This is my first attempt at a Bechloe fic, so don't be afraid to tell me what you think. The next two chapters will be longer. Enjoy :)

Beca Mitchell has had her walls up since her parents divorced. She believed if you let people in, that they would aways hurt you. Then she met Chloe Beale. She was the only person that could get Beca to open up. Chloe was the execption- the exception to all of Beca's rules.

It all started five years ago at Barden University. She and her dad had a deal- she goes to college, he pays for her to go to L.A.. She wasn't there to get the 'college experience' as her dad so eloquently put it. She wasn't going to make friends or join clubs. She was going to make her mixes and survive the year. Then she would be in L.A. doing what she loved.

All that changed when Chloe barged into Beca's shower and ordered her to sing her 'lady jam'. The red head had somehow managed to get Beca to audition for the Barden Bellas- an a capella group. At the aca-initiation night, Beca found herself pulled in close to Chloe, so close that Beca was almost sure the red head was going to kiss her. Instead, however, she told Beca they were going to be 'fast friends'. And they were.

It started out simple enough; Chloe would walk her back to her dorm after practice, chatting along the way. Then, they started hanging out in Beca's dorm- much to Kimmy Jin's displeasure. At first, it was just talking, studying, or listening to music, but then, Chloe had somehow convinced Beca to watch movies with her. And Beca hates movies. Jesse, another one of her friends, always made her watch movies with him. But, for some reason, watching movies with Chloe was different. Actually doing anything with chloe was different.

For instance, when Beca and Jesse watched movies, he would always move closer to her, and she hated when he invaded her space. But, when she and Chloe watched movies and the red head moved closer, Beca found that she didn't mind at all. She actually thought it was... nice. In fact, when it came to personal space, Chloe was the only person who could get away with it. Chloe could link arms with Beca, and she wouldn't care at all, but if anyone else were to do it, Beca would jerk away immediately.

So, when then ICCA finals came around, and the Bellas actually did something different, why did Beca run to Jesse? It should have been obvious to her who she really cared for. It must have been the movies she had been watching. You know the ones. The ones where, in the end, the guy gets the girl in some overly dramatic kiss in the rain. That's exactly what Beca did, she ran off stage and planted an overly dramatic kiss on Jesse's waiting lips.

She didn't see fireworks or stars; she didn't feel anything at all. But she stayed with Jesse, and she had no idea why. That was her second biggest mistake.

Her biggest mistake was when she ran. Not from Jesse, no, her biggest mistake was when she ran from Chloe.