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Chapter Two

Naruto Uzumaki, fifteen year old genin of Konohagakure no Sato and container of the infamous demon Kyuubi no Yoko, sat in the sterile white room of the Konoha General Hospital watching the resting form of one Mirajane Strauss, the girl had been out for three days now and other than the colour that had returned to her face she showed no real signs waking up anytime. He didn't know what had gotten into him but he couldn't focus knowing that someone had gotten hurt because of him; the Ero-Sennin had decided to put a hold on the Summoning training because he wasn't willing for anything like that to happen again, it was a one in million chance but better safe than sorry, and decided to show Naruto a good use of the Shadow Clones and then give him a few advanced chakra control exercises like balancing a senbon needle on the tip of his finger without getting cut.

Naruto sighed tiredly, he was amazed by how useful his best technique was really and how it helped in his training, he had gotten through the exercises rather quickly but he still couldn't shake seeming guilt of seeing the girl lying in front of him injured and bedridden. Both the old man Hokage and Ero-Sennin had explained to him that it wasn't his fault and he had nothing to do with it or her... but he did and he knew it, he felt some sort of connection to her and it was making him feel this way.

The door to the room opened and gently clicked closed, Naruto turned around to see who it was. It was Jiraiya, the super pervert in all his glory entering the hospital room,

"Hey kid, shouldn't you be training?" the Sannin asked him with a small smirk pulling on his lips,

Naruto gave a tired grin, "Nope, I finished it and then some a few hours ago, look." he pulled a senbon needle out of his pocket, placing the tip carefully on his pointer finger and then letting go. The blonde crinkled his nose in concentration as the needle wobbled a little before steadying itself.

Jiraiya whistled lightly at the sight, the kid was quick, he walk around Mirajane's bed and sat on the other side, "Not bad kid, not bad but you still have a ways to go, especially if you want to bet this Neji Hyuuga kid in a fight." he said, but if he was completely honest, at this point in time, Naruto stood no real chance against the prodigy with his only real techniques being the Kage Bunshin and the Bunshin Daibakuha. There was no way Ooiroke or Harem no Jutsu would ever work on someone like Neji. Naruto almost smirked at the implications of his own thoughts.

Naruto stared defiantly at the man across from him, "I will beat Neji, I promise." his tone was as determined as his expression.

Jiraiya chuckled lightly, "I'm sure you will kid but you need to work to do that."

"Then teach me." Naruto replied, his gaze intensifying, "Teach me something that will beat Neji."

The white haired sage let out a booming laugh, "That's a good one kid, but you're not at the level for me to teach you anything that good yet." his expression became very serious, "Get the summoning down and then I'll show you something really good."

Naruto blinked, "But I thought you said that I wouldn't be trying to summon the toads again?"

"Hmm, I did say that, but I think that you will be able to do it without having to be thrown down a ravine," Jiraiya continued ignoring the blonde's flat stare, "or accidentally summoning a pretty girl instead." At that Naruto's expression dropped to look at the sleeping girl between them, he sighed,

"Look kid, if it makes you perk up, I think I know what's making you feel the way you do." The genin looked up in surprise,

"Really!" he nearly exclaimed, "'Cause this is really getting annoying."

"Well, I talked to the elder toads and they said that Gamabunta definitely felt the summoning but it seems that something, or someone, got in the way of it and well was summoned instead." Jiraiya explained, "Obviously this happened to be one Mirajane Strauss and according to the elders this happened only once before, years ago, long before either of us, when one of two people who signed the toad contract was in mortal danger and the other was trying to summon the boss toad, much like you were, and he ended up summoning the one who was in danger." Naruto's brow creased as he tried to follow, "After it was done, it turned out that both of them were able to feel the emotions that the other was for a short period of time. I'm not too sure about the whole mechanics of the situation but it has something to do with their chakra mixing I think."

Naruto sighed, "Well we pretty much guessed that she was in trouble but that doesn't explain how I was able to summon her when she isn't a toad summoner but it makes me wonder why she would be feeling guilty."

Jiraiya nodded and leaned back eyeing the sleeping girl, "We'll just have to wait until she wakes up before we can get some decent answers."

