely as, true to his word, a doctor was walking towards the three of them.

Naruto had the decency to a least look a little sheepish while Jiraiya just looked indignant.

"Jiraiya-sama , Hokage-sama, we have finished looking after one Mirajane Strauss, she is still unconscious but should be waking soon." the doctor told them, completely ignoring Naruto.

Sarutobi nodded and smiled in thanks, "Tell me, how bad her injuries were?" he asked curiously.

"Well, she had many small lacerations all over her body, probably due to walking through some thick under growth, her left arm and all the ribs on her left side were completely shattered almost like they were broken and then broken again." the doctor explained, "Due to the large amount of bruising and how the bones were broken I'd say that it was caused by a large, heavy object with enough momentum to break both her arm and ribs at once. We had to use medical ninjutsu to heal all the bones properly but because of this, she'll be physically alright in about two to three weeks, but mentally, we're not sure, whatever happened to her must have been traumatic."

All three of them looked shocked; what kind of thing could have done that? Or what person would do that to her? Something they would have to ask her when she woke up.

"Thanks doc, we'll go in and wait for her to wake up." Jiraiya said, "What room is she in?"

"Room 125, Jiraiya-sama" the doctor replied.

With another nod of thanks the three of them moved off down the hall to locate the room that the young girl was in. Not too long later, they found the room, Mirajane was lying in bed and her pony tail was undone letting her hair fan out over the bed slightly. Her left arm lay in fairly thick cast and it looked like her chest and a good bit of her torso were covered in bandages. Yet despite her all this, she lay sleeping peacefully, like there was not a care in the world.

"I guess the only thing we can do now is wait." Jiraiya said prompting all three of them to take a seat.

Sarutobi nodded in agreement, "Yes, and while we do that, you can explain to me your reasoning for pushing Naruto-kun down a ravine." Naruto didn't bother to try and hide his victorious smirk as the Toad Sage swallowed thickly.

"Don't worry, Mira-nee, I'll get Elf-nii-chan back to normal in no time at all!" Lisanna said happily as she walked towards the monster that their brother had tried to Take Over.

"Lisanna! No!" Mira yelled at her youngest siblings, but she was ignored. This was not good, she knew what happened when a Take Over fails, the best thing to do in such a situation is to let the person fight for control themselves and until that happened they were to distinguish friend from foe.

The youngest of the Take Over siblings stopped in front of the Beast with her arms outstretched, "Elf-nii-chan! Let's go home! You, me and Mira-nee, everyone is waiting for us! Come on, let's just end this and we can all go home, alright?" she called out, hopefully reaching her older brother's conscience.

The Beast just stared at her for the longest time, seemingly having some kind of internal struggle but Mira knew what it was really going to do. Injuries be damned, she was not going to lose another one of her family die! Pushing herself off of the ground, her arm hanging limply by her side, she ran as quickly as she could towards her little sister. The Beast had started to lift its arm high into the air getting ready to strike Lisanna.

Mira's heart was pounding in her chest, she was almost there! All she needed to do was push Lisanna out of the way and they'd be safe. 'Come on! Move faster!' she urged herself.

Just as the Beast's mighty arm began to swing down, Mira managed to reach Lisanna and shove her out of harm's way.

Then she was hit.

Mira was sent sailing though the air, the pain in her arm had intensified a thousand fold. She felt a tug on her magic as her conscious was fading.

'At least they should be safe now.' was her last thought.

Mira's eyes shot open, that was a memory of the fight with the Beast, saving Lisanna just before she ended up falling down that blasted ravine.

Wondering where she was, the Take Over mage looked around at her surroundings; she was standing on a cliff over a seemingly bottomless pit and facing a large, eerie cave. The sky was dark, as if it were night time, but there was no moon, nor any stars. Oh...

"I wonder what they want." Mira muttered irritably under her breath.

She was in her mind, or more specifically, the part of their mind created to separate her demons' minds and stop them from merging with her own. At least that explains why she felt completely fine.

Having something like this is vital for a Take Over mage especially when using the brand that Mira did. When an animal, monster or demon is 'taken over' by a mage, their body is assimilated into the mage's and their mind and their mind is placed inside the mage's as well. For the Take Over's that both Lisanna and Elfman used, they didn't need to make anything too strong to keep the animals/monsters at bay as when you got control their minds were easy enough to suppress, they just needed to create something like a forest or mountain range, something to keep the creature's minds busy. But for Mira, she needed something a whole lot tougher. You see, unlike animals and most monsters, demons were capable of rational thought and highly intelligent (at least hers were) so a simple thing like a forest wouldn't keep them down for long or stop them from influencing her subtly or just outright breaking free. A demon's mind needed to be kept completely locked away to avoid this but Mira knew the bonuses of at least keeping access to the demons mind while it was locked away, like learning their abilities, strength and weaknesses and the only downsides were that they could pull her in when they wanted a talk or something similar or could cause some mental disruption whenever they were up to it.

Mira made her way into the cave. After a few minutes walking she arrived into the massive chamber that her demons were sealed. The chamber walls were rough, cracked and coloured a cold, dark blue. An invisible source of light only just lit enough to make things visible. About two thirds in there were massive wrought iron bars extended both vertically and horizontally crossing through each other forming a solid square grid. Mira never liked it in her, despite the benefits it provided; the air was filled charged with a positively evil charge that made her feel sick.

A dark and mocking voice echoed from behind the bars, "It's nice to see you again Mira-kun." it spoke her name with disgusting level of sarcastic sweetness.

Mira growled, placing her hands on her hips and jutting her hip out to the side, "I wish I could say the same, Halphas." she responded sarcastically.

Sitri's near maniacal laugh echoed through the entire chamber, as if Mira's comment pleased her to no end.

"Now, now Halphas, no need to goad the jailor." A second voice scolded, barely holding back its laughter, "If you behave and be a good girl you might get some time off your sentence." Satan's evil laugh joining Halphas'.

Mira rolled her eyes; this happened every time she came here, another reason she disliked this place, "What do you three want?" she asked getting impatient with them.

Both Halphas and Satan quietened down but their mirthful giggles could still be heard. Mira pinned it up to Cabin Fever, apparently demons were immune to it either.

Sitri's voice spoke up, her voice full of mock hurt, "Now Mira-kun, is that anyway to talk to the three who just saved your life?"

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