Buffy went up to the South Wing to work with Xander as per his usual routine. She was surprised when he wasn't there. She started asking some of the girls if any of them had seen him. With in a few minutes she walked in to Giles off. A look of stress and exhaustion was painted on Xander's face. She walked in on the middle of the conversation not sure what was going on.

"Hey guys what's up?'

Giles took off his glasses wiping them off. "A dear friend of mine who is responsible for managing the largest coven in Europe called me a few hours ago. Everyone is okay but they were attacked."

Buffy looked on confused "Who would want to attack them?"

Giles let go of a breath and leaned against the wall. "These are some of the world's most powerful witches Buffy. Each of them on par if not more powerful then Willow. If these girls were captured dark magic could be used to manipulate them to work magic on there half."

"What does that have to do with Xander?"

Xander cleared his throat. "Giles has offered them sanctuary here. All 83 of them. They'd be safer cause who wants to attack an army of slayers."

Giles nodded "The problem is though all of the room we have here that are functional are being used by slayers. I hate to ask him but."

Xander just spit it out. "He needs to now how long it would take me to get a couple of the rooms in the south wing functional and ready."

Buffy could understand the look of worry on his face now. All the pressure was on him. "How long till they arrive?"

Giles pulled himself up and started a small pace. "Well you have to understand these are powerful witches. They could teleport here instantly but right now they are reserving power incase it is needed for a back up attack."

Xander laughed a little thinking it was funny that Giles was trying to put a positive spin on it. "3 days. Everyone is arriving in 3 days."

Buffy stood her arms crossed a little indignant on Xander's behalf. "You can't seriously expect him to get rooms ready for 83 people in 3 days?"

Giles felt guilty and Buffy wasn't making it any easier. "I know it's a lot to ask and it's unfair that I have to put you in this position but we simply have no other choice."

Buffy shook her head "Of course we have a choice. We always have a choice."

Xander interrupted her. "Buffy stop." He let go of a deep breath and turned looking at Giles. " Buffy and I have spent the last few days clearing out rooms. Tearing out so that this fall I could start rebuilding at my pace. Right now we have 6 rooms that I could start rebuilding on. If I push the panic button work on nothing but this." He rubbed his brow trying to figure up in his head. "They aren't going to be pretty but they'd be functional."

Giles nodded "Functional is fine but is 6 rooms enough?"

Xander laughed "It's not nearly enough. We are going to have to talk to some of the slayers and we are going back to the good old days everyone is going to have to double up in the rooms."

Buffy looked confused "Good ole days?"

Xander turned to her. "When we bought this place it was a lot worse. Most of the rooms weren't functional. For the first month we had girls sleeping in sleeping bags in the gym. As more of the rooms got repaired the girls started sharing rooms. When more were repaired some of the girls got their own room."

Giles started pacing trying to think. "In the new rooms you complete if we can set up 7 beds in each room. That would get us about half way there. Then with the rooms that will become available with the slayers sharing rooms. That should be enough."

Buffy nodded knowing she needed to be sympathetic. "I guess Dawn and I could share my room."

Xander placed his hands on the back of his head. His next request he really wasn't crazy about but he knew if he was going to get the rooms done in time he had no other options.

"I need a handful of girls if I am going to get these rooms done in time."

Giles nodded just happy to have Xander on the same page. "How many are you thinking?"

Xander looked at the ceiling again thinking. He was doing the numbers in his head. "I'm thinking 12 girls."

Buffy interjected "I can help. I'm getting better at this stuff."

Giles nodded "You pick the girls. You have access to the credit card for any building supplies you need."

Xander just nodded. "When are you going to tell the other slayers?"

Giles turned to the door. "I'm calling everyone to the gym right now."

Xander laughed and shook his head. "I would not want to be in your shoes when you tell those girls they are going to have to share rooms."

Giles turned back to Xander one last times. "Xander I want you to know how much I appreciate this. I know at times we ask much of you, too much probably. In this place the most valuable commodity we have is character and yours never waivers. You are the one I can always count on."

Xander shrugged embarrassed by the compliment. "Just doing my part."

With that Giles left the room to Buffy and Xander. Buffy looked at him "He's right you know. You are pretty incredible."

"Save the compliments. I think our 2 hour work at our own pace shifts are officially done. We are going to be working around the clock from here out."

"I'm wondering about the 12 girls. I mean do you really think they are up to this sort of thing?'