Mirajane's brow creased almost into a look of worry as she shifted awkwardly in her sleep obviously trying to roll over in her sleep despite the casts on her arm and leg. She mumbled something unintelligible in her sleep.


She hadn't even been inside her head for five minutes and it was official, she had a headache.

"What do you mean saved my life?" Mira demanded of her demons, "How could you even do that from in here anyway?"

Halphas' mad giggles echoed throughout the dimly lit chamber, "You mean you don't know?" Satan and Sitri joined in the manic giggling, "We are the reason you are still alive so, if anything, you should be thanking us! As for how we did it, we'll get to that in a second."

Mira growled in frustration, "Okay then, thank you," she spat sarcastically, "Now, tell me how you saved my life." she folded her arms across her chest showing her impatience.

Satan tut-ed and shook her head mockingly, "So demanding, what did we ever do to deserve this treatment? We're only trying to be good little prisoners and help, is that so bad?" She snorted amusedly, "But I guess it'll have to do for now." she gave a mocking sigh.

The ivory haired mage sighed; at least she was getting somewhere now.

"Basically, while you were flying through the air like some kind of retard bird we found something that we could latch on to and then pulled your ass out of your dimension and into another to someone who can help you." Sitri explained with a mad grin, her eyes glinting in low light, "It took up almost all of our magic and what was left of yours to do it."

Mira gapped, she was in a different dimension! She stood frozen in place as what Sitri sank in...

"Wh-what do you mean 'another dimension'?" Mira's sentence stumbled slightly, "Is that even possible?" the moment feeling returned to the mage's legs, she began pacing back and forth in worry.

Satan, Halphas and Sitri all looked at each other before bursting out into rambunctious laughter, to the point where Sitri was actually rolling on the ground. Mira stopped her pacing and glared daggers at the three of them.

"Will you three shut up and be serious for a second!" she yelled, "Or do you want me to tighten the chains around your neck again!"

Her words took immediate effect and they quietened down, though their manic grins remained unwavering.

"Dear Mira-kun you come from a world of magic and dragons, you were able to summon us from hell and take control of our strength, though I'm not surprised you got Satan though," Halphas said slyly getting an indignant 'hey' from Satan for the dig at her strength, "You of all people should know that anything is possible. Especially when things are desperate." the demon's grin turned savage.

Mira winced at her implication; she really wished that she never took that job, none of this would ever have happened. The guilt rolled through her in waves. Taking a deep calming breath, Mira asked,

"But how did you even manage to 'pull me out of my dimension' you said something about finding something to latch onto, what was it and how were you able to do it while inside this cage, we both know it sealed tight." Mira's voice slipping back into its demanding and angry tone.

Satan smirked, "Well this is where it gets complicated so please try to keep up." Mira glared telling her to get on with it, "How do I put this? Oh, I know! During your little job when everything went south for the winter your physical state wasn't the only thing to take a few good hits, your mental state took some hits as well and if you need proof just look around you."

Mira glance at all the walls, the floor and even the chamber roof, everything was cracked, it was definitely not a good sign at all. She sighed; it'd have to be fixed later.

"So let me guess," Mira said, "With the damage to your cage, you where able to reach your influence out enough to do something about me being about to die, am I right?"

The three demons nodded almost cheerily, it was definitely a creepy sight to behold, "Right in one, Mira-kun"

The mage sighed, this was really not good, "Alright, so what can you tell me about this thing you managed to latch on to?"

"Oh oh, I can explain this one!" Sitri exclaimed, "It was like something really evil and really demonic, it was beautiful" Halphas and Satan nodded in agreement, "But at the same time, it wasn't, it was just a mass of really angry energy much more potent than any magic in existence, even our own, it came from something huge, sinister and much more powerful than all of us combined and thankfully it was closed enough to our magic that we could latch on to it. This energy was reaching out for something but we managed to get to it first and thus it pulled us out of you dimension and into this one, to that blonde haired boy falling down a ravine."

Mira sat down in front of the cage and thought over the information that had just been given to her. Of course she took it all with a pinch of salt as they say as this was coming from three insane demons who would like nothing more to escape from her and rip her to bloody shreds and use her for curtains.

"So," she began, "You mean to say that that kid is or has something in him that is insanely powerful and because his power was reaching out for something, you three in your cage's weakened state were able to reach out your magic, grab onto it and pull me to safety."

Sitri rolled her eyes "Sheesh, it's almost like I didn't just get through explaining it to you."

Halphas burst out giggling again, "It just goes to show, Sitri, no one ever really listens to you."

Sitri let out and angry roar before launching herself at Halphas, intent on tearing her arms off however before she got within a metre of the other demon, she was jerked back painfully by the chain around her neck slamming painfully into the wall behind her. Both Satan and Halphas found this absolutely hysterical and doubled over laughing before they themselves were pulled back and slammed into the walls.

Mira glared at the three of them, "Seriously, you three need to just shut the fuck up and let me think for a minute." again they went silent, this time settling for glaring heatedly at their jailer.

Minutes rolled by as Mira ignored their stares and paced the length of the chamber thinking over everything that had happened. Finally she stopped pacing and turned to them,


"'Why' what?" Satan asked.

"Why did you help me, if you let me die then you would have gotten out and could've gone on back to hell or where ever the heck you all want to go?"

Halphas smiled, it wasn't a kind smile or even an amused one, it was one that promised pain and lots of blood, and it nearly sent shivers down Mira's spine, "It's quite simple Mira-kun; when we get out we want you to be alive and well so we can torture you for a long time before killing you slowly and very very painfully for the embarrassment of trapping us here."

"That and we want you to suffer here for a while as well." Satan finished.

Mira rolled her eyes, that was to be expected, they were prideful and to be trapped inside a human and be force to lend out their powers to said human was like tap dancing on their parents graves before taking a shit on the headstone times twenty.

"Well, what do you mean you want me to suffer here?" she asked them

"You haven't noticed?" Satan said snidely, "there is very little Eternano in the air here and what little there is has been diluted greatly by something else in the air and without our help, you'll never be able to use magic again or even have a chance to return home to your beloved little brother or sister ever again."

Realisation dawned on Mira like a ton of concrete bricks falling on her head, Elfman and Lisanna, she'd almost forgotten about them! She needed to get back to them as soon as possible to see if they were alright!

"So it's finally hit you, huh?" Halphas said, "We'll help you with the magic but in order to do that you'll need to leave this cage the way it is it currently and remove these damned chains from our necks however you'll have to find your own way back." Mira nodded dumbly, stunned by their offer, she closed her eyes and focused. A second later the chained disappeared and Sitri punched Halphas in the face.

"That felt good." Sitri said with a wide grin then she turned to Mira, "And if you're wondering why we're doing this - which you are - again it's simple, it will be amusing to see what happens during this whole scenario as it plays out."

Mira was still struck dumb by all this, she was being helped out by the three beings that hate her most in any universe and all because 'it amuses them'...

Something wasn't right.

"At any rate, I think it's time for you to wake up now Mira-kun" Halphas said, dusting the mark off her face from Sitri's punch "By the way, I suggest you work with that blonde boy, call it a gut instinct."

Mira was about to object to the statement when the next thing she knew that the chamber around her was fading to black and Satan, Halphas and Sitri were waving at her.

A headache indeed.


Both Naruto and Jiraiya sat quietly on either side of Mirajane's hospital bed, Naruto was balancing a kunai on the tip of his index finger with his chakra and Jiraiya was flipping through a modelling magazine with perverted interest. The blonde shinobi felt his eye twitch with every giggle the sage emitted but he forced himself to remain calm less the kunai he was balancing sliced through his finger.

Jiraiya reached the centre of his rag and turned the page portrait and gave out an extra loud, extra long giggle making Naruto's patients snap; he grabbed the kunai off his finger and threw it at the old pervert who just ducked to the side a little and let the weapon pin itself into the wall, not even once lifting his eyes from the page.

"Damn it Ero-sennin will you stop with the giggles! It messing with my concentration!" Naruto exclaimed in an angry whisper.