"A crew is only as good as it's lead foreman."

"Well I'm going to get some lunch. Probably be my last chance to sit and relax in the next 3 days."

"I'll join you." Xander held open the door and smiled as Buffy lead the way.

Across the hall Faith was talking to a friend when she spotted Buffy. She smiled seeing her and knew she couldn't resist the chance. She ran up to Buffy tackling her in to a hug

"Oh God Baby I've missed you so much?"

Buffy kept her arms at her side not sure what the hell was going on. "Baby?"

Faith looked like she was going to cry. "They told me about what happened to you. They said you lost your memory." She pulled back a bit so she could look Buffy in the eyes. "I thought though that maybe seeing me would change things. I mean you can't forget me."

Xander shook his head trying not to laugh. He wanted to say something but figured Buffy would figure it out. Buffy shook her head. "I'm sorry but I don't remember you."

Faith nodded and took a breath. "My name is Faith." She reached for Buffy's hand and intertwined their fingers. "You are my girlfriend?"

Buffy pulled back immediately wanting space, "They never told me I was"

"You really can't remember me. The nights of passions the sounds you've made. My God how can you forget that?"

Xander watched Buffy squirm and knew she enough "Faith stop."

She couldn't hold it in any more as Faith burst out laughing. "Oh God B it is good to be home."

Buffy suddenly realized she was joking. "A joke? You joke about this? "

She wiped a few tears from her eyes. "I couldn't resist."

Buffy gritted her teeth and turned around "I'm getting lunch."

Xander followed behind saying nothing. Faith skipped along behind them.

"Great I have been on the road and haven't eaten in forever. It will give us a chance to catch up."

The three of them sat at the table. Buffy was still a little angry about Faith's joke not finding it funny. Xander how ever picked up with her like the old friend Faith told the story about dimensional rift and how it took everything they had to get it closed and stop the Hell Spawn who was trying to rip it wide open.

Xander took a bite from a cookie and looked at her. "You picked a good time to come back. Giles needs me to take off the watcher hat and put on the construction one so officially I am giving you back your squad."

"Oh come on man. You can't even give me a day to rest?"

Xander just shook his head and chewed the last bite on the cookie. "I have to focus on getting a couple rooms complete and do it quickly."

It suddenly occurred to Buffy she was no longer going to be under Xander's command but Faith's instead. "Wait you aren't going to be in charge anymore Xander?"

"Faith Squad so she takes back over." Xander pointed to Buffy. "Oh you should know I gave Buffy a place on the team."

A big Cheshire cat grin smiled on Faith face. "Wait you are telling me Buffy is under my command now?"

Xander shrugged "Technically I guess."

Buffy shook her head not liking where it was going. "Oh hell no I am not taking orders from her."

Faith laughed "Oh calm down. If you are nice to me maybe I have a treat for you."

Buffy scoffed "Pretty sure I don't want any of your treats."

Faith snatched the cookie off of Buffy's plate and took a bite. "You are going to want this one."

Buffy annoyed "That was my cookie."

Faith ate the cookie with a smile on her face. "Well maybe I know where you can get some cake. I brought you back your favorite kind of cake ANGEL food."

Silence fell the table and even Xander who was mid chew looked at Faith. "So Angel is here?"

She looked at Buffy wondering if the name would mean anything. She still looked confused. "Angel is not the only one who came back. Spike tagged along with us."

Xander figured they would be coming but hoped they would change there mind of course they didn't.

Buffy looked at Xander. "Angel and Spike are the vampires that I used to uhm date?"

Faith laughed, "Date? Really I'm pretty sure you were getting bumpity with them."

Xander looked at Faith knowing it wasn't easy for Buffy. "Faith stop."

She put her hands up in surrender. "I'm sorry. This whole amnesia girl thing is going to take some getting used to."

Buffy shook her head. "I've heard the stories from enough people and know I have a past with these 2. It's just hard for me to comprehend. I mean the only vampires we have come across aren't exactly the kind to stir romantic feelings."

Faith looked at Buffy trying to offer some sincerity. "Spike and Angel aren't your typical vampires."

Buffy closed her eyes and thought. She couldn't understand the feelings of the past. This wasn't the first time she ran in to this though. She knew it wasn't her place to question everything her counterpart did. "I think I need to see them."

Xander looked to her sympathetic. "You up for this? I could go with or get your sister or Willow?"