The sage lifted his eyes from the magazine, "Well you shouldn't be so easily distracted." he retorted, "That's something else we're going to have to work on." His apparent advice did nothing but irritate Naruto more. Just as the blonde was about to jump over the bed between them and punch the perv in the face a faint groan grabbed their attention.

"Okay Naruto, we both know that wasn't me," Jiraiya started, "And that was far too feminine even for you, so that means our patient seems to be waking up."

Naruto looked down at Mirajane and sure enough the girls' eyes were squinting and slowly opening letting themselves adjust to the bright light of the hospital room. She groaned again this time even louder.

Jiraiya stood up and made his way towards the door, "I'm going to go get her some water and alert the doctors that she's awake, you answer any of her questions until I get back, got it?" Naruto nodded hurriedly and turned back to the ivory haired girl.

After her eyes adjusted to the light of the room she began looking around herself then her eyes landed on the blonde sitting beside her bed. His bright blue eyes looked down at her with concern, and his spiky hair was kept out of his eyes by a metal head band with a strange logo on it, it looked kind of like a leaf and nothing like any guild mark she'd ever seen.

"Where am I?" she asked, her voice weak and scratchy from lack of use. She tried to prop herself up with only one arm only for it to slip and end up on her back again.

"You're in Konoha General Hospital." Naruto replied, "You've been out for three days."

Everything seemed to come flooding back to the girl as her eyes widened before she closed them and heaved a heavy sigh,

"So all that stuff really happened, huh?" she said, more to herself than anyone else.

Naruto nodded, "Yeah it did, thanks for saving my ass by the way, I owe you big time."

Mirajane opened one eye and looked at the blonde, "Damn right ya do, why where ya even falling down that ravine in the first place, huh?"

Naruto grinned almost sheepishly and scratched the back of his head, "Well you see, I was kinda pushed by my teacher."

Mirajane's eyebrows disappeared into her hairline at the blondes' words, "What kind of teacher does that! That's insane!" she exclaimed before breaking out into a heavy coughing fit.

"The kind of teacher trying to get his student to learn summoning, that who and as for it being 'insane' that's debateable." she looked up to see a tall, older man with long white hair and a metal head band that was different than the one the blonde was wearing with a different symbol and two stubby little horns. He looked ridiculous. The handed her a cup of water which she drank gratefully and gave a satisfied sign when she was done.

"So, Mirajane, that is your name, right? Do you mind telling me what happened that left you in this state and why my student summoned you?" he asked her.

"First, call me Mira, everyone does, second, you'll need to explain summoning to me and third, tell if your student is either a demon or has a demon inside of him."

As soon as the words left her mouth both Jiraiya and Naruto turned as white as the wall around them and they looked to the door to see if anyone one had decided to walk in unnoticed.

"Wh-what a-are you t-talking about?" the boy stammered nervously, a sudden feeling of fear shot through her like a heated dagger, not knowing what the feeling was about, she shrugged it off.

Mira rolled her eyes, "It's the whole reason I'm here, some demon-like energy, much stronger than any of my own pulled my here."

The older man' expression turned as cold as ice and the feeling of fear Mira was feeling doubled in intensity, "How do you know about that?" his tone was colder than the northern tundra in which Gray grew up in, "You had better choose your next words carefully 'cause they might just be you last."

The man's cold, hard expression and the blonde's look of fear and panic told Mira that this was a situation that was not to be taken lightly by any means. With a painful gulp she calmed her nerves as best she could.

"Well, um, I'm in kind of a similar situation, I contain three demons which I took over when I was younger so I could become stronger to help my little sister and brother. Back home I'm known as 'The Demon Mira'" she said hurriedly, saying anything that might help placate the man going as far as to mention Elfman and Lisanna. She did not like the sound of 'your next words might be your last' at all

Again a looked of shock passed over the pair but for a different reason this time and she could actually feel the shock from the blonde as well as... loneliness? She really needed to learn more about what the place was.

The man relaxed a little but looked far from happy, "Naruto." the blonde perked up, "I need you to go tell the doctors to wait and then run and get the Hokage as fast as you can." Naruto looked ready to protest but one look from the man and he ran out the door slamming it shut.

He sighed and sat down in the chair Naruto was previously occupying, "I'm Jiraiya of the Sannin, usually I'd do normal introduction but this is one of the few situations that it really wouldn't be appropriate."

Mira didn't know how to really respond so she just nodded and stayed silent.

"So you're a container like the brat? I've got to say that I've never heard of one holding three demons though nor anyone called 'The Demon Mira' and I run the best spy network in the Elemental Nations, something like this would not slip past me." Jiraiya continued as he studied her intently, like he was trying to figure out what she was thinking without cracking her head open.

Mira stared down at her bed covers like they were the most interesting thing in the world at that point, "I'm not exactly from here, that's why you would never had heard of me." she thought back to Earthland, back to Fairy Tail and back to Elfman and Lisanna... tear welled up in her eyes but she wiped them away with her good arm.

"Where abouts are you from then?" Jiraiya asked her simply.

"Another dimension called Earthland." she said quietly, it was likely he'd believe her; even from her own mouth it sounded retarded.

The white haired man 'hmm-ed' and lulled the thought over in his mind before coming to a conclusion, "That makes sense I guess."

Mira nodded silently of course he didn't there was-, "Wait what!?" her eyes shot up and stared at him in disbelief, "You believe me?"

The sage nodded, "You could say I do, but only because what you say makes some sense." he paused, "This would be a good time to explain Summoning like you asked me to."

Mira sat up completely straight in her bed ignoring the searing pain in her left side. At last she was going to get some decent information.

"Summoning or the Kuchiyose no Jutsu involves signing a contract with a Summon clan with your own blood and in Naruto's and my case, it's the Toads that we hold a contract with. With me so far?" he asked.

Mira nodded, feeling a little put out with the use of blood to summon creature but quickly got over it, after all, she had hear of worse things to do.

"Alright. Once you sign the contract you can summon the clan members by going through the hand seals, biting your thumb that you signed the contract with then channelling chakra into that hand- and-" he was cut off by Mira interrupting him,

"What's Chakura?" she asked.

Jiraiya sighed, she really was from another dimension, "Chakra is the product of Physical and Spiritual energies mixing within the body and for summoning, the more chakra you use, the more powerful clan member you summon and what the brat was trying to do was summon the boss toad using the demon he contains." he finished his explanation.

Mira nodded putting the pieces together in her head, "So, let me guess, these summon clans are in another dimension, right?"

Jiraiya gave a small smile, "Correct, I talked to the boss toad and he said that he felt the pull to the summoning but before he could respond something intercepted it and the something was you."

The ivory haired mage shrugged lightly, "Well, I wasn't exactly in any position to do anything like that, I was kinda unconscious and I only came around when the kid summoned me into that ravine. My demons did all the work on bringing me here really." she sighed, the thought of not being able to go back to Earthland upset her much more than she would admit, even to herself.

Jiraiya 'hmm-ed' again and rubbed his chin in thought, "I see, but I have never heard of anyone willingly take on one demon, let alone three, you said it was to help your little brother and sister?"

She nodded, "Yeah, back home, in Earthland, we use magic, it's the storage of something called Eternano in our bodies and we absorb it from the air around us, everyone had this storage but only ten percent of us can actually use it. I use a type of magic called Teiku Oba: Demon Soul it basically means I summon demons and used sleep magic to knock them out then take over their bodies and make their power my own." she explained, "It's highly dangerous and many people look down on it but I was well respected for it." she finished with a small smile thinking of her S-Rank within Fairy Tail and her alias known throughout Fiore.

Jiraiya nodded, seeming to get the jist of what she had just explained, he noted that she didn't answer his question on her brother and sister but didn't press; it must have been a sore subject or something.

"Ah, Mirajane-kun, I see you're awake and well." a voice from the door spoke, both she and Jiraiya turned to see an old man, easily in his early seventies wearing a long white robe and a weird hat that was wide with cloth that draped around the back and sides of his head with what looked like the symbol for fire on the front, "I am Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha"

Mira snorted, "I'm as well as someone covered in bandages in hospital can be. By the way, what's a 'Hokage'?"