Buffy shook her head "I can do this. I should do this but I have to do this alone. I have to be able to start standing on my own two feet."

Faith looked at her. "You will be fine. Angel and Spike are puppy dogs."

Buffy looked at Faith "Where are they?"

"They are setting up in the basement. The empty rooms next to the furnace."

Buffy was completely clueless when it came to the vampires. She didn't have any pictures of Spike or Angel. She knew Angel was dark and broody and Spike brash and arrogant. "So Spike is the blonde one and Angel brunette?"

Faith looked a little surprised. "Wow you really don't remember anything?" Faith nodded "Yes Spike Blonde Angel brunette." With that she turned around making her way to them.

Xander looked at Faith. "I hope she'll be okay."

Andrew was straightening up the room for Spike It wasn't the best room in the school but it was the safest from the sunlight. He was trying to get the room clean and free of dust. After he finished dusting the room he picked up a broom. Anything he could do to make Spike feel welcome and at home would increase his chances of staying longer.

Buffy stood outside the door nervous. She wasn't sure if she was up for this but she knew she had to try. She didn't want to go in there angry cause that wasn't how her counterpart would act. She figured her best plan of attack would be to follow her old lead. She turned the doorknob and walked inside.

Andrew was sweeping the floor and turned as he heard it open. Buffy saw the blonde man with the broom and sighed. A look of confusion crossed her face. This most certainly did not look like a guy she would ever consider dating. Everyone said though that he wasn't exactly the typical guy. The blonde hair and pail skin told her this must be Spike.

Andrew looked at her "Hey Buffy it's good to see you."

"I wish I could say the same but I don't really remember you."

"Faith told me about the whole memory loss thing. It's a major downer."

"Yeah well I am making due." She stepped in to the room slowly her hands behind her back. "It's not all bad. I have people here who have helped a whole lot to fill in the memory gaps."

"Memory gaps?"

"They told me about you."

Andrew suddenly stepped back not sure if he liked the look Buffy was giving him. "Wha what did they tell you?"

"We started off as enemies. You tried to kill me."

A small uncomfortable smirk crossed his face. "They told you that huh. Well you know the wacky thing about the past it never really goes away."

"The told me you have blood on your hands."

Andrew thought back to Jonathan and to a lesser extent Katrina. He looked at Buffy with fear. "I've made mistakes."

"But they have also told me that you have done a lot of good. You have helped and that you are working on this whole good fight thing."

Andrew nodded and looked at her. "I am truly a dark tortured soul working through my road to redemption."

Buffy sighed and still was wondering what the hell she could ever see in someone like him. "I need something?"

"Anything Buffy. What 's up?"

"I'm trying to find a way to connect with my past and I can't believe I'm" She closed her eyes and sighed "What the hell I just have to go for it." She crossed the room to Andrew and grabbed him kissing him deeply.

Andrew squirmed feeling Buffy's lips press against his. It wasn't that Buffy wasn't attractive she just wasn't his flavor of gum. His lips curled in his body tensed. At that exact moment the door from the other side connecting open to the loading dock opened as Spike and Angel walked in.

As soon as Buffy was done Andrew pushed her away and yelled "HELP."

Angel just stood there confused and Spike's jaw was practically on the floor. Finally Angel broke the tension. "There is something you don't see every day."

Andrew ducked behind Spike looking for protection. "Spike you have to protect me her crazy slayer powers have made me irresistible to her."

Buffy looked at Andrew. "Wait you aren't Spike."

Spike then looked at her "You thought I was him?"

Buffy was quickly getting pissed. "They told me Spike and Angel were down here. All I know is Spike is blonde and Angel is brunette."

At this point Angel couldn't hold it in any longer. He started laughing. "She thought he was you."

Spike shook his head "Hell No. No one could ever mistake me for him."

Buffy looked at Andrew. "He's got blonde hair. He is pale."

Andrew peeked out from behind Spike. "I sunburn easily."

Buffy was now annoyed. "So who the hell are you?"

"I am Andrew. They didn't tell you about me."

Buffy shook her head "But you said you were the tortured soul and blood on your hands"

Andrew nodded. "Well that stuff is true. I have made a lot of mistakes and I have ventured to the dark side. I am truly a man of"

Buffy threw her hands up. "STOP."

Angel looked at Buffy "So this didn't go off as you hoped I take it."

Buffy now angry "Not even close." With that she spun around and left she had enough at least for now.