Jiraiya palmed his face, he'd forgotten to explain that to her. Naruto looked outright offended while Sarutobi just looked strangely at the girl.

"Why the Hokage is-

"The Hokage is the greatest ninja ever! And I'm going to be one someday!" Naruto yelled at the top of his lungs puffing out his chest with pride, almost daring her to say otherwise.

Mira's eye twitched, "Right now, you're the greatest eye sore ever." she said eyeing his bright orange and blue clothes sceptically.

"What's that supposed to mean, huh!?" Naruto glared at her angrily, his fist shaking. Mira smirked,

"You heard me; you're putting my eyes out with those."

"Now, now, I'd quieten down if I were you, or else we'll all get kicked out." the Hokage said. Naruto 'hmph-ed' and Mira just continued to smirk, "Now, if you would be so kind, Mirajane-kun, Jiraiya-kun, could you please fill me in on everything that has been discussed since Naruto-kun left to find me?"

And so they did,

"Well, this is an interesting development indeed." the Hokage said, "Do you have any idea on how you can return home Mira-kun?" he asked.

Mira turned he gaze back to her bed covers and shook her head sadly, "I don't, and I don't even know where to begin."

"Well, she'll just have to say here in Konoha, won't she?" Naruto stated matter-of-factly, She looked at him in surprise.

"Naruto you can't just round inviting people into Konoha." Jiraiya replied with a sigh.

"Why not, she's already here so why not?" He said defiantly, "Plus, she says she's really strong so why not let her join the shinobi ranks? Let her at least prove it."

The Hokage sighed, thinking the blonde's statement over, "Well, what could she do in return? Even if she is strong, she isn't a shinobi, she doesn't have chakra and with the Chuunin exam finals coming up in a few weeks there isn't enough time to initiate her properly."

Naruto seemed to physically and Mira felt that same feeling herself before an idea hit her, 'Work with the blonde boy' Halphas had said, so why not?

"I have a suggestion." she said.

"Oh and what might this be, Mira-kun?" the old Hokage asked.

'Here goes nothing.' she thought, "I could teach Naruto, teach him to control his demon." the suggestion was met with curious looks telling her to go on, "Controlling his demon should be too different to how I control mine, just on a larger scale and from I've seen, he's got just what he needs to do it, that way I'm returning the favour of you letting me stay here and helping me and as for me joining your ranks, that would be up to you however if you did decide to let me join, you could do the minimum of what needs to be done to let me join then the rest after these Chuunin exams are done. Honestly, I'm not too good a these things, when I joined my guild Fairy Tail, I was only asked two questions; what colour of stamp do I want and where do I want it."

The Hokage thought it over for a while before nodding with a smile, "Okay, I don't see why not, but you'll need to be briefed on how things work and the people you may meet, I shall leave that to Naruto-kun and Jiraiya-kun." he turned to leave for the door, "Oh, and one more thing, you are not to mention anything that has happened here to anyone outside this room without my express permission, do you understand?"

Mira nodded firmly, "I do."

Sarutobi smiled, "Good, I shall see you tomorrow, all going well with your hitai-ate."

After several hours of telling Mira about the shinobi system, the ranks, other villages, the law et cetra and her telling them of Fairy Tail and its members it was nightfall and the hospital would be closing at any minute.

Jiraiya stood up and stretched, his back audibly popping several times, "Well brat, it's time to hit the hay." he said, and turned back to Mira, "It's good to see you awake and all but you need to get some more rest, the doctors will be checking up on you in the morning."

Mira smirked, "Whatever you say, Ero-Sennin." Naruto burst out laughing hearing that while Jiraiya hit him over the head,

"Damn it brat, look what you've done!" He yelled, "I swear, kids show no respect these days." he muttered to himself irritably as he walk out the door.

Naruto was soon to follow but he turned back to Mira, he grinned widely, "Welcome to Konoha, Mira!" with that he turned off the light and walked out shutting the door after himself.

Mira lay back in her bed and stared at the black ceiling with a small smile, "This should be fun, I just hope I can get home soon."

Soon indeed.

